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					                        Get Payday Loan Questions Answered

      If you have any confusion and would like to get payday loan questions
answered, this is the place We
have compiled a list of the most common payday loans inquiries that we
experience and the answers to help you clear any confusion before you choose a
payday loan.

                               Q. What is a payday loan?

A. The payday lenders that our site provides offer short term, unsecured cash loans
that can be attained fast. They are called Payday Loans, because you need a regular
paycheck or income to qualify. Your loan amount is determined by your ability to
pay, which is decided after you fill out your fast online application, and varies
from $100 to $1,500.

                   Q. What other names are used for payday loans?

A. Same day fast cash loans have many names. When people use the term cash
advance, check cashing, paycheck loans, payday loans, deferred deposit, personal
loans, bad credit loans, same day advance loans, fast cash loans, payroll advance,
bridge loans.... The list continues but you get the point. While confusing, these
terms all usually refer to the same thing, a short term loan in advance of your
payday to help you get cash fast in an emergency.

                      Q. Will a bank account be required to qualify?

A. For eligibility for a payday loan, payday lenders require that you have a valid
bank account so that the funded monies can be deposited electronically. If you do
not have a bank account, we recommend that you apply for one, or seek
alternatives, (there are credit cards that accept wire funding), that can be used prior
to your completing an application for a payday loan.

                  Q. Can I apply for a payday loan if I am unemployed?

A. In most cases no. If you can prove a documented regular income from irregular
 sources there still might be options for you, but will need to speak to your payday
                        loan manager after your application..

                Q. Am I eligible for a payday loan if I am in the military?

A. No, in most cases. The military has special military loans that are availabe and
should be sought as an alternative.

                   Q. Can I getr a payday loan if I am self-employed?

A. Yes, as long as your income is documented and proveable, there are programs
that you can qualify for..

                       Q. Can I get a payday loan if I am on benefits?

A. Yes. The “Social Security Administration” will be considered as your employer
for application purposes.

                 Q. Can I apply for a payday loan regardless of where I live?

A. Payday loans are sometimes restricted by your home state laws, you can check
our list of state laws and regulations regarding payday loans to see if you are
eligible. Currently the states of Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia restrict
payday loans, but there are other fast cash loan alternatives that can be attained in
these states.

                     Q. What is required for approval for a payday loan?

A. Lender requirements will vary, but typical qualification requires:

               Minimum income of $800.00 per month
               Current contact numbers including home and work
               Current employment with a minimum history of 4 weeks
               Current valid bank account number that accepts deposits

                      Q. I work multiple jobs. Can I get a payday loan?

A. As long as you meet the minimum qualification requirements of $800+ monthly
income etc, you are eligible to apply. For your application, list your primary
employer and total income. If your payday lender contacts you, be sure to explain
your situation.

             Q. What can I expect with an online payday loan application?

A. You will be asked to submit a typical application, the payday lenders will then
decide if they can offer you a loan. We screen lenders for offers that can give you a
decision fast, some provide an instant approval, while others will contact you on
the same day. If approved, you will be presented with the payday lenders terms and
conditions for the loan (including the interest, fees, rates and the repayment options
they can offer you). Until this point you are not obligated to accept, it is now that
you can decide to accept or decline the loan and get your cash.

                         Q. How much money can I borrow fast?

A. Your application and selected offer lender will determine how much you can
borrow and at what terms. A typical payday lender will allow you to borrow up to
$1500 and can fund the cash on the same day. Lender offers vary, but you can
apply with as many lenders as you like in order to get what you need.

                          Q. Can I get a payday loan by phone?

A. Reputable lenders do not offer phone applications as a protection against fraud

and identity theft. Your loan applications must be submitted online. When you are
approved, you will receive your lender’s customer service phone numbers and you
can contact them directly at that time if needed.

                     Q. How much time do I have to repay the loan?

A. Your repayment period will be vary. Typically full repayment is required by
your next pay day. For qualifying borrowers repayment plans with additional
flexibility are sometimes offered, allowing for repayment over 10 pay periods in
some cases.

                        Q. How much will my payday loans cost?

A. Our site is not a direct lender, and our payday loan reviews are provided free of
charge. However, the lenders of the fast cash loans will typically charge a service
fee. Loan conditions, including fees and repayment terms, vary from lender to
lender. Once you have been approved, you will be presented with your lender’s
terms, read these carefully, as they outline the extent of your charges. You are
under no obligation and can accept or decline the loan at that time.

                  Q. How fast can I get cash I apply for a payday loan?

A. Typically your payday loan will be approved instantly, or at least on the same
day as you apply. Once your payday loan is rocessed your checking account will
be credited with the money. Depending on the lender offer you chose, it could be
funded as soon as an hour of your acceptance of your loan terms. Fast and easy.

Lender funding times vary, we screen for fast funding but some lenders will fund
your account the same day, some can fund within the hour.

       Q. Why does the application form ask for my bank’s Routing and Account

A. All online lenders require this information, this is required so that your money
can be wired into your bank account.

         Q. I have an online bank account, and don’t have a Routing number.

A. All bank acccounts have a routing number which identifies your account with
that bank. Your Routing and Account number is required to transfer your money to
you. Your routing number can be found on the bottom of your checks, if you still
have trouble finding your routing number you should contact your bank.

                     Q. Can I get a payday loan if my credit is bad?

A. There are many payday loans for bad credit or poor credit, and the cash advance
system is less dependent on good credit for qualification, and people will no credit
can also qualify.

                      Q. Does a cash loan require a credit check?

A. Typically, payday advance lenders do not require credit checks for
qualification. A typical payday lender will not check with the credit reporting

bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. Some lenders do verify your social
security number and information consumer transaction information in databases
with lending institutions.

       Q. Will the amount I owe be the only money withdrawn from my account?

A. Your loan amount is determined by what can be legally withdrawn from your

                  Q. I was approved to get a Payday Loan! What now?

A. Review the loan conditions carefully and either accept or decline the loan to get
your cash. Before declining the loan, think it through, because you will not be
eligible to receive another offer from that lender for at least 30 days due to industry
regulation to prevent predatory lending.

               Q. I have accepted my new payday loan offer! What now?

A. Upon acceptance of your loan offer, you will receive an email with your payday
lenders customer service number and further instructions. Typically this email is
sent immediately but can take processing time depending on the lender. Some
programs require individuals be contacted by phone.

      Q. I have a question about my payday lending company. Can you help me?

A. We have no contact with the lenders in question regarding your loan
information. All questions should be directed to your chosen payday lender, using
the contact information they have provided.

                       Q. Do you have my lender’s phone number?

A. Please refer to your confirmation email that includes the contact phone number
for your selected payday lender.

                       Q. Do you have a phone number I can call?

A. Fast Payday Loans is a free online service, we only offer email customer
service. Contact Us if we can be of further assistance. Remember: we’re not a
lender and cannot answer questions specific to your loan or your lender.

                   Q. Do you have any tips to get my loan approved?

A. We have compiled a list of the 10 most common mistakes people make when
applying for a loan.

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