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									                    SUTTON COURTENAY PARISH COUNCIL

      A meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Village Hall, Sutton Courtenay on
      Tuesday 2nd November, 2010 at 7.30 p.m.
      Present: Councillors: M. Jenkins, (Chairman), W. Hanks (Vice-Chairman),
      Mrs. R. Atkinson, D. Hignell, J. Warwick, C. Woodward
      Cllr. G. Duffield (Vale of White Horse District Council)
      Clerk: Mrs. L. Martin
      3 members of the public
      Joined by Cllr. E. Braclik,

             Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson temporarily left the room at the beginning of the meeting.

2010/222     Apologies for Absence
             Apologies had been received from Cllrs. A. Black, C. Campbell, and Cllr. S.
             Lilly (Oxfordshire County Councillor).
             Upon arrival Cllr. Braclik offered the apologies for absence from Cllrs. Ms. T.
             Field and P. Manley

2010/223     Declarations of Interest
             There were no declarations of interest.

2010/224     Minutes of the meeting held on 5th October, 2010
             These were agreed and signed as a true record of the proceedings.

2010/225     Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson rejoined the meeting.

2010/226     Matters Arising from the meeting held on 5th October, 2010
             There were no matters arising.

2010/227     Public Participation
             RAF Benson - helicopters
             A request was made that if the Parish Council was talking with RAF Benson
             regarding helicopter flying that they should be asked to fly at a higher level and
             not to choose Sutton Courtenay for the flight path. A comment was made that
             the number of flights between 10.00 p.m. and midnight has increased. Another
             member of the public made a comment that helicopters were welcomed.

             Housing Development north of Didcot
             A question was asked as to the Parish Council’s involvement with the parish of
             Long Wittenham and other parishes regarding the planned expansion of the
             Ladygrove estate north of Didcot. The Chairman pointed out that this was
             another district’s area, and the parish had previously been in alliance with other
             villages West of Didcot. The Council was monitoring the situation and was
             kept advised of what was happening.

           Wind Turbines
           Plans were announced for a local wind turbine project. A team was being put
           together. A question was asked as to whether the Parish Council would be
           interested in supporting it. An approach had been made to Waste Recycling
           Group who had expressed an interest. A website was being developed. The
           Chairman advised that the Council should be informed when the website and
           more information was available. No discussion or commitment could be made
           at this stage.

           Cllr. Braclik joined the meeting

           Declaration of Interest
           Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson, as she had not been present at the start of the meeting,
           declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the agenda item relating to the
           Damascus Youth Project. She stated that she wished to make a statement under
           public participation or before the agenda item.

                                         that Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson be permitted to make a
                                         statement immediately prior to the agenda item
                                         relating to the Damascus Youth Project.

2010/228   County Councillor’s Report
           Cllr. Lilly had submitted a written report which had been circulated to members.
           The Chairman highlighted the main headings. The planning application for an
           incinerator at Ardley had been approved by the County Council on 25th October.
           As for the current MBT application at Sutton Courtenay he was in contact with
           planning officers at the County Council and District Council. Cllr. Lilly had
           received correspondence regarding increasing the peak time number of buses on
           the route of no. 32. This was unlikely to be possible owing to budgetary cuts.
           New highway stewards had been appointed, Ms. Laura Hutchins would
           responsible for Sutton Courtenay. Cllr. Lilly was meeting with her on 3rd
           November to discuss highway matters. As for the finances of the County
           Council, all areas were going to have to take a share of the cuts in government
           funding and the authority was faced with difficult decisions about prioritisation.
           The Local Government Boundary Commission was undertaking a review of
           divisional boundaries. There was a proposal to reduce the number of County
           Councillors from 72 to 60.

2010/229   Further Apologies for Absence
           Cllr. Braclik offered the apologies for absence from Cllr. P. Manley and Cllr.
           Ms. T. Field.

2010/230   District Councillor’s Report
           Village Hall – wheelie bins
           A set of wheelie bins, due to be delivered by Verdant under the new waste
           collection scheme had not been delivered and there were consequent difficulties

           for dealing with the waste from the village hall. He had supported the clerk and
           village hall secretary in trying to obtain the bins and he asked to be kept

           Cllr. Duffield also referred to the two planning application for an incinerator at
           Ardley. One of which had been refused, and the other approved. The only
           difference was that one stated a time limit for operation of the facility. He
           queried the position should the appeal that had been lodged against the refusal
           be dismissed. He referred to the expansion of Didcot which was an important
           local issue, and the planning application at the Amey site in Appleford Road
           which was thought likely to be refused by the Vale of White Horse District
           Council. He referred to moves to sell the Guildhall site in Abingdon to the
           Town Council and to the future of The Charter at the northern end of the

2010/231   Proposed Mechanical Biological Treatment facility – Sutton Courtenay Landfill
           The Clerk gave an update report from the working party. Two meetings had
           been held with the planning consultant. The planning officer at the County
           Council, Mary Thompson, had just met with the applicant, WRG. Initial
           comments from the Parish Council had been submitted to her in readiness for
           that meeting with WRG. Cllrs. Hignell, Mrs. Atkinson and the Council’s
           consultant were to meet with her on Thursday 4th November. The Council’s
           consultant had liaised with the planning officer at the Vale of White Horse
           District Council. Discussion took place on sending information to the County
           Councillors. This would be reviewed at an appropriate stage prior to the County
           Council’s committee meeting. It was reported that the Environment Agency
           had some concerns regarding flooding.

2010/232   Matters raised by Councillors for information

           Oxfordshire County Council – “Are you Ready” booklets
           Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson stated that the youngsters from Damascus Youth Project
           had carried out the delivery of the County Council’s booklets on emergency
           planning. She asked if the Council’s thanks for their efforts could be recorded
           in the minutes. A public thank you for their efforts had appeared in Sutton
           Courtenay news. Council agreed and placed on record its thanks for assistance
           from the youngsters in ensuring that every household in the village had received
           a booklet.

           It was reported that there were potholes at the junction of Chapel Lane with
           Brook Street and at the junction of Appleford Road and Abingdon Road.

           Oxfordshire County Council – Concessionary Fares Scheme
           Cllr. Woodward as public transport representative stated he had received a letter
           regarding proposed changes in the concessionary fares scheme. He outlined the
           proposals. This would be a matter for the agenda at the next meeting. The
           Clerk was asked to place an article in Sutton Courtenay news inviting the public
           not only to comment direct to the County Council, but to let the Parish Council
           too have their views.

           Estate Roads
           It was reported that the roads in the estate were in poor condition and were in
           need of inspection. The tarmac surfacing had worn in places and the concrete
           base underneath was visible.

2010/233   Police Matters
           Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson stated that the speed monitoring in the Drayton Road had
           been undertaken by the traffic police. This was carried out as part of their usual
           shift work and the data had not been logged. There had been no speeding
           detected which had come within the Police definition of speeding. It was hoped
           that an officer working with the NAG would be trained in the use of a speed
           detection gun. This would enable NAG to undertake its own checks. Public
           were being encouraged to report registration numbers of offending vehicles and
           to report them to named contact people. This would prevent malicious

2010/234   Planning Applications

           a) Decisions on previous applications

                  SUT/20440/4 Proposed erection of a detached garage
                  41 Milton Road
                  Permitted    5th October, 2010

                  SUT.21261/1 Removal of existing roof and erection of rear extension
                  with rear gable wall. Removal of front bay window and erection of new
                  roof. Erection of new entrance porch, single storey side extension and
                  internal alterations.
                  56 Harwell Road
                  Permitted        21st October, 2010

                  SUT/2047/4 Demolition of existing commercial building. Erection of a
                  detached dwelling (amendment of permission SUT/20472/3
                  Land opposite 67 High Street
                  Permitted     21st October, 2010

                  SUT/2697/6-X Outline application for the erection of 4 dwellings
                  Land rear of 7 Harwell Road
                  Refused        14th October, 2010

           b) Applications dealt with prior to the meeting

                  Cllr. Hanks, although a member of the Council’s working group,
                  declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the following application
                  took no part in the formation of Parish Council comments to the Vale of

                  White Horse District Council. Also in the absence of Cllrs. Manley and
                  Campbell, Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson substituted.

                  SUT/3625/8 and SUT/3625/9-CA Demolition of existing gable to front
                  elevation and erection of two storey front extension
                  16 Church Street
                  For: Mr and Mrs. T. Elford
                  Comments: Council expressed concern that the proposals could
                  compromise the first flat window of the adjacent property no. 14 Church

                  SUT/16832/1 Proposed first floor extension over existing garage
                  6 Tullis Close
                  For: Mrs. R. Butler
                  Comments: Council had no objections

           c) Applications considered at the meeting

                  Fell conifer, reduce gingko to give clearance from house
                  Wharf Barn 43A Church Street
                  For: Mrs. N. Aubury
                  Comments: Council had no objection to the proposal to fell a conifer,
                  but wished to ensure the longevity of the gingko, and that no
                  unnecessary works were undertaken, and that any works were
                  professionally carried out. It noted that the trees were due to be
                  inspected. Council asked that it be advised of the results of any

                  SUT/21354 Erection of new industrial/distribution facility B1c, B2, B8
                  with ancillary offices, car and cycle parking, and service areas.
                  172 Milton Park
                  For: MEPC Milton Park no. 1 Ltd and Milton Park no. 2 Ltd
                  Comments: Council had no objections

                  SUT/19470/10-X Outline application for residential development and
                  associated access.
                  Amey Roadstone Ltd site, Appleford Road
                  For: The Granite Partnership
                  Comments: Council objected to the application on the grounds that
                  there was a lack of infrastructure to support such a development.
                  Council reiterated its earlier concerns from the previous application, and
                  expressed concerns regarding the traffic implications for the Appleford
                  Road/Abingdon Road junction.

2010/235   Recreation Ground
           Cllr. Hignell had checked the play equipment. This was in good condition.
           There was not much evidence of dog faeces in the recreation ground, although

           some additional graffiti on the skatepark had been noticed. Council discussed
           the collection of and disposal of refuse from the litter bins. Currently
           councillors undertook this. Refuse had been placed, by agreement, in the bulk
           waste bins at the Football Club. These were currently being locked owing to
           the deposit of unauthorised refuse by others, particularly since the
           commencement of the Vale of White Horse District Council’s new domestic
           waste collection service. Council discussed appealing for volunteers to join a
           rota to help empty the litter bins, and also discussed the appointment of a
           contractor to undertake the emptying of the bins and disposal of the litter.

           Council noted two prices obtained by the Clerk. A suggestion was made that
           the Parish Council could possibly obtain a key to the bulk bins.
           Council considered a request from the Sutton Courtenay Cricket Club to hold a
           bonfire and firework display on the recreation ground. A risk assessment had
           been carried out, proof of insurance provided and a layout plan given

                              (i)  that S.T. Grounds Maintenance be asked to empty
                                   the litter bins and dispose of the litter from the
                                   recreation ground on a trial basis of two months
                                   on a fortnightly basis at a cost of £100
                              (ii) that a positive article appear in Sutton Courtenay
                                   news inviting volunteers to help empty the bins
                             (iii) that that Cllr. Hignell undertakes litter bin
                                   emptying until the start of the trial.
                              (iv) that Cllr. Braclik undertakes the play equipment
                                   inspections on a weekly basis until the December
                                   meeting of the Council
                              (v)  that permission be given to Sutton Courtenay
                                   Cricket Club to hold a firework display and
                                   bonfire on the recreation ground provided that
                                   there was compliance with the Health and Safety
                                   Executive “Giving your own firework display”
                                   guidance, a full risk assessment carried out, first
                                   aid provisions provided, and public liability
                                   insurance cover in place. Additionally the club
                                   would be required, if any damage or injury were
                                   caused to fully indemnify the Parish Council
                                   against losses, claims, demands, actions or
                                   proceedings arising in any way from the bonfire
                                   or display

2010/236   RWEnPower Liaison Committee – 11th October
           Cllr. Hanks reported on the Liaison Committee meeting that he attended.

2010/237   Millennium Common Liaison Committee – 15th October
           Council received a written report from Cllr. Black on a meeting of the Liaison
           Committee that he attended.
2010/238   Old Wallingford Way - 20 mph
           Council noted that the County Council would not support a 20 mph zone along
           Old Wallingford Way. It had, however, offered a “pedestrian in road” advisory
           sign. Council discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a sign

                                                that the County Council be asked to install
                                                a pedestrians in road advisory sign
                                                provided it did not obstruct anything.

2010/239   The duration of the meeting had been 2 hours and Council resolved to suspend
           standing order no. 1z to allow business to continue.

2010/240   Local Government Boundary Commission – Oxfordshire County Council
           Council discussed the review and the number of councillors to serve on the
           County Council. There was the suggestion that better local representation is
           received, with fewer electorate and a smaller area for each councillor to
           represent. This is because with a wider area, a wider range of views would have
           to be taken into account and a member would find it difficult to equally
           represent the pros and cons of an argument.

                                         that this Council had no comment
                                         regarding the review, other than that it would
                                         wish to ensure that if there were changes that its
                                         current representation was not compromised.

2010/241   Council Noticeboards
           Council noted that the noticeboard outside the former butchers shop in
           Bradstocks Way had been removed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and
           put into safe storage. This was owing to redevelopment works at the shop.
           Council also noted that the lock on the noticeboard outside Burgrey stores in the
           High Street was sticking, although this had been temporarily resolved. Council
           discussed the future of the noticeboards

                               (i)  that Cllr. Warwick, as Council’s representative on
                                    the village hall committee, put to that committee
                                    the suggestion that the noticeboard from butcher’s
                                    shop be relocated at the village hall site.
                               (ii) that a quotation be obtained for the making of a
                                    new noticeboard the same as existing at Burgrey

2010/242   Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal
           Council considered a donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal to
           cover the costs of the wreath supplied to the Council for Remembrance Sunday.

                                          that the sum of £50 be awarded by way of
                                          donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy

2010/243   BT Race to infinity – High Speed Internet
           Council noted that the District Council was encouraging local people to vote to
           get their area high speed broadband in BT’s race to infinity. The five areas with
           the highest number of votes by 31st December 2010 would get BT infinity fibre
           optic cables installed in their area.

           Council discussed how best to encourage residents to vote.

                                          that the editor of Sutton Courtenay News be asked
                                          to include an article highlighted in a box in the
                                          next issue.

2010/244   Parish Council Meeting 7th December - Presentation by Damascus
           In line with the agreement earlier in the meeting, Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson spoke
           about why she felt Council should permit Damascus to give a presentation to
           Council. She then left the room.
           Council discussed the request to allow youngsters from the Damascus Youth
           Project to give a presentation at the next Council meeting.

                               (i)  that permission be given to the Damascus Youth
                                    Project to give a presentation at the December
                               (ii) that the meeting start at 7.15 p.m. to allow
                                    additional time.

           Cllr. Mrs. Atkinson rejoined the meeting

2010/245   Risk Assessment
           Council carried out a risk assessment as outlined in the National
           Association of Local Councils Guide on Governance and Accountability.
           Council considered risks to its assets and liabilities on an individual basis.
           Council noted that additions had been made in regards to the Cemetery. Cllr.
           Warwick referred to the fact that allotment holders at the village hall site did not
           have insurance cover for their individual allotments, and should there be a
           problem, then the Parish Council as Custodian Trustees of the village hall site
           could become involved. He suggested that this should be considered as a risk.
           Questions were asked to the definitions of risk. It was thought that if the level
           of risk was high then some action should be taken. As the duration of the
           meeting was nearly 3 hours, it was suggested that discussion of the Risk
           Assessment, and defining the different levels of risk be postponed until the
           next meeting

                           (i)  that completion of the risk assessment be
                                deferred to the next meeting.
                           (ii) that the clerk paper a report clarifying the definitions of
                                risk used in the current assessment.

2010/246   Correspondence
           a) Oxfordshire County Council – Sutton Bridge, Abingdon Road
           Temporary Road Traffic Order – Closure for the bridges between 10.00 a.m. -
           15.30 p.m. between 15th November and 19th November. Subsequent
           notification that this closure had been postponed until February 2011.
           b) Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association – Annual General Meeting
           This meeting would take place on Tuesday 30th November in Steeple Aston
           village hall at 7.30 p.m., and would include the retirement even for Roger
           c) RAF Benson – Meeting with Parishes
           Council noted that a new station commander was being appointed (Group
           Captain R. Mason). It was his intention to host a meeting in January 2011 for
           Parish Councils to encourage positive communications between RAF Benson
           and local councils.
           d) OALC Update – November
           e) Vale of White Horse District Council – Review of Polling Places. Council
           had no comment to make on the existing arrangements.
           f) Letter from Mr. Davies regarding Old Wallingford Way
           Mr. Davies had received correspondence from Oxfordshire County Council, and
           copied this to the Parish Council, following his request to them to upgrade the
           status of Old Wallingford Way which was a Byway Open to All Traffic.
           Changing the status was legally complicated and would not necessarily improve
           the standard of maintenance which was the point he was seeking. The Clerk
           would acknowledge his letter and ask that Council be kept informed.

2010/247   Accounts
           Council noted the list of cheques to be signed and authorised payments
           totalling £1478.05 respect of administration costs.

2010/248   Date of Next Meeting
           Council agreed that the next meeting of the Council would take place on
           Tuesday 7th December, 2010 at 7.15 p.m. in the village hall. Council agreed
           that the budget meeting would take place on Monday 29th November, 2010 at
           7.30 p.m. in the village hall.

           The meeting closed at 10.25 p.m.

           Signed ....................................................   Date .........................................


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