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                         Our Gems
             A peek into Cheder Lubavitch Morristown Preschool

  ―Mr. Sniffles‖ is welcomed into the Pre-Nursery Classroom
                               What a busy time we have had lately! We have been hard at
                               work learning how to take care of our bodies and how to
                               stay healthy. We have been practicing covering our mouths
                               and noses when we sneeze or cough, and
                               we even had a very special guest named
                               Mr. Sniffles come to our class to help us
practice! We have also learned how to wash our hands properly to help get
                  off all the germs (even the ones we CAN‘T see), by
                  making sure we wash the entire hand as we sing our
                  song ―Tops and Bottoms‖, which help us remember to
                  wash everywhere. We finished off our unit with our Grand Pajama Party
                  where we talked about getting enough sleep and eating a good break-
                  fast when we wake up… but of course the best part was coming to
                  school in our pajamas!

              Pre-school experiences ―Yetzias Mitzrayim‖

                                 After spending many Parshios learning about Moshe
                             Rabbinu , the Makos, Paroah and the Yidden in Mitzratim
                                        we finally came to the much anticipated
                                                  ―Yetzias Mitzrayim!‖
                               We started by mixing flour and water and baking our own
                              Matzos. Then we quickly put
                             on our Matzah backpacks and
 off we went, wearing lots of jewelry and carrying packets
 of jewels (compliments of the ― Mitzrim‖). We made our
 way through the Midbar (up the stairs) and stopped as we
 came to the Yam Suf. We stood there a bit frightened, lis-
            tening to the loud roar of the waves.
Suddenly Nachshon (a.k.a Mendel Piekarski) jumped into
the water, and we all followed! The big blue ―water walls‖
were really high! We were really fascinated to discover treats
growing on the branches of the walls of water as we were
crossing through the Yam Suf. When we safely got through
the water we were so…. happy! All the boys and girls picked
up their tambourines, sang and danced!

 Children explore the Shivas Haminim at Preschool
                  Tu B ‗shvat Fair

                                  On Tu-B‘shvat our preschool children enjoyed a special
                                Tu-B‘shvat Fair. They all had an opportunity to experience
                                  each of the Shivas
                                 Haminim , the seven
                                 species that Hashem
                                blessed Eretz Yisroel.
  We held large stalks of wheat and sifted pounds of
cool white flour through our fingers at a sensory table
 filled with flour. To strengthen our fine motor skills
we picked up barley with tweezers and brought them
    to the Bais Hamikdosh to be used for a Karbon
Omer. At the gefen center we practiced two Brochos. After tasting (Haetz Brocha) differ-
   ent color grapes, we placed them in bags, squeezed and pounded them until we pro-
                                   duced our own grape juice (Hagafen Brocha). Have you
                                     ever seen a pomegranate painting? Ask a pre-nursery
                                    artist to show you how it‘s done! We measured BIG fig
                                    leaves, then used magnifying glasses, to discover there
                                     are many tiny seeds inside a fig .The olives reminded
                                   us of Chanukah when we made Shemen Zayis and filled
                                   our menorah. What's TuBshvat without the sweet honey
                                                         taste of dates!

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                   Pre – K ‘s are our brachos experts...
Our Pre- K students have been very excited about their Brachos unit.
Each week, they explored a different Bracha. The children learned
about the life cycles of trees as well as enjoyed cutting up a delicious
fruit salad for Boray Peree Haetz. For Boray Peree Haadomo we
learned about the growth of vegetables and differentiated between
what grows on the ground, over the ground and on bushes. For
Hamotzi we discovered the process of a small wheat kernel, which
becomes flour and then bread. We experimented using flour and wa-
ter to make our own matza. To explore Hagafen we used heavy bricks
to squeeze our own grape juice. We all enjoyed a delicious pancake
breakfast for Boreei Menei Mezonozs. Parents have happily reported
that their children proudly say the proper brachos before they eat.

                   Pre– K experience the wonders of winter!

                              We are learning all about winter! We explored what water
                              can do in the winter – it can be rain or snow, a puddle or a
                              patch of ice, an icicle, etc. We studied the way the water
                              would freeze, melt, and freeze again this year. We studied
                              animal footprints in the snow, and even discovered the split-
                              hooved prints of a kosher animal! We think they may have
                              been from deer. We had fun making a real snowman. We
                              also wanted to eat the snow, so we
found the cleanest, whitest snow and brought it inside. Once it
melted we discovered that it contained many particles of dirt.
Even though we can‘t eat it, we will continue to enjoy many of
our other snow activities.
      Inside the classroom we are working on many books.
Each week we make a number book, and we have reached the
number ten! We are also making a book about winter. We are ex-
ploring the properties of magnets, following musical patterns
with our instruments, and developing wonderful friendships.

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                    Flexible Fievel Visits Kindergarten

                                    As Tzivos Hashem soldiers we've been busy as ever
                                 exercising our strength over the
                               Yetzer Hara so he and all his help-
                                ers will vanish forever. Our trusty
                               old friend Flexible Fievel taught us
                               all about being flexible and staying
                               far away from anger. We know that
                                Mr. Nemen Nekamah loves when
 we get angry because he may be able to convince us into hurting one of our friends C"V.
    We've been using our feelings meter along with calming down strategies from our
  Nitzachon (Victory) album to help us calm down if we get upset. In addition we have
become skilled at using the Terrific Triangle Problem Solver to help us solve problems us-
     ing words. Our latest mission we are working on is becoming
                             Emmes Experts!
  We have also begun a beautiful Rebbiem scrapbook. We have been
hearing stories about each Rebbe and then we use our creative minds to
              depict the lessons each Rebbe has taught us.

                                New at Preschool!

    Did you see the new road and stop signs that are painted on the floor of our gym?

                                   Now, despite the cold, ice
                                  and snow we have a warm
                               place to ―exercise our muscles
                                ― while we learn the rules of
                                the road and drive around in
                                   our new Plasma bikes.

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