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					                              LANGUAGE : THE BEGINNING

Language is often regarded as a product of social or cultural product, even an indispensable
part of the culture. This is certainly very different from the formulas proposed by linguistic
experts. Some of which is that language is a symbol of the sound system, are arbitrary,
productive, dynamic, diverse and humane.

Language is a system, that is, the language is formed by a number of components that are
fixed and can be patterned dikaidahkan. For those who understand Arabic will recognize that
the arrangement ahmad - yadzhabu - ilaa - al-madrosati is correct the system, different from
the composition of al-madrosati - ilaa - yadzhabu - ahmad. Apart from language arranged
according to specific patterns (ficil - fa'il - maf'ul or other arrangement), the language also
consists of several subsystems which subsystem phonological, morphological subsystem,
subsystems and subsystem syntactic lexicon. System discussed above is the language of
symbols in the form of sound. That is, symbols that shaped the sound, commonly called said
the sound or the sounds of language.

Each symbol represents something called the language of meaning or concept. For
example, the symbol of the language which reads [kursiy] represents the concept or the
meaning of "an object that serves as a seat, usually with four legs and have a rest" and the
symbol of the language, which reads [qolam] represents the concept or the meaning of "an
object with a pointed end and inked function to write ".

It sounds arbitrary symbol. That is, the relationship between symbols with symbolized not be
compulsory, and can not explain why a particular meaning of such symbols is
conceptualized. Concretely, why is the symbol of the sound of an object with a pointed end
and inked a function to write the so-called [qolam] is unexplained. Suppose that it is
mandatory to mention the word qolam in Arabic as a symbol of sound, then no one will ever
call it a pen or a pen. However, the language is also conventional, meaning that people who
menutur sound symbol will remain in compliance with the symbol of the sound [qolam] is for
an object with a pointed end and inked a function to write, not for others.

The study of language is generally called as linguistic. With other languages, it can be said
that linguistic include phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Here to talk about the
linguistic structure of language, covering the field of sound structure, morphology structure,
sentence structure, and lately also the structure of discourse (discourse). Such linguistic
discussions focused on the sounds of language, because on the basis of the assumption,
that the language of sounds and applying structured.

Linguistic material is first formed by all the disclosure of human language, whether it is the
language of the savage or the civilized nations, the language of the people living in ancient
times as well as in the present (modern), or at any time with, do not pay attention to correct
or harm an established arrangement, and also not concerned about its beauty. But the note
is                  any                    form                 of                 disclosure.
In the cognitive linguistic theory states that a child may unconsciously produce language.
Production / acquisition of language is based on the facts of the language he had learned to
pay attention to the way the original grammar and their parents renewal as they have done a
single grammar. A contemporary linguist, Philip Lieberman, has given the term automation
(automatization) for aspects of human cognitive abilities. He suggests that speech
production and speech perception involves a large number of gestures tools monastery.

By the time a person wants to talk, first forming a message in his head. If the time has come,
then that message will be pronounced to sound said. Pronunciation is actually influenced a
lot of things that can be categorized into two factors. Namely, internal factors and external
factors. In terms of internal start from the premise that language is the nature of every
human being. Because the human body is equipped by the organs which serve to support
the man pronounce the language, which in this case represented by the mouth, tongue,
teeth,                  gums                  and                other                 organs.
 Also affect a person's mental state how he pronounce the letter by letter, word for word and
sentence by sentence. People who disturbed his soul will not be able to control the
pronunciation of the sound symbol of the soul as well as normal people. Women, in some
cases, more may paraphrase, or tell how he feels. He can arrange the words and sentences
on a regular basis, select the type of words that can describe the feelings as well as
selecting a particular intonation and accentuation that supports his emotions.

In terms of external in this case can be regarded as the environment, affects the formation of
one's soul. As mentioned above that the condition influence the formation of one's soul and
one's pronunciation. Acquire knowledge of the human environment which will affect the
pattern of thought and choice of words when he uttered a sound symbol.

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