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									Sixth Grade Geography
December 2011 Exam

   1. Canada

Study pages164-183. Study the map of Canada.The map should have the provinces
of Canada and the bodies of water around Canada. Use your first test to help you to
prepare. Use quizlet and sheppardsoftware.

2, Mexico.

The map that will study will have the following labels : Baja California, Sierra Madre
Occidental,Sierra Madre Oriental,Central Plateau,Yucatan, Mexico,Guatemala, Belize.
El Salvador, Honduras,Nicaragua,Costa Rica, Panama,Cuba, Haiti, Dominican
Republic,Jamaica, Bahamas,Puerto Rico, Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico,
Bay of Campeche, Gulf of California. I have posted a list of capital cities on a separate
quizlet page.

Textbook page198-205. Page 206 -210. Look at the flashcards for this section.page
212-219.Read the first and the third section of the chapter carefully. For the second
section, you may use the flashcards.

3. Brazil

;Page 308 -315. For section 2 (pages 316-319) use the flash cards on quizlet..page
320 -325. Map of South America with the countries, oceans, Tierra Del Fuego, Cape
Horn.. Capital cities of South America.

4. We will prepare a few discussion-type questions net week. At least one of the
questions will be about deforestation in the Amazon. We will also look at at least
one topic that involves poverty and a comparison between two or more countries.

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