PowerPoint Presentation - Sovereign Hill Education by dfhdhdhdhjr


									My Visit to Sovereign Hill
    What is Sovereign Hill about?
 Sovereign Hill is a recreated goldfields township. It is
  one of the best places in Victoria for visitors to immerse
  themselves in the rich and lasting legacy the discovery
  of gold has brought to Australia.
 Sovereign Hill provides visitors of an authentic
  experience of gold rush era. Visitors can traverse back
  in time, relive the lives of Australia’s gold miners,
  experience the thrill and exhilaration of the Gold Rush,
  and wander through the simple but nevertheless lively
  and fun day-today activities that made up the life of the
  gold miners.
             My Itinerary
 There are lots of things in Sovereign Hill
  that I want to see and they are on at
  different times.
 I looked up information about Sovereign
  Hill on line before I came so I made most
  of my visit.
 Here is my day in Sovereign Hill.
Arrive at 10:00am
Gold Pour at 11:00pm
Sweet Making at 11:30pm
Gold Ming Tour at 12:00pm
Lunch time
Coach Ride at 1:15pm
Redcoat Soldiers at 1:30pm
Gold Panning at 1:50pm
Candle Making at 2:30pm
Red Hill Ming Tour at 3:00pm
Street Theatre at 3:30
Photo Taken at 3:50
Chinese Village at 4:20pm
    It’s a great day!
I like Sovereign Hill!

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