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					                                                                       SOS Personnel, LLC
                                                         Saving Our Students through Education, One Child at a Time
                                                                                               October 1, 2010
                                                                                               Volume 2, Issue 2

                                                       Tips to Prevent Children from Catching
                                                                       the Flu

                                                       The flu is often characterized by such symptoms as
                                                       chills, fever, dry mouth, sore throat, fatigue, nasal
                                                       congestion, diarrhea, dry cough, headache, and
                                                       vomiting. Influenza can also lead to complications
                                                       that can be detrimental to children such as
                                                       pneumonia, and acute bronchitis. While there is no
                                                       way to guarantee that youngsters won’t come
         Consistent Tutoring Works                     down with the flu, there are a few preventive
                                                       measures parents can take to reduce their kids' risk
        Getting a tutor for your child is one way to
                                                       of getting influenza.
sustain your child’s educational career. Our
organization is based on the belief that any
academic or professional goal is achievable with             Take Children to Get a Flu Shot
the correct approach and preparation.                        Teach Children to Wash Their Hands
         Unfortunately, the classroom isn't always           Boost Kids’ Immune Systems
the best place to really learn something. Some
                                                             Encourage children to keep their hands out
children find it hard to focus, some children just
                                                              of their noses, eyes and mouths, as germs
aren’t interested in the subject, and maybe the
                                                              are frequently spread in this manner.
child just didn’t "get it." Whatever the reason, if
your child or student is not learning what they              Teach children to sneeze into a tissue, and
need to learn in the classroom, then a tutor is the           discard it immediately after each use.
way to go.                                                   Keep youngsters out of crowded
                                                              environments whenever possible.
        Tutoring is meant to supplement the
                                                             Don’t allow sick people around your
teacher-directed instruction in the classroom, not
replace it. Tutoring has been shown to be an
                                                             Periodically open windows in the home
extremely powerful way to improve student
academic, social, and behavioral functioning
                                                              during flu season to allow fresh air to
beyond that which occurs through typical teacher-             circulate.
directed instruction.
                                                                       October’s Sponsors
        When implemented in combination with
teacher-directed instruction, tutoring has been
shown to improve student achievement, grades,
engagement, retention of information, decrease
and/or prevent problem behavior, and prevent
school failure better than teacher-directed
instruction alone.

SOS Tutoring Service is here to help you. Call us at
302-276-2739 or 267-357-9124. Our comprehensive
tutoring service is currently offered in PA, DE, NY
and DC.

October 2
Gandhi's Birthday & International Day of
October 2                                             September’s Outstanding Substitutes
Thurgood Marshall Sworn Into Supreme
October 3
Frank Robinson Signed as Major League
October 6
German American Day
October 11
Columbus Day
                                                  Ashley Parratto and Robert Caranci are this
October 16                                        month’s outstanding substitute teachers.
World Food Day                                    Ashley and Robert have demonstrated
October 18                                        exemply service to SOS Personnel and to the
Multicultural Diversity Day                       students we serve. These two substitutes have
                                                  great work ethic, are understanding and work
October 20
                                                  well with the children they teach.
Birth of the Báb
October 28
Statue of Liberty Dedication                      Ashley’s Education: Cabrini College, Bachelor of
                                                  Arts in English/Communication/Minor in
October 29
National Organization for Women (NOW)             Psychology. Graduated Cum Laude May, 2006
Founded                                           Dean’s List; Honor Society Member.

October 31                                        Robert’s Education: Holy Family University, MA in
Halloween                                         Secondary Education. BA in History from Cabrini
                                                  College. PA certified in Social Studies.

                                                   SOS Personnel is very fortunate to have these
                                                             two teachers on staff.

                                                  Cont’d… SOS Personnel is busy this month…

                                                  October 29-30th: SOS will be attending the NYC
                                                  Charter School’s Convention.
SOS Personnel is busy this month…
October 18-21st: SOS will be represented at the   October 29th: SOS will also be represented at the
Annual NACSA Conference in Scottsdale,            Pennsylvania Coalition Network of Charter
Arizona.                                          Schools Convention.
October 28th: SOS is sponsoring the DC Charter
School Association Dinner and will be the main
presenter.     (Next Page….)

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