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									Global Economic Trends

  The global North includes many
wealthy industrial nations. The global
  south includes many developing
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               Developed nations
• The world is made up of rich
  nations and poorer ones. A
  land with strong industries and
  trade is known as a developed
• Most of its people can read
  and write, birthrate is low.
  Health services are good.
• A developed nation has a high
  standard of living.
• Most developed nations lie in a
  zone known as the global
• It includes all of Western
  Europe and North America, as
  well as Japan and Australia.
             Developing nations
•   In developing nations, most people are poor.
•   They do not have good schools or roads.
•   Farming is the most common type of work
•   Since most poorer nations lie south of the Equator, the.
    developing world is called the global South.
•   Much of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are in this zone.
•   Certain problems are common to global South.
•   Many developing nations are held back by unfavorable
    climate, civil war, and dense population.
•   They depend on the help from other countries.
•   All these problems block progress.
           Global Concerns
• Both rich and poor nations , economic
  growth can harm the environment.
• Industries use up natural resources.
• Factories pollute water, air, and soil.
• Accidents and errors threaten crops,
  animals, and people.
• These are global concerns
Geography           Population        Economic           Economic          Political
                    & Poverty         Dependence         Politics          Unrest
•Difficult climate •High Birthrate.   •Dependence on     •Unsuccessful     • Quarrels
(dry spells,                          nations for        attempts follow   among
floods,                               manufactured       socialism.
                   •Traditions        goods &                              religious
windstorms.        encourage          technology.                          groups.
                   large families.                       •Inability of
•Few natural                          •Dependence on     government to
resources.                            one crop.          pay for big       • Civil Wars.
                   •Not enough
                    food, housing,                       projects.
•Poor soil for      jobs, medical     •Heavy borrowing                     •Conflict
farming.            care.             from foreign       •Spending on      between
                                      banks, high
                                                         weapons           Soviet efforts
                                      interest rates.
•Hard to reach                                           instead of        to encourage
for trade (no                                            health care,      communism
ports, circled by                                        education,
                                                                           and U.S.
mountains).                                              housing.
                                                                           efforts to
What is the difference between a developed
 nation and a developing nation?


What is one way geography can get in the
 way of economic development?


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