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LAR01    Culture Shock Argentina
LAR02    The Rough Guide to Argentina
LAR03    Hola! Buenas Aires

LAU01    Australia 2003
LAU02    Culture Shock Australia
LAU03    Australia - Journey Through Timeless Land
LAU04    Australia - A Photographic Jouney
LAU05    Queensland
LAU06    The West Australian Guide to Independent & Catholic Schools
LAU07    Perth and the Sout-West

LAUS01   Living in Vienna



LBR01    Cultural Shock!- A guide to Customs and Etiquette
LBR01    Brazil
LBR02    Brazil- A quick guide to customs & etiquette
LBR03    Cultureshock! A survival guide to customs and etiquette

LBRU1    Abode of Peace
LBRU02   Abode of Peace

                                                                                          Last Update: 3/27/2012
LBRU04   Explore Brunei
LBRU05   Explore Brunei

LCA01    Canada
LCA02    Québec l'Album
LCA03    Culture Shock Canada
LCA04    Québec
LCA05    Relocation 101: Focus on Calgary
LCA06    Relocation 101: Focus on Calgary
LCA07    Alberta
LCA08    Exploring Old Quebec - Walking Tours

LCAR01   Caribbean & The Bahamas - Guide Book

LCH01    China Guide
LCH02    Culture Shock China
LCH03    Beijing
LCH04    Questions & Answers about the People's Republic of China
LCH05    Handbook for Foreigners Living in Beijing
LCH06    Beijing Essential Guide
LCH07    Insider's Guide to Beijing 2004-05

LCO01     Selva y Futuro: Colombia
LCO02    Cartagena - A Ojo de Alcatraz


LEG01    Egypt Guide
LEG02    Egypt Handbook
LEG03    Culture Shock
LEG04    The Nile

                                                                                       Last Update: 3/27/2012
LEG05   Egypt

LEU01   Great Places to Stay in Europe

LEX01   Camping & backpacking with children
LEX02   Third culture kids
LEX03   Take the kids traveling
LEX04   Life Now (Shell ladies project 1996)
LEX05   Culture shock ! A Travellers medical guide
LEX06   Understanding voluntary organizations
LEX07   The everything Feng Shui book
LEX08   Protecting your child online
LEX09   The everything online job research book
LEX10   Organic garden design school
LEX11   Moving families - expatriation, stress and coping
LEX12   Culture shock ! Successful living abroad - a wife's guide

LEX13   Tasting diversity - a celebration of immigrant women and their cooking
LEX14   Culture shock ! Living and working abroad
LEX15   Expat Women's true tales of life abroad
LEX16   Survival kit for overseas living
LEX17   The expert expatriat
LEX18   Your child's health abroad
LEX19   The Art of coming home
LEX20   Language shock: understanding the culture of conversation
LEX21   Many women Many voices
LEX22   Shell travel solutions 2002
LEX23   Do's and Taboos around the world
LEX24   We are best friends
LEX25   Moving house
LEX26   Let's get a move on!
LEX27   Vaccines: are they safe and affective?
LEX28   The Art of Crossing Cultures
LEX29   Aisha saves the reef
LEX30   Teen Talk - straight talk about moving…one teen to another

                                                                                                    Last Update: 3/27/2012
LEX31   Single & Relocating - questions and suggestions
LEX32   Kids on the move - A Parental Guide to Help Your Child Relocate
LEX33   Going international - Beyond culture shock
LEX34   Notes for a Traveling Childhood
LEX35   Homeward Bound - A spouse guide to repatriation
LEX36   Raising Global Nomads- Parenting abroad in an on-demand world
LEX37   Find Your Passion, Jo Parfitt
LEX38   Expat Writer: Release The Book Within
LEX39   Beginner's Dutch
LEX40   A moveable marriage
LEX41   The expert expat-You guide to successful relocation abroad
LEX42   Transitions - making sense of life's changes
LEX43   What colour is you Parachute
LEX44   The Source Book - Shell Lives Unshelved
LEX45   The Source Book - Shell Lives Unshelved
LEX46   A portable Identity
LEX47   Third Culture kids
LEX48   Jobs that don't suck
LEX49   Footsteps around the World - Relocation Tips for Teenagers
LEX50   Living and Working in The Far East


LFE     FAR EAST (see also books about MALAYSIA, LMA)
LFE01   Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
LFE02   South East Asia Frommer's
LFE03   Culture Shock Borneo
LFE04   South East Asia
LFE05   Exploring vietman
LFE06   Cambodia

LFR01   Live and work in France


                                                                                             Last Update: 3/27/2012

LGEN01   A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Volume 1
LGEN02   A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Volume 2
LGEN03   A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Volume 3

LGEN04   A History of Royal Dutch Shell, Appendices, Figures and Explanations
LGEN05   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN06   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN07   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN08   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN09   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN10   A Century of Royal dutch Shell
LGEN11   Aisha and the turtle


LHO01    The Adventurous Palate - Houston
LHO02    City Guide Houston
LHO03    Portable Houston / Frommer's
LHO04    Houston area guide to great places to take kids
LHO05    Houston Lone Star
LHO06    The Houstonian - Newcomer & Relocation Guide
LHO07    Relocating to Houston and surrounding areas
LHO08    Day Trips from Houston
LHO09    Houston garden book
LHO10    Day Trips from Houston: getaways less than 2 hours away
LHO11    A parent's guide to Houston
LHO12    The Summer Book 2006 (Houston)
LHO13    Houston city in motion
LHO14    Houston simply spectacular
LHO15    Cow parade Houston
LHO16    Exploring Houston with children
LHO17    Houston Dining on the cheap
LHO18    147 Fun things to do in Houston

                                                                                                   Last Update: 3/27/2012
LHO19     Houston Restaurants 2001/2002
LHO20     Bicycling the Houston area
LHO21     Mountain Biking the Houston area
LHO22     A visual tour of Houston
LHO23     100+ Activities for Houston Kids 2006
LHO24     A Marmac Guide to Houston & Galveston
LHO25     2004 Physician Referral Directory
LHO26     Houston
LHO91     Video Houston Kingwood
LHO92     Video Houston Clear Lake City
LHO93     Video Houston Greatwood (PAL)
LHO94     Video Houston Greatwood
LHO95     Video Houston Cinco Ranch
LHO96     Video Houston Woodlands
LHO97     Video Houston First Colony
LHO98     Video The United Way: guide to changing lives

LHO100    Video Houston: City of the Future
LHO101    Houston
LHO102    Greetings from Houston
LHO103    Houston - 60 Hikes within 60 Miles
LHO104    Newcomer's Handbook / Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin
LHO105    Romantic Days and Nights in Houston
LHO106    100+ Activities for Houston Kids

LINDI01   Tourist Guide to South India
LINDI02   India - Lonely Planet
LINDI03   Bangalore City Map
LINDI04   India - Culture Smart
LINDI05   India - The Cultural Companion
LINDI06   The red Carpet - Bangalore Stories
          speaking of India-Bridging the Communication Gap When Working with
LINDI07   Indians

LINDO     Indonesia Books

                                                                                                  Last Update: 3/27/2012
LIN01     Indonesia - The rough guide
LIN02     Culture Shock Indonesia


LIRAN01   Perspectives Iran (DVD)
LIRAN02   Perspectives Iran (DVD)

LIR01     Literary Ireland


LJA01     Tokyo Tips
LJA02     Buy & Try: your bible for Japanese household products
LJA03     Yokohama Living Guide
LJA04     Kid's Trips in Tokyo, a family guide to one-day outings



LKO01     KOREA, travel guide
LKO02     Guide to Living in Korea 2006


LMA       MALAYSIA (see also FAR EAST, LFE)
LMA01     Kinabalu Park (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo)
LMA02     Culture Shock Malaysia
LMA03     Culture Shock Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at your door
LMA04     Malysia, Singapore &Brunei
LMA05     Malaysian Flavours- insights into things Malaysian
LMA06     Selamat Datang: Welcome to Kuala Lumpur 2003
LMA07     Selamat Datang: Welcome to Kuala Lumpur 2006

                                                                                       Last Update: 3/27/2012
LMA08   Kuala Lumpur: Director A-Z

LME01   Mexico, National Geographic Traveler
LME02   Mexico's Beach Resorts - Idiot's travel guide
LME03   Mexico 2002 - Frommer's
LME04   Cancun, Cizumel & the Yucatan - Frommer's
LME05   Archaeological Mexico
LME06   Mexico 2003 - Frommer's
LME07   Culture Shock Mexico

LNE01   Holland Guide
LNE02   Holland
LNE03   Holland
LNE04   Amsterdam from the water
LNE05   Holland on the waterfront
LNE06   Holland in vogelvlucht
LNE07   The simple guide to Holland - customs & etiquette
LNE08   Living & Working in the Netherlands
LNE10   Living in Holland, an introduction
LNE11   Living in Holland, a practical guide
LNE12   The Holland handbook
LNE13   Inside information / Living in Holland
LNE14   Drenthe
LNE15   Culture Shock - Netherlands
LNE16   Yo! Kids Guide to the Northern Netherlands

LNE21   English/Dutch-Dutch/English Dictionary
LNE22   Hippocrene Handy Dictionary
LNE23   Expat Toolkit 2000
LNE24   Alphabet soup-Business,politics,society
LNE24   Living in Wassenaar
LNE25   At Home In Holland

                                                                               Last Update: 3/27/2012
LNE26    City in 1, Expat guide of The Hague
LNE27    The Hague Finder - International City Directory
LNE28    Alphabet Soup-Decoding terms in Dutch business, polotics and society

LNI01    Lagos Easy Access, The Guidebook 2nd Edition (copy 1)
LNI01    Lagos Easy Access, The Guidebook 2nd Edition (copy 2)
LNI02    The Trouble with Nigeria

LNI010   Nigeria - The Bradt Travel Guide
LNI011   Nigeria - The Bradt Travel Guide
LNI012   Nigeria - The Culture
LNI013   Living in Nigeria - Security & Travel Tips
LNI03    Nigeria - The Bradt Travel Guide
LNI04    Nigeria - The Bradt Travel Guide

LNO01    Culture Shock - Norway
LNO02    Norway - Land of the sagas
LN003    Stavanger Information Guide

LNZ01    New Zealand
LNZ02    Exploring New Zealand - Fodor's

LOM01    Oman Explorer, residents' and visitors' guide
LOM02    Oman 2005-2006
LOM03    Oman Today - Cool Coast
LOM04    Oman Today - Walk on the wild side
LOM05    Oman Today - Wild Oryx
LOM06    Muscat Street Atlas & Gazetter
         Don't they know it's Friday? - Cross-cultural considerations for business and
LOM07    life in the Gulf


                                                                                                            Last Update: 3/27/2012
LPE01   Peru Promesa
LPE02   Manu National Park

LPH01   Philipines Guide

LQA01   Qatar
LQA02   Marhaba
LQA03   Qatar Explorer
LQA04   Quatar - Updates Second Edition

LRU01   Culture Shock - Moscow at your doorstep
LRU02   A day in the life of the Soviet Union
LRU03   Moscow Guide
LRU04   The rough guide to Moscow
LRU05   Living in Moscow
LRU06   Welcome to the Island

LSA01   Saudi Arabia caught in time 1861-1939
LSA02   Gardening in the gulf
LSA03   the Kingdom - Land and People of Saudi Arabia

LSC01   Scotland - Frommer's
LSC02   Scotland in pictures
LSC03   Above Edinburgh and south-east Scotland

LSI01   Culture Shock - Singapore
LSI02   Singapore Handbook

                                                                           Last Update: 3/27/2012
LSP01   Spanish Phrase book
LSP02   Dictionary English/Spanish - Spanish/English

LSY01   Syria & Lebanon
LSY02   Culture Shock - Syria
LSY03   Outings from Damascus

LSY05   The Road from Damascus



LTH01   Thailand Eyewitness travel guides


LTX01   101 Fun things to do on the Texas Coast
LTX02   A lady's day out in Texas
LTX03   Children and the law in Texas - What parents should know
LTX04   Christmas in Texas
LTX05   Contemporary Art in Texas
LTX06   Exploring Texas with children
LTX07   Fun with the family in Texas
LTX08   Texas Guide
LTX09   Texas
LTX10   What every 18-year old needs to know about Texas law
LTX11   Hiking Big Bend National Park
LTX12   The inside-outside book of Texas
LTX13   133 fun things to do in Dallas Fort Worth
LTX14   The wine roads of Texas
LTX15   Absolutely Every Bed and breakfast in Texas

                                                                                      Last Update: 3/27/2012
LTX16   Texas Pampered Cowboy
LTX17   Trails of Texas Hiking & Backpacking
LTX18   Backroads of Texas
LTX19   Texas Natural Jewels
LTX20   The Texas Hill Country
LTX21   Legends of Texas BBQ book
LTX22   Scenic drving Texas
LTX23   Exploring San Antonio with children
LTX24   City Guide Austin
LTX25   147 fun things to do in San Antonio
LTX26   Wildflowers of Houston and Southeast Texas
LTX27   Texas gardening
LTX28   Texas Parks & Campgrounds
LTX29   Texas State Parks
LTX30   A field guide to Texas Snakes
LTX31   Texas traveller 2002-2003
LTX32   Texas Law
LTX33   Texas cowboy cooking
LTX34   Hiking Texas
LTX35   A lady's day out in the Texas Hill Country
LTX36   Wildlife Management Areas
LTX37   The Texas Guide
LTX38   Month-by-month Gardening in Texas
LTX39   Texas Inside Guide
LTX40   Texas College and University Handbook
LTX41   Houston pocket map
LTX42   Texas curiosities second edition
LTX43   The Houstonian
LTX44   The Houstonian
LTX45   Texas Traditions
LTX46   Exploring Texas with children
LTX47   Hill country
LTX48   Hiking Big Bend National Park
LTX49   Inside guides Texas
LTX50   Texas Manners
LTX51   Metro houston appartment guide
LTX52   Here is Houston, the guide to living in Houston

                                                                             Last Update: 3/27/2012
LTX53    Texas official travel map
LTX54    Weird Texas
LTX55    The Texas Coastal Bend
LTX56    The Texas Coastal Bend
LTX57    Scenic Driving Texas
LTX58    Scenic Driving Texas
LTX59    Bicycling the Houston Area
LTX60    The Texas Dog Lover's Companion
LTX61    Gardening with Nature in Texas
LTX62    Flyfisher's Guide to Texas
LTX63    Insight Guide Texas
LTX64    Backroads of Texas
LTX65    Texas
LTX66    Texas Drivers Handbook
LTX67    Texas: Off the Beaten Path
LTX68    Fun with the family in Texas
LTX69    Texas curiosities second edition
LTX70    Texas Curiosities
LTX71    Texas Trivia
LTX72    Backroads of Texas
LTX73    Frommers Texas
LTX74    Amazing Texas
LTX75    Outlaw Tales of Texas
LTX76    Spooky Texas
LUAE01   Culture Shock UAE
LUAE02   Dubai - Shopping Sand Safari's Sun
LUAE03   2003 United Arab Emirates yearbook
LUAE04   2004 United Arab Emirates yearbook
LUAE05   Dubai Explorer - The Complete Residents' Guide Dubai

LUAE07   Abu Dhabi Explorer

LUAE09   United   Arab   Emirates   Yearbook   2006
LUAE10   United   Arab   Emirates   Yearbook   2006
LUAE11   United   Arab   Emirates   Yearbook   2006
LUAE12   United   Arab   Emirates   Yearbook   2006

                                                                                   Last Update: 3/27/2012
LUAE13    Dubai Explorer - The Complete Residents' Guide Dubai
LUAE14    Dubai Explorer - The Complete Residents' Guide Dubai

LUAE 02   Dubai Lonely Planet
LUAE05    Dubai 2004 Explorer

LUK01     Great Britain
LUK02     Great Britain
LUK03     Britain - Culture Shock
LUK04     Britain on country roads
LUK05     Living and working in London
LUK06     The facts and figures - 100 questions answered
LUK07     Greater London Area Guide
LUK08     Surrey Area Guide
LUK09     London (mainly pictures)
LUK10     Welcome Pack
LUK11     Newcomer's Handbook for Moving to London
LUK12     Choosing Your Degree Course & University
LUK13     Outpost London Winter Newsletter
LUK14     Outpost London Autumn Newsletter
LUK15     Living and working in Britain
LUK16     Living and working in London

LUS01     Where the West begins - America's Plains and Prairies
LUS02     Consumers Reports Buying Guide 1998
LUS03     The unofficial guide to Disneyland
LUS04     Ski & Snowboard America and Canada
LUS05     Ranch Vacations
LUS06     Las Vegas 2002
LUS07     Hawai - Eyewitness travel Guide
LUS08     Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways
LUS09     California 2002 - Mobil Travel Guide
LUS10     Irreverent guide to New Orleans
LUS11     Exploring America by RV

                                                                                     Last Update: 3/27/2012
LUS12   SouthWest 2002 - Mobil Travel Guide
LUS13   The unofficial Guide to the Best RV & Tent Campgrounds
LUS14   Beyond Disney (The unofficial guide to Universal, Sea World etc)
LUS15   Route 66
LUS16   Essential History of American Art
LUS17   Explore America
LUS18   En-gulfed - A photographic celebration of people, places and fish
LUS19   Water, Earth, and Sky - The Colorado River Basin
LUS20   Woodall's North America 2003 Campground Directory
LUS21   Your Rights as a consumer
LUS22   America - The complete story
LUS23   Culinaria U.S.A. (een culinaire ontdekkingsreis door de VS)
        Survival kit for overseas living - for Americans planning to live and work
LUS24   abroad
LUS25   Culture Shock USA - The South
LUS26   Culture Shock USA - Coming to America
LUS27   Understanding American Schools
LUS28   NY City With Kids
LUS29   Florida
LUS30   Washington, DC
LUS31   California
LUS32   Culture Shock USA
LUS33   Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
LUS34   Understanding American Schools
LUS35   Making the nigerian & african staff of shell feel at home in the U.S.
LUS36   Florida
LUS37   Las Vegas with kids
LUS38   The BER guide to international Education in the United States
LUS39   Understanding American Schools
LUS40   Walt Disney World 2007
LUS41   Understanding American Schools
LUS42   Frommer's New Orleans 2008
LUS43   Off the beaten path - Louisiana
LUS44   New Orleans Night + Day
LUS45   New Orleans
LUS46   Day Trips from New Orleans
LUS47   America The Beautiful

                                                                                                        Last Update: 3/27/2012
LUS48    Understanding American Schools

LVE01    Venezuela
LVE02    South America

LWO01    The unofficial guide to cruises 2001
LWO04    Natural wonders of the World

LGEN01   Tourism
LGEN02   Shell schools
LGEN03   SmartWired
LGEN06   Andy Warhol - Commerce into Art
LGEN07   Magritte: Thought rendered visible
LGEN08   Mondrian: Structures in Space
LGEN09   Savories & Sweets - An International Collection
LGEN10   Aisha and the turtle
LGEN11   Parents Guide to Houston Private Schools
LGEN35   EXPAT Entrepreneur
LGEN12   Diplomatic Baggage
LGEN13   Destinations - A Story in Pictures
LGEN14   Destinations - A Story in Pictures

                                                                              Last Update: 3/27/2012
  REF                                                  TITLE
AN01    Country Guide
AN02    Country Report
AN03    Notes for Guidance

AR01    Country Guide
AR02    ECA Country Profile
AR03    Country Report
AR04    Pictures of Buenos Aires and Argentina
AR05    Get Up & Go Guide: Argentina

AU01    Country Guide
AU02    Australia - compact reference map
AU03    Country Information: Australia
AU04    Australia vacation planner
AU05    Notes for Guidance
AU06    Country Report
AU07    ECA Country Profile
AU08    Education Policy

AUG     AUSTRALIA - Geelong
AUG01   Geelong - Location details
AUG02   Inside Guide Geelong
AUG03   Geelong Victoria Australia

AUK     AUSTRALIA - Karratha
AUK01   Karratha - Country Guide

AUM     AUSTRALIA - Melbourne

AUP01   Perth - Location Details
AUP02   West Coast Visitors Guide
AUP03   Notes for Guidance
AUP04   Welcome to Perth Guide
AUP05   Your Guide to Perth & Fremantle
AUP06   Highlights of Perth, an insight into Western Australia
AUP07   Living in Perth Guide
AUP08   Free Visitors Map - Perth, Freemantle & Swan Valley

AZ01    Country Guide
AZ02    Country Report

BAH     Bahrain
BAH01   Inside Guide - Kingdom of Bahrain

BA01    Life in Bangladesh
BA02    Country Report
BA03    ECA Country Profile
BA04    Dhaka city guide map
BA05    Bangladesh guide map
BA06    Unexplored Bangladesh
BA08    River-cruise & sightseeing with Dhaka city map
BA10    Get Up & Go Guide: Bangladesh

BAR01   Ins & Outs of Barbados
BAR02   Barbados Road Map
BAR03   Barbados in a Nutshell
BAR04   Earthworks Pottery
BAR05   Inside Guide Barbados

BE01    Country Guide
BE02    Country Report
BE03    ECA Country Profile

BR01    Country Guide + Immigration Legislatoin Guide
BR02    Country Report
BR03    ECA Country Profile
BR04    Outpost Business Brief RIO
BR05    Outpost Brazil-Rio de Janeiro
BR06    Inside Guide - Rio de Janeiro
BR07    Inside Guide - Rio de Janeiro
BR08    Mapa turistico - Tourist map
BR09    Guia do Rio - Rio Guide
BR10    The British School Rio de Janeiro
BR11    Escola Americana
BR12    Frequently Ask Questions - Living in Rio

BRU01   Country Guide
BRU02   Brunei in brief - photo book
BRU03   Treasures of Brunei Darussalam
BRU04   Explore Brunei - a visitor's guide
BRU05   Country Report
BRU06   Brunei in Brief - Newcomers Book
BRU07   Destinations Magazine - Brunei

BRU09   Brunei in brief - photo book 2001
BRU11   Visit Brunei 2001 - a kindom of unexpected treasures
BRU12   Panaga School - Seria, Sultanate of Brunei
BRU13   Jerudong International School - Brunei Darussalam
BRU14   International School Brunei - A Guide to ISB Senior School 2004-2005

BRU16   Life Beneath the Platforms
BRU17   Brunei, the Green Heart of Borneo
BRU18   bic - Brunei's Insider Guide
BRU19   Information about living in Brunei
BRU20   Welcome to Brunei

CAM01   Inside Guide "Douala, Cameroon"

CA01    Country Guide
CA02    Country Report
CA03    ECA Country Profile
CA04    Welcome to Calgary
CA05    Notes for Guidance
CA06    Country Living
CA07    The LEGEND continues
CA08    Calgary Newcomers' Club
CA09    Street Survival Guide 2006
CA10    Calgary Attractions, Alberta, Canada, 2005
CA11    Calgary, Banff & Canmore restaurants & Nightlife review
CA12   See Calgary Map
CA13   Calgary Transit Map
CA14   Alberta Newsletter Outpost, December 2007
CA15   Alberta Newsletter Outpost, April 2008
CA16   EAP, Employee Assistance Program
CA17   Alberta Works
CA18   Basic Licence, Driver's Handbook
CA19   Operator's (Driver's) Licence
CA20   Women's Health Resources
CA21   Banff, Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies
CA22   WHERE: shopping, dining, entertainment, maps Calgary
CA23   Yellowhead It!
CA24   Calgary Map
CA25   Recreation, Spring 2006, Program Guide
CA26   Bow Valley College Course Guide, January-June 2006
CA27   Continuing Education
CA28   Mount Royal College
CA29   Mount Royal Continuing Education
CA30   Free Kids & Teens Programs, Jan. to April 2006
CA31   Calgary New Home Buyers Guide
CA32   Housing Awards
CA33   Home Renters Guide
CA34   Calgary Real Estate News
CA35   Calgary and the Canadian Rockies
CA36   Moving to Alberta
CA37   Alberta North
CA38   Chinook Learning Services, Pre-K to Grade 12
CA39   The Western Parent Calgary
CA40   Go Active, University of Calgary
CA41   Outdoor Centre
CA42   ACAD,Art & Design
CA43   Alberta GOLF
CA44   The Mountain Guide
CA45   Explore Kananaskis Country & the Ghost Area
CA46   The Amazing Athabasca Oil Sands - CD
CA47   Outpost Alberta
CA48   Calgary Inside Guide
CA49   Your Child in Calgary

CH01   ECA Country Profile China
CH02   Notes for Guidance - China
CH03   Notes for Guidance - Beijing
CH04   Health & Security Information
CH05   Country Guide: China, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau
CH06   Beijing
CH07   Country Report
CH08   SPC International School - Huiyang, China
CH09   The British School of Beijing
CH10   That's Beijing
CH11   Wonderworks: Dos & Don'ts in China: The Travaler's Guide to Culture
CH12   Living in Beijing
CH13   International SOS Beijing
CH14   Outpost Beijing
CH15   United Family Hospitals and Clinics
CH17   Palm Island Delights - Recipe Book
CH18   Inside Guide: Beijing, China
CH18   Inside Guide: Beijing, China
CH19   Outpost Beijing Newsletter
CH20   Map of Beijing

CO01   Country Guide
CO02   Country Report
CO03   Notes for Guidance

DE01   Copenhagen Tourist

DO01   Country Guide
DO02   Country Report
DO03   Destinations magazine
DO04   Inside Guide: Dominican Republic
DO05   Dominican Republic, Vacation Planner
DO06   Dominican Republic Specialist

EG01   Country Guide
EG02   Country Report
EG03   ECA Country Profile
EG04   Notes for Guidance
EG05   NCBIS New Cairo British International School
EG06   Inside Guide 2008 - Welcome to Cairo
EG07    Inside Guide 2008 - Welcome to Cairo
EG08    Road Map: Location information questionnarie - Egypt
EG09    Inside Guide 2008 - Welcome to Cairo
EG10    Shopping in Heliopolis

EG12    A Journey into Egypt
EG13    Image of Egypt
EG14    Egypt
EG15    Education Policy

FR01    Country Guide
FR02    Country Report
FR03    ECA Country Profile
FR04    Culture Shock: France

FR06    list of schools
FR07    American School of Paris
FR08    British School of Paris

GA01    Country Report
GA02    Notes for Guidance
GA03    Shell Gabon - Are you ready for a challenge
GA04    Country Guide
GA05    Shopping guide to Libreville

GA07    Destinations Magazine, Issue 14

GA09    Inside Guide: Gabon
GA10    Outpost Gamba
GA13    Mistral Voyages GABON
GA14    Gamba complex of protected areas

GAM01   Country Report
GAM02   Country Guide

GE01    Notes for Guidance
GE02    Country Report
GE03    Country Guide
GE04    ECA Country Profile
GE05    Inside Guide Bonn
GE06    Bonn - City of Beethoven
GE07    Inside Guide Hamburg

IN01    Country Guide
IN02    Country Report
IN03    ECA Country Profile
IN04    Notes for Guidance: Jamnagar, Gujurat
IN05    Notes for Guidance: Shell Hazira Gas Private Ltd.
IN06    Shell School Hazira
IN07    Inside Guide Bangalore
IN08    Map - Bangalore
IN09    in & out of Bangalore
IN10    The Rangoli
IN11    Bangalore International School
IN12    Schools Bangalore

IND01   Country Report
IND02   Country Guide
IND03   Local Information Sources
IND04   ECA Country Profile
IND05   Indonesia - The Ultimate in Diversity

IR      IRAN
IR01    Country Guide
IR02    ECA Country Profile Iran
IR03    Country Report
IR04    Inside Guide "Tehran, Iran"
IR05    A country veiled in contrasts
IR06    Iran: Health information
IR07    Website sources for Iran
IR08    To live in Tehran as an expat
IR09    Tehran - British School
IR10    Spotlight on … Iran
IRQ01   Country Report
IRQ02   Country Guide
IRQ03   Health & Security Information

JA01    Country Guide
JA02    Country Report
JA03    ECA Country Profile

JA05    Spouse employment notes
JA06    Japan
JA07    Japan - websites
JA08    Sayonara to ceremony
JA09    Tokyo Metro Guide
JA10    Welcome to JR East
JA11    Airport limousine service
JA12    Airport access information
JA13    Inside Guide: Japan
JA14    Yokoso Japan, visit Japan Campaign

JA16    Everything you wanted to know about Tokyo

KA01    Country Guide
KA02    Almaty in Pictures
KA03    Country Report
KA04    Inside Guide Kazakhstan - Astana, Almaty, Aktau
KA05    ECA Country Profile
KA06    Welcome to Atyrau

KE01    Country Report
KE02    Country Guide
KE03    Notes for Guidance
KE04    Local Information Sources
KE05    ECA Country Profile

KO01    Country Report
KO02    Country Guide
KO03    ECA Country Profile
KO04     Health & Security Information
KO05     Pre-arrival information: Seoul
KO06     Housing in Seoul
KO07     Survive in Seoul
KO08     Culturgram '99 - South Korea (Republic of Korea)
KO09     Local Information Sources
KO10     Korea-Seoul, Tourist Map
KO11     Inside Guide Geoje Island

KO13     The wonderful world of Korean Food
KO14     Korea, Where Old Meets New
KO15     Hello from Korea
KO16     Invest Korea, business environment, Korea's Overall Business Climate
KO17     Invest Korea, why Korea, ten reasons to invest in Korea
KO18     Discovery
KO19     British International School Seoul
KO20     Seoul Foreign School

KU01     Country Report
KU02     Country Guide
KU03     Local Information Sources
KU04     Health & Security Information
KU05     ECA Country Profile

LIB001   Notes for Guidance: Living & Working in Libya
LIB002   Notes for Guidance: Living & Working in Libya
LIB003   Notes for Guidance: Living & Working in Libya

MA01     Country Guide
MA02     Country Report
MA03     ECA Country Profile
MA04     Notes for Guidance: Malaysia
MA05     Notes for Guidance: Bintulu
MA06     Malaysia
MA07     Destinations Magazine: Focus on Malaysia
MA08     Health & Security Information
MA09     Outpost Bintulu Sarawak East Malaysia
MA10     Malaysia National Parks
MA11     Malaysia - fascinating adventures
MA13    Bintulu impressions 2003
MA14    Bintulu impressions 2003
MA15    Education Policy
MA16    Inside Guide: Bintulu
MA17    Kidurong International School
MA18    Working in Shell Malaysia EP
MA19    Working in Shell Malaysia EP

MAK     MALAYSIA - Kuala Lumpur
MAK01   Notes for Guidance: Malaysia
MAK02   Health & Security Information
MAK03   Kuala Lumpur Inside Guide
MAK04   Kaleidoscope Kuala Lumpur -DVD
MAK05   Expat Talk- Outpost KL Newsletter
MAK06   Emplyment, Education & Volunteering Opportunities In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MAM01   Get Up and Go Guide Miri
MAM02   Working, Studying & Volunteering in Miri
MAM03   Lutong area map
MAM04   Welcome to Piasau School
MAM05   Piasau Playschool - information school year 1999-2000
MAM06   Map of Miri
MAM07   Sabah, Malaysia - Borneo's paradise
MAM08   Sekolah Piasau Miri - schoolgids 1999-2000
MAM09   People, Places & Possibilities: Miri
MAM10   Sarawak, Malaysia - culture, adventure, nature
MAM11   Sarawak, Malaysia - the best of Borneo
MAM12   Local Information Sources
MAM13   Health & Security Information
MAM14   People, Places & Possibilities: Miri
MAM15   People, Places & Possibilities: Miri

ME01    Country Guide
ME02    Country Report
ME03    ECA Country Profile
ME04    Notes for Guidance
ME05    Health & Security Information
ME06    Local Information Sources
ME07    Immigration requirements
NE01     Country Report
NE02     Country Guide
NE03     ECA Country Profile
NE04     Partner Employment & Study Opportunities in The Netherlands
NE05     Business Visits to The Netherlands
NE06     Partner Employment & Study Opportunities in The Netherlands
NE07     SWW Resources for The Netherlands
NE08     Partner Employment & Study Opportunities in The Netherlands
NE09     Expatriate Staff assigned to the Netherlands
NE10     Welcome Newslettter
NE11     Legalising Dutch Documents
NE12     The XPAT Journal
NE13     Getting Connected
NE14     The Netherlands
NE15     Handling Holland
NE16     Dutch Passport Photos
NE17     The Holland Handbook - information flyer and order form
NE18     Local Information Sources
NE19     Here's Holland (formerly "Roaming 'round Holland") - information flyer and order form
NE20     XPAT Media
NE21     EXPAT Survival Guide
NE22     Cradle - Dutch maternity care

NEAM     NETHERLANDS - Amsterdam
NEAM01   Inside Guide - Amsterdam

NEA01    Welcome to the Northern Netherlands
NEA02    A Guide to Dutch Society for Americans Working with Dutch Colleagues & Organizations
NEA03    De Prinsenhof - een tweede thuis
NEA04    Kids guide to the Northern Netherlands
NEA05    Assen Stadsplatteground
NEA06    Assen Stadsplatteground
NEA07    Assen Schoonebeek Hoogezand Information Network Centre, ASHINC
NEA08    Picture Gallery
NEA09    Destination Assen- A picture of life in the northern Netherlands

NEH      NETHERLANDS - The Hague
NEH01    Inside Guide - The Hague
NEH02   City Map: The Hague
NEH03   Museums in Den Haag - Les Musees a la Haye
NEH04   Welcome Neswletter, Spring 2006
NEH05   The Hague Magazine 2006, Scheveningen-Kijkduin
NEH06   Panorama Mesdag
NEH07   Escher in het paleis
NEH08   Museum de Gevangenpoort
NEH09   City in 1, Expat guide of The Hague
NEH10   Rembrandt 400, 1606-2006
NEH11   Keukenhof, Lisse, Holland
NEH12   Mauritshuis, Royal Picture Gallery
NEH13   Openbaar vervoer Lijnennetkaart Haaglanden
NEH14   ACCESS-About living in the Netherlands
NEH15   Drievliet Rijswijk
NEH16   Museums in The Hague: Rijswijk, Voorburg and Voorschoten
NEH17   Madurodam
NEH18   Vogelpark Avifauna
NEH19   Joods Historisch Museum - Jewish Historical Museum
NEH20   Holland Casinos
NEH21   Frans Roozen
NEH22   Madame Tussaud

NES01   British School in the Netherlands
NES02   Lycee Francais "Vincent van Gogh"
NES03   Education Policy
NES04   The International School of Amsterdam
NES05   British School of Amsterdam
NES06   Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest - International School
NES07   American School of The Hague
NES08   International School - Groningen
NES09   International School The Hague
NES10   International School The Hague - part of Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar
NES11   The International School of the Hague - School Guide 2005/2006
NES12   The International School of the Hague -Year 10 Middle Years Programme
NES13   Buitenband - 10e jaargang, schooljaar 2007/2008

NI01    Country Report
NI02    Country Guide
NI03    ECA Country Profile Nigeria
NI04    Nigeria CD with pictures
NI05    Hostage taking
NI06    Security Briefing for New Arrivals - Eastern Division
NI07    Health & Security Information
NI08    Community development
NI09    Chop Chop - A Kitchen Guide & Cookbook for Expats Living in Nigeria
NI10    2000 People and the Environment Annual Report
NI11    Discover a New Nigeria - The Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry
NI12    Destinations Magazine: Focus on Nigeria
NI13    The Nigeria Collection: Bonny, Lagos, Port Harcourt
NI14    Nigeria Relocation

NIA     NIGERIA - Abuja
NIA01   Inside Guide "Abuja, Nigeria"

NIB     NIGERIA - Bonny Island
NIB01   Information on Bonny Island
NIB02   Inside Guide Bonny Island
NIB03   Bonny Island - photo album
NIB04   Inside Guide Bonny Island
NIB05   Shell school

NIL     NIGERIA - Lagos
NIL01   Lagos - Impressions of living conditions
NIL02   Inside Guide Lagos
NIL03   Welcome to Lagos
NIL04   Lagos - Impressions of living conditions
NIL05   Lagos - Impressions of living conditions
NIL06   British International School, Lagos
NIL07   Children's International School, Lagos
NIL08   Outpost
NIL09   British International School Lagos

NIP     NIGERIA - Port Harcourt
NIP01   Street guide of Port Harcourt & environs
NIP02   Street guide of Port Harcourt & environs
NIP03   Nigeria - for your family? The residential area
NIP04   Posting to Nigeria (Port Harcourt Specifics)
NIP05   Shell Rumukoroshe School Port Harcourt
NIP06   Destinations Magazine: The Rumukoroshe Book Club
NIP07   Get Up & Go - Port Harcourt
NIP08   Residential warden areas Rumukoroshe
NIP09   Port Harcourt - photos taken by Elbert van't Slot…
NIW     NIGERIA - Warri
NIW01   You and the estate- a guide for residents of Ogunu RA
NIW02   Get up and Go Warri
NIW03   Shell Ogunu school
NIW04   Welcome to Warri
NIW05   Photographs of Warri, Nigeria

NZ01    Country Report
NZ02    ECA Country Profile
NZ03    Notes for Guidance
NZ04    New Zealand
NZ05    Local Information Sources
NZ06    Wellington- An Outpost guide to living in New zealand's Capital
NZ07    Education Policy
NZ08    Country Information

NO01    Country Guide
NO02    ECA Country Profile Norway
NO03    Notes for Guidance
NO04    Act relating to worker protection and working environment
NO05    SPIN - Stavanger Partner Information Network
NO06    Local Information Sources
NO07    Stavanger information guide
NO08    The Viking Trail through Rogaland
NO09    Country Report
NO10    Stavanger regionen
NO11    the Stavanger region 2009
NO12    the Stavanger region 2008
NO13    Stavanger regionen
NO14    The International School of Stavanger, ISS
NO15    Stavanger-Web
NO16    The British International School of Stavanger, BISS
NO17    Oslo International School
NO18    Bo I Norge

OM      OMAN
OM01    Country Report
OM02    Country Guide
OM03    Notes for Guidance OLNG
OM04    Notes for Guidance
OM05    Destinations - Focus on Oman
OM06    Ras Al Hamra Recreation Centre
OM07    The PDORC Bulletin
OM08    Destination Oman
OM09    Outpost Sur welcomes you!
OM10    Welcome to my country, the Sultanate of Oman
OM11    Work and Study Guide Oman
OM12    Next Destination Oman
OM13    Sultanate of Oman
OM14    OMAN … The Essence of Arabia
OM15    Sultanate of Oman, Destination-Dhofar
OM16    A Concise Guide to the Sharqiya
OM17    A Concise Guide to the Dhakiliya
OM18    Inside Guide: Sur
OM19    Inside Guide Muscat
OM20    Destination Oman
OM21    Images of Oman … The Expatriate Experience
OM22    Sultanate of Oman
OM23    ECA Country Profile
OM24    Muscat City Maps

OMS     OMAN Education & Schools
OMS01   The British School - Muscat: Prospectus
OMS02   The British School - Muscat: Year Book 2005 - 2006
OMS03   The American International School of Muscat - Prospectus
OMS04   The American International School of Muscat - The Eagles
OMS05   The American International School of Muscat - AP Program
OMS06   ABA School - Muscat: Prospectus
OMS07   ABA School - Muscat : Secondary School Academic Manual 2007-8
OMS08   ABA School Muscat: An International Education
OMS09   ABA School Muscat: Secondary School Student Handbook 2006-7
OMS10   PDO School
OMS11   Seashell Primary School
OMS12   Rijnlands Lyceum Muscat
PA01   Country Guide
PA02   Country Report
PA03   ECA Country Profile Pakistan
PA04   Pakistan
PA05   Local Information Sources
PA06   Health & Security Information

PE01   Country Guide
PE02   Country Report
PE03   Health & Security Information
PE04   Website sources
PE05   ECA Country Profile
PE06   Peru Guide
PE07   Peru Guide

PH01   Country Guide
PH02   Country Report
PH03   ECA Country Profile
PH04   Philippines
PH05   Culturgram '99 - Republic of the Philippines
PH06   Social activities in Manila/Dutch Society in manila
PH07   Outpost Phillipines - Inside Guide
PH08   Health & Security Information

QA01   Country Guide
QA02   Country Report
QA03   Notes for Guidance
QA04   Berlitz Pocket Guide Qatar
QA05   Qatar
QA06   Qatar Pearl Outpost Guide
QA07   Marhaba - Map of Doha

RU01   Country Report
RU02   Country Guide
RU03   ECA Country Profile
RU04   Country Information - Russia (excluding Sakhalin)
RU05   Inside Guide Sakhalin Island
RU06   Outpost Sakhalin Island
RU07   Sakhalin International School
RU08   Inside Guide Moscow (2 copies)
RU09   Sakhalin Island
RU10   Destination - Focus on Russia
RU12   Welcome to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk - Sakhalin
RU13   Sakhalin International School
RU14   Health & Security Information

RU16   Sakhalin Energy: introduction to Sakhalin sland
RU21   Morning Islands, Sakhalin and the Kurils - a friendly family enters the XXI century
RU22   Sakhalin Island Guide Book
RU23   Cultural Map of Moscow

SA01   Country Guide
SA02   Country Report
SA03   ECA Country Profile
SA04   Notes for Guidance: SHELL Secondees assigned to SASREF
SA05   Local information: Al Jubail
SA06   Saudi Arabia
SA07   Welcome to Saudi Arabia - Part I
SA08   Welcome to Riyadh - Part II
SA09   Welcome to the Eastern Province - Part III
SA10   Welcome to the Western Province - Part IV
SA11   British International School of Al Khobar
SA12   American International School - Riyadh - Registration Information
SA13   Nederlandse Basisschool "De Zandloper" Euro Village, Al Khobar
SA14   Where do you want to live today? … examines the property market in Saudi Arabia
SA15   Spouse Employment Notes - Saudi Arabia
SA16   Local Information Sources
SA17   International Programs School Al-Khobar

SA19   Talking of Saudi Arabia - experiences of expatriate life in the Kingdom
SA20   Inside Guide: Al Jubail

SI01   Country Guide
SI02   Country Report
SI03   Notes for Guidance
SI04   Singapure
SI05   Local Information Sources
SI06   ECA Country Profile
SI07   Welcome to Singapore
SI08   The Finder At Home
SI09   The Finder

SO01   Country Report
SO02   Country Guide
SO03   Notes for Guidance
SO04   Schools in South Africa
SO05   Medical care in South Africa
SO06   Employment (and other) opportunities for spouses
SO07   Health & Security Information
SO08   Southern African Travel Guide
SO09   The Midlands Meander
SO10   Zululand mosaic
SO11   Kwazulu - Natal, South Africa Tourist map
SO12   Durban tourist map
SO13   The Battlefields route
SO14   Garden route
SO15   Sugar Coast visitor's guide
SO16   South Africa national parks
SO17   ECA Country Profile
SO18   Inside Guide: Durban
SO19   Inside Guide Johannesburg

SY01   Country Report
SY02   Country Guide
SY03   Notes for Guidance
SY04   Local Information Sources
SY05   Health & Security Information
SY06   Destinations-Focus on Syria
SY07   Looking back on Damascus
SY08   Religious Festivals in Damascus: Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha
SY09   Shell school Al Kafilah
SY10   Cradle of Civilization, Syria
SY11   SYRIA, Your new destination
SY12   Syria, Homs & Hama
SY13   Welcome to Damascus
SY14   Damascus View
SY15    Living in Damascus
SY16    Inside Guide; Damascus, Syria
SY17    Inside Guide - Photo Album: Damascus
SY18    SYRIA, Your new destination
SY19    Cradle of Civilization, Syria
SY20    Ahlein, April 2006, Issue No.83
SY21    Syria/Palmyra
SY22    Syria, Ar'Raqqa-Deir Ez-zor-Al-Hasakeh
SY23    Syria, Homs & Hama
SY24    Syria, road map for tourists
SY25    Syria/Palmyra
SY26    Outings from Damascus
SY27    Syria, Ar'Raqqa-Deir Ez-zor-Al-Hasakeh
SY28    Syria, road map for tourists
SY29    Baby Guide Damascus

TAI01   Country Information
TAI02   Country Report
TAI03   Health & Security Information
TAI04   Local Information Sources
TAI05   ECA Country Profile

TAJ01   Country Report
TAJ02   Country Guide


TH01    Country Report
TH02    Country Guide
TH03    ECA Country Profile

TH05    Welcome to Thailand

TH07    Thailand

TH10    Location Information
TH11    Health & Security Information
TH13    Driving Tips for Thailand

TU01    Country Report
TU02    Country Guide
TU03    Notes for Guidance
TU04    Welcome to Ankara
TU05    Health & Security Information
TU06    Website sources for Turkey
TU07    ECA Country Profile

UAE01   Country Report
UAE02   Country Guide
UAE03   ECA Country Profile
UAE04   Shell in Dubai - Notes for Guidance
UAE05   Notes for Guidance: Shell Abu Dhabi
UAE06   Careers & Development Guide Dubai
UAE07   Living in the UAE
UAE08   Health & Security Information
UAE09   Living in the UAE
UAE10   United Arab Emirates 2007
UAE11   Dubai at a Glance
UAE12   UAE At a Glance 2006
UAE13   Nederlands onderwijs in Dubai
UAE14   Inside Guide: Abu Dhabi
UAE15   Tourist map
UAE16   Tourist map
UAE17   Living in the UAE
UAE18   Abu Dhabi City Tourist Map
UAE19   Time Out Abu Dhabi, January 2006
UAE20   Time Out Abu Dhabi, April 2006
UAE21   Abu Dhabi Inside Guide Photo Folder
UAE22   UAE At a Glance
UAE23   Abu Dhabi City Map

UK      United Kingdom - General
UK01    Country Report
UK02    Country Guide: England
UK03    PET Travel Scheme
UK04    ECA Country Profile: United Kingdom
UK05    Destination / Focus on The United Kingdom
UK06    Education Services to Expatriate Staff
UK07    Britain's Royal Heritage
UK08    Britain in Brief
UK09    Times Education Guides
UK10    Local Information Sources

UK25    Outpost London: Welcome - Careers and Development for the UK

UKA01   Aberdeen
UKA02   Rijnlands Lyceum Aberdeen
UKA03   Country Guide: Scotland
UKA04   Living in Aberdeen
UKA05   North-East Scotland Relocation Guide - CD
UKA06   Inside Guide Aberdeen
UKA07   Visitors guide to Grampian Highlands, Aberdeen & NE
UKA08   Grampian Golf Classics
UKA09   Destination / Focus on Scotland
UKA10   Rijnlands Lyceum Aberdeen
UKA11   Aberdeen streetfinder colour map
UKA12   Schoolgids 2004-2005, Dutch School Aberdeen
UKA13   North-East Scotland Relocation Guide
UKA14   Living in Aberdeen
UKA15   Careers & Development Guide Aberdeen
UKA16   Welcome to Scotland 08-09

UKC01   Chester & Ellesmere Port
UKC02   Living in Chester
UKC03   Chester Visitors Guide 2000
UKC04   Chester Tourist Information
UKC05   Exploring in and around Chester
UKC06   Visit Chester & Cheshire

UKL01   Inside Guide: London
UKL02   Inside Guide: Career and Development
UKL03   101 Reasons to love London
UKL04   Destination - Focus on United Kingdom
UKL05   Dutch Education in England
UKL06    Rijnlands Lyceum Cobham
UKL07    Nederlands Basisonderwijs - Dutch Primary Education
UKL08    Nederlands Basisonderwijs - Dutch Primary Education
UKL09    Schoolgids Prins Willem-Alexander School, WOKING
UKL10    Schoolgids Prins Willem-Alexander School, WOKING
UKL11    Schoolgids Prins Willem-Alexander School, WOKING
UKL12    TASIS, the American School in England
UKL13    Autumn Newsletter
UKL14    Winter Newsletter
UKL15    American Community Schools, ACS - England
UKL16    American School in London

US01     Country Report
US02     Country Guide 1: USA + Albuquerque, Aspen, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas
         CG 2: Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Hawaii, Honolulu, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa
US03     Valley, Nashville
US04     CG 3: New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City
US05     CG 4: San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington DC
US06     ECA Country Profile
US07     Education Policy by Base Country
US08     Obtaining a driving licence through denial
US09     Health & Security Information
US10     Local Information Sources
US11     Fun with the Family in Utah
US12     Fun with the Family in Colorado

US13     Understanding American Schools: The Answers to Newcomers' Most Frequently Asked Questions
US14     Welcome to the United States
US15     Visa renewal in Mexico

USHO     USA - Houston
USHO01   Location Guide: Houston
USHO02   Welcome to Houston
USHO03   A Virtual Tour of Houston
USHO04   Local Information Sources: USA
USHO05   Shell People Services - Americas
USHO06   Focus on: West Houston
USHO07   Focus on: Central Houston
USHO08   Focus on: Northwest Houston
USHO09   Houston Community College System
USHO10   Inside Guide
USHO11    Pre arrival booklet
USHO12    Guide for Application: I-765 form for Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
USHO13    2004/2005 Children's Education Assistance Maximum for Houston-based Expatriates
USHO14    Houston Audubon Society

USHO16    How to start a business in Texas
USHO17    The Houston JobBank

USHO20    The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail
USHO21    International Connections of Houston

USHO24    Options, Resouce and Career Center, Inc.
USHO25    DBM Aligning Workforces to Meet Changing Business Needs
USHO26    Prudential Relocation

USHO29    The Houston Museum of Natural Science News

USHO32    Sample Tests & Material for Texas Drivers License Test
USHO33    Fun with the familily in Texas
USHO34    The Houstonian, Spring 2006

USHO36    The Houston Fact Finder
USHO37    Executive Lodging
USHO38    Houston Dining on the cheap

USHO40    Texas Drivers Handbook
USHO41    Houston, Texas Streetmap

USHOE   USA - Houston Education
USHOE01Houston Christian High School
USHOE02The Village School
USHOE03North Harris Montgomery Community College District 2005-2006
USHOE04Community Education Katy Independent School District
USHOE05 AMA Seminars, World-Class Training for Business Professionals
USHOE06 Houston Community College Central Spring 2006
USHOE07University of St. Thomas
USHOE08 St. Philip Preschool
USHOE09 Westside Montessori School
USHOE10   The Glassell School of Art Course Schedules 2006
USHOE11   Leisure Learning Unlimited, Inc. April-July 2006
USHOE12   The Houston School of Art & Design
USHOE13   De Vry University 2005-2006
USHOE14   De Vry University Community information
USHOE15   Houston Community College
USHOE16   Holy Spirit Episcopal School
USHOE17   Information on accent reduction by James Haygood
USHOE18   Project Management, Certificate Program
USHOE19   University of Houston , Cont. Education, Accalerated Learning Program
USHO41    Houston, Texas Streetmap
USHO42    100+ Activities for Houston Kids
USHO43    Driving Licence Offices Houston
USHOE20   High-Performance Leadership
USHOE21   Financial Analysis for Nonfinancial Managers
USHOE22   Strategic Marketing Management
USHOE23   Executive Programm in Information Technology

USNJ      USA - New Jersey
USNJ01    New Jersey - sources of information, websites
USNJ02    Dutch School 't Klokhuis, Berkeley Heights - website
USNJ03    New Jersey 2000
USNJ04    New Jersey - Calendar of Events
USNJ05    New Jersey - Travel Industry Planner 2000
USNJ06    Shorecast: your guide to all there is at the Jersey shore

USNO      USA - New Orleans
USNO01    Location Guide: New Orleans
USNO02    Inside Guide New Orleans

USNO04    Cedarwood School

USNO07    Local Information Sources: USA

USPR      USA - Puerto Rico
USPR01    Outpost Bussiness Brief San Juan

VE01      Country Report
VE02      Country Guide
VE03      ECA Country Profile
VE04    Notes for Guidance
VE05    Outpost Maracaibo Guide 2002
VE06    Health & Security Information
VE07    Local Information Sources
VE08    Inside Guide: Venezuela

GEN01   Price Waterhouse Coopers
GEN02   Visa bulletin
GEN03   Change of Address Notification NEW RULE
GEN04   About Jenkens & Gilchrist (A Wealth of Information - At your Fingertips)
GEN05   Livelink Course for Power Users
GEN06   PowerPoint 2000 - Introduction
GEN07   PowerPoint 2000 - Advanced
GEN08   Excel 2000 - Worksheets
GEN09   Access 2000 - Level 1
GEN10   Access 2000 - Level 2
GEN11   Access 2000 - Advanced
GEN12   Do-It-Yourself: your legal will
GEN13   Jury duty and selective services
GEN14   Snapshot of the Countries in the East Zone
GEN15   Schooling in another country
GEN16   Onderwijssystemen in het buitenland
GEN17   Location of Outpost Expatriate Network Information Centres
GEN18   Languages by Country
GEN19   Management Cultures Around the World
GEN20   A Guide to Expatriate Remuneration - The EBAS System
GEN21   The EBAS Calculator
GEN22   Policies: Benefits
GEN23   Policies: moving between host and base country
GEN24   Life in the host country
GEN25   Clinical and Medical Services - Shell Health Services, USA
GEN26   The Tax Services Lifecycle: Integration of Service &Technology for Shell Assignees
GEN27   Bilingual education in expatriate suuroundings
GEN28   Women Overseas-A Practical Guide
GEN29   The Truth About Managing Your Career
GEN30   Many Women Many Voices: A Study of Accompanying Spouses Around the World
GEN31   LIFE NOW, Shell Ladies' Project 1996
GEN32   Life on the move, Shell Ladies' Project 1993
GEN33   A Travel Guide Around The World
GEN34   Shell Schools, Information for Parents
GEN36   Outpost Annual Report 2007
GEN37   Outpost Annual Report 2007