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					      IEEE P1685

Meeting – May 31, 2006
ARM Ltd, Cambridge UK
  Victor Berman, acting Chair

•   Call to order - Introductions & Affiliations
•   Approve agenda
•   Approve minutes
•   Call for Patents
•   Review of proposed Policies & Procedures
     – Vote on P&P approval
•   Review of proposed PAR
     – Vote on PAR approval
•   Review of dues payment plan
•   New business
•   Next meeting (announce date, time, and location, if known)
•   Adjournment

                     P&Ps discussion
5. Working Group Responsibilities
The working group shall
• a) Complete the project from Project Authorization Request (PAR) approval
   to IEEE-SA Standards Board within 12 to 24 months as specified by the
   funding level of service (Only if we get paid services)
• b) Provide a business rationale for the development of the standard
• c) Submit required documentation, for example, a project schedule or a
   monthly status report
• d) Schedule meetings (in person or electronic) as appropriate, based on an
   agenda distributed at least two weeks before the meeting
• e) Obtain funding to cover dedicated support when desired to expedite the
   standards development process
• f) Use the IEEE FrameMaker document templates
• g) Include the Sponsor on distribution of the standard as it is developed and
   when it is ready to begin IEEE Sponsor ballot

                           P&P discussion
•   Membership
     – Amend part 7 to include the following paragraph:
          In order to maintain membership and voting rights, an entity must:
                – Be an IEEE SA corporate member
                – Pay the yearly $3750 entity per project fee
                – Pay the fees decided by this WG which are:
                    > $1B pay $10K
                    > $1M pay $5K
                    < $1M pay 1K
                    I suggest a two month grace period so all
                    payments are due by end of July, 2006
•   Proxy votes
     – Currently allowed with written permission
          • do we want this?, is verbal OK sufficient?

                  PAR Discussion
• 5.2 Scope of Proposed Standard: This standard describes an
  XML Schema for meta-data documenting Intellectual Property
  (IP) used in the development, implementation and verification
  of electronic systems and an Application Programming
  Interface (API) to provide tool access to the meta-data. This
  schema provides a standard method to document IP that is
  compatible with automated integration techniques. The API
  provides a standard method for linking tools into a System
  Development framework, enabling a more flexible, optimized
  development environment. Tools compliant with this standard
  will be able to interpret, configure, integrate and manipulate IP
  blocks that comply with the proposed IP meta-data description.
  The proposed standard is based on version 1.4 IP-XACT of The
  SPIRIT Consortium.
• The standard is independent of any specific design processes.
  It does not cover those behavioral characteristics of the IP that
  are not relevant to integration.

                  PAR discussion
5.4 Purpose of Proposed Standard: (current)
The purpose of this project is to provide a well-defined XML
  Schema for meta-data that documents the characteristics of
  Intellectual Property (IP) required for the automation of the
  configuration and integration of IP blocks; and to define an
  Application Programming Interface (API) to make this meta-data
  directly accessible to automation tools.
5.4 Purpose of Proposed Standard: (proposed)
  The purpose of the proposed standard is to enable the creation
  and exchange of IP in a highly automated design environment.

          Budget and Fee Schedule
• Proposed Fee structure: Companies
  > $1B pay $10K
  > $1M pay $5K
  < $1M pay 1K
• Minimum one year budget
   – $40k for IEEE services
   – $30k for editor services
   – Will need further funding to host xml schema
   – Want further funding for free access to docs and schema

              Choose DR and DRAs
• DR is permanent member
• We need DR or DRA to vote at this meeting
   – Cadence - Victor
   – Mentor
   – Synopsys
   – LSI
   – ARM
   – ST
   – Freescale - Kathy
   – Bluespec - Nikhil

              Standardization Process
•   Organize Working Group
     – Develop and approve P&Ps
     – Elect officers
     – Develop and approve PAR – have it approved by NesCom
•   Develop the standard
     – Receive and accept material from SPIRIT
     – Refine until WG agrees the draft is ready for ballot
         • This will probably require putting in place sub-groups to deal with technical details
           including hosting of the schema
•   Ballot draft standard
     – Develop ballot constituency from IEEE-SA Corporate members
     – Vote, respond to issues, possibly revise draft and re-ballot
•   Submit approved to RevCom for approval
•   IEEE does final copyedit
•   Standard is released

• Currently Victor was appointed by sponsor as acting
  chair to get group organized
• Need: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary (treasurer
   – Suggest holding elections as soon as P&Ps are
   – Until then continue with appointed chair
      • Lynn as acting secretary
      • Leave vice-chair until election unless volunteer?

•   Membership shall be granted automatically to those entities attending the first
    working group meeting.
•   membership shall be granted after the entity attends two consecutive meetings of the
    working group.
•   The entity (member), through its DR or DRA, is expected to attend meetings as
    required by these procedures
•   Secretary records attendance for members who attend at least 50% of a meeting's
    duration. Includes telephone, web conference etc.
•   Membership status is maintained through consistent participation at meetings and
    through working group votes
•   A working group member who misses two consecutive meetings membership status
    shall be revoked.
•   A member who has lost its voting privileges shall have its voting privileges reinstated
    by attendance at two consecutive meetings of the working group. All voting privileges
    and rights shall be restored after attending the second consecutive meeting. If, for
    reasons of personal hardship, an entity cannot attend two consecutive meetings (but
    that entity continues to vote in ballots taken between meetings), the working group
    will be consulted on the status of the entity.

    The IEEE SA Corporate Program
• Program started about three years ago to support “market
  based” standards
• WG membership and ballot is by “entity”- one company one
• Dues for corporate membership is on sliding scale between 1
  and 5 k USD (5 for over 1b)
• Entity based WG pay $3750 per year
• Rules for WG and ballot are basically the same as for individual
  except for voting and membership requirements
• Current status on $3750 : Cadence, Philips, Synopsys paid:
  ARM, ST, LSI, Mentor have agreed to pay.


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