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									                                    How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Many of us struggle to keep our skin looking and feeling hydrated, especially during the winter months.
Yet healthy skin is an essential component of beauty. Dryness not only affects the beauty of your skin in
the short term; over time, dry skin can lead to premature signs of aging. But fortunately, hydrating your
skin now can turn back the clock to a certain extent, and bring back that dewy, healthy look you long for.
And keeping your skin hydrated doesn’t have to be extremely difficult, painful or expensive, especially if
you start early and maintain a routine that helps build a foundation of hydration.

Simple Tips for Keeping Skin Hydrated

There are many different ways to hydrate your skin, so it’s a good idea to start incorporating several of
these methods into your daily routine as soon as possible. The first thing you can do is start drinking as
much water as possible and cut back on dehydrating beverages such as coffee, soda and alcohol. If you
must drink things that dehydrate, try to get a little extra water, too. And while cranberry juice can be
helpful for flushing out toxins, too much juice can be just as dehydrating as coffee, soda and alcohol
because of the sugars, so keep it to a minimum.

       Year Round – Whichever season it is, it’s important to use a lightweight moisturizer with
        sunscreen every day. Also, avoid wearing too much makeup, because it prevents your skin from
        breathing. Organic makeup is always best, but if that isn’t an option, at least try to find a product
        that is designed to hydrate the skin without causing any harmful side effects.

       Winter Hydration – Those cold winter months can be especially rough on your skin due to the
        drying effects of the cold air. During the winter, try to apply extra moisturizer to any patch of skin
        that will be exposed to the cold air at least 30 minutes before going outside. That way, it’ll have a
        chance to soak in and provide ultimate protection from the elements.

       Summer Hydration – In addition to an increase in sunscreen during the summer months, you
        can also help prevent the drying damage of the sun with a hydrating mist. There are some great
        misting products that you simply spray on to make your skin look at feel more hydrated. This
        should not replace other moisturizers; rather, it should complement them.

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