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									Spring Art Walk ~                                             Search for Talent Contest~
Mark your calendar for Saturday June 3rd, 5:00-9:00 p.m.      The Exchange Club of Newport Harbor is presenting its annual
   Please join us as we walk down Galaxy Drive, visiting      “Search for Talent” contest, which is open to children from 6 to
some of our neighborhoods most beautiful courtyards, and      18 years of age, in three age groups. The contest will be held
viewing fabulous works of art created by Orange Counties      at Oasis Senior Citizen Center, 800 Marguerite Ave., Corona
                                                              Del Mar on Friday, March 31, 2006, at 7:00 P.M. The first,
finest...our kids!!!
                                                              second and third place winners in each age group will be
   There will be wine tasting, culinary samplings and
                                                              awarded trophies and will be eligible to compete at higher
entertainment. We will be bidding on our children's           levels, finally for a prize of $1000. The office has entry forms if
classroom art projects as well as the ever popular teacher    you are interested.
time and talent.
   Don't miss out on this end of the year event that          Honorary Service Awards~
celebrates the tremendous efforts put out by our kids and     Last week nomination forms, for the
their teachers.                                               Honorary Service Award, were sent home
 If you have any questions or comments, or if you'd like to   with your child. Please take the time to nominate
help, please call Kelly Fults at 949-645-3807 or              someone who has given outstanding volunteer
                                                              service to our children and community.
                                                              If you have not received this form additional copies are in the
                                                              office. Your nomination but be submitted no later than
Teachers Appreciation Week Committee ~                        March 31st. Any questions, call Gina Donald
Are you looking to be on committee that directly              at 949-631-6946.
benefits our teachers and staff? Come to our first
meeting regarding Teacher's Appreciation                                         Mariners Foundation Parent Surveys ~
week on Wednesday, March                                                       The time has once again arrived for the
29th at 9:30am at the home                                                     Foundation’s annual survey. Please
of Denise Ludes. Any                                                           take a moment to fill out the survey as
questions, please contact                                                      it is such an important part of the
Denise Ludes at                                                                Foundation’s planning process; without
949-515-7646 or Gina Donald at 949-631-6946                   your thoughts and feedback we can not be a success.
                                                              You can either indicate your name or be anonymous,
                                                              what’s important is that we get as many surveys back as
                  FOR YOUR CALENDAR                           possible so we can better plan for the upcoming school
                                                              year and for the long term. Working together, we will
March 31st ~ Deadline for Honorary Service
                                                              strive to make Mariners the premiere school in the
         Award Nominations
                           April                              NMUSD. If you have any questions regarding this
April 2nd ~ Day Light Savings – Spring your clock             survey, please contact Erin Seabold at 642.3390 or Kerri
         forward 12:01am                                      Hirsch at 722.6875. If you need a copy of the survey,
April 10th -14th ~ Spring Break NO SCHOOL                     there are extra copies in the front office. You can also
April 15th ~ Deadline for The Log                             email Kerri Hirsch at and request
April 26th ~ PTA Meeting 9:15am PFT                           an email with survey .doc attached, then return to the
                                                              office when complete.

Art At Lunch Volunteers Needed~                               NHHS Grad Night 2006~
Please volunteer your time to help Paula                      If you have a freshman at NHHS or are just plain interested in
during lunch from 12:20-1:20. Volunteers                      experiencing GRAD NIGHT first hand, NHHS is in need of
are needed on Wednesdays or Thursdays.                        security detail from midnight - 4am on Thursday, 6/22/06
Call Karin Erdossy at 949-722-1196 if you are                 (actually, that is Friday a.m.) The freshman parents are
willing to help.                                              officially responsible for this task, but we can use any help that
It is a great opportunity to interact with the children!      is available! If you can help, please contact Patricia Nance at
                                                     or 949-548-3715.
Mariners                                                                              Bake Sale~
Branch                                                                                  Tuesday, April 4th and Wednesday,
Library                                                                                  April 5th, Girl Scout Troop 819 will be
Transition                                                                                having a bake sale during lunch. All
The current                                                                             proceeds will be donated to the Cade
Mariners Branch library will be closing on Saturday April 1st, at                    Feitler Fund. He was a Mariners student,
6pm. The new Crean Mariners Branch Library will be opening its        who was in a
doors to the public on April 21st.                                    car accident in February 2005. He is still in rehab.
There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, April 20th       Please send money with your child to school those days
at 11am.                                                              to purchase baked goods.
Book drop off will be accepted at both locations during the
transition. Check out the library’s main website for more
information.                                                          Yearbook Reminder ~                              There is less than 40 copies of
                                                                      the 2005/2006 Mariners
4th of July- We Need You !!!                                          Yearbook and many more
The Foundation needs your help in planning,                           students than that have yet
organizing and implementing this year's                               to reserve their copy. Order
Fourth of July Parade to Mariners Park.                               your copy today for $16. Make
Over the past few years we've seen this event                         checks payable to Mariners PTA. If
grow from a small parade to a great, community                        you have any questions, please contact Dora at
event. In order for the Foundation to continue co-
hosting this event along with the city of Newport       Beach,
we need volunteers.
If we don't have the manpower to produce this event, the city         New Library Procedures ~
will select another group to co-host and we will lose out                                          There will be a meeting on
on this wonderful opportunity forever.                                                             Wednesday, April 5, 2006,
If you would like to help out in any way please contact                                            at 5:30 pm to talk about the
Erin Seabold at 642-3390 or email her at                                                           procedures we will be using                                                                          when the new Donna and
                                                                      John Crean Mariners Branch Library opens on April 21,
                                                                      2006. We will meet in the PFT and then walk to the
2006-07 PTA Volunteer Interest Questionnaire ~
                                                                      library where you will have the opportunity to take a
PTA Interest Questionnaires came home with your child
                                                                      tour of the library.
last week. Please take a moment to look over the 3 page
flyer. There are so many fun ways to get involved at
Mariners. You can check off if you are either interested in
                                                                       Meeting Minutes Posted ~
being a Chairperson or just a being a helper. If you aren’t
                                                                      Both the Foundation and the PTA post
sure what exactly is required to fill a certain position give
                                                                      their meeting minutes on the Internet.
the current Chair a phone call and she/he can better
                                                                      If you were unable to attend and would
describe the responsibilities. Please return all completed
                                                                      like to know what transpired, check out
questionnaires to the front office. Thank you !
                                                                      these two websites.
                                                                      Mariners Elementary School PTA
           Ink Cartridge Recycling and Discount Ink         
               Cartridges ~                                           Mariners Foundation
                  Here is a win–win-win offer. Save the     
                  environment, make money for the school, save
                   money on ink cartridges, save the                  Mariners Reminders Deadline ~
              environment and make money for the school.              Reminders deadline will be Tuesday, April 4th , by
Please bring in your empty printer cartridges ,in plastic baggies,    1pm. Please contact Chantelle Wolfe at
and place into recycling box located in the office.. Mariners will or call 949*646*0842
earn up to $3.25 per cartridge. We also earn cash for old cell
phones.                                                               The Log Deadline ~
Here is a new offer from ~ They are offering        April 15th is the deadline for the May issue of The Log.
5% back to Mariners on all orders. This is a great site to stock up   Please submit all articles to Alesia Erickson by email
on all your print cartridge needs. Just select Mariners      or phone 949-631-0724. Photos and
Elementary on their site and start your savings.                      graphics welcomed.

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