Phenomenon of marketing myopia by samuelishak


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									                                                                                Phenomenon of marketing myopia

                    Contrary to what may seem simplistic view of things, there is no what we can call it industry
                   continued growth and it can be said that there are companies that take advantage of growth
                opportunities available to them It is also possible to note also at this time companies but entire
               industries are under threat growth to stop or slow down at best are not due the reasons for this
              threat to the saturation of the market, but can summarize these reasons in the content of one is
               the rigidity-based management it if the administration in those companies able to adapt itself to
             suit the needs of the market, even if it is satisfied that its goal is to create a customer and not just
              the production of goods and services has been able to surpass all that threatens to stop or slow
                                                                                                   .down their growth

                It is noticeable that there are many companies failed to adapt itself to the needs of the market
               position its just the production of goods and services, imagined it moving towards growth while
               uniforms deteriorate, in which about extinction and to stop so that some of them have stopped
               actually grow and many of them threatened to stop and that we might characterize condition of
                             .these companies as being infected to some degree or another failure of marketing

                      Due to the seriousness of this phenomenon, we Sntnolha analysis in the following points
                                                                     Diagnosis phenomenon marketing myopia
                                                          Examples of some cases of short-sighted marketing
                                               the causes of short-sighted marketing and how to prevent them
                                                              :First diagnosed phenomenon marketing myopia
               Did not stop the growth of industry such as industry rail transport due to the deterioration of the
               need for this industry That the need for a growing, but is due first and foremost that the railway
                    companies has failed to satisfy this need is here allowed the others to invade in their own
                 backyard, keeping its customers, including any it misunderstood the nature of their work and
                                                                             determine what caused her problem

                                                   :Second, examples of some cases of short-sighted marketing
                                                                                        dry-cleaning industry
                                                                                       the electricity industry
                                                                                the traditional grocery stores

                                                                     :Third, the causes of short-sighted marketing
              The belief that the content of growth as long as there is significant growth in population and the
                                                                                   apparent rise in living standards
               believing sinner that there is no alternative to the main competitor of the product to the industry
               belief in the benefits of the excess mass production and Yudi Potter of decreasing unit cost of
                  to focus on specific products are subject to continuous development or improvement of the
                                                                              purpose of reducing production costs

                                                                                     :Salvation and all of the above
                It is due to consider any industry to itself as the process of satisfying the needs and desires of
             consumers and not the process of production of certain goods, and here it has to start consumer
                 and desires, not inventing stuff or skill Sales and After identifying those needs For industry to
             Export back Vchgl same plug Ashbaat any needs then the production of things that satisfy these
                                    Alhajt then get the necessary materials for the production of these products

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