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There are two visa options for American students studying abroad in the United
Kingdom: the Student Visa and the Student Visitor. Use the following chart to
determine which entry clearance is appropriate for you.



* If your program requires an internship, answer Yes to this question
* American citizens should answer No to this question
                             STUDENT VISITORS
To use a Student Visitor clearance you…

      Must be in a program of six months or less
      Must return to the US immediately after the end of their program (within 7
      May not work (paid or unpaid) while in the UK – this includes school-related
      May not change their visa status while in the UK

Obtaining a Student Visitor clearance

American citizens do not require a visa before arriving in the UK as a student visitor.
However, student visitors must be prepared to supply the Immigration Officer at the
airport with the correct documentation:

   1. An original letter from a UK institution that shows you will be enrolled in
      classes and includes details about the start and end dates of your program
   2. Evidence that you possess adequate funds to pay for your course and
      maintain yourself during your time in the UK. This can be in the form of
      scholarship, grant or other financial aid letters or bank statements in your
      name which are dated no more than one month before your arrival in the UK
   3. Evidence of your willingness to leave the UK when your program is complete.
      This can be in the form of a return ticket or itinerary showing your departure
      or other original letters providing evidence to this effect.
   4. A valid US Passport that will not expire while you are in the UK

You will present these documents to the Immigration Officer at the UK airport. The
Officer will stamp your passport after reviewing the documents – this stamp (code
5N) is your Student Visitor clearance.

If you travel outside of the UK during your course of study, you must show the
Immigration Officer your Passport stamp and the institution letter when re-entering
the UK. If you do not have both of these, you may be denied re-entry.

Information may be found at:
                  STUDENT VISA (TIER 4 – GENERAL)
You must obtain a Student Visa if you…

      Are enrolled in a program for more than six months
      Plan to work (paid or unpaid, including internships) while in the UK
      Plan to extend or change your Visa status after completing your program

Obtaining a Tier 4 Student Visa

It is not difficult to obtain a UK Student Visa. However, this process requires
organization and attention on your part. There are specific timelines and
requirements that must be met prior to departing the United States. Please
pay careful attention to these instructions. If you fail to obtain a Visa, you will not be
able to enter the UK.


You must apply for your Visa at least 6 weeks but no more than 12 weeks before
your intended departure for the UK. Examine the start dates for your program to
determine your intended departure date and count back from there. For most
students, this means you will apply for your visa between the last week of
June and first week of August.

Steps to take:

   1. Gather the following documents:
         a. A letter from your host institution that provides evidence of your
            academic enrollment and program dates
         b. Your valid Passport (must not expire while you are in the UK)
         c. The address where you will be living in the UK, if known
         d. Your travel itinerary
         e. A credit or debit card to pay for your application and return postage
            (please pay the return postage at the time of your application to avoid
            processing delays)
         f. Access to a printer since you will be required to print your application
            and biometrics appointment confirmation (with bar code)

   2. Complete the online application for a Tier 4 Student Visa at
          a. Check the box to have your passport returned “By mail” – it will be
             sent UPS overnight delivery
          b. Your Visa will cost approximately $220 (dependent upon
             exchange rates)

   3. After you complete and pay for the application, you will make a
      Biometrics appointment. Biometrics is a digitalized fingerprint scan that
      must be done in person, by appointment only. Be sure to print out your
      Biometrics appointment confirmation sheet and bring it to your

            a. You may find the closest Biometrics office by entering your zip code at
            b. After completing your Biometrics scan, ask the officer to stamp your
               confirmation sheet with the date. The date stamped on your
               Biometrics card is considered the official date of your application.
   4. Send the following list of ORIGINAL documents to the Los Angeles
      Consulate within two weeks of your biometric collection:

          a. Original Passport
          b. Two passport-sized photographs
          c. Original letter from a UK institution that shows you will be enrolled in
             classes and includes details about the start and end dates of your
             program and fees involved
          d. Original documents used to obtain your visa letter: evidence of any
             fees already paid to the university or a copy of your application
          e. Original evidence of sufficient funds: may be in the form of
             scholarship, grant or financial aid awards or bank accounts. All must
             be in your name; joint accounts are acceptable as long as your name
             is listed on them.
          f. Printed copy of your online Visa application
          g. Stamped biometrics confirmation notice

                        British Consulate in Los Angeles
                           The British Consulate-General
                         11766 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1200
                           Los Angeles, CA 90025-6538

Receiving your Visa

The Consulate tries to process Visas within 15 days of receipt. However, the summer
is their busiest time so it may take longer. Do not wait until the last minute!

Validity of Visa
Your Visa will be granted for the entire duration of your course plus the following:

If your course is less than six months: 7 days before and 7 days after
If your course is between six and twelve months: 30 days before and 60 days

Visa Extensions

You may apply to extend your Student Visa under the following conditions:
    To complete your course
    To complete extra exams
    Undertake further courses (e.g., to complete a degree)

Working in the UK

Your Student Visa allows you to work
    Part-time during the school term (no more than 20 hours)
    Full-time during vacations
    Course-related work placements (internships) other than part-time work as
       long as they represent no more than 50% of your time spent in the UK

Further information may be found at:

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