How to Choose the Right Collars for Your Gog

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					How to Choose the Right Collars for Your Gog

There are many styles of dog collars to choose from depending on your dog's size and
disposition, and your training need. For the majority of dogs, a traditional nylon or leather dog
collar is sufficient. Other dog collars for specific situations are described below. This discussion
does not include remote training collars.

Choosing the right dog collar is one of the most important decisions you will make for your dog.
This dog collar buying guide should help you make the right choice.

The first question is about how to determine a suitable collar width? The wider the collar the
less pressure it puts on certain points on your dogs neck. For example: A 1 -inch wide collar will
be less comfortable in comparison to a 3 inch wide collar because all the pressure will be
applied over a smaller surface area.
Warning: Please note that wider collars are also heavier and should not be purchased for dogs
with short necks. There is a recommendation that if you are not sure which width to buy,
please choose the 1 ½ inch width, which is the most popular and functional average collar
width for most of the bigger size dog breeds.

And the next step is about the material of the collars, choosing the Type of Collar For Your Dog
Buckle Collars. there are lots of collars with different material for you to choose.

Leather Buckle Dog Collars are a great choice of collar for most dogs in most cases. Your new
puppy should wear ONLY a buckle collar. Buckle collars come in a variety of colors, are made
with various materials, and even come in styles that make a real fashion statement like our
Rhinestone and Jeweled Dog Collars!
Nylon Collars
Nylon collars are good for dogs that are in water a lot. Nylon is very durable and washable, and
come in a variety of colors. Nylon collars and leashes should not be used for aggressive

Leather Collars
Leather collars wear well and are last quite a while. Collars made of leather also soften from
the oils in your dog's skin. Rolled leather collars (round instead of flat) are designed for
longhaired dogs and keep the hair from lying flat against the coat.

Training Collars
Training collars such as "choke chains" are meant to be used for training ONLY. There is a
proper way of putting these collars on and should only be used during a training session by an
experienced trainer. They are designed to quickly tighten and apply pressure when the trainer
is delivering a correction. Don't use a training collar as your dog's everyday collar, and don't put
your dog on a tie-out with a training collar.

Sporting Collars
Sporting Collars are usually bright colors for safety and visibility outdoors. These collars can
be used by hunting dogs.

What is more, you should also consider some special use collars such as the LED collar which
use to make sure the safety of your dog during the night walking.

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