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					Fifth Grade Language Arts SPI/ TCAP Question Review
1. (501.1.1) Every Thursday, Brenden volunteers at the animal shelter.
  First, he needs to take the dogs for walks so they can get some exercise.
  Brenden knows the dogs like to get out of the cages and play with him.
  When he leaves, he misses all the dogs that he met that week. After
  walking the dogs, he gives them fresh food and clean water.

  Which sentence from the paragraph above is in the wrong order?

     A. Every Thursday, Brenden volunteers at the animal shelter.
     B. When he leaves, he misses all the dogs that he met that week.
     C. First, he needs to take the dogs for walks so they can get some exercise.
     D. Brenden knows the dogs like to get out of the cages and play with him.

2.     (501.2.3)

                                 Bats on Vacation

    Have you ever wondered what bats do in the winter? The answer depends
on what kind of bat you are talking about. Some bats migrate to a warmer
climate when the temperature begins to drop. Other bats hibernate.
    Bats that migrate fly to warmer climates in the winter. They fly to places in
which they can find plenty of insects and fruit to eat. Some of these bats fly up
to 800 miles to get from their homes in the U.S. to their homes in Mexico.
    Bats that hibernate stay in the same area year-round. Cave bats fly into
caves and hibernate in groups of hundreds of bats. Having so many bats
gathered together helps them stay warm all winter. When summer comes
around, they live in trees and buildings. Tree bats hibernate in hollow trees
during the winter. When the weather warms up, they live in roosts in trees.

Samuel is writing a summary of "Bats on Vacation." Which word in the
passage should he highlight as being important for his summary?

     A. wondered
     B. hollow
     C. migrate
     D. 800 miles

3.     (501.3.3)

    Do you know where to find Italy on a map? Italy juts out from the
European continent. It sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea. It is shaped like a
high-heeled boot. The toe is pointed to the island of Sicily. Other important
islands to its west are Sardinia, Corsica, and Elba. To the north are France,
Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Some countries lie to the east. They are
across the Adriatic Sea. Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina are found across the

Which sentence from the passage supports the idea that Italy is
surrounded by water?

     A. Do you know where to find Italy on a map?
     B. The toe is pointed to the island of Sicily.
     C. It is shaped like a high-heeled boot.
     D. It sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea.

4.     (501.3.6)

     (1) People who work for the FBI have many different jobs. (2) They
don't spend all of their time investigating crimes. (3) They sometimes
work in communities. (4) They get to know the people and their
problems. (5) They may show people ways to prevent crime in their
neighborhoods. (6) They must continue to receive training in their field.
(7) Of course, the Agents also spend some time investigating crimes. (8)
Another interesting career is that of an engineer. (9) Every day is
different for a Special Agent. (10) One day he or she may take a course
on using firearms. (11) The next day he or she might spend the day in
the office doing paperwork. (12) One thing is sure—Special Agents don't
get bored!

Which sentence should be removed from the paragraph?

     A. sentence   5
     B. sentence   8
     C. sentence   2
     D. sentence   12

5.      (501.3.10)

    The workers across the street spent weeks working on the new
building. They put in late hours. They worked on the weekends. They
even worked when they were sick. They wanted to make the deadline.
_______, the building was ready, and they got to enjoy their work.

Which transitional word best completes the sentence?
     A. However
     B. Finally
     C. First
     D. Additionally

6.     (501.3.11)

 Do you enjoy putting on your headphones and playing music loudly to drown
out the rest of the world? Do you enjoy cranking up the volume on your
favorite song loudly, so it's the only thing you can hear? If you like it loud, be
    Even though it doesn’t last, temporary hearing loss is a very real problem.
It can happen when someone listens to a very loud noise for 15 minutes or
less. It makes it so that you can't hear as well as you normally would. This can
even cause tinnitus. Tinnitus is a medical condition. It means a ringing in the
    Also, permanent hearing loss can happen when someone listens to loud
noises for a long period of time. When this happens, tinnitus never goes away.
Think about how your favorite song would sound with a constant ringing in your
ears. It wouldn't be as pleasurable a song to listen to with a constant ring.
    One way to avoid this is to protect your ears. If you use heavy equipment
that makes a lot of noise, use earmuffs to protect your ears. Another way to
protect your ears is to simply turn down the volume.
    Think of how you would feel if you could no longer hear someone call your
name or if you never got to hear your favorite song again. Protect your ears,
and turn it down now, so you can tune it in later.

Which of the following sentences should be added to the conclusion?

     A. You also might want to give your ears a rest if you like wearing headphones.
     B. Playing music on headphones for a long period of time can hurt your hearing.
     C. That's why construction workers and factory workers need to wear ear
     D. When you consider the downside to not protecting your ears, the choice is

7.     (501.4.2)

                                 Citing References

Fuerst, Jeffrey. Kid’s Baseball Workout. New York: Millbrook Press, 2000.
Kasoff, Jerry. Baseball Just for Kids. Boston: Grand Slam Press, 1996.

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Bartlett, Brett R. The Perfect Season. Washington, D.C.: Whirlwind Press, 2003.

Who wrote Baseball Just for Kids?

     A. Claire MacKay
     B. John Mccarthy
     C. Jeffrey Fuerst
     D. Jerry Kasoff

8.     (501.5.2)

It is not an easy job to plan the Olympics. It is a lot of work to hold the Olympics in
a city. Just ask the people of Atlanta, Georgia. In 1996, athletes from over 100
countries participated in Atlanta. People were sent from newspapers, radio, and
television stations to cover the games. Changes had to be made all over the city.
Athletes and coaches needed places to stay. Fans and the media needed
somewhere to stay, too. A lot of healthy food had to be ready for the participants.
Teams of people had to make the food. Other teams cleaned up after people ate.
Visitors wanted to shop and eat at nice places. Places had to be built for different
     The first modern-day Olympics were very different. They were held in 1896.
Only thirteen countries came to the Olympics in Athens, Greece. Ten athletes
competed for the United States. However, we won nine out of ten events! This
started America’s tradition of winning a lot of Olympic events.
from Grolier: Story of America and Heath Literacy: Skill Practice and Assessment

What is one effect of so many people coming to Atlanta for the Olympics?

     A. The Olympics were moved to Athens, Greece.
     B. Many workers had to prepare large amounts of food.
     C. The athletes had to participate in more events.
     D. The athletes needed more time to practice.

9.      (501.7.1)
Patrick needs to know the number of miles between two cities in his
state. He knows that he could measure it using a map drawn to scale.
What is the best source Patrick could use to find this information?

  A. dictionary
  B. atlas
  C. field trip
  D. newspaper

10.   (501.8.8)

                                by J. Robbins
                      My favorite time of all the year
                      is always Halloween.
                      I love to dress up like a knight,
                      a princess, or a queen.
                      I like to eat my candy to
                      find out which one is best;
                      I'll share some with my sister, and
                      then I'll eat all the _______.

Which of these words completes the rhyme scheme in this poem?

  A. sugar
  B. fruit
  C. candy
  D. rest

   1- B
   2- C
   3- D
   4- B
   5- B
   6- D
   7- D
   8- B
   9- B
   10-       D

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