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CFA Institute In INDIA


The Growing Opportunities In Picking Details In CFA Institute.CFA Institute - Some Fundamentals

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									CFA Institute
• CFA Institute is headquartered in the United States of America at Charlottesville, Virginia
• Formerly known as the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR)
• CFA Institute awards the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In addition to
administering the CFA Exam, CFA Institute publishes the Financial Analysts Journal, founded in
1945. CFA Institute also operates the CFA Institute Centre for Financial Market Integrity and the
Research Foundation of CFA Institute.
About CFA®
The CFA® Program is administered by the CFA Institute, USA. The program has three
levels, and candidates seeking the charter need to clear all the three exams. Candidates can
give the exams only in June and December each year.
The minimum time required for clearing all the three exams is 1.5 years (provided you give
Level I Exam in the month of December). However the average time for clearing all the
three levels is around 4 years. The CFA Institute recommends 250 hours of study for each
exam level.
CFA® charter holder membership requirements include, but not limited to 48 months of
acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I, Level II, and Level III
Structure of the Exam
Level I exam is available in June and December each year. Level II and III exams are
available in June each year.
                                           Number of            Duration of the
Level                Style of Questions
                                           Questions            exam

I                    Multiple Choice       240                  6 hrs

                     Multiple choice
II                                         120                  6 hrs
                     vignette style

                     50% essay type, 50%
III                                        60                   6 hrs
                     multiple choice

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