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					                        SETH BAZACAS
(609) 675-0970                                                         Height: 5’ 4”                                                   Eyes: Brown
                                                                       Hair: Brown
Representative Roles:
Little Shop of Horrors                  Seymour                        Fulks Theatre
Peter Pan                               Peter Pan us/Lost Boy          Prather Entertainment Group
All Shook Up                            Dennis                         Abilene Civic Center
Aida                                    Mereb                          Abilene Civic Center
West Side Story                         Action                         Grandstreet Summer Musicals
The Crucible                            Reverend Hale                  Fulks Theatre
Seussical                               Cat in the Hat (us)            Abilene Civic Center
West Side Story                         Tony                           Ocean City Drama Guild
Footloose                               Bickle                         Grandstreet Theatre
42nd Street                             Featured Dancer                Grandstreet Theatre
Joseph & the Amazing T. D.              Benjamin                       Grandstreet Theatre
Singin’ in the Rain                     Young Don, Feat.dancer         Abilene Civic Center
Inspecting Carol                        Phil Hewlitt                   Fulks Theatre
Jane Eyre                               John Reed/Ens.                 Fulks Theatre
Guys and Dolls Jr.                      Sky Masterson                  Grandstreet Theatre School
Bugsy Malone Jr.                        Bugsy Malone                   Grandstreet Theatre
Hansel and Gretel                       Hansel                         Grandstreet Theatre School
Death & Life of Sneaky Fitch            Sneaky Fitch                   OCHS Drama
Oliver!                                 Charlie Bates                  Grandstreet Theatre School
Honk                                    Greylag                        Grandstreet Theatre School

Educational Conflict Resolution Video          Matt Maxwell Productions
Car Dealership Commercial                      Cisnero Auto

Voice                                          Katie Agresta, Jeannette Lipford, Dr. Steve Michelson
Acting                                         Adam Hester, Dawne Swearingen
Grandstreet Theater School                     Blair Bybee, Marianne Adams
Dance                                          Tap (6 yrs) Dawne Swearingen, Blair Bybee, Teri
                                               Wilkerson, Martha Sprague
                                               Jazz (5 yrs) Anne Stein, Blair Bybee, Teri Wilkerson
                                               Ballet (3 yrs) Anne Stein, Teri Wilkerson
                                               Modern (3yrs) Anne Stein, Blair Bybee
Special Skills:
Sports: Gymnastics, Juggling, Basketball, Rollerblading, Pole Vault, Surfing, Wakeboarding
Instruments: Piano, Trumpet (symphonic, chamber, jazz)

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