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									Introduction :
Varun Bihani specialize in creating wireframes, workflow diagrams, prototypes, navigation structured
approach to design-oriented customers, while understanding and meeting the technical needs and business
objectives.I am a web savvy technocrat with 10 years of experience in working with innovative start ups
& specializing in a broad array of online services with particular emphasis on Business Intelligence &
Information Architecture

Services :
Information Architecture :

The goal of Information Architecture (IA) is to make it easy for users to find desired information
on web sites and software applications. It focuses on organizing content, crisp navigation system
and clear labeling of the navigational links. IA is also a crucial step in any software development
process that helps stakeholders & development team understand the requirements better and
make sure they are on the same page. As an information architect, I understand your business
needs, study user behavior, understand user expectations and devise a strategy to design your
application which is intuitive & user friendly

Tools I use - Visio, Axure, Balsamiq

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Project Management

 Developing a plan, defining and confirming the goals and objectives, identifying tasks,
quantifying the resources needed and determining budgets and timelines are some of the
activities I perform as a Project Manager. I am a strong follower of Agile Project management
techniques in which deliverables are submitted in stages. I work actively with the development
team and my clients to finalize the requirements & prioritize the features. As each increment of
the system is built, the team gathers input and learns customer feedback. As the customer sees
the working prototype, he is able to refine the requirements at a very early stage of the project
life cycle.

Main Activities
- Plan the project (identify tasks/milestones and timeline)
- Chair Scrum meetings
- Identify technologies required
- Create Costs/budget

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Being the most volatile industry today, SEO can't be mastered in 1 day. With search algorithms
changing every day, it requires in-depth understanding of basics and continual research work to
come up with the right strategy. I spend several hours every week in keeping myself abreast with
the latest trends & changes by following popular SEO blogs and my own research on in-house

I set up & monitor your overall SEO campaign with focus on page & off page optimization.

Start-up Partnerships
 I have the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help turn your financial goals into reality. I am
backed and supported by a team with transactional experience with backgrounds in finance, law,
management and entrepreneurial endeavours from the Brick and Mortar world to consult and
advise on an as-need basis. By combining a powerful mix of people, insights, industry expertise
and access plus transactional knowledge and experience, I enable clients to capitalize on and
realize opportunities for maximizing their true potential

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