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Hipnotherapi    therapy     is   done    on    the    subject    in   a    state   of    hypnosis.

The word "hypnosis" is an abbreviation of James Braid's term (1843) "neuro-Hypnotism", which
means "sleep of the nervous system". Hypnotized people who show certain characteristics that
are different are not, the most obvious is suggestible. Hipnotherapi often used to modify the
behavior of the subject, the contents of feelings, attitudes, as well as the state of dysfunctional
habits, anxiety, stress related illness, pain management, and personal growth.

Brief                                         of                                         Hypnosis

Hypnosis is defined as a condition of mind in which an analytical function of the logical mind is
reduced to allow an individual goes into an unconscious state (sub-conscious/unconcious), in
which stored a variety of internal potentials which can be exploited to further improve the
quality of life. Individuals who are in a state of "hypnotic trance" is more open to suggestion
and can be neutralized from excessive fear (phobia), trauma or pain. Individuals who
experience hypnosis can still be aware of what is happening around him along with a variety of
stimulus                  provided                 by               the                therapist.

Hypnosis therapy (hypnotherapy) is now a scientific phenomenon, but until now there is still
not clearly defined, how the actual mechanism of hypnotherapy. Some scientists speculate that
hipnotherapi stimulate the brain to release neurotransmitters, the chemicals found in the brain,
and endhorphin encephalin that serves to enhance the mood that can change the individual
acceptance           of        pain         or        other         physical         symptoms.

Meanwhile, according to Professor John Gruzelier, a psychologist at the Caring Cross Medical
School, London, in order to induce the brain to do with her left brain provocation to non-active
and provide an opportunity for the right brain to take control of the brain as a whole. This can
be done by making the brain focus on something using voice monotonically with flat intonation
(as        if        there        are         important           things        to        note).

In general mechanism of hypnotherapy is strongly associated with human brain activity. These
activities are very varied in each condition is indicated by the brain waves that can be measured
using tools EEG (Electroenchepalograph). Here is described a variety of brain waves associated
with                                       the                                         activity:

   Beta                         (14-25                        Hz)                       (normal);
   Attention, vigilance, alertness, comprehension, conditions associated with higher anxiety,
discomfort,         the       condition       of       the        opponent        /       running
   Alpha                        (8-13                      Hz)                       (meditative);
   Relaxation, super learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased production of serotonin, a
pre-condition of sleep, meditation, early access to the subconscious (unconscious)
   Theta                         (4-7                      Hz)                       (meditative);
   Dreaming sleep (REM sleep / Rapid Eye Movement), increased production of catecholamines
(vital for learning and memory), increased creativity, emotional experience, has the potential to
change attitudes, increase in recall of learned material, hypnogogic imagery, deep meditation,
deeper           access       to        the       mind         subconscious         (unconscious)
   Delta             (0.5           -          3            Hz)           (sleeping           in);
   Dreamless sleep, growth hormone release, non-physical condition, lost consciousness on the
physical sensations, access to the subconscious (unconscious) and gives a very deep sensation
when                 it             was             induced              by              Holosinc

Overview                                                                                  History

The first cases of tooth extraction using hypnosis was first performed in 1823. Followed by the
process           of         childbirth        using          hypnosis         in         1826.

During World War I and World War II, hipnoteprapi used to treat the soldiers who experience
trauma. In 1955, British Medical Association states that hypnosis is used to treat hysteria viable
and used as an anesthetic. In 1958, the American Medical Association made the same
statement as well as harsh criticism directed hypnosis as entertainment / performances (stage
performance). In 1960, the American Psychology Association established the feasibility of a
board                       of                         assessors                        hypnotis.

Now some of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has been providing courses hypnosis. The
university has a special department hypnosis is Pepperdine University in California.

Hypnosis has shown its presence gradually along with the increasing acceptance in the medical
world. Hypnosis is widely used in the field such as medicine and exercise to change the
mechanism of the human brain in interpreting the experience and results in a change in
perception and behavior. Application of hypnosis for the purpose of improvement (therapeutic)
is                      known                          as                     hypnotherapy.

Hipnotherapi has been shown to have a variety of uses to address the various issues relating to
emotions and behavior. Even some serious medical cases such as cancer and heart attacks,
hipnotherapi accelerate recovery of a patient. It is very possible because hipnotherapi geared
to boost the immune system and reprogram the individual attitude towards her illness.

Hypnosis is very useful in dealing with various cases relating to anxiety, tension, depression,
phobias and can help to eliminate bad habits such as dependence on tobacco, alcohol and
drugs. By making a suggestion, one therapist can build a positive emotional state with regard to
being a non-smoker and a rejection of taste or smell of cigarettes.

Specifically for phobia, hypnotherapy is used to reduce the anxiety that takes over control of
the individual against himself. This is achieved by creating a vivid description of conditions that
cause the phobia, but the individual remains in a relaxed condition, thus helping them to re-
adjust their reactions to the conditions that cause the phobia to be normal and a calmer

Hypnotherapy can be used to bring people back into the past or past life regression to treat
trauma by providing an opportunity to change the "focus" of attention.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve the optimality of learning. Related to learning,
hypnotherapy can be applied to improve memory, creativity, focus, break through walls mental
limitations       (self-limiting        mental          block)           and          others.

Hypnotherapy will be more useful if combined with a more optimal media other therapies, such
as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and others.

Examples of successful therapy in hypnotherapy who use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),
is a therapy / hypnotherapy Stuttering speak both Indonesian and English, which was held on a
Stuttering Hypnotherapy Clinic in Bandung, which is also a trauma patient menterapi public
speaking. Stuttering hypnotherapy patients are usually quite come 1x 4-5.5jam already showed
a                                      significant                                  recovery.
 Neuro                      Linguistic                     Program                      (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP). is an i metodolog developed by Richard Bandler John Grinder
together in the 1970s. Journal of Modern Psychology says "NLP may be the most powerful
vehicle               for              change                in             existence".

The core of NLP is the understanding of how individuals can do the whole activity is perfect, by
studying models of human excellence. NLP identify and define the process and the mindset of
every top performance to find the difference between competence and excellence. NLP can be
decomposed into three parts, namely Neuro refers to the neurological processes of seeing,
hearing, tasting, inhaling or touching, which then form the experience. Liguistic refers to the
way we use language to represent, organize experience and communicate with others.
Programming refers to the strategies and techniques used to organize the internal process that
will            ultimately              bring           the            final             result.

NLP will be more efficient when combined with the hypnotic experience. Bandler believes that
hypnosis is a natural part of everyday life - we use it to influence others, to imagine what others
think and to repeat the experience in our minds. One of the hypnotherapist is modeled by
Bandler       and       Grinder       are        the        Milton      H.       Erickson,     MD.
 Emotional                      Freedom                         Techniques                    (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a set-oriented method of the body's energy system, to
release     the    individual    from        emotional     and      physical      disorders.

EFT             works              on             the             following              principles:

"The cause of all negative emotions is a Disruption in the body's energy system."

Negative emotions experienced by individuals are generally preceded by an internal
representation of the poor. This condition continued by disturbances in the body's energy
system. EFT is very effective to restore the body's energy system.

Inventor         of         EFT         is         Gary         Craig         EFT          Founder

Gary Craig a Stanford University engineer is a disciple of Dr. Callahan Callahan who discovered
Thought Field Therapy Technique or (TFT), although the results are pretty spectacular, but quite
complicated for the layman. Training required to master it is not easy and not cheap.

From Gary Craig, EFT term was born. He simplifies the TFT to be a technique that is easier but
still effective results. Gary has tested the effectiveness of EFT, extensively in a systematic, easy
to                digest              and               put              into              practice.
For several years since 1991, Gary touring the U.S. to offer free therapy. He presented and
apply EFT to the thousands of people, he was present at social events such as the social
gathering, club gatherings and other events. The climax, he offered to treat Vietnam veterans at
the VA (Veterans Administration), which has decades of suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder). The veterans of this wretched war is for a dozen years has been handled by
dozens of psychotherapists without showing significant positive results. Miraculously, within 6
days, Gary Craig managed to free 20 people were veterans of the emotions that their patients
suffered                                      for                                      decades.

In Indonesia, introduced EFT EFT Center by Eddy Alexander, Ph.D. EFT Center Founder to modify
with a Holistic approach. Holistic health point of view (Mind, Body & Soul) if we can control 3 P
(Pattern Fikir, Diet & Lifestyle). EFT is very closely related to the Holistic concept, although
better known as Emotional Freedom Technique, but the emotional issues is a matter of our
subconscious mind, which is 88% Fikir role in the pattern. So that EFT is an excellent way to
make                           us                         healthy                        holistic.

From various studies that have been made, 60% of those who use EFT first time been able to
release (release) the negative emotions and "feel something important has changed" on the
health and lives. While 20% longer to feel better and continue to change in practice this
technique to get the benefits of this method. Requiring only a small part of the therapy EFT
Practioner           to           restore          their         living           conditions.

EFT has proven helpful through the Mind / Body Healing tech is very useful for physical illness,
mental (trauma, phobia-illness psychology), the problem of life issues such as failures,
complaints and many testimonials as evidenced by the many people who are already using EFT
throughout                         the                        world                            .

Some of the benefits of EFT can address the following issues: Trauma & Shock, PTSD (post-
traumatic stress disorder), Stress, Depression, Abuse sexsual, Anxiety & Anger, Phobias and
fears, relationship problems, sorrow and many cases of the disease ( diabetes, high blood
pressure,      gout,    etc.),    problems      of    women,       men     and     children.

EFT is also good for physical problems such as: Back Pain, Headache and Migraine, Neck
stiffness, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), addiction addictive substances, weight problems, lack of
concentration, eye problems, less passionate, some form of dyslexia , Stop smoking.

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