Geocaching_ by fjzhangxiaoquan


									A Global Positioning
System (GPS) unit is an
electronic receiver that
can determine your
approximate location on
Earth (within 6 – 20 feet)
by triangulating the
signals of satellites that
continuously broadcast.
Register at a geocaching site

Search for a location

Choose your geocache and get the

Enter the coordinates in your GPS device,
and use it to locate the geocache

Sign the logbook, return the geocache to its
original position, and share your story online
• Bring your GPS and extra
• Bring a pen to sign log
• Carry supplies with you
   – Water and food
   – Proper clothing/hat
   – Map
   – Compass
   – Mosquito repellent
• Make sure someone knows
  where you are heading
• Geocaching - The Official Global
  GPS Cache Hunt Site
• Geocaching with Garmin
• Geocachers’ Creed
• Newbies-Guide-to-Geocaching
• What-is-Geocaching?

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