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					                          ANDROID 2.3 better than 2.2
        This is the version of maximal improvement, before the android OS was really made for
the tablet PC. As to whether this version?
Now we will discuss the ability of Android Gingerbread. As we know, Google has long
beenofficially introduced the Nexus S, Android phone successor Nexus One.
Google also has promised this device will always get the features and the latest software from
Google. Including the operating system that will use AndroidGingerbread.

Below are some the advantages Android Gingerbread:

NFC (Near-Field Communication)
      NFC applications will be available at the Gingerbread, this gadget allows
manufacturers to make devices that can be used for wireless transactions or electronicwallet.

 Support the Front Camera
        Camera application in Android 2.3 already supports the front camera. This means
that manufacturers like HTC, which is one version of Android phones have two cameras, can be
directly installed two cameras on Android phones.

 Internet phone
       Capability via internet telephony, or Voice over IP, will be supported on the
operatingsystem level. Without additional applications, the user can make VoIP calls, of course
withSIP settings manually.

More Neat appearance
       Display of Gingerbread interface will supposedly more neat and easy to learn. Menu
and improved visual theme by Google to facilitate navigation.

Manajemen Applications
     Here is available an application called Manage Applications. Users can see how much
memory is absorbed by each of the applications currently running.

Input Text Faster
        Gingerbread Android keyboard was promised to be better, with some changes in
location and shape. In addition there is a typo fixing ability by default dictionary.

copy Paste
       The ability to choose (select) and then do the Copy, Cut or Paste in
the Gingerbreadgetting better. How to use Apple's similar to that performed on the IOS,
complete with a signthat can be shifted before copying.

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