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									Halloween 2012 Tickets are Already Selling Fast

It’s hard to believe since it is still only March, but the
Kandy Halloween 2012 Tickets are already selling briskly.
And no wonder. The Kandy Halloween party at the
Playboy Mansion is hands down the hottest Halloween
party anywhere.

Playboy Playmates and Ghouls? Rocking Dance Music and
Blood-Curdling Screams? The sexiest women in the world
and roaming macabre creatures?

That’s exactly what you will get at the annual Kandy
Halloween Party, held 2 nights: Friday, October 26th, and
Saturday, October 27th.

The Playboy Mansion grounds will be crawling with
pneumonic creatures and horrific monsters of every kind.
Ghostly gargoyles will glare at you, haunting music will
assault you, and unprecedented lighting effects will chill
your spine.

There will be a 4,000 square foot Haunted House whose
darkened corridors beckon wickedly, and if you dare to
venture forward, your survival instincts will scream, “Don’t
Go In!” But it’s impossible to resist. Beware-- you may
never emerge-- at least-- not alive…

The Haunted Forest with its strange, disturbing sounds will
envelop you, dark glittering eyes will bore into you, and
unseen horrors will descend upon you. You will run for
your life. Will you make it?

Get yourself to the Playboy Mansion and the party fast! As
you enter, you will catch your breath and stop cold in your
tracks. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a wild,
dancing crowd of over 1,000 gorgeous, hand-picked
women, Playboy Playmates, Sensuous Pole Dancers, and
unbelievable body painted models—all in the sexiest
costumes imaginable. They are there to tease you, to dance
with you, to wreak havoc on your senses. They are there to
party with You.

And you will be rubbing elbows with celebrities! Famous
Athletes! Heads of States! Royalty! The ultra-rich! And
all those beautiful, costumed women!

Want entertainment? The professional entertainment is
always superb.

Feel like dancing? Top DJ’s will keep you moving in a
frenzy all night.

Hungry? The exquisite buffet is prepared by the coveted
Playboy Mansion Chefs.

Thirsty? The open bars flow freely throughout the night.

Found a hot girl? Take her to the infamous Grotto and work
your magic.
Curious? Take the Playboy Bunny led tour of the Mansion

Feeling brave? Go back outside. LOL

This is without a doubt a Halloween Party Not-To-Miss.
There are only 600 Kandy Halloween 2012 tickets
available, and they sell out every year. There are general
admission tickets, VIP tickets, and VIP Cabana tickets. For
more information or to purchase your Kandy Halloween
2012 tickets, call TicketsToTheMansion at 877-522-9892.
Better     yet,     check    out     their   website     at
TicketsToTheMansion.com. There you can watch a video
of last year’s incredible Kandy Halloween Party, and view
hundreds of photos of other parties held at the Playboy

TicketsToTheMansion.com is an official VIP Host for
parties at the Playboy Mansion. Their VIP Host Specialists
are knowledgeable and very helpful. In fact, everyone who
purchases a Kandy Halloween 2012 ticket from them is
entered into a drawing for 2 free tickets to a future party at
the Playboy Mansion.

Costumes are mandatory. I recommend wearing a costume
that attracts attention. Something hilarious, or dashing, or
sexy. Maybe something unexpected. Anything that makes
you stands out from the crowd.

Now, are you going to wait to get your Kandy Halloween
2012 tickets, or are you going to get them NOW?

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