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									   Key Words                             Unit 1 ● Week 3

Dedicated means to show
or open something to the

For example: The library
was dedicated on President
Lincoln’s birthday.

What buildings have been
dedicated in your area?

Key Words                                                Unit 1 ● Week 3

  Equality is the condition of having the same rights as everyone
  else. It is one of the most important ideas in our country.

  For example: The idea of equality was at the center of the Civil
  Rights Movement .

  What is an antonym of equality?

  Key Words                              Unit 1 ● Week 3

Artifacts are tools,
weapons, or other things
made by people in the

For example: Museums
contain many artifacts
from people who lived
long ago.

What are some types of
artifacts you might see in
a museum?
  Key Words                           Unit 1 ● Week 3

Exhibits are displays or
things that are shown
to the public.

For example: The
city’s museum of
natural history has
several dinosaur

Tell about exhibits you
have seen or might see
in a museum?
   Key Words                      Unit 1 ● Week 3

A site is a place or

For example: The site of
the new shopping mall
used to be a horse

What is a synonym for

   Function Words & Phrases                Unit 1 ● Week 3

Driven to describes a
feeling that people get
sometimes when they really
want to do something.

For example: He is driven to
win in spite of his physical

What are you driven to

                               driven to
   Function Words & Phrases        Unit 1 ● Week 3

Process of healing means
“ a series of actions that
make an injured person get

For example: The injured
man is in the process of

Describe what the process
of healing would be if you
had a cold?

                  process of healing
   Function Words & Phrases           Unit 1 ● Week 3

To come together means to
all meet in one place for a
specific reason.

For example: The classes at
the school have come
together to watch a play in
the cafeteria.

Tell someone what your
family members do when
they come together.

                   to come together
   Function Words & Phrases     Unit 1 ● Week 3

We use present (someone)
with something to describe
giving something to a person.

For example: My brother was
presented with a diploma.

When might you be presented
with something?

     present (someone) with something
Basic Words                              Unit 1 ● Week 3

  An architect is a building designer.

  For example: The architect
  designed the mall so that it had
  places to sit and be comfortable.

  What are some synonyms for the
  word architect?

  Basic Words                           Unit 1 ● Week 3

Granite is an igneous rock.

For example: The granite was
formed of intense heat below the
Earth’s surface.

What other types of rock do you
know besides granite?

  Basic Words                        Unit 1 ● Week 3

A monument is a large
stone statue or carving
built as a tribute.

For example: Mount
Rushmore is a monument
located in South Dakota.

What other types of
monuments are there?

Basic Words                           Unit 1 ● Week 3

Concrete is a construction material
that is a mixture of cement, sand
and water.

For example: The sidewalk is made
of concrete.

Where else have you seen

Basic Words                             Unit 1 ● Week 3

A landmark is an important
structure or geographic feature that
identifies a location and serves as a
guide to finding it.

For example: The Gateway Arch
landmark, in St. Louis, Missouri,
was built as a monument to the
westward expansion of the United

What is a landmark in Santa Maria?

  Basic Words                          Unit 1 ● Week 3

A memorial is a statue,
speech or ceremony
designed to remind people
of those who have died.

For example: There is a
memorial dedicated to
soldiers at the cemetery.

Why do you think it is
important to have


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