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					Bryant & Stratton College
COMM 150: Introduction to Information Literacy
and Research
Spring 2011
Mr. Rossman

                              COMM 150 Portfolio Assignment (No. 1 of 3)
                                           Reflective Assignment
                         (For distribution and completion during first five weeks)

COMM 150 Course Outcomes Assessed
   Effectively use public access catalogs, bibliographies, and full-text and bibliographic databases.
   Demonstrate an awareness of political, social, legal, economic, and intellectual property issues
    relevant to print and electronic resources and successfully avoid plagiarism and copyright
   Investigate personal and professional interests, strengths, and skills.
   Perform research on career development and lifelong learning opportunities.
   Employ information literacy skills through the effective use of technology and information
    resources to accomplish a goal.

Assignment 1: Reflective Assignment is worth 5% of your total grade for the course.

Purpose of Assessment
Bryant & Stratton College is committed to your personal, academic and career success. Introduction to
Information Literacy and Research (COMM 150) is a liberal arts course in the College Core for the
Careers. These courses are specifically designed to support personal and professional development to
achieve your career and lifelong learning goals upon graduation from the College. COMM 150 is the
study of the evolution of information and the impact of technology on research and how to access,
evaluate, and synthesize acquired research. Information literacy skills are essential skills for the
workplace and personal and professional growth.

In selected courses you will build or revise a portfolio. The portfolio is intended to be a place where you
collect your work and achievement, and to showcase your intellectual growth while in college. By the
time you complete your program of study, included in your portfolio will be a narrative, a professional
marketing plan, a career map, job-seeking documents (resume, cover letter, references), evidence of
program specific knowledge and learning, and life-long learning competence. Once completed and graded
a clean copy of these documents will be uploaded to Optimal Resume for future use. Building the
portfolio throughout your academic career will allow you to set goals, establish a plan for growth, and
stay on course for graduation and lifelong learning achievements. The portfolio you begin to create in the
COMM 150 course will be revised throughout the educational experience.

There are three portfolio assignments in COMM 150: Reflective Assignment, Professional Plan, and
Process Analysis Assignment. After successful completion of these assignments you will have initial
evidence for your portfolio of your information literacy skills. As you progress through your program of

study you will produce more advanced evidence of your information literacy skills. During job interviews
you will want to highlight how you used research throughout your program of study to support your ideas
and thoughts.

The first COMM 150 portfolio assignment is the Reflective Assignment described below. After reviewing
the requirements for this assignment, think about the question or questions you will have to answer to
complete the assignment successfully. As you approach working through the assignment, formulating
questions will allow you to clarify the assignment and move forward with greater confidence.

Assignment Requirements
       1. When completing this assignment you need to go to the Virtual Library, find and read the
           article listed below. The article can be found in EBSCO host databases, specifically the
           Literary Reference Center

        Macpherson, R. (2006). The Top 5 Qualities you need to advance your career. Quill, 94(2),
        26-27. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

        2. Use the learnings from the article above, class discussions, and life experiences to help
           support your answers to the questions below.
        3. Compose a reflective narrative that answers these essential questions:
           a. What are the competencies, skills, and habits of mind necessary for success in college, a
              career, and in life?
           b. Of the competencies, skills, and habits of mind, which skills do you feel are your
              strengths and which ones are challenges that need to be further developed?
           c. What do you think are the competencies, skills, and habits of mind that are necessary for
              success in your future career choice?
           d. Taking into consideration your competencies, skills, and habits of mind, and those
              required for your future career choice, how well-prepared are you at this moment to enter
              your chosen profession?
           e. As a final note following your reflective narrative think about and address these
                     a) Did you find your approach to the assignment effective?
                     b) Is there anything that you might do differently if you were to be assigned a
                         similar assignment later in the semester?

Note: Your assignment should be typed and double-spaced, with a cover page.

                                Due: 2nd class week 4

                                                                Bryant & Stratton College
                                                                                 Liberal Arts
                                                         Rubric for COMM 150 Portfolio Assignment 1
                                                                 Reflective Assignment Paper
                                     Level 4                                  Level 3                              Level 2                           Level 1
                           20          18               16        15            13             11         10          8            6          5        3            0
                      The narrative provides thorough            The narrative provides a              The narrative provides a basic      The narrative lists and
                      details of interests, strengths and        somewhat thorough description of      description of skills related to    describes personal interests,
                      skills related to personal, academic       interests, strengths and skills       personal, academic and career       strengths and skills yet does
                      and career development; it thoroughly      related to personal, academic and     development; it basically           not extend those interest
                      explains how existing knowledge of         career development; it somewhat       explains how existing               descriptions to the pursuit of
                      strengths and skills will be developed     explains how existing knowledge       knowledge of strengths and          academic and career goals.
                      to ensure personal, academic and           of strengths and skills will be       skills will be developed to         There is little or no evidence
                      career success; and consistently and       developed to ensure personal,         ensure personal, academic and       of supporting details from

                      appropriately uses supporting details      academic and career success; and      career success; and                 the article. The paper uses
                      from the article. The paper uses the       appropriately uses supporting         sporadically uses                   the article in a way that
                      article in a way that evidences            details from the article. The paper   supporting details from the         evidences little or no
                      thorough understanding of legal and        uses the article in a way that        article. The paper uses the         understanding of legal and
                      ethical implications                       evidences understanding of legal      article in a way that partially     ethical implications.
                                                                 and ethical implications              evidences understanding of
                                                                                                       legal and ethical implications
                      Points Given                               Comments:
                      Final Score__________

                                     Level 4                                  Level 3                              Level 2                            Level 1
                      20             18            16            15            13            11            10         8             6          5        3            0
                      The paper is fluent and                    The paper has a clearly               The paper, though it has an          The paper would be
                      understandable. The pattern of             recognizable introduction, body,      introduction, body, and              improved by a combination
                      organization is appropriate to the         and conclusion and uses a pattern     conclusion and so is basically       of the following: a clear
                      assignment. The introduction               of organization appropriate to the    “correct” in its structure, is in    pattern of organization, an
Paragraph Structure

                      effectively establishes the thesis; the    assignment. The reader is aided       need of a clear organizational       introduction and
                      paragraphs that follow are controlled      in understanding by the logical       pattern. The reader’s clear          conclusion, appropriate
                      by topic sentences and contain well-       placement of the thesis, the          understanding would be aided by      paragraph divisions, topic
                      integrated supporting details with         presence of a clear topic sentence    more logically developed             sentences, supporting
                      effective transitions to enhance the       in all/most paragraphs, effective     paragraphs: topic sentences          details arranged for a
                      complete and logical development of        paragraph divisions, transitions      and/or transitions need to be        logical sequence of ideas,
                      the thesis; and the conclusion, rather     between supporting details, and       improved and/or added. Both          and transitions to draw
                      than simply restating the introduction,    the final “wrap up” in the            the introduction and the             connections between ideas.
                      addresses the significance of the          conclusion (though this may be        conclusion should be more
                      topic.                                     no more than a restatement of the     effectively structured.
                      Points Given:                              Comments:

                      Final score:

                                         Level 4                               Level 3                               Level 2                            Level 1
                             10              8.8           7.6    7.5           6.3            5.1        5           3.8           2.6       2.5         1.75           0
                             The assignment is well written       The assignment is generally well      The assignment generally              The assignment barely meets
                             according to the rules of            written according to the rules of     conforms to the assignment            the minimum acceptable
                             Standard English and effectively     Standard English and                  requirements and the writer’s         standards according to the
                             communicates the writer’s            communicates the writer’s             purpose is evident, although more     rules of Standard English in
                             purpose. Is error free in terms of   purpose. There are a few errors (1    development according to the          order to effectively
                             spelling and punctuation?            per page) but the errors do not       rules of Standard English is          communicate the writer’s
                             Grammar as expressed through         significantly detract from the        required in order to effectively      purpose. Frequent errors
                             subject/pronoun/verb agreement       reader’s understanding of the         communicate the writer’s purpose.     more than (>3 per page) in
                                                                  writer’s intention. There are a few

                             is error free. Excellence is                                               There are many errors (> 2 per        spelling and punctuation,
                             demonstrated in sentence             errors (1 per page) in spelling and   page) in spelling and punctuation.    frequent errors more than
                             construction and use of              punctuation. There are a few          There are many (>2 per page)          (> 3 per page) in grammar as
                             transitional sentences to connect    errors (1 per page) in grammar as     errors in grammar as expressed        expressed through
                             paragraphs and create meaning.       expressed through                     through subject/pronoun/verb          subject/pronoun/verb
                                                                  subject/pronoun/verb agreement.       agreement. There are many             agreement are evident.
                                                                  There is evidence of appropriate      errors (> 2 per page) in sentence     Sentence construction is
                                                                  sentence construction and             construction. Transitional            minimally acceptable due
                                                                  transitional sentences to connect     sentences to connect paragraphs       to frequent appearance
                                                                  paragraphs and create meaning.        and create meaning are generally      greater than (> 3 per page) of
                                                                                                        absent. Overall, many errors (>2      sentence fragments.
                                                                                                        per page) in the writings interfere   Transitional sentences to
                                                                                                        with the reader’s understanding.      connect paragraphs and
                                                                                                                                              create meaning are absent.
                                                                                                                                              Frequent errors greater
                                                                                                                                              than (> 3 per page) interfere
                                                                                                                                              with the reader’s
                             Points Given:                        Comments:

                             Final score:


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