Metallica’s Kirk Hammett on His First Flying V and Why He Loves the Wah by AbdulHannan13


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									Almost 30 years have passed since Kirk Hammett joined what was to become one of the biggest, most
influential metal bands of all time. As the lead guitarist for Metallica, Hammett developed a unique six-
string proficiency that helped capture metal lovers’ hearts and fist-pumps with 1984’s Ride the
Lightning and 1986’s Master of Puppets, two albums many call some of the genre’s all-time greatest.
Today, Metallica are as active as ever. In fact, the guys are plotting their first-ever music festival, Orion
Music + More, which is slated to rock Atlantic City, New Jersey, on June 23 and 24.
In celebration of his amazing career, Gibson Custom has issued the Kirk Hammett Flying V, a meticulous
recreation of Kirk’s own Flying V and trusted companion throughout his playing career with Metallica.

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