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					          ONLINE PAYMENT
    How To LEGALLY Get Any Expensive eBook,
Software, Video, or Script You Want From Clickbank,
PayDotCom, Warrior Forum, Digital Point, e-Junkie
  Or Anywhere Online Absolutely Free Of Charge

         Ronald I. Nzimora
         Nigeria’s No. 1 Wealth Creation blog.
                                      LEGAL DISCLAIMER

This document is absolutely legal and contain only links to other sites on the Internet:
(, mediafire and others) We do not host or upload any files. The author is not
responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the
content it shows you how to access.

None of the methods described in the manual will ask you to do anything illegal. But this holds
true only if you stick to the methods described and do not try anything which is not mentioned

Ebooks and software that you will access using the methods here may or may not have copyright
laws protecting them You agree to use these methods at your own risk and the author assumes no

If you have any legal issues please contact appropriate file owners.

You by reason of purchasing this manual bear full and sole responsibility for any legal issues
emanating from the legal use or otherwise of any content you gain access to using the
information contained in this manual.


After you learn how to use the technique revealed inside this document, please don’t infringe on
the rights of the product owners. While it is legal to get them for free, it’s illegal to sell them. If
you infringe on people’s rights, you’ll go to jail.
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


CHAPTER # 1: Search Engine Magic

CHAPTER # 2: Access By Invitation

CHAPTER # 3: Friend In Need, Friend Indeed

CHAPTER # 4: Leaching The Torrents

CHAPTER # 5: Trial & Error

CHAPTER # 6: Pdf Banks

CHAPTER # 7: Mirror Sites Unlocker

CHAPTER # 8: Searching For Product Dumping Sites


Four Sneaky Ways For Making Insane Amounts Of Money With The Products You

Final Information

Welcome Aboard! Congrats on your purchase of the manual “Online Payment Destroyer: How
To LEGALLY Get Any Internet Marketing eBook, Software, Video, or Script You Want From
Clickbank, PayDotCom, Warrior Forum, Digital Point And Even e-Junkie Absolutely Free Of
Charge”. In a short time from now, you will discover how to get any Internet Marketing ebook or
software, plus videos, scripts and courses for FREE.

This ebook will teach you various tricks and techniques to get your hands on these IM books &
software for Free. We will refer to these as the “Target Product”. What you need to understand
before you start off is that the methods described in this ebook are mutually exclusive.

Not all methods work all the time – you have to pick the best method for each product. It will
become clearer once you start reading the methods.

Another thing I want to touch upon before you start reading is the legality of the methods. You
can rest assured that all the tricks are legal. The download pages of the “target products” can be
accessed by normal, intelligent surfing of the web – which makes the methods
100% legal.

Whether the methods are ethical is an individual point of view. Although some of the techniques
easily qualify as ethical in anyone’s mind, there are others which can be debated on the ethical
stand point. Finally, it boils down to the Guru & the third party services they employ which
makes it easier for you & me to access their download pages for free.

The structure of the Ebook may appear scattered to you in the beginning. But by the time you
reach the end, you will see a trend emerging. In the end, I’ll put everything in perspective and
show you the step by step process you need to follow to get to the download
page of any “target product”.

Also, keep in mind that their will always be some target products which are inaccessible for Free.
Their authors have employed all means possible to hide their products from prying eyes. But like
I said in the sales letter, using these methods you can get to 8 out of every
10 target products that you lay your eyes on.

With that thought, let’s proceed to the killer methods.
                                          CHAPTER 1

                                  SEARCH ENGINE MAGIC

Here, I will show you how to get to the download page of the target product or to the product
itself using the wonders of search engines. Search engines may have changed your life for the
better in many ways – but this method will show you how to use them to save tons of money.

Before I get into the actual method, let me go into the background of this method. Like most of
you know, Search Engines (SEs) crawl various web pages and index them in their own database.
And when a user does a search relevant to that page, they show those pages in their search

But how does an SE know that a web page exists. This is done by following http links on pages
already included in their database. So let’s say, some Guru comes up with a new website – where he is selling one of his ebooks. How do Google and other SEs
know that there is a new website called What happens is that one of the old websites
(already in the SE database) mention the new site (through an affiliate link or whatever) in their
existing web page/s. So the next time an SE robot comes across this old
website, they follow the link and land at and index it in their updated database.

So what does this have to do with us? Our intention is to get to the download page itself. The
download page of the target product will exist at some extension of – for example, And the ebook in itself will also exist (in most cases) in
some other extension – like

This means that if any of these pages in question, if ever mentioned in any SE indexed page will
get updated in the SE database. And the page will come up in search results if we do some
intelligent searching.

So the question is – do these download links get mentioned in other indexed web pages. The
answer is yes. Some people put up these links in various forums across the web. Yet others email
it to their friends and the email somehow finds its way to the web. In some other cases, the author
of the ebook himself goofs up and leaves a trail behind for SEs to follow. Also, sometimes these
target products get into a free promotion with a fellow Marketer, who in turn
mentions the download link in one of his websites.

Bottom line is that there are a number of ways by which a download page or the ebook itself can
get indexed by the SEs. And we, as intelligent surfers, need to search the web in the right manner
to reach that download page. Ideally, if we search a SE to list all the web pages of a particular
website that is indexed in it’s database, then we can see if the download page is one of them. I
will elaborate this by taking some examples and using the top 3 SEs –Yahoo, Google & MSN.
1) Using Yahoo to find download page

Yahoo has a tool which allows its users to search all links within a given website. You can access
the tool at this link:

Now, let’s take an example of a target product and use this tool to see if we can get to the
download link. The target product I have in mind is “AdSense Big” which at the time of writing
this report, is a best-selling ebook, video and master resale rights package in the Money &
Employment category of Clickbank. This package retails for $97 at All
you need to do is visit the link mentioned above and you’ll see the search box on top. Don’t
delete the http:// you see there already. Just type in the name of the website – in this case, in the search box. This is how it looks like:

When you finish typing the website, click on the ‘Explore URL’ button beside the search box.
And look what I found in the results – the URL of the private members area with access to his
ebook and all the bonuses.
If you cant find the download page in the first set of results scroll down. For example in this case
the download link is still farther down at # 67!
Clicking on this link takes you right into the download page of the target product & other
bonuses. Also, found in the results are some other ebooks which sell for around $50 or $100
themselves. Cool little tool, eh?

2) Using Google to find download pages

Google does not provide a tool similar to Yahoo but the same function is in built into Google
search. Although Google is not one of my favorite SEs when it comes to finding download pages
simply because it’s tough to find the new target products with them.

Google is known to take a longer time in indexing new web pages and that’s the reason it
underperforms while searching for download links.

Having said that, there are times (especially with old ebooks) when the download URLs or
ebooks are visible only through Google and none of its competitors. So we won’t rule out Google
altogether and I’ll show you how to use the inbuilt function to find all links within a
given website.

This time we look for another product called “The Ultimate Wealth Package”, this is what you
need to type into the Google search box to get all links of the website:

and you get a listing of all the indexed urls of the website. Here’s an
image of the search.
Google throws up around 20 results for this search but the download link, member’s area or the
ebook URL is not one of them.

So mighty Google has failed the test here but there is no reason to worry – our motive is to access
the target product from any one of the methods mentioned in this ebook – not through all of

Also, the reason I mentioned Google with this example is to show you that each target product is
not accessible using each of the methods. However, I will stress again that you should use
Google if you cannot find the results using the other methods.

DO NOT FORGET: make sure you add site: and then the website of the product you want to
search for without the ‘www.’

3) Using MSN to find download pages
MSN uses the same function as Google to show links within a given website. The search term
remains the same:

And we got a strike, right at the bottom of the second page of results. Again the URL to the VIP
Member’s area – for FREE
So there you’ve it. This is how you can use intelligent search techniques to dig through a website
and get to the download page for free. If the top 3 don’t work, there are a lot of others to try –
Lycos, Ask, Altavista, Dogpile, etc. However, like with every technique there are a few


1) As mentioned before, the download page should have been crawled and indexed by one of the
search engines. If the page has not been mentioned anywhere on the web, this technique will not
work. I have no percentages here – but out of every 10 target products, I have managed to find
download pages for 6 using the methods described above.

2) If any webmaster includes a robots.txt file prohibiting the download pages to be crawled by
SEs, then this method will not work. A robots.txt file gives specific instructions to SE robots
about which pages should be crawled and which ones left alone. Very few webmasters are aware
of this and I haven’t seen this being used by many websites. But again, there are some SE robots
which ignore the robots.txt file and crawl all pages anyways.
                                           CHAPTER 2

                                  ACCESS BY INVITATION

If the title of this method has you wondering, let me tell you this is no gimmick. You can get
invited by the owners of the “target products” to access their products for free. And the best part
is – this method works even for some of the high ticket items, those Guru products you
must have seen floating around for $1500 and above. I’ll show you how.

But before that, a bit of background information. A lot of Internet Marketers these days do Joint
Venture (JV) marketing in the initial phase of their launch. In JVs, the owner of the product
offers special incentives and contests to fellow Internet Marketers to market his
product. This is done to create the initial buzz and make the product popular. Incentives mostly
include a higher affiliate commission, extra cash to the top 5 performers and FREE access to the
product – something that highly interests us. ?

The JV is mostly offered via JV brokering sites (more on that in a bit) and the invitation email is
sent to very few people – mostly the existing and upcoming IM Gurus. Although you and I will
not get an invitation to the JV, I’ll show you how to become a JV partner and get
access to the product for Free. The owner of the product does not want every one to know about
these JV offers and hence it is a very hush hush affair.

Back to JV brokering sites. Most JVs are launched through these sites which bring together all
the Gurus to one place, so they can make money off each other. So the owner of the product
announces his JV offer in these sites and whoever is interested sign up for the launch
promo of the new product. The owner returns the favor by giving them free access to his product
(in most cases) amongst other benefits and contests.

Two of the most popular JV sites are Mike Merz’s and Mike Filsaime’s I’ll show you how to browse through these sites and access download pages of
the target products.

The forum you must join is

Mike Merz is one of the first internet marketers and the best in the field of JV Brokering. He has
contacts at high places in the Internet Marketing domain and hence most Gurus like to do their
JV launches through him. This means that if your “target product” is authored by any one of the
big IM Gurus, then we should find his JV offer at This site is created like a
forum where members make their JV Announcements with special links designed only for their
JV partners. Mike also informs members of the forum via email whenever there is a big launch.
So the first thing to do is register yourself at this site – it’s Free of course.
Once you have registered, follow the instructions in the email you will receive instantly to log on
to the website. There are two sections within the website that interests us – the “JV Notify Pro
Update Announcements & Archives” and “JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers &
Profiles”. You will be able to access these sections soon after you log in.

After signing in, you are taken to the forum – just scroll down to the bottom to access these sub
topics. All JV Announcements are posted here and you can see whether the target product is
listed amongst them. You can also use the Search feature within the forum to find the
product you are looking for. Also, browsing through these sections will come us as a shocker to
you in the beginning. That’s because, right in front you, there will be free access to some
amazing products which sell at $1500 or even higher.

 So, once you sign up and log in, look for the sections mentioned above and start browsing for
the target product.

For new products (which I recommend) you’ll see “JV Notify PRO Partner Joint Venture
Offers” Under it it says: “Active JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profile
Announcements. Post Up-To-Date Joint Ventures And Profiles Here”. Click on this.
While viewing a JV Announcement, in most cases, you will find a page dedicated to JV Partners.
You will be asked to sign up with the merchant and the directions will follow. In cases where the
target product owner is giving away his ebook/software for free, you will be
given the link to the access page. Here’s how a standard JV Announcement looks like:

Check out the different JV offers and download to your heart’s satisfaction.

Other JV Resources

Besides the two websites mentioned above, there are a lot of other JV sites with updated JV
offerings and information. A product owner normally announces his JV offer to more than one
site and the two mentioned above should serve our purpose.

However, I will list a few other resources for JV material: (owned by Mike Filsaime) (Sub Topic – Product Launches)

These should get you going and remember – if it’s a very expensive product, it will have a JV –
time to go hunting!
NOTE: For older products, click on “JV Notify Pro Update Announcements & Archives”.


This method has only one limitation and it is pretty obvious. If the target product owner offers no
JV, you cannot use this method. And if he does offer a JV, but does not provide free access to his
product to the JV Partners, then this method won’t work either.
                                        CHAPTER 3

                           FRIEND IN NEED, FRIEND INDEED

You must have heard of P2P file sharing programs like Warez, Kazaa, etc. A quick background
for those not aware of these. P2P (Peer to Peer) programs are softwares which allow users to
share designated files with other users on the same P2P network. These programs are highly used
by music and movie lovers who download these media files
from other users on the P2P network of their choice.

What does this have to do with you? Well, there are lot of users on Warez, Kazaa and other P2P
programs who have bought the “target products” and are sharing them on the network. Which
means that you can simply download the product for free from that network.

Most of the times, the user sharing the product does not even do it intentionally. These P2P
programs, by default, make all files and folders within “My Documents” shareable. This remains
the default setting until the user manually designates the shared folder. So any user who has
bought the target product and has not changed the default setting has put that product on the
network for free download.This method should be used if none of the above mentioned ones
have given any results.

Ideally, you should check 2-3 of the most popular P2P programs because you never know where
you can find the target product. My favorite is Warez simply because it does not install any
adware on the computer. You can download it for free from This is a
screenshot of the software:
You should enter the name of the ebook/software in the search box and look through the results.
Searching in these softwares takes time, so be patient. Once you find what you are looking for,
select it and choose the download option. The number of stars next to a file
indicates the number of users who own that file. More stars mean a lot of people have it and the
download will be faster.

If your search yields no results, try again after some time. Warez does not keep a database of the
files of its users. Rather the search results show list files of only those users who are online at the
time of searching. So every search may yield different results.

Also, it might happen that the download stops in between because the owner of the file has gone
offline. But the download resumes automatically when he comes back online. So you may want
to keep your Warez running till the download is complete.

There is nothing more to this technique. If someone has it, you’ll get it. And the method is only
to be used if the others haven’t worked.

Other file-sharing software you can download and use include LimeWire (the PRO version) and

The only limitation is the availability of the target product in the P2P network. If no one in the
network owns it, or have chosen not to share it, the method will not work.

                                           CHAPTER 4

                                 LEACHING THE TORRENTS

What Are Torrent Sites?

Torrent sites are known as ‘cloaking’ sites where people who download books wrap them around
some sort of software to prevent them from getting damaged or lost.

Why Torrent sites?

You will most likely find what you’re looking for when everything else fails, using torrents

How To Download Products You Want Using Torrent Sites

Simply go to and type in the name of the product you want in the search box
and add the words ‘torrent’ at the end.

you can also use the name of the author of the work if you know it like i used in the illustration
below. I used the name of the author 'Alex Edevane' the creator of 'MOLB Wealth Formular'
internet marketing course/ and i founs lots of it below. Infact it was in the first four results
shown. See screenshot below:
99% of the time if the product is available, you’ll see the product in at least the first 10 results
supplied by the search engine, as you scroll down.

Leaching Your Torrents

When you find products with torrents sites, you need to do what is called ‘leaching’. Leaching is
the process of unwrapping the encased product from the software that is used to wrap it. It is
done with another software known as BitTorrent. This software can be gotten by visiting the
website below:
Now I have to warn you. Leaching the product take quite some time, but it's well worth it,
because you are getting the product for free ain't you? :-)

                                  How To Avoid Torrent Virus

Due to the danger that many torrent files contain viruses, I want you to learn how to avoid such

It is a fact that many torrent files contain spy-ware and other terrible stuff. They say even that the
entertainment industry consciously posts ugly and horrible stuff just to destroy the pirates, who,
like law-abiding citizens also use torrents. To avoid this affecting your computer system, here’s
what to do.

Use Vertor.

Vertor is program that separates the wheat from the chaff. Much of these viruses get filtered out
by moderators, who are very active on the big torrent sites such as Pirate Bay and Mini Nova. But
not everything seems to be eliminated.

Therefore, you can now use to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Here’s what Vertor does:

1. Extracts screens

2. The new search engine analyzes all the files to see if there are terrible stuff like spyware there.

3. Vertor is able to distinguish nonsense files and ugly stuff from real issues by pulling out a
screen or a sound-clip from the file before it is made available for search.

4. You are virtually guaranteed to get what you want, without unpleasant infections on your
Here’s the site where you can get it from:

I've just registered and it's free to use.


1) This method will only work when the product is encased in a torrent file. And luckily this is
almost true for many products.

2) The method takes quite some time for the encased product to be leached.
                                            CHAPTER 5

                                         TRIAL & ERROR

If nothing works, you try the “trial and error” method, like in the yesteryears. More likely than
not, you would have found the “target product” using the methods described above. If not, here’s
one last ray of hope. This method used to work like a charm till last year, but
now some Marketers are getting smarter and they manage to avoid prying eyes leaving this
method as a last resort for us.

“Trial and Error” method is a guessing game where you try the standard extensions used for
download pages or for the product itself.

To use an example, if you want the ebook located at, you will try to
guess the html extension where the ebook or download page could be stored. This can be or any other popular extensions used by Internet
Marketers worldwide.

I will list for you the most popular extensions you can try for any target product, but do not put
your hopes up in this method. Lately, this method works in probably 1-2 out of 10 cases and you
should try it only after trying the methods described earlier. Let me warn you
that this can be a boring and frustrating exercise.

On that note, here’s a list of standard extensions to try. All these will follow the slash after the
website name. In the above example, the extensions mentioned below will follow:
priv (no .htm, this will display files under the folder named priv, if any)
nameofebook.pdf (replace nameofebook with actual name)
shortversionofebook.pdf (if there can be an acronym for the ebook)

These are some of the most common download page links that I have seen over the years.

Note 1: Sometimes the file extension is different. Try out .html and .php (if you see that the other
web pages are in php) instead of .htm – you can get a positive hit trying this as well.

Note 2: When you’re downloading any product from the original site, let’s say I want to
download Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliateWeapon2 from the download page which is:, please make sure you don’t copy and
paste the link direct into your web browser. This is because the website owners check the list of
those who download their products and the different IP addresses. If you download direct, they’ll
simply change the download link and you will never be able to access it ever again.

Instead follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Copy and paste the direct download link and paste it into the box you see on the
HideMyAss website. in this case of downloading Ewen Chia’s SuperAffiliateWeapon2, I’ll copy
the download page which is and paste
it into the box below:

Step 3: Then click on ‘Hide My Ass!’

Voila! Your IP address will register as coming in from U.S.A, and no one will be any the wiser.


1) This method is a guessing game. You may or may not find the download page using this –
there is no science behind this.

2) It can get boring and frustrating to use this method.

3) It is very time consuming.

Keep in mind – never start off your search for a target product with this method. Use this only as
the last resort.
                                         CHAPTER 6

                                         PDF BANKS

PDF banks are website databases where ebooks are stored. This is different from free ebook
libraries and is one of the greatest hidden secrets on the internet. This is because PDF banks
contain so many solid info products that you would other wise have to pay for. I have gotten so
many useful products and courses using PDF banks including the ebook ‘How To Make
Maximum Money In Minimum Time’ by Gary Halbert and ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ by
Eugene Schwartz, plus ‘Magic Words That Make You Rich’ by Ted Nicholas. These products
are worth hundreds of dollars.

Here are the two best PDF banks on the internet right now:

Pdf Search Engine

Ebook Search Engine

All you need to get what you want is this:

a. Type in the author’s name and click on ‘search’. Then scroll through the results that come up


b. Type in the product’s (ebook) name and click on ‘search’. Then scroll through the results that
come up.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please try again some other time. Sometimes you just
have to use a PDF bank to search several times before it throws up the ebook you want. To get
Gary Halbert’s ‘How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time’ I had to search about 5 different times.

Sometimes the ebook you want won’t be there, but I assure you what you download will have
you pleasantly surprised.


1. You can only get ebooks using PDF banks. If you want software or videos, or scripts, then this
method won’t work.

2. Sometimes the websites won’t open. It’ll be as if the website doesn’t exist online. It does. Just
be patient and try opening it another time.
                                         CHAPTER 7

                                 MIIROR SITES UNLOCKER

I discovered this by mistake! I noticed one day that many of the products I was finding were
hosted by a particular websites called

Then I noticed that some of them were from websites like, and, so
I decided to investigate a little further and I found out that there were over 20 websites where
people buy products and then upload them there. These websites are called mirror websites.

“Why would someone download a product and upload it somewhere else?” you ask.

1. To safeguard it

Most people wanted to be able to find somewhere to put their files in-case their computers crash
or it gets deleted or it stops working or whatever. They want to be able to get to store it
somewhere else in case they have to need it so that they can go there and get it.

2. To make money

This may surprise you, but it shouldn’t. Many of these websites pay out handsome amount of
money to people who upload files to them for sharing with others. They do it to earn extra
income and indeed how to do this is the topic of a new manual I’m working on.

Here’s a list of the mirror websites:

                                How To Use Mirror Websites

When you want to download a product from a mirror website, type ‘name of the product’+‘name
of the mirror website’. For example, article post

I recommend that you search more using because it hosts more products than the
others. RapidShare is the big bad daddy of them all. It’s got just about anything you want.

                          How To Download From

Step 1: When you get the download link, simply copy and paste it into your browser’s address
bar. Hit ‘Enter’ on your computer keyboard.

Step 2: When the page opens, click on the ‘free user’ link. This is because you don’t have a
premium account. All of the mirror websites have both a free account and a premium account
which you have to pay for.
Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and click on the blue link to begin your download.
                   How To Bypass Limits The Easy Way!

I just discovered a clever service that allows everyone to download unlimited from, even if you don’t have a premium account!

The service is based on a community effort.

Note: This isn’t mean for large downloads!

It is very easy and gives you free downloads without limits.

Here’s an example situation: You surf your favourite forum.

You find a bunch of links you want to download, but you don’t have a premium
account or money for one.

Here is an example Link from

Step 1: Copy the correct rapidshare Links and go to

Step 2: Click Rapid Crack Home:

Step 3: Insert the Links

Step 4: Click there on “Convert Links”

Now copy the new Links from the bottom

Step 5: Click the "Free Mirror" button

Step 6: Click "Request Download Link" at top left of the pop-up page

Step 7: Click "Download File" at top left again.

Download will start!

                            How To Download From is a mirror website that I discovered contains very valuable products. But there’s
a problem with the website:

First, they require you to fill out a survey form that earns the submitter of the product money
BEFORE you download the product. (Of course you don’t want to fill out the form. It’s useless
and time wasting.)

Second, when you want fill out the form, they say you can’t because your IP address is banned as
it comes from Nigeria.owever, I found a way to overcome this problem. Below is a tutorial
allows you to download files from without any single problem

Step 1: You need Mozilla Firefox browser. If you use Firefox, go to step 2; if not, install Firefox
first from here:


Step 2: Now that you have Firefox, you need to install Greasemonkey.
After installation (which requires restarting your browser), you are now ready to install

Step 3: Install Sharecash AutoDownload. The userscripts run via Greasemonkey.

Go to and click Install. Greasemonkey open a
pop up with the script installation panel.

Greasemonkey shows you a list of what sites the script will run on and ask if you want to install
the script.

Step 4: Start downloading! Just click on any sharecash download link (or copy and paste in your


1. Most mirror sites require you to wait for a few seconds lasting from 60 seconds to as many as
300 minutes before you begin to download from them.

2. Most mirror websites limit you to a specified amount of file size you’re allowed to download
everyday as a free user. With a premium account you get unlimited downloads but with a free
user account, you are limited. You can however use an I.P changer software to change your I.P
address when you have reached your daily limit and you want to download more.
                                        CHAPTER 8


One day an idea struck me and I decided that these download links from mirror websites had to
be coming from somewhere. I believed that there could be websites-blogs, forums etc- where
these links were stored, so I began to search. Turns out I was right.

I saw a link to a forum where there were over 50,000 expensive products posted there and anyone
can have them for free!

Below is a list of sites that (Other downloads:/Other-1.html) (eBooks:/eBook-1.html) (Template:/Template-1.html) (Script:Script-1.html) (Other downloads:/Other-1.html) (Applications:/App-1.html) (Other downloads:/Other-1.html) (eBooks:/eBook-1.html)


If the product isn’t on any of the websites, it just isn’t uploaded there yet. Make sure to visit daily
as they get updated every single day.

You have learnt eight different methods to access any Internet Marketing product for Free. Use
them intelligently and you will be able to get 8 out of every 10 products for free.

Keep a few pointers in mind and it will save you a lot of time

• If it is a high value product, try out Method # 2 first.

• Method # 1 is more powerful than you may realize. If you don’t get results from Google, Yahoo
and MSN do not stop there. Try out the other search engines. The less known SE’s may work
wonders for our purpose.

• Use discretion while using Method # 3 and 4. Change settings for your shareable folders to
protect your data.

• Methods 7 and 8 are the most powerful. Master them and you’ll never lack for anything ever

You have just learnt an art – over time you will improve and devise new methods yourself. Keep
your mind open. Otherwise use the same methods several times each and change the method you
use often.

NOTE: Use the target products for self consumption. Getting them for free may be legal, but
giving them out for free or reselling them may put you in trouble.

Now you are fully equipped to unleash yourself on the Gurus. Go get those products you have
always wanted for Free. But a strong word of advice – do not get stuck on simply getting one
product after the other. Use those products and start making money online. Just getting those
ebooks and shelving them will not help your purpose. The idea should be to act on them, as
quickly as possible.

And before I let you go, I’ve one more section for you. Read this seriously because it can make
more money for you than you ever dreamt of. Yes, more money than you can make using the
information you learn from any of the other free ebooks that you may download using these
                             PRODUCTS YOU DOWNLOAD!!!

This section will change your life for the better. I promise you that. I added this section a few
days after launching this ebook. And the reason I did that was that I discovered an amazing way
to make gobs of money into your bank account using the products you have downloaded for free.

No I’m not suggesting you sell products you don’t have the right to. But what I mean is you use
the information at your disposal which you have gotten from the products you downloaded to
make insane cash. I use the four methods I’m about to show you every day and my bank account
has been better off for it.

Without wasting any more time, let me tell you what you can do to make loads of money. And
believe me, you will be earning =N=60,000 - =N=240,000 a month starting right now. But jump
on this fast if you don’t want to lose out.

Here’s the method in a nutshell: Read the ebook, master what’s inside and teach it to others
in Nigeria.

This is what the famous marketers like myself, Akin Alabi, Paul Oghoghorie, Fisayo Akinlolu,
and others do. Simply learn the method and teach it via:

1. Create your own information product:

Simply create your own ebook using the secrets you just learnt and sell it via your own website to
Nigerians. Nigerians are desperate to learn a lot of things. So download the product you want,
learn the information it contains, create your own information product based on it (don’t copy the
guru’s product please. That’s copyright violation), then sell it and put the cash in your pocket or
bank account whichever one you prefer .

2. Teach it via seminars:

Seminars are hot these days. I’ve personally made close to half a million naira with them alone
this year. If you can’t write your own information product, then teach the method via seminars.

3. Use the skills you’ve learnt to get products for others and have them pay you.

This one is a real goldmine. After you’ve mastered the different methods in this ebook, advertise
yourself as someone who can help people get any product they want. You can charge as much as
=N=1,000 per product or even double or triple that amount. It’s a bargain for them as they’ll have
to pay 10 times more to get it on their own.
4. Resell the information products you download that have resell licences.

You know that at the onset of this work, I asked you not to plagiarise other people’s work and
violate their copyrights.

But guess what? There’s an exception. You can resell any product you download that has resell
rights licenses attached to it. The truth is immediately the owner of a work attaches resell rights
to their work, they essentially give away the copyrights.

Nigerians back home are hungry for information. So each time you download a product (ebook,
software, video or anything else) that has any kind of resell license, sell it here or online. I tell
you this method has made me millions.

That’s it guys. Four solid ways for you to make money using this secret.

On that note, I will take leave. I hope you enjoyed the Manual and will make the most of it. If
you have any queries, get in touch with me by sending an email to and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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