09-Smith Poster CT Rubric by dandanhuanghuang


                                 NCLC 120: Critical Thinking Assessment of Final Poster Project
                                                                                                                                             Needs Substantial (1)             Pts
Elements                                Highly Competent (4)              Competent (3)               Needs Improvement (2)
1. Introduction & Scientific Foundation
Species current/historical ranges,      Clearly & correctly identified,   Identified implicitly or    Some information present, but a        Information ambiguous/not
population, evolutionary history        explicit                          incompletely described      little ambiguous                       present

Group oral presentation of your         Demonstrates thorough             Demonstrates                Additional clarity of topic is         Topic not explained. No
                                        understanding of topic.           understanding of topic;     needed. Primarily based on             evidence of engagement
species’ conservation status,
                                        Clearly articulates key ideas.    somewhat clear              collection & repetition of other’s     /new ideas on topic; work
population genetics, adaptation,
                                        Reflects in-depth group           explanation; some new       ideas & images; articulation of        simply a re-hash of other
niche or evolutionary history.          engagement with topic.            ideas                       issue.                                 people’s ideas
2. Analysis of Problem/Issue/Investigation
                                        Type of data presented            Data presented is                                                  Data presented does not
                                                                                                      Data presented in unclear format,
                                        clearly supports/refutes the      somewhat representative                                            show clear effort and
Data Selection                                                                                        does not support or the topic
                                        topic                             of the topic                                                       integration with the topic
                                        Data presented is correctly       Data presented is mostly                                           Data presented does not
                                                                                                      Data presented is not completely
                                        labeled/statistics are            correctly labeled. Figure                                          show clear effort and
                                                                                                      labeled and/or description is
Data Presentation                       identified; figure is clearly     description is somewhat                                            understanding of quantitative
                                        described.                        clear.                                                             reasoning used
3. Integration of Field Trip Information
                                                                          Ideas integrated into a                                            Ideas lack connection or
Field trip data/observations            Clearly integrated with topic,                                Limited connections and
                                                                          somewhat coherent                                                  coherence from field trip to
integrated                              significance explained                                        significance not explained
                                                                          piece                                                              project
4. Analysis of Policy
                                        Demonstrates clear                Somewhat coherent
Policy, breeding, protection or                                                                       Policy issues not well                 Policy issue(s) not clearly
                                        understanding of related          discussion of related
management etc.. addressed                                                                            understood.                            identified, or explained
                                        policy.                           policy.

5. Discussion/Conclusions
                                                                          Discussion/Conclusions                                             Maintains preconceived
                                        based on evidence, Clearly                                    Some unwarranted conclusions
                                                                          based somewhat on                                                  views regardless of
                                        articulates future vision in                                  drawn, or solution errors. Very
Conclusions/Solution(s)                 research & policy. Fresh
                                                                          evidence, vision has
                                                                                                      few new insights
                                                                                                                                             evidence/ need for different
                                                                          some new ideas                                                     solution
6. Literature Cited
Minimum of 4: (1 journal, one popular                                     Most resources/ sources
                                        All are appropriate & relevant                                Some resources/sources are not         No relevant, appropriate,
press article, and one high quality                                       relevant, appropriate,
                                        (number, content, credibility)                                relevant, appropriate, credible        credible resources/ sources
website).                                                                 credible
7. Creativity
                                                                          Mostly professional-
                                        Professional looking,                                         Unattractive, poor quality of color,   Very little effort put forth to
Overall poster quality                                                    looking, somewhat
                                        attractive, engaging                                          font, images or labels                 visually engage reader.

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