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                                                                DEC 2011

  Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours!
        Holidays can be a difficult time      Holiday atmosphere as they walk the halls.      Jingo‖ and reciting holiday trivia.     W e
for seniors, especially those living in a             The residents enjoy making holiday      also have a ‗Village Store‘ where resi-
nursing home. We realize that some of         crafts and decorations and cooking and          dents can be found doing some of their
them would like to be closer to family &      baking traditional and creative holiday         Christmas shopping & buying that per-
loved ones. Every employee here treats        goodies.                                        fect gift for the family member or friend.
The Village as the resident‘s home. In that                                                            Finally for the main event – Santa
same spirit, we here at The Village make                                                      and his elves deliver the gifts (pictured on
sure we go above & beyond the call of                                                         page 2) that are so lovingly provided by
duty to ensure that our residents feel the                                                    the Ladies‘ Auxiliary (see their story on
holiday spirit!                                                                               page 9) and the generous donations of
         The Village Activity Departments                                                     those who love and support all of us here
at both Main & North Campus is a big                                                          at The Village.
part of creating the Holiday Spirit at The                                                             We also have a grand time down
Village. During the month of December,                                                        at Southern Meadows for all of our Inde-
the activity calendar is full of entertain-                                                   pendent Living tenants. Tenants get to
ment to get everyone in the Christmas                                                         enjoy the same wonderful holiday
frame-of-mind. For example, we take                                                           themed activities, musical performances
them Christmas shopping, we go out &                                                          by a variety of groups, & take in the
see Christmas lights, make cookies, egg-                                                      beautiful decorations we put up each
nog, & play reindeer games.                                                                   year (pictured left)!
        On each station, you will hear a              The Village residents share the holi-
variety of traditional Christmas music and    day spirit by creating unique Christmas                                      Pam Hipsher
residents and staff singing along as they     cards and sending them to family mem-                Activity Director, UMV Main Campus
go about their day. Carolers, from school     bers and even each other. If you come                                         Brenda Hunt
children to church groups, continue the       by for a visit, when you are walking through         Activity Director, UMV North Campus
                                              the halls you will hear the residents taking
                       part in Holiday games, such as ―Christmas
                                                                                                                              Quotes from our
                                                                                                                           Residents on Christmas
                  Santa even visits The Village                                                                            ―I love Christmas & wrapping gifts!‖
                                                                                                                                         --Donald S.

                        on Christmas!                                                                                       ―My favorite Christmas is when my
                                                                                                                          Dad got me a bike. I‘m thankful that I
                                                                                                                           can still walk, talk, & help people. I‘m
                                                                                                                          looking forward to seeing my family &
                                                                                                                            go shopping & hear Christmas mu-
                                                                                                                                       sic!‖ --Beverly H.

             25                                                                                                           ―One year I found my Christmas pre-
                                                                                                                           sent (a doll) long before Christmas.
                                                                                                                           My mother told me Santa would be
                                                                                                                          disappointed if the doll wasn‘t under-
                                                                                                                              neath the tree.‖ —M. Dobbyns
             2011                                                                                                         ―My favorite holiday meal was turkey
                                                                                                                          with all the trimmings & Pecan Pie!‖ —
                                                                                                                                          M. McCulbs

                                                                                                                          The only thing I want for Christmas is a
                                                                                                                           surprise. To me, that‘s the fun part of
                                                                                                                                   Christmas!‖ - E. Hasler

                                                                                                                           ―I was always on the ‗Nice‘ list as a
                                                                                                                          kid. One year I was in a play & got a
                                                                                                                             watch for Christmas.‖ - S. Collins

                                                                                                                          ―I am thankful for my family & also my
                                                                                                                          Village family. I look forward to each
                                                                                                                           Christmas every year!‖ - J. Seitzinger

                                                                                                                          ―I am thankful that my son, Mike, visits
                                                                                                                                    me.‖ - D. Phillips

―I would like to go home to stay, but I know it‘s not possible. Being here at the Village gives me & my family peace       ―My favorite memory of Christmas is
    of mind especially during Christmas. I am so thankful for my health! My favorite memory is when I got a home-         just being able to be home with fam-
        made doll for Christmas. My sister got one too but it had black feet. My sister thought I got the better doll!‖    ily during the holidays.‖ - M. Hughes
                                                                                                           — Wilda E.
                                                                                                                          ―I was only thankful for the gifts I got
                                                                                                                              each Christmas.‖ - M. Williams

                                                                                                                           ―I was usually on the ‗Naughty‘ list
                                                                                                    when I was younger.‖ - V. Kasinger
                           The Grinch Who Tried
                            to Steal Christmas


By the time we comply with all the Illi-           garding the State‘s refusal to approve       regular updates on all these regu-
nois Department of Public Health, Life             our plans for expanding and improv-          lations, I understand why they are
Safety Code, and OSHA regulations,                 ing our services to Alzheimer and de-        so stringent and take away many
there are practically no holiday deco-             mentia residents, I began our presen-        of the comforts of home – be-
rations and no one is allowed to con-              tation by saying how this expansion          cause the people making these
gregate in the halls:                              would benefit our residents and the          regulations don‘t care about the
                                                   community. I was stopped at that             residents.
“All Christmas trees, lights, tinsel, wreaths,     point and told that the Illinois Depart-     As the government tries to sepa-
      etc. must be UL rated, and you               ment of Public Health doesn‘t care           rate Church and State, they are
  must keep the original box as proof.”            about what is best for the residents;        steadily trying to remove all traces
                                                   they care about following the regula-        of Christ from government-funded
 “No decorations may be hung on any fire           tions. I was told not to put any ―heart‖     institutions. However, The Village
  door, including resident room doors.”            in it, just give the facts. Needless to      will not lose focus. We will con-
                                                   say, I was stunned. So, I presented          tinue to find ways to stay within
  “Flammable decorations should not be             them the facts, and I did receive            regulations but still do what is best
hung on more than 25% of corridor walls.”          some encouraging news that our ap-           for our residents; we will continue
                                                   peal may work. I am still in the process     our mission to provide quality ser-
     “Decorations may not hang from                of cutting the red tape, but I am not        vices in an atmosphere of caring,
   the ceiling if they disturb the integrity       done fighting. As the meeting was            sharing, encouragement, and
       of the fire-rated ceiling tiles.”           ending, I told them that the Illinois De-    Christian love.
                                                   partment of Public Health may not
        “Corridors must have an 8ft                care about what is best for our resi-        Maybe someday, just like the
          clearance at all times.”                 dents, but The Village does.                 Grinch, the United States govern-
                                                                                                ment will realize the true meaning
How sad that the State and federal                 The Village provides a loving and car-       of Christmas.
government have regulated-out                      ing environment for our residents; we                                Carol Brown
Christmas for long-term care residents.            try to make the residents‘ quality of life                          Administrator
                                                   the best we can. Now, when I get                              UMV Main Campus
In a recent meeting in Springfield re-
                                                                                                                                                  Recipe for

                                                                                                                           1c Pumpkin
                                                                                                                                                    1c Sugar
                                                                                                                                                     1c Milk
                                                                                                                                                     2 Eggs
                                                                                                                                                 Pinch of Salt
                                                                                                                                                     1/2 tsp
                                                                                                                                                 1/4 tsp Ginger
                                                                                                                                                 1/8 tsp Clove

                              Fascinating Individuals                                                  We Appreciate Our Volunteers!
                                                                                                                                                 Mix together.
                                                                                                                                                   Pour into
                                                                                                                                                 unbaked pie
                                                                                                                                                 shell. Bake at
                                   at The United Methodist Village - North Campus                      I don’t know what I would do without        425 for 15
    Mary Sivert
                      The United Methodist Village is         nity for many years. Irene is a gene-    our volunteers. They bring in a breath    minutes then
                      proud of all of our residents and       alogist who has been gathering            of fresh air with them. They enhance        reduce
                      proud to showcase a few of their        genealogical materials for over sixty                                              temperature
                                                                                                          the lives of our resident with their     to 350 for
                      individual talents. Here at the North   years.
                      Campus, we have some musically
                                                                                                         knowledge. They help with our reli-        1 hour.

                      talented ladies.                        Irene (pictured left) opened her            gious services, read stories or just
                                                              library to the public on March 13,        visit with them. We have our musical
                      Mary (pictured left), a former          1996 after the library had outgrown       talent that come in and entertain the
                      school teacher and resident of the      the basement of her home. Re-
                      Assisted Living portion of our build-   cently she was recognized for do-        residents (my residents do not want to
                      ing, enjoys playing the piano for       nating her genealogical library col-     hear me sing). We have clowns, ma-
    Irene Black       other residents in the parlor. She      lection in Bridgeport to the Law-           gicians, puppets and dancers that
                      can play many songs from memory.        renceville Public Library.
                                                                                                       work their magic on us. We have guest
                      June, a resident since 2004, enjoys     Our facilities are blessed to have       speakers like “Don the train man” &
                      taking requests while she plays her     such interesting and wonderful resi-            “Kurt from the airport.”
                      harmonica on the 300 hall.              dents to care for and learn from. All
                                                              of our residents are fascinating
                      Doc (pictured left) is a World War II   people. They are great friends, par-
                                                                                                       I would like to thank each one of them
                      veteran who has written a book          ents, neighbors and contributors to               for a job well done!
                      about his experiences in North Af-      our society. All of them deserve a
                      rica and the Italian campaign and       place in this article.                            Brenda Hunt
                      has contributed to the Veterans                                  Melissa Gilil
                      History Project. Doc was also a suc-                           Social Services           Activity Director
Harold “Doc” Hammil                                                             UMV North Campus
                      cessful chiropractor in the commu-                                                      UMV North Campus
A Thank You
Card from a
                                                                        at The United Methodist Village - Main Campus
                                                                                                                                        A Thank You
Just wanted to                                                                                                                          Card from a
   let you all    Vance Kasinger is a resident of The                                           pressure and the influence it can        Resident’s
    know how      United Methodist Village—Main                                                 have on them. He also advised             Family
                  Campus. He has lived at the Vil-                                              the students to make good deci-
grateful we are
                  lage for twelve years. Vance re-                                              sions and to listen to their parents.
for having you    cently celebrated his 50th birth-                                                                                     Thank you for
& your staff of   day. Before moving to The Village,                                            He gave an account of how he              all the care
    nurses &      Vance was cared for by his                                                    started consuming alcohol at the        that you gave
                  mother at home. When Vance                                                    age of twelve and how his alco-
 C.N.A’s to       was sixteen years of age, he was                                              hol use escalated to prescription
                                                                                                                                        to Jane. Your
  care for my     run down by a drunk driver. Vance                                             and non-prescription drugs. He          thoughtfulness
mother! Thank     also was intoxicated and had                                                  informed the students that mak-             made a
                  stepped into the roadway. The                                                 ing poor decisions can bring
  you so much     man who hit him thought it was a                                              heartache and pain to their par-
for the profes-   deer and left him to die on the                                               ents and others who care about
sional care you   highway. Due to many traumatic                                                them. Vance advised the stu-             Sincerely,
                  and debilitating major injuries that                                          dents that his Mother had at-           The Family of
   all gave to
                  occurred because of the acci-          ribbon week in October.         This   tempted to intervene with his
her. May God      dent, Vance is confined to a geri      represents prevention and aware-       reckless behaviors, but he wanted         Jane Abel
bless you all &   chair and diagnosed a quadriple-       ness of alcohol, tobacco and vio-      to be cool and please his friends.
your families.    gic. He can neither walk or care       lence in the schools & community.
                  for his basic needs. He is depend-     Vance was asked to speak to the        The students had many questions
                  ent on nursing staff to care for him   PE classes at Parkside Elementary      for Vance, which included – how
  Sincerely,      on a daily basis. He suffered many     School in Lawrenceville about his      did he brush his teeth to how
   Ralph          broken bones plus a brain stem         experience with alcohol and            much pain had he endured thru
                  injury.   He was hospitalized for      drugs. He was very excited to be       the years? Vance‘s parting words
  Baker Jr        months and had several surgeries       asked to speak, as he felt he could    to the students were, ―don‘t be a
                  to correct the damage done to his      present his own experiences with       fool - just to be cool.‖
                  broken body from the accident.         how alcohol and drugs can de-                                   Carol Wood
                                                         stroy your future and your life. He                          Social Services
                  The local schools and schools          talked to the students about peer                       UMV Main Campus
                  across the nation celebrated red
                                                  recommendations, and use that informa-
                                                  tion as a guide.

                                                  Just remember, toys should be develop-
                                                  mentally appropriate to suit the skills, abili-
                                                  ties and interests of the child.

                                                  The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Com-
Safe Toys & Gifts for                             mission also suggests asking these impor-
                                                  tant questions before you buy that perfect

 the Holiday Season                               Christmas gift for that favorite child in your
                                                             Is the toy age-appropriate?
The Christmas holiday season is upon us.                   Are there any small, loose parts
                                                            that your child can swallow?
Finding that perfect Christmas gift can be                  Could any part of the toy be
daunting, but, when you're buying for a                       bitten off and swallowed?
child, it can be both daunting and confus-              Does the toy have a string, ribbon, s
ing.                                                    traps or cord longer than 7 inches?
                                                                 Is your toy non-toxic?
Shopping for toys during the holidays can
be exciting and fun, but it can also be frus-       Could any part cut small hands or fingers?
trating. There can be thousands of toys to                Does the toy include magnets?
choose from in one store, and it's important              Could the toy be a fire hazard?
to choose the right toy for the right age                        Could the toy contain
child.                                                         questionable chemicals?
                                                          Has the product been recalled?
As a parent, grandparent or even a care-
giver, it can be hard to tell if the most popu-   Remember, the holidays should be a
lar toys you are buying are the safest toys for   magical time for children. It can be just as
children. With the amount of recalled toys        magical for adults, too.
on the rise, it may seem like buying toys is a    So while the hustle and bustle of shopping
gamble.                                           can be overwhelming, don't forget to add
                                                  in some fun-filled, age-appropriate activi-
One tip to remember is that the U.S. Con-         ties the whole family can share the real
sumer Product Safety Commission requires          reason for the season! Happy Holidays!
toy       manufacturers to meet stringent
safety standards and to label certain toys
that could be a hazard for younger chil-                            Stephanie Preston
dren. Look for labels that give age                             UMV Childcare Director

                National Hand Washing Week
                           Happy Hand Washing!!!

December marks the month for many good things, including National Hand Wash-
ing Awareness Week which is observed December 5 – 11, 2011.

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to eliminate germs and         Activities at The Village
reduce your risk of illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control, frequent
hand washing has the potential to save more lives than any single vaccine or           Main Campus
medical intervention.                                                                  1: Front Porch String Band
                                                                                       2: Cootie Bingo
WHEN SHOULD YOU WASH YOUR                      ing the backs of hands, between         6: Bible Chapel
HANDS?                                         your fingers and under fingernails.
                                                                                       6: Hoosier Harmonizers
1. Before, during and after prepara-       Continue rubbing your hands for at
                                                                                       8: Bob Birge
    tion of food.                          least 20 seconds. A good way to time
2. Before eating food.                     yourself is to sing the ―HAPPY BIRTHDAY‖    13: Ruth & Tommy Moore
3. Before and after caring for some-       song from beginning to end two times.       15: Village Playhouse
    one who is sick.                       Rinse hands well under running water.       16: Singing Seniors
4. Before and after caring for a           Dry hands using a clean towel or air        19: Orio Community
    wound or cut.                          dry.                                        23: Santa arrives
5. After using the toilet.
6. After changing a diaper or clean-       If soap and water are not available,        We will also be having lots of
                                                                                       carolers throughout the month
    ing up after someone who has used      use an alcohol based hand sanitizer
    the toilet.                            that contains at least 60% alcohol. Al-
7. After blowing your nose, coughing       cohol based sanitizers can quickly re-
    or sneezing.                           duce the number of germs on hands in
                                                                                       North Campus
8. After touching an animal, feeding       some situations, but sanitizers DO NOT      6: Hoosier Harmonizers
    and animal or cleaning up animal       eliminate all types of germs.               7: Going to see the Christmas
    waste.                                                                             Lights
9. After touching garbage.                                            Kim Richey       9: Making cheese balls
10. After going on an outing, like to                          UMV North Campus        13: Lawrenceville Girl Scouts
    Walmart, out to a movie, etc…                                                      14: Making Sugar Cookies
                                                                                       15: Ruth and Tommy Moore
THE PROPER WAY TO WASH YOUR                                                            16: Staff Gingerbread Houses
HANDS                                                                                  19: Making Christmas cards
1. Wet your hands with water (warm                                                     21: Taste of Christmas
   or cold) and apply soap.
                                                                                       22: Making Homemade eggnog
2. Rub your hands together using
                                                                                       23: Christmas Party
   enough friction to create lather and
   scrub well.                                                                       
3. Scrub all areas of the hands, includ-
    Rides Mass Transit
Rides Mass Transit (RMTD) is a public transportation system
offered in Lawrence County. This service can be very im-
portant to those who live at The Village‘s Senior Independ-
ent Living Community called Southern Meadows Estates.
Tenants of Southern Meadows use RMTD for appointments
                                                                  Bea Orrell, a tenant of Southern Meadows uses
like going to the hair salon or seeing the doctor. Many also
                                                                  the RMTD service to go to hair appointments &
use it to go to the Senior Citizen Center each day & some                     the senior citizen center
even go on the trips that the RMTD offers each month.

Seniors in Lawrence County who are 60 and over can go
to the Senior Citizen Center and apply for a Rides Senior ID
Card. With the ID card they are eligible to ride the bus on
any existing route at no charge to them. Rides has con-
tracted with the Senior Citizen Center to provide transpor-
tation for the seniors to go to the center and eat lunch,
shopping or run errands. They can also go on the special
Saturday out of town trips at no charge. Rides provides
door-to-door service where the driver picks them up at             The Rides Mass Transit bus has a lift to help
their door.                                                         passengers on & off who need assistance.

Although, if they have a medical appointment and are
Medicaid eligible then the customer obtains a prior ap-
proval number from First Transit. The general cash fare one
way is $2.00 although they can purchase discount tickets
or a monthly pass. In Lawrence County we have a de-
mand bus that is in town from 9am to 2:30 for local shop-
ping. We do offer transportation to anyone and everyone.
They just need to call the toll free number to check on
availability and fare costs. (1-877-667-6117).

  Rides Mass Transit
                                         Meadows Estates

                                                                    Mike Patrick, a regular Rides Mass Transit
                                                                      Driver, picks up Bea to go to her appt.
      A Behind the Scenes Look into Volunteer
             Services at The Village
Troyya Curry and Susie Scott are                      Starting in October it begins       and this lady that wears a size 6 slip-
a vital part of the Volunteer Ser-          with earnest. Name of resident, who,          per will wear a men‘s size 13!
vices Department at The Vil-                where and did or did they not move                     Back on track we are
lage. They are supervised by the            since last year. What size? I‘ll ask Mrs.     stopped again. This resident has
residents'     "Santa" -- Eunice            Santa she will know. Oooops! No Mrs.          been moved. We get it all done,
Glasser. The following is an ac-
                                            Santa. Now let‘s get the gift bags out.       the last bag filled. High fives all
count from their perspective of
the amazing preparations for The            We do not have what we need. Get              around! Then there‘s a voice down
Village Christmas.                          the car and off we go. While there            the hall, ―We‘re not done yet‖. We
                                            we‘ll get lotions, potions, smelly stuff.     have 3 new residents. Do we have
         It‘s hot, hot, hot! Oh well, its   Oh by the way, everyone has been so           enough to make 3 more bags? An-
August when we hear Christmas               sweet and nice this year. Do they             other prayer, Lord, the stores are out
music. White Christmas?? Who‘s              need candy? Are you kidding? Yes              of everything, please help! We hear
joking?      Oh no, Christmas time          they need candy. Cars, cars, where            from heaven, ―Oh ye of little faith‖.
again. Letters, letters, letters are        to park? Close, we‘ll have a lot this         Out comes the bags, powders, per-
getting out to all the ladies in the        time.                                         fumes, lotions, robes, snuggies….yes,
churches. With their help we can do                   We get to the first store. A        thank you God, we did it! I hear a
this again. Oh please send a bless-         prayer is said. Dear Lord, please let this    voice say, ―I hope I didn‘t forget
ing their way Dear Lord. Keep them          one have everything we need. The              anyone‖. Sure hope this Christmas is
in good health. We need them.               carts are full when a little lady says        their best one ever! She walks back
                                            ―Thank you for getting that for me‖!          over to each bag, I look on as she
                                            Well, I guess I should have taken off         looks in each bag with a smile and a
                                            that smock. Well, it‘s Christmas, do I        twinkle in her eye that Santa would
                                            tell her it‘s for us or let her have a nice   like to have. I ask her what she was
                                            Christmas. Boy, is she happy! We‘ll           doing. ―It‘s done, it‘s done! After it‘s
                                            get the rest some where else. On the          done, I put in my hug and prayer for
                                            way to check out I hear a little boy say      a healthy and happy year.‖
                                            as I push a loaded cart by, ―She sure                  And by the way, Santa is a
                                            uses too much fume!‖ All day, store           lady. ―Oh no don‘t say that‖, she
                                            after store, a little here a little there.    says very loud. Here Santa, you take
                                            Snowing now, we better get going.             it from here.    Love you; see you
                                            Slipping as we drive. Someone says            next year Big Guy!
                                            we sure could use a sled! Don‘t say
                                            that! As much as we love animals,                        Susie Scott & Troyya Curry
                                            we‘d have to feed those reindeer!                       Volunteer Service Assistants
                                            Cards have to be signed, hundreds of
                                                                                                      United Methodist Village
                                            them. Tables set up, bag after bag
                                            gets filled with robes, jackets, gowns,
                                            slippers, snuggies, lotions, powders,                               Eunice Glasser
                                            things and more things. And candy!                      Volunteer Services Director
                                            All day, names are put on each item                       United Methodist Village
    Murray, the Volunteer Services'         when it comes to a loud STOP! Stop,
 mascot, earns his salary by checking       stop, stop we hear. This is not the way
 each gift bag and giving his approval      we want this. Why not? Well, I don‘t         
   before they leave the "workshop".        think the man will like a lady‘s gown
 The United Methodist Village                                                     Baked Goods, Tie Die                      Items our Residents Help Make
                                                                                  Shirts (pictured left), De-
                                                                                  signer      Purses,     Bird              residents
                                                                                  Houses, used books, and                      these
                                                                                  so much more! Each                        snowmen
                                                                                  year we also sell lunch                    buttons,
                                                                                  to those who come to                       lotions,
                                                                                  raise money for our resi-                  garland,
                                                                                                                            & decora-
At The United Methodist Village, we have a                                        dent‘s activities. This                   tive signs
                                                                                                                             to raise
semi-annual Bazaar at each campus. Most                                           year we had Vegetable                     money for
                                                                                  Soup,      Coney‘s,     Hot                  their
recently, we had one in November at the                                                                                     Activities
Main Campus.                                                                      Dogs, Brownies, & Soft
                                                                                  Serve Ice Cream. It was
               The Bazaar is a fun event for                                      delicious!
               the public, residents, & em-
               ployees. Everyone looks for-                            We will be having an-
               ward to it. The funds are                               other Bazaar this Spring
               used to enhance the life of        & we hope you plan to come! If you would
               the residents through activi-      like more information or would like to set up a
               ties. During the year, resi-       booth, contact Pam Hipsher (618) 943-3347.
               dents are busy working on
               projects to be sold (pictured
               left). They make homemade
               lotion that sells all year long.
               They make jewelry, orna-
               ments, lighted garlands,
               lighted lanterns, decorative        Everyone enjoyed our lunch we sold! Rachel Gard, President of the
                                                  Lawrence County Chamber, stopped by with her son (pictured right).
               signs and much more (Items            Pictured left is a table full of ladies eating lunch including Ilene
                                                                Grumieaux, a Southern Meadows tenant
               are also sold at our monthly
Village Store which is held in the Activity

                 This year we had many ven-
                 dors for everyone to shop.
                 We even had some new
                 ones this year! There was Lia
                 Sophia (pictured left), Taste-
                                                                                                                             One of our Assisted Living Residents at the North Campus &
                 fully Simple, Homemade                                                                                      her daughter had a booth with fashionable homemade items
                                                       Birdhouses made by an Activity Assistant at the UMV
          Christmas Appeals Letter:                                                          There’s No Place Like
              Donations Needed                                                               Home for the Holidays
Dear Friends,                                                                  So you‘ve come home for the holidays to spend time with your family.
          As the Christmas Season rapidly approaches and we celebrate          During this time you might be noticing that an elderly relative may not be
                                                                               getting around as good as you thought. ―Yes, excuse the house, I‘m not
Christmas with our loved ones and friends, we pray that you will re-           able to keep up with it like I used to,‖ they might say. But don‘t dismiss
member the residents of the United Methodist Village Main and                  your concerns or curiosity. Take time now to assess this relatives needs
                                                                               before it‘s too late and they need more dependent care. Your family
North Campuses.                                                                member may be having difficulty & might need assistance with their
                                                                               everyday living functions.
          This year, we are providing a home for over 160 residents in
which over 50% of them depend on Illinois Public Aide and the be-              At this point you will need to assess what problems they are having. It‘s
                                                                               good to keep in mind that your relative may not be as forthcoming on
nevolent work of The Village for their care. As Jesus teaches us in            their issues because they don‘t want to be a bother. So here are some
James 1:27, Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and fault-            things you can do: 1) Check with a close friend or neighbor to see if
                                                                               they‘ve noticed any changes in this person. Has their routine changed?
less is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to        2) Ask the nearest living family member to check up on them from time
keep oneself from being polluted by the world.                                 to time. So if there has been a change, then maybe it‘s time to start
                                                                               looking into your options.
          With your prayers and help we will continue to provide qual-
ity care for your loved ones and friends for many years to come! We            There are many options to choose from. You may be able to do
                                                                               something as simple as a housekeeper or a sitter who can run errands
pray during this season of giving that you will remember The Village           for them. Also, you might be able to look into Meals on Wheels at your
with a donation to help those who are so dependent on us for their             local Senior Citizen Center. Your local grocer might also be able to
                                                                               deliver groceries or you can look into Home Health which will provide
care “God’s Older Children”.                                                   some of the above mentioned services as well as some nursing care.
          May God bless you and your loved ones throughout this                Steps need to be taken before accidents occur like falling, broken
                                                                               bones, etc that will make them more dependent on someone else for
“Joyous Christmas Season”.                                                     health care needs.
                                                          Prayerfully yours,   If you decide they need more care, need more socialization, or just
                                                       Eunice Glasser          some assistance then you might want to look into Independent Living,
                                                                               Assisted Living, or Intermediate Care. You can find all of these services at
                              Gift Planning, Auxiliary & Volunteer Director    The United Methodist Village right here in Lawrence County. We have
                                                                               tons of information on our website at or for our
                                                                               Independent Living (Southern Meadows Estates) you can go to
                                                                      Please feel free to call me with
 P.S. Please feel free to call me if you need any further information          questions at (618) 943-3347, I would happy to help in anyway I can.
(618) 943-3347 extension 1220.                                                                                                         Freeda Hughes
                                                                                                                                 UMV Admissions Director
            The United Methodist Village
                      1616 Cedar Street                                            Standard Permit
                 Lawrenceville, IL 62439                                              PAID #3
                                                                                  Lawrenceville, IL
                         (618) 943-3347


     This Could Be You!!!
Employee of the Month                            Employment Opportunities
                                           Activity Assistant—Part Time
                                           30 Hrs Per week (includes every other weekend)

                                           Dietary Assistant—Part Time (20 Hrs)
                                           RN / LPN
                                           Full Time (2pm-10pm)
                                           Full Time (3pm-11pm)
                                           Full Time (11pm-7am)

                                           C N A - Part Time & Full Time
                                           All Shifts Available

UMV Main Campus           UMV North
Sue Finley
LPN,                     Grace Wirth
Infection Control        Dietary Aide
29 Years of Service

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