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      Day 01: Monkey Island (Isla de los
•   Arrival in Puerto Maldonado, followed by transfer to the river dock
    where we board our boat and set forth upon an unforgettable journey
    down the Madre de Dios River. Along the way can be observed the
    alligators (caimans), water turtles (charapas) and other fauna, as well
    as herons and varieties of bird species. Upon arrival at the
    EcoAmazonía Lodge, and enjoying an exquisite –and typical-
    welcome drink, you will settle in our comfortable bungalows. Lunch
    ensues shortly. Afterwards, in the company and assistance of our
    specialized guide, we visit Monkey Island (“Isla de los Monos”).
    Located only five minutes from the Lodge, in the middle of the Madre
    de Dios river, the Monkey Island hosts an ample variety of species of
    monkeys: These range from the noisy
•   ones such as the Maquisapa (Spider Monkey), the happy Achuñi
    (Nasua nasuad.), the very impressive Fraile (Squirrel Monkey) to the
    very little and funny Leoncito, “little lions” (Tití –Cebuella pygmaea).
    The trip to the island
•   affords very beautiful sightseeing of the local landscape as well as
    the flora and fauna that they host. And to top it all off, there is that
    breathtaking and sublime jungle sunset.
Crédito: Alejandro Balaguer / Promperu
         Day 02 : LAKE APU VICTOR
•   The start of the day is heralded by the beautiful singing of birds After breakfast
    we set off on our hike through the deep forest, following paths and trails with
    bridges surmounting deep ravines. Along the way to we shall have a chance to
    observe the “Cave of the Caymans” Continuing our walk, we eventually arrive at
    the majestic setting of LAKE APU VICTOR, a body of beautiful crystalline waters,
    surrounded by extensive swamps, and gigantic trees. After awhile we shall climb
    to the Mirador Amazónico, an overlook eminently suited for the purpose of bird
    watching. From this point we can enjoy a panoramic view of the lake as well as
    observe the numerous Parrots, Guacamayos (Macaws), Tucans, Camungos
    (Hornbill), Shanshos (Hoatzin) and Egrets, as well as other animal species that
    abound in the area, such as caymans, turtles and –with luck- the Giant Otter
    (Lutra incarum). After several hours, we effect our return to the Lodge and
    partake of lunch.
•   In the afternoon, we shall visit the Gamitana river, the source of which lies in the
    deep jungle, thus making it rather different from most of the other rivers, whose
    waters come tumbling down from the mountains. Along the shores can be seen
    caimans and turtles, other fauna and many kinds of butterflies. It is also possible
    to go for a swim. Back at Lodge in time for dinner.
                          Day 03:
• Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

 What to take.
 -   Binoculars, Long shirt, Long pants, Shorts, Slippers, Rain
     coat, sun glasses, mosquito repellent, block lotion,
     wellingtons, water bottle, tennis, flashlight, hat, scantily
     clad, swinsuit, camera, personal medicine
•   Transfers / airport / Lodge / airport. In MD
•   All meals.
•   Lodging in typical bungalows
•   Tours with specialized guides
                     •The program not include :
•   Rates in $ american dólar
•   Rates can change without previous warning .
•   Program doesnt includes round trip flights tikets. Consult our prices
•   Not including insurance to the traveller - it consults our tariffs
•   No refunds for cancellation or not showing up, because those prices
    are on special
•   Make the reserve with the cancellation of the program- Reserve your
    program one month early
•   Prices cash only. Consults us our credit card rates.
•   Contac us :
•   Childs 2 – 10 years old only pay the 50% of the adult rate
•   Unless 2 persons
•   Only you can care 1 medium suitcase

         PRECIO: USD. $160.00 x persona
                            Mínimo 2personas

           Chat en línea:
•     El departamento de
       Madre de Dios se
    encuentra Ubicado en la
         Selva del Perú
•   Location       : Amazonian Jungle,
                   southeastern Perú. It shares
                   borders with Bolivia and Brasil.

•   Area : 85.183km2 / 32.889miles2

•   Capital        : Puerto Maldonado

•   Altitude:
     – Lowest point : 183 masl/ 600fasl (Puerto

     – Highest point: 500masl/ 1640fasl (Boca manu)

•   Acces by air:
     – Lima – Puerto Maldoando : 1hour y 30mimutes.
     – Cusco – Puerto Maldonado : 30 minutes
                                      Madre de Dios
    •      Exuberant is the word that describes Madre de Dios with its infinite forests, sinuous rivers that
        rush towards the ocean, and life abounding in all its corners. Puerto Maldonado, the capital city, is
        an obligatory stop along the way to gain entrance to the national parks and reserves located in the
         area, and it has been, at certain moments, an important exporting site for rubber, wood, gold, and
           petroleum. At present, two of the main economic activities there are eco-tourism and chestnut
        •     At only ten kilometers from Puerto Maldonado, or a one and half hour hike, you find Lake
          Sandoval, bordered by aguajales (swampy areas full of palm trees), orchids, kapok trees, caoba
        trees, and Mauritanian palm trees that grow up to thirty meters tall. The lake is also the home for a
          large variety of species such as toucans, macaws, parrots, egrets, tapirs, turtles, and the refuge
        for river otters and black caimans, two species on the brink of extinction. In the areas around Lake
           Valencia, 60 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado by the Madre de Dios River, there are several
            indigenous communities where the people make their living from fishing for tiger shovelnose
             catfish, gilded catfish, and paiche; this area is the habitat for plenty of flora and fauna, too.

•       Even before Spanish arrived, Madre de Dios was seen as a land of legendes and was thought
            to be either El dorado or Paititi. During Inca times, it was part of the Antisuyo, the
         northeastern region of empire, but it represented a difficult territory to subject for the
                    Inca monarchs, yet extremely valuable due to its natural resources.

    •     With the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, many expeditions were organized for the
         purpose of exploring the region because it was thought that hidden in the thickness of the
           jungle was ak kingdom of unimaginable wealth. A series of explorers started out from
            differents routes without ever discovering the land of the legend bursing with gold.

•        In 1902,. The city of Puerto Maldoando was founded and in 1912, the department of Madre
         de Dios was created. This name has its origin in an old story where dominican priests found
                       an image of the Virgen Mary on the Shores of the según river.

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