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                Avoiding the Cold Season
   It’s that time of year. Every kid in
Primary has the sniffles, and you, your
spouse and all your kids seem stuck in
a cycle of sore throats, runny noses and                                                       Help Your Child Be More Sociable                 2
fevers. It’s enough to drive a health-
conscious parent batty, and it begs the                                                        Nurturing Your Marriage                          2
question: how do I prevent my family
from getting sick?                                                                             Thymes and Seasons                               3
   The answer is simpler than you might
think. According to the Center for Disease                                                     Brain Foods to Include                           4
Control (CDC), the most common culprit                                                              in Your Diet
for spreading cold germs is bad hand-
washing techniques. Keeping hands clean                                                        Emptying the Nest:                               4
and free from germs is the most effective                                                          A Changing Stewardship
method of protecting ourselves from those
winter sniffles.                                                                               Become a Better Listener                         5
   Simply rinsing isn’t enough. The CDC
recommends lathering for 20-30 seconds                                                         Work Out Without the Gym                         5
to allow soap enough time to kill bacteria.
If water and soap are unavailable, Purell or
                                                                                               Dealing with Postpartum                          6
other hand sanitizers can achieve the same
germ-killing end.
   But even if we’re vigorous hand
washers, who knows where our neighbors’
hands have been? Public places are filled      (whether to prepare or eat it); when
with germs that the health-conscious           touching infected infants, children or
public needs to be aware of.                   others; when our hands touch the nose,
                                               mouth, eyes or hands of others (especially
                                                                                               Quick Facts
   Consider how many hands have
touched that doorknob, keyboard or             if either person is sick); when handling        The Right Way to Wash
shopping cart handle. Now think where          garbage, pets, dirty diapers or raw meat;
those hands might have been. Often,            or when we’ve spent time in public places.       1. If paper towels are available, unroll them
our families fall victim to these folks—           According to the CDC, nothing                   before you begin.
society’s bad hand-washers. It’s often the     combats wintertime illnesses more
germs picked up from these places that         effectively than good hand washing.              2. Wet your hands with warm water.
cause illness in our homes.                    Learning and practicing good hand
   The CDC recommends washing or               washing will help your family stay healthy       3. Lather hands with soap, washing the
sanitizing our hands in the following          and happy throughout the holiday season.            palms, back of hands, between fingers and
situations: when our hands touch food                                                              under fingernails.

                                                                                                4. Lather vigorously for 20-30 seconds or about
                                                                                                   the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”

                                                                                                5. Rinse hands thoroughly.

                                                                                                6. Pat hands dry, beginning at the wrist and
                                                                                                   moving downward.

                                                                                                7. Use the paper towel to turn off the faucet, and
                                                                                                   if in a public restroom, use the paper towel to
                                                                                                   open the door.

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            Help Your Child Be More Sociable                                                               Stengthen Your Child’s Social Skills
Parents can help their children by interacting with them in                                                •	   Play sports with your children and show

social situations.                                                                                              them a good example of sportsmanship
                                                                                                                and fair play.
   Parents want their children to be accepted         Pettit suggests that the more often a
by society without difficulties like bullying,     parent interacts with a child, both at home             •	   Take your children shopping and allow
shyness or rejection from peers. Recent            and in public, the more comfortable that                     them to pay for the groceries. Show them
research suggests that the best way to ensure      child will be in a new social situation. This is
children will fit in with their peers is to play   beneficial because children tend to copy their               how to politely interact with the cashier
with them when they are still young.               parents’ behavior and mannerisms in social                   and other customers.
   “We know that the way parents interact          environments.
with their children is one pathway that helps         “Decades of research have documented                 •	   Have your children assist you in organizing
children develop social skills,” says Greg         that parents’ characteristics [in public]—their              a fundraiser or charitable event. Display
Pettit, associate professor of family and child    ability to be warm and positive or punitive
development at Auburn University’s School          and harsh—can affect a child’s confidence                    good leadership and organizational skills
of Human Sciences. “Part of what children          in a wide range of areas,” explains Jackie                   for them to follow.
learn about relationships comes from their         Mize, associate professor of family and child
relationship with their parents, part comes        development at Auburn University’s School of            •	   Take your children to a town council
from what parents tell them and the kinds          Human Sciences.                                              meeting and let them see how the
of experiences with peers that parents help           If the parent is warm and friendly to
provide.”                                          another adult, the child will be more likely                 municipal system works.
                                                                        to respond to that adult           •	   Visit your public library and help your
                                                                         in a positive manner as
                                                                         well. Parents can also                 children get their own card to check out
                                                                         initiate activities with               books.
                                                                         their children. When
                                                                         the parent suggests an            •	   Dress up and take your children to a public
                                                                         activity and the child                 formal dinner party. Show them how to act
                                                                         complies, that is a good
                                                                                                                in a formal setting.
                                                                         predictor of strong social
                                                                         skills, so practice with          •	   Help your children grow vegetables in
                                                                         your children often.
                                                                                                                their own part of the garden. When the
                                                                             See the sidebar for
                                                                         a list of social activities            vegetables are ready, show your children
                                                                         that can strengthen your
                                                                                                                how to sell the fruits of their labor to their
                                                                         child’s social skills.
                                                                                                                neighbors or at a local farmers’ market.

                                                   Nurturing Your Marriage
   Your marriage can be a very satisfying relationship if it is given the        6.   Be quick to say “I’m sorry.” Willingly apologize and forgive. True
nourishment it needs. While dating and romance are wonderful, they are                love is developed by those who are willing to readily admit personal
not enough to sustain a marriage through trials and heartache. The gospel             mistakes and offenses.
of Jesus Christ provides some wonderful insight into what truly makes a          7.   Learn to live within your means. Pay your tithing first, and avoid
celestial marriage happy.                                                             debt insofar as possible. Learn to postpone certain expenses.
   Elder Joe J. Christensen’s April 1995 Conference address, “Marriage           8.   Be a true partner in home and family responsibilities.
and the Great Plan of Happiness,” outlines these key points to help nurture
your marriage and protect it from pitfalls:                                          Along with these eight ways to nurture marriage, couples have
                                                                                 “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” to turn to that includes
1.   Remember the central importance and eternal nature of your                  important information pertaining to marriage. In the Proclamation,
     marriage. The family is the most important unit.                            we learn that “successful marriages and families are established and
2.   Pray for its success. Pray as a couple when problems arise and              maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect,
     marriage is threatened.                                                     love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.” These
3.   Listen. Make time, even schedule time, to listen to your spouse.            principles can strengthen any marriage to withstand the trials of these
4.   Avoid “ceaseless pinpricking.” Don’t be too critical—no one is              latter-days.
     perfect. Remember that some things are better left unsaid.                      By following the Proclamation and the eight points from Elder
5.   Keep your courtship alive. Make time to do things together—just             Christensen, husbands and wives can learn how to strengthen their
     the two of you. It doesn’t need to be costly. Your time together is the     marriage through simple, daily acts.
     most important element.

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   Thymes and seasons                                                                            Try these two great recipes
                                                                                                 for a healthy fall season.

     Haunted Hayride Apples                                              Chicken Parmesan
     Serves: 4                                                           Serves: 6

     Preparation time : 15 minutes                                       Preparation time: 20 min
     Cooking time : 35 minutes                                           Cooking time: 10 min

     1/4 cup seedless raisins                                            1 lb. uncooked boneless skinless chicken breasts
     1/4 cup coarsely chopped walnuts                                    1 (16 ounce) jar Ragu pizza sauce
     1/4 cup brown sugar                                                 2 large eggs
     1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)                             1 cup flour
     dash nutmeg (optional)                                              1 cup Italian style breadcrumbs
     4 firm, tart apples (such as Granny Smith)                          1 cup milk
                                                                         2 cups shredded fresh mozzarella cheese
        Preheat the oven to 350°F. In a small bowl, mix together the     1 cup grated parmesan cheese
     raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Wash and        1 lb. linguine, cooked
     core apples using an apple corer or a small knife. In a baking      2 tablespoons olive oil
     dish, arrange the apples with the tops up. Fill each apple with
     one-fourth of the raisin mixture.                                      Preheat oven to 350°F. Wash the chicken breasts and pat dry with a
                                                                         paper towel. Cut the chicken into thin strips. Put the flour, milk, eggs,
        Pour water into the baking dish to the depth of 1/2 inch.        and bread crumbs in separate bowls. Dip the chicken in the flour first
     Bake for 30 to 40 minutes. Baste the apples once or twice with      (covering completely). Then dip it in the milk, the eggs, and the bread
     the cooking liquid. The apples are done when they still hold        crumbs. Put the breaded chicken on a plate.
     their shape and yield to a knife when pierced. Serve the apples
     when they are cooled slightly.                                        Heat olive oil in a medium sized frying pan over medium heat. When
                                                                         the oil is heated, lay as many breaded chicken breasts in the pan as you
        To warm in the microwave, place the apple in a microwave-        can without overlapping them. Brown both sides of the chicken (about
     safe dish and microwave on low for 1 minute at a time, until        2 minutes in the pan per side). Repeat until all the chicken pieces have
     warm. Caution: Parts of the apple can get very hot!                 been browned.

                                                                            Pour the Ragu into an 11 x 17 inch baking dish. Place the browned
                                                                         chicken in baking dish, leaving the top of the chicken exposed. Evenly
                                                                         disperse the parmesan and mozzarella cheese over the chicken. Bake
                                                                         for 10 minutes or until the cheese and sauce begin to bubble. Serve over
                                                                         linguine noodles.

   The BYU-Idaho                                    Hours:                                         Contact Information
   Wellness Center                                  Mon: 1 - 6 p.m.                                Location: Hart 152
   The BYU-Idaho Wellness Center                    Tues: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. &                      Phone: (208) 496.3046
   promotes health and wellness among the                    3 - 7 p.m.                            Email: wellness@byui.edu
   entire BYU-Idaho community through,              Wed:     2 - 7 p.m.
   preventive, therapeutic, and health care         Thur: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. & 3 - 7                Visit us online at
   services as well as incentive programs.          Friday & weekends: Closed                      www.byui.edu/campuswellness

on Wellness                                                                                                                                          3
                                   Brain-Foods to Include in Your Diet
   We make choices every day about what kinds of food to eat in order          Fatty Acids
to strengthen our bones and muscles, help us burn fat, or lower our               The right kinds of fatty food can benefit your brain. Foods rich
cholesterol. But have you ever thought about what food will keep your          in omega-3 fatty acids can improve your intellectual performance
brain healthy and active? Here are four easy ways you can incorporate          by strengthening brain cell membranes. These fatty acids are most
brain-food into your diet.                                                     commonly found in fish, including tuna, mackerel and herring.

Vegetables                                                                     B Vitamins and multivitamin supplements
    Not only are vegetables healthy for your body, but they also keep the        Choline, a B vitamin, is produced in eggs and can enhance your
brain alert and focused. The key is eating leafy green vegetables like         memory and mental alertness. Multivitamins can be especially helpful as
lettuce, spinach, broccoli or cauliflower. When eaten regularly, these         adults get older because of increased health risks; however, you should
vegetables can improve learning and prevent memory loss as you age.            never take more vitamins than necessary.
    Claudia H. Kawas, M.D., neurologist

and expert in aging from the University of                                                                     Including these foods in your diet isn’t
California, Irvine, says the best advice “is to do                                                          as difficult as it may seem. You can add
what your mother told you to do: Eat all those
healthy fruits and vegetables.”
                                                      Did you know . . .                                    vegetables like broccoli, beets and red bell
                                                                                                            peppers to a salad, or have steamed vegetables
                                                                                                            for lunch. A tuna fish sandwich can give you
Antioxidants                                             Choline, a B vitamin                               the necessary fatty acids, and an egg salad
   Antioxidants reduce natural damage to the             found in eggs, helps                               sandwich can provide you with vitamin B.
cells caused by oxidation. The most common                                                                  When the munchies hit, grab a handful of
sources are vitamins C, E and A. Foods rich              enhance your memory                                grapes or raisins instead of potato chips.
in antioxidants include oranges, red grapes,             and mental alterness.                              Making wise choices like these will keep your
raisins, berries, spinach, broccoli, beets, onions,                                                         brain in prime condition.
red bell peppers, corn and eggplant.

                            Emptying the Nest: A Changing Stewardship
    Students across the country often wonder at the flood of attention they    1.   Anticipate your feelings. Emotional insecurities such as doubt,
receive from their parents when they first leave for college. As children           depression and feelings of emptiness can be curbed if you expect
leave home, parents may struggle with changing parental roles in and                them.
out of the home. What they are experiencing is known as empty-nest             2.   Prioritize your relationships. Family will always be first. Make sure
syndrome.                                                                           to address their continually changing needs, as well as your own.
    Empty-nest syndrome refers to the change in parental roles as children     3.   Communicate. Your children need to talk to you as much as you do
grow up and leave the house. After a lifetime of rearing children, it can be        with them. Weekly communication will strengthen your evolving
a difficult transition for parents to watch them leave to serve missions,           relationship and keep you in touch.
seek an education and eventually marry. This adjustment may even cause         4.   Allow your relationship to evolve. Look for ways to show confidence
feelings of detachment and loneliness as their stewardship role changes.            in your children’s decisions, to let them know you still care.
    This change can cause a unique stress for women since “it entails          5.   Know that they miss you and need you too. Even if it’s not explicitly
the loss of the major components of the mother role,” according to                  stated, a parent’s role in their child’s life is incalculable, and your
the Journal of Marriage and the                                                                                       relationship will deepen as your
Family. This loss may cause mood                                                                                      children begin to recognize the things
fluctuations and depression that                                                                                      you do for them.
further alter the dynamics of the
home, causing strain on marital and                                                                                    As children leave the nest,
filial relationships.                                                                                               maintaining a healthy parent/child
    But whatever emotions may                                                                                       relationship will require awareness
surface during physical detachment                                                                                  of one another’s changing needs.
from children, a healthy relationship                                                                               However, parents can still play
can be maintained with children after                                                                               important and influential roles
they enter adulthood.                                                                                               in their children’s lives, as long as
    Richard and Linda Eyre, LDS                                                                                     stewardship over children evolves and
authors and parenting activists,                                                                                    grows with them.
suggest the following steps to
maintain a healthy relationship in
their book Empty-Nest Parenting:

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                      Become a Better Listener
    Listening seems so simple, but many of us      •	   Brainstorm. Instead of giving advice up
fall short when it comes to being an effective          front, wait until the speaker finishes, and
listener because we either want to talk about           then help brainstorm solutions, looking at
ourselves, or we don’t know how and what it             both pros and cons.
takes to be a good listener.
    Here are some suggestions on how to be a          These tips for becoming a better listener
better listener from Elizabeth Scott, M.S., who    can be used friend and family relationships as
specializes in stress management and family        well as business relationships. A contrast for
therapy.                                           business, however, would be to spend less time
                                                   on emotions and feelings and focus more on
•	   Ask if something is wrong and listen to the   restating, to make sure the message is clearly
     answer. Maintain eye contact.                 understood. In doing this, “you’ll not only
•	   Restate what you hear. Summarize and          avoid misunderstandings but also reassure the
     repeat back your understanding of what        other person that you’re being attentive,” says
     the speaker said and focus on emotions.       communication expert Liz Hughes.
•	   Ask about feelings. Ask the speaker to           The best way to become a better listener is
     expand on what he/she is feeling. This        to actually listen. When you are consciously
     provides an emotional release that may be     paying attention, it will be easy to follow the
     more helpful than focusing on the facts.      other suggestions for being a better listener. As
•	   Maintain focus. Reference something           you work to become a better listener, you will
     that happened to you only if you bring the    not only improve your communication skills,
     focus back on the speaker quickly. This       but will gain the trust and confidence of the
     will help him/her feel genuinely cared for    speaker.
     and understood.

                                                                       Work Out Without the Gym
                                                      Remember that time when you got hyped-            important thing is that you’re exercising. Your
                                                   up about getting in shape? You went to the gym       abilities will increase as you workout regularly.
                                                   for an hour each day for a week. Just one week.         Bicycle Kicks: These will exercise your
                                                      Exercise burnout happens all the time.            legs and abs. Simply lie on the floor on your
                                                   People set huge goals but don’t maintain them.       back, lift your feet above your stomach and
                                                   As personal trainer Antonio Zamora puts it,          circle your feet in the motion of riding a
                                                   “To be effective, moderate exercise must be a        bicycle.
                                                   permanent part of your life. It has to be done          Crunches and Reverse Crunches:
                                                   every day, or at least five days per week, for the   While on your back, bend your knees and place
                                                   rest of your life.”                                  your feet on the floor. Clasp your hands behind
                                                      The solution is to simplify. Here are some        your head and lift your shoulders until your
                                                   simple exercises that can provide the regular        elbows reach your knees. If this is too difficult,
                                                   exercise your body needs. They use gravity           try reverse crunches—lift your knees back to
                                                   as a counter-force, so you can perform these         touch your elbows. These will work your abs
                                                   exercises in your own home. Record the               and back.
                                                   number you do the first time, and gradually
                                                                                                           Squats: Stand with your feet shoulder-
                                                   increase each day. When you combine these
                                                                                                        width apart. While keeping your back straight,
                                                   exercises into a daily routine, you have a simple
                                                                                                        bend your knees, lowering your body as if you
                                                   workout without the gym.                             were about to sit down. Try going far enough
                                                                                                        that your fingers touch the floor. Again, do a
                                                      Push-ups: These will work your triceps,           number of these, and increase that number
                                                   back, and abs. When doing a regular push-up          with time. Squats will exercise your quads.
                                                   (hands shoulder-width apart, toes holding the
                                                   rest of your weight), your arms lift 2/3 of your         This routine should only take about 15
                                                   body weight.                                         minutes, and Zamora recommends repeating
                                                      If this is too much, using your knees as the      it twice daily. If this simple process is repeated
                                                   fulcrum will decrease the load to half your          regularly, it will help you have a healthy body
                                                   body weight. You might also try standing             for the rest of your life.
                                                   against a kitchen counter and pushing off. The

on Wellness                                                                                                                                                  5
                                     Dealing with Postpartum Depression
   Many women experience moderate                   Pregnancy. PPD is more likely to occur among         should focus on eating healthily, getting
depression, known as the “baby blues,” after        women who have a history of depression or            enough rest and getting out of the house
giving birth, but 10 to 20% of new mothers          who experience high levels of stress at home.        for social interaction. If you know someone
are affected by a severe form of the baby blues     What to do                                           who has PPD, offer help and support to the
called postpartum depression (PPD), according          After recognizing that you or someone you         mother and family, including help caring
to psychologist Margaret Howard of Brown            know is experiencing PPD, the first step is to       for the newborn. PPD is prevalent enough
University and the Day Hospital at Women and        set up an appointment with your primary-care         that we should be aware of what it is and
Infants Hospital of Rhode Island.                   physician as soon as possible. Your doctor may       how to help those who experience it.
What causes PPD?                                    suggest anti-depressant
   There are many hypotheses regarding the          or anti-anxiety
cause of PPD. A possible cause is the changing      drugs along with
hormone levels in a woman’s body after giving       counseling.
birth.                                                 Nursing mothers
   Another study, performed at Ohio State           should be fine taking
University, suggests that fatigue can increase      such prescriptions
a woman’s likelihood of becoming severely           because, as Fit
depressed after childbirth. Other sources           Pregnancy explains,
propose that causes for PPD are more social,        studies suggest that
such as poor self-esteem or an unhealthy            “babies of moms
spousal relationship.                               who breastfeed while
Symptoms                                            taking Zoloft or
   Regardless of the cause, postpartum              Paxil do not behave
depression typically sets in a few days after       or develop any
giving birth. Some of the signs include anxiety,    differently than babies
irritability, lack of appetite, apathy, extreme     who are breastfed by
emotions, insomnia, irrational behavior,            unmedicated moms.”
inability to think clearly and fear of inflicting      Women who are
pain on oneself or one’s baby, according to Fit     diagnosed with PPD

                                                              Get the Most Out of What You Read
                                                     1.   Understand the purpose of your reading—read with a goal in mind. Your purpose for reading
                                                          a magazine is likely different from a novel. Know what you want to gain from your reading.
                                                     2.   Familiarize yourself with what you are about to read. Read the back cover or the table of
                                                          contents. This will let you know the most important parts of the material.
                                                     3.   When you’ve finished reading a piece, review what was important before moving on to your
                                                          next task. This will help you avoid having to review or re-read later on.
                                                     4.   Find an appropriate time and place. If you want to get something valuable out of a book,
                                                          don’t wait until bedtime to pick it up. Also, find a place without distractions. Planning your
                                                          reading will make your time more effective.

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