Spa Massage vs. Home Massage: Which One Is for You?

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					                Spa Massage vs. Home Massage: Which One Is for You?
These days, there are many choices when it comes to massage therapy, giving consumers the
opportunity to relieve their pain, stress and tension regardless of time, budget and mobility issues. Spas
still offer some of the finest massage services for customers with a variety of needs and issues, ranging
from the simple relaxation of a Swedish massage to more complicated therapies such as deep tissue and
sports massage. But these days, there are also many massage therapists who will come to you in your
home or office, which offers some distinct advantages of its own. Here are a few of the pros and cons of
spa massages vs. home massages, so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

Spa Massage

Spas and health/fitness centers offer a host of services for discerning consumers. Some of the main
benefits of going to a spa include the following:

       The best massage therapists are employed
       High standards for services
       Consistent experience
       Luxurious setting
       Feels like a treat to get away from home
       Products are available for purchase

There are also a few possible pitfalls to getting a massage from a spa or other professional retail location,
such as the following:

       Cost tends to be higher
       Can be difficult to schedule an appointment
       Getting to and from the spa takes time out of your schedule
       May not always be able to see your favorite massage therapist
       Clerks may try to sell you things you don’t want or need

 Home Massage

Many people prefer hiring a massage therapist who is available to come to their home or office at their
convenience. Here are a few of the benefits of home massage:

       Often comes at a lower cost
       Allows you to have a more personal experience with your masseuse
       May feel more relaxing to stay in your home environment
       Convenience of having them come to you
       Can fit into your schedule when you need it
       Massage therapist probably still has products for sale

While this may sound great, some customers also find some drawbacks with home massage, so it’s
important to consider what those are:

       You miss out on the luxury of the spa environment
       Might feel compelled to clean before your therapist arrives
       Some people feel uncomfortable having a professional come into their home
       May not have all the products for sale
       Isn’t necessarily much cheaper, depending on the company

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