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									Helen keller

          by Jamie
             About her
•Helen Adams Keller was an
 American author, activist and
 lecturer. She was the first deafblind
 person to graduate from college.
             her Childhood
• Helen Keller was born in 1880.She got
  blind and deaf until she was 19 months old
  that she contracted an illness described by
  doctors as “an acute congestion of the
  stomach and the brain”, which might have
  been scarlet fever. The illness did not last for
  a long time, but it left her deaf and blind.
              A new life
• A teacher named Anne Sullivan arrived
  at Keller's house in March
  1887 .Teacher Anne changed Helen’s
  life and teach Helen to read and speak.
                Her whole life
• Helen keller died in 1968. Lions in Alabama to
  build a "Helen Keller Memorial Park. " The park is
  located in Ivy Green, Keller’s birthplace. Since the
  completion of the park, the Lions have 37
  countries, dedicated to their efforts. The focus of
  the Memorial Park is Keller's bust, inscribed with
  her ​words, “I open the opportunity for your
  Question time!!!

easy        So so

hard     Very hard
Who is Helen Keller’s teacher?
    easy answer

Teacher Anne
               So so
• How many years does Helen keller live?
So so answer

 87 years
• When does Helen keller got blind and deaf
• ?(month)
       Hard answer

When she is 19 months old
      Very hard(bonus)
• Who is Helen Keller’s father?
      Very hard answer

Captain Arthur Henley Keller
 The End

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