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					        Anticipation Guide for Ch. 5 - Making Thinking Visible: Talk and Argument
                                 In Ready, Set, Science!

Pre- and During Reading: Prior to reading Ch. 5, mark “agree” or “disagree” by each
statement. As you read, note support or refutations for the statement in the chapter and
summarize these in the space provided below the statement. Include page numbers
along with the summary.

Agree    Disagree

_____     _____       1. Effective science teaching and learning must include
                         communication and collaboration, which require both spoken
                         and written representations of the world.
                    Support                                      Refute

_____ _____           2. In order to process, make sense of, and learn from their ideas,
                         observations, and experiences, students must talk about them.
                    Support                                     Refute

_____ _____           3. I-R-E (teacher Initiation, student Response, teacher Evaluation)
                         works well in assisting students with complex reasoning, elicting
                         claims with evidence, and getting students to justify their ideas.
                    Support                                       Refute

_____ _____           4. Instruction that supports productive scientific discussion is
                         difficult to enact.
                    Support                                       Refute

_____ _____           5. In most effective classroom talk, the teacher’s role is to help
                         students explicate their positions as clearly and cogently as
                         possible, not indicating, even subtly, how close to the “right”
                         answer the student may be.
                    Support                                       Refute
_____ _____         6. In order to overcome cultural and linguistic differences in
                       students, teachers should treat them as if they were highly
                       intelligent foreign diplomats.
                  Support                                       Refute

_____ _____         7. One strategy that helps to ensure productive classroom
                       discourse is to develop a set of classroom norms.
                  Support                                       Refute

_____ _____         8. Equitable participation means that every student must
                       participate in every conversation.
                  Support                                      Refute


Reflect on the discourse patterns in your classroom.
 Identify 1-3 strategies that you use to promote productive discourse and
   argumentation in order to help students process their thinking about scientific

   Identify 1-3 strategies provided in chapter 5 that might be useful for promoting
    productive discourse and argumentation in your classroom.

   If students are not taught how nor given the opportunity to talk about and argue
    about their current understanding, what might be some implications for student