Volunteer Commitment Agreement


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									This is a document that an organization can use to recruit volunteers for charitable
purposes. This document can be customized to provide for the charitable purpose of
the organization, the services provided by the volunteer, and what is expected from the
volunteer. The volunteer can be asked to commit time or help fundraising efforts. This
document can be used by charitable organizations or other entities that want to enlist
the help of volunteers.
                                Volunteer Commitment Agreement

[Comment: Organization should provide a brief paragraph describing its purpose and
mission statement, and how volunteers are important to achieving these goals.]

As a volunteer, you are an important member of our staff and act as a representative of our
organization to the community at large. For a better understanding of what you can expect as a
volunteer and what is expected of you by our organization, we ask you to read and sign the
following Volunteer Commitment Agreement.

As a volunteer, the organization will provide you: ______________ [Instruction: Insert what
organization will provide, examples might include certain training, experiences, etc.]

As a volunteer, we ask that you provide the organization with: _____ [Instruction: Insert what
organization seeks from volunteers, examples might include fundraising goals, time
commitments, or other requests.]

 I, _______________________, [Instruction: Volunteer should insert name.] have read the
Volunteer Commitment Agreement form and my job description and fully understand my
responsibilities as a volunteer with the organization. I agree to fulfill my commitment to the best
of my ability, and to notify the organization when I am no longer able to do so.

                                      Volunteer Signature

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