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									                 Checking of each sample after
                   production by supervisor

                                                      If found any defect in the
 Complete shot on machine                             produced lot ,discrepancy is
to check all cavities is picked                     marked .Defects to be removed
    after every 15 minute                           on the spot. produced lot is sent
                                                          for review &sorting.

                                                    In case of any issue ,the
If found Ok Production                               problem is reported to
       continues                                      the GM Productions

                                                       GM Productions is
                                                     responsible to resolve
Hourly QC checks are to                                    the issue
 be done & recorded.

                                                     Production continues
                                                      after resolving the
 Production continues

                                                       Reports sent to QC
                                                          manager, GM
                                                     productions at the end
                                                     of the day to be signed

                                  Reports sent to
                                  GM Marketing
                                  for review and
                                  further action
          QC Manager picks up one complete shot from the
         freshly produced lot and checks the quality & specs
         at the QC lab daily( to be as per defined parameters)

         QC Manager takes the samples to the QC lab & check the
            quality & specs ( to be as per defined parameters)

                                                    If found below AQ level
    If found Ok                                   ,discrepancy is marked & the
                                                 observed defects to be removed
Production continues                             on spot. Produced lot is sent for
                                                         review &sorting

Follow up QC checks                                 Report is prepared &
                                                   sent to GM Productions
 will be done as per
                                                          for review &
defined parameters.                                rectification of the issue

 Report is prepared for                              GM Productions is
         record                                    responsible to resolve
                                                         the issue

                                                   Produced lot is kept
  Report is sent to GM
                                                    on hold & further

                              Reports sent to
                              GM Marketing
                                for review
Raw materials     Raw material
                                    material/batch                        Mixed material
 incoming-         Inspection                          Material mixing
                                    # issuance to                            storage
   stores                            production

                   Components                            Production &         Material
                    Assembly /       Quality Control     Online checks       transfer to
                  Auto wad fixing      Checks on              with         Injection Blow
Quality Control
                    & labeling        hourly basis       identification     through Auto
                    procedure                                 slips            loaders

                   Storage of          Dispatch to
Packing in Poly
                    finished          customers in
 bags ,labeling
                    goods in            company
   & sealing
                   warehouse             vehicle
                      Change Shoes           Dip hands in           Use dryer for         Wear Gloves
 for staff &
                         & dress               sterilizer              hands                & Cap

                          Printing ,
                         Assembly ,                                  Enter HVAC
                                              Raw material                                 Pass through
                        wad fixing ,                                 production
                                               mixing area                                  Air shower
                         final QC &                                     Area
                        Packing area

This process will be followed every time a worker or any staff member comes out of the HVAC area.

Visitors or unauthorized persons are strictly not allowed to enter HVAC area unless permitted by
authorized personnel. Visitors gallery to be used.

                  Purchase                                  Inward
Monthly                        Purchase
                 Management                 P O released   materials
Planning                        request

   Material        Material
issued against     Issuance      M .R.R        Entry in    Inspection &
  authorized        request     Generated       ledger        Checks
  requisition        ( MIR)

  Bin Cards       Production   Management
                                              issued for
  displayed        planning     approval


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