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Next, we read about the cobalt bomb, which was worse than the hydrogen bomb and could
smother the planet in an endless chain reaction. ...

PinkMonkey Literature Notes on
Scorpion had been on patrol near Midway in the Pacific, and was approaching Manila, in the
Philippines, when clouds of dust from the cobalt bomb explosions, ...

Henry David Thoreau
Yet, with little or no inward protest they respond to the state's demands to do all kinds of
ghastly jobs—to perfect the H-bomb or the more terrible cobalt ...

benchmark_1.doc - Objective 3
The bomb was named Joe-1 by the West and it was detonated at the .... a specially chosen
salting isotope is used (cobalt-59 in the case of the cobalt bomb). ...

Simple Tabletop Exercise, Cyber Security Breach, Unusual Water ...
The bomb contains Plutonium-238/239, as well as other fission products, including Strontium-
90, Cesium-137 and Cobalt-60. The dirty bomb is set to detonate ...

I'm packed up ingredients stacked up my Laptop
I get some cobalt 60 from a food irradiator so easy to send the infidels to their creator its takes
a dirty mind to build a dirty bomb ...

The bomb case consists of a nickel-cobalt alloy (Air Force 1410), possibly with a depleted
uranium component. In sled tests, the bomb perforated 3.35 meters ...
Hormesis-Luckey-Nuc-triage.doc - Environmentalists For Nuclear ...
... highly radioactive ingredients for dirty bombs are cobalt-60, .... The Japanese atom bomb
victims and the nuclear worker studies suggest that most ( over ...

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