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       Staff Attorney                        The beginning of a new millennium offers an excellent vantage point from which to look

       Sophie Fanelli                        back over the last century and take in all that we have accomplished in the fight for liberty

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                                             and equality. In 1923, when the ACLU/SC was founded, the U.S. Constitution and the

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                                             Bill of Rights were nearly 130 years old, yet Americans could not freely exercise many of

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       Harold Gunn                           their constitutional rights. They were subjected to unbridled censorship, denied the right to

       Director of Gift Planning             demonstrate publicly, driven by racial and gender inequality, and deprived of due process,

       Mario Guzman

                                             religious freedom, and equal access to education. By winning one precedent-setting case
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                                             after another throughout the twentieth century, the ACLU – often standing alone – helped

       Larry Harmon

       Security                              to restore those rights and turn the promise of the Constitution into a reality.

       Sheila Harmon

                                             In 1999, the last year of this century and this millennium, our struggle continued undimin-

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       Bookkeeper                            ished. As you will read in these pages, the ACLU/SC took on a number of new landmark

                                             cases and resisted the erosion of civil rights and civil liberties on multiple fronts. Our

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       Controller                            litigation efforts were supplemented and extended by innovative public education, aggres-

       Aran Johnson
                                             sive field work, and effective governmental lobbying.

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       Development Director                  Your generous support has allowed us to add new and vital components to our always fierce

       Cari Laufenberg                       and comprehensive defense of the Bill of Rights, such as the educational equity initiative

       Assistant Development Director
                                             and the racial profiling campaign.

       Kimi Lee

       Field Representative

       Catherine Lhamon                      As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitabil-

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                                             ity.” It is the tireless efforts of committed individuals, not merely the change of centuries or

       Jennifer Lostaunau-Mueller
                                             even millennia, that make the difference. Thank you for your personal commitment and

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       Francisco Lobaco                      dedication to the ACLU/SC. Thank you for helping us make that difference. None of this

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2 — Annual Report 1999
1999 The Year in Review
In many ways, 1999 was a fitting cap to a decade that has seen a disturbing retrenchment on civil rights and civil
liberties issues. Following the Columbine High School shooting, electronic free speech came under renewed attack,
with the Internet identified by politicians and pundits alike as a major contributing factor to the tragedy. The two
teen shooters, it was argued, found their inspiration to kill online. TV programs, movies and music were also
threatened with censorship for supposedly contributing to a rise in teenage violence.

Ironically, the very people who claimed to be protecting children by assaulting freedom of expression were at the
same time fighting to enact some of the most anti-youth legislation we have ever seen. Consider the punitive
juvenile justice initiative, Proposition 21, which requires district attorneys to try fourteen-year-old children as adults
(p. 7). Consider Proposition 187, which banned children of illegal immigrants from the public schools — a provi-
sion the ACLU successfully persuaded a federal judge to overturn this year (p. 8).

Consider, too, former Governor Wilson’s punitive welfare residency requirement, which limited poor people moving
to California – often mothers and children fleeing domestic abuse situations – to the level of benefits they received
in their state of origin for a period of twelve months. This spring our legal team scored a terrific victory when the
United States Supreme Court ruled that the residency requirement was unconstitutional (p. 8).

Look past the rosy political rhetoric of “children and families first,” and you see a society that has increasingly
adopted an indifferent if not punitive attitude toward its most vulnerable citizens — even in the midst of great
economic prosperity. If we as a society are so intent on protecting our youth, then why was a peaceable hip-hop
conference at Venice Beach this year identified as a “riot” by Los Angeles police officers, who used bean bag guns and
batons to disperse the young crowd (p. 4)? If we truly believe in equal educational opportunity for all young people,
then why don’t high school students in Inglewood have the same access to Advancement Placement classes – and
thus the same access to college – as their counterparts in wealthier school districts (p. 8)? And if we believe in
opening young minds, then why are we witnessing ever more brazen encroachments on the separation of church and
state in public schools (p. 4)?

Nor does the rollback of civil liberties and civil rights we have fought this year and throughout the nineties end with
the rights of young people. This year alone, the ACLU/SC won a preliminary injunction ordering the Los Angeles
MTA to immediately repair broken wheelchair lifts and train its bus drivers to accommodate disabled riders (p. 9);
we successfully prevented Cal State San Bernardino from discriminating against a disabled student studying to be a
physical therapist (p. 9); and by filing a lawsuit on behalf of the West Valley Girls’ Softball League, we convinced
the LA City Council to institute the “Raise the Bar” program, an effort to eliminate gender discrimination in city
sports programs for girls and boys (p. 10).

We have also fought the effects of this decade’s War on Crime and War on Drugs, which, far from rescuing crime-
ravaged neighborhoods, wreaked havoc on our justice system by militarizing police practices. This year, the ACLU/
SC launched a full-scale public education campaign to put an end to racial profiling by law enforcement (p. 6). Our
ongoing efforts to obtain meaningful civilian review of the Los Angeles Police Department intensified with this fall’s
revelations of corruption and abuse in the CRASH unit of the LAPD’s Rampart Division (p. 7).

In the pages that follow we have summarized just a few of the highlights of this year’s legal, public education, legisla-
tive and field work. We have done all this and more with your generous assistance, but if we are to reverse the trends
of the nineties, and not just slow them, we have our work cut out for us. With your continued help, we will carry
the fight for civil rights and civil liberties into the next year and into the next century.

 ACLU of Southern California / ACLU Foundation of Southern California                                                1999 Annual Report
 1616 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026                                                      Text and Design – Heather Carrigan                                                                                 Design and Layout – Aran Johnson
                                                                         ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 3
                                                                        that A Beka Books uses only “original sources and the
                                                                        writings of true scholars.” “Of course,” the brochure goes
                                                                        on to state, “the most original source is always the Word of
                                                                        God, which is the only foundation for true scholarship in
                                                                        any area of human endeavor.” An excerpt from an A Beka
                                                                        grammar exercise states: “Most Arabs are devout Muslims.
                                                                        This religion will not save them from sin” – and asks
THE FIGHT FOR FREEDOM                                                   students to combine the sentences.

                                                                        Finally, the ACLU/SC continues to litigate against the Palo
                                                                        Verde Unified School District to compel the discontinua-
                                                                        tion of its official sponsorship of an explicitly sectarian
SEPARA                   STA                                            prayer – ending with the words “In Jesus’ Name We Pray” –
The separation of church and state has come under re-                   at school board meetings and other official proceedings of
newed attack in recent years, with politicians on the local             the school district.
and national levels increasingly proposing religious “solu-
tions” for a range of social ills. A case in point was the
House of Representatives’ “Sense of Congress” vote in June
of 1999, roundly condemned by the ACLU, which favored                                         ASSOCIATION
                                                                        FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ASSOCIATION
                                                                        In spring of 1999 the ACLU/SC took up the case of Asia
                                                                        Yu, the organizer of a hip-hop event at Venice Beach that
                                                        1st Amendment

    Congress shall make no law respecting an                            was broken up by LAPD officers in full riot gear. Though
                                                                        the youthful attendees were peaceably assembled, police
    establishment of religion, or prohibiting the                       officers who happened upon the event brushed off Yu’s legal
    free exercise there of . . .                                        permit and declared a tactical alert, calling in a hundred
                                                                        additional officers to clear the area. Yu herself was arrested
                                                                        for “inciting a riot” when she instructed event participants
                                                                        to sit down and stay calm. Charges have been deferred
                                                                        pending further investigation by the City Attorney and the
the passage of laws permitting public schools to place the
                                                                        Police Commission.
Ten Commandments in classrooms across the country.
Proponents claimed that posting the Commandments in                     In a major victory for free speech, the ACLU/SC restored
public schools would help prevent school shootings such as              the right of Californians to file complaints against police
the one in Littleton, Colorado earlier in the year.
                                                                                    Excerpt from a textbook proposed for use in the Belridge Public School District

On the local level, the ACLU/SC took
on a number of school boards seeking to
similarly inculcate their students with
sectarian religious values in defiance of
the Establishment Clause of the First
Amendment. We successfully pressured
the Val Verde Unified School District
school board to rescind its unanimous
decision to post the Ten Commandments
in all Val Verde public schools – a
decision board members also tied to the
Littleton, Colorado shooting.

In addition, the ACLU/SC prevented the
Belridge School District from adopting a
new curriculum using A Beka Christian
textbooks for grades K-8. A Beka Book’s
promotional literature attacks the
“humanistic philosophy and methods of
the progressive educators” and claims
4 — Annual Report 1999
                                                                          successfully argued that the Court’s order interpreted the
                                                                          meaning of ‘public nuisance’ far too broadly, and in doing
                                                                          so, violated Tran’s rights under the First Amendment and
                                                                          the ‘Liberty of Speech Clause’ of the California constitu-

                                                                          On the Internet censorship front, our lobbyists in Sacra-
                                                                          mento were instrumental in defeating a bill before the
                                                                          Senate Public Safety Committee that would have relegated
                                                                          anyone under eighteen to filtered access to the Internet –
                                                                          unless the minor was supervised by an adult or had a
                                                                          parent’s permission for unfiltered access. The ACLU/SC
                                                                          continued to weigh in on the conflict over Internet filtering
                                                                          on the local level, testifying before various school boards
                                                                          and city governments to discourage the institution of new

                                                                                                                                 Hip-Hop Youth Summit Poster
Free speech plaintiff Truong Van Tran

officers. Our federal lawsuit overturned a 1982 law unique
to California, which allowed police officers to bring
defamation charges against citizens who dared to complain
about their behavior. In another victory for free speech, we
successfully challenged the Alcohol Beverage Control
                                                          1st Amendment

     Congress shall make no law . . . abridging
     the freedom of speech . . . or of the right of
     the people to peaceably to assemble . . .

Board’s threat to pull the liquor license of the Palm Springs
Convention Center if it allowed the Seventh Annual
Sensual and Erotic Art Festival to be held at the Center –
even though no liquor was to be served at the festival.

The ACLU/SC also joined the defense of Truong Van Tran,
who was ordered by an Orange County Superior Court
Judge to remove a picture of Ho Chi Minh and the current
flag of the Republic of Vietnam from the walls of his store
in an Orange County shopping center. The court issued
the order on the grounds that the flag and picture, which
caused protest demonstrations in the strongly anti-Com-
munist Vietnamese community of Westminster, were a
public nuisance, and thus barred by Tran’s lease. We
                                                                                    ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 5
                                                                             News, as well as the Spanish language media.

                                                                              Throughout the year, the ACLU/SC worked to bring the
CRIMINAL JUSTICE                                                             issue of race-based traffic stops to the attention of elected
                                                                             officials and the general public wherever and whenever
                                                                             possible. We put the issue on the agenda before numerous
Racial Profiling Campaign                                                    bodies including: the L.A. City Council, L.A. County
The ACLU/SC launched a major public education                                Board of Supervisors, L.A. County Human Rights Com-
campaign this year to address the issue of racially-moti-
vated traffic stops, popularly known as Driving While

                                                                                                                                        5th Amendment
Black (DWB). In conjunction with the ACLU of
Northern California, we instituted a statewide DWB                              Nor shall any person . . . be deprived of life,
hotline that has so far received over two thousand calls.                       liberty, or property, without due process of
We ran a fifty-spot radio campaign on KPRW, “Power
106,” L.A.’s largest radio station, urging victims of racial                    law . . .
profiling to call the toll-free hotline with their stories, and
translated all racial profiling outreach materials into
Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Korean.

                                                                             mission, L.A. Police Commission and the Congressional
                                                             4th Amendment

    The right of the people to be secure . . .                               Black Caucus. We sharply criticized local law enforcement
                                                                             agencies for refusing to collect statistics on the race of
    against unreasonable searches and                                        motorists pulled over by police – the first step toward
    seizures, shall not be violated . . .                                    dealing with the problem of racial profiling. Of the five
                                                                             major law enforcement agencies in California, the Los
                                                                             Angeles Police Department is still the only agency to refuse
                                                                             to collect statistics.

                                                                             In the fall, our Sacramento lobbyists helped to shepherd SB
 Attendees at an April 15 press conference kicking off the                   78, a mandatory traffic statistics collection bill sponsored
Southern California DWB campaign included former                             by Senator Murray, through the state legislature, but the bill
prosecutor Chris Darden, who spoke about his experi-                         was ultimately vetoed by Governor Wilson. The ACLU/SC
ences with racial profiling. The conference was covered                      continues to lobby for DWB legislation and for the volun-
by the major media outlets, including CBS National                           tary collection of statistics by law enforcement agencies.

6 — Annual Report 1999
Rampart LAPD Corruption Scandal
When the Los Angeles Police Department Rampart Divi-
sion corruption scandal broke in September 1999, the
ACLU/SC was the first organization to call for an indepen-
dent investigation to deal with both the short term and
long term implications of the Rampart revelations. Having
long struggled with the LAPD’s resistance to all forms of
civilian review, including the creation of an empowered
Inspector General position and a bona fide civilian review
complaint process, we knew the Department would not
willingly open itself up to outside scrutiny. But in a series
of press releases and conferences throughout the fall, the
ACLU/SC continued to insist the LAPD could not be
relied upon to police itself.                                             At a press conference announcing the formation of the Coalition for Police Accountability. Left-to-
                                                                          right: Rev. James Lawson, Kimberly West Faulcon of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education
                                                                          Fund, Inc., Ramona Ripston of the ACLU of Southern California, James Lafferty of the National
                                                                          Lawyers Guild
                                                          6th Amendment
   In all criminal prosecutions, the accused                              but of the prosecutors and judges who turned a blind eye to
                                                                          evidence of deep-seated corruption in police practices.
   shall enjoy the right . . . to have the assis-
   tance of counsel for his defense                                       Proposition 21 Campaign
                                                                          The ACLU/SC spearheaded a field and public education
                                                                          campaign against Proposition 21, the cynically-named
                                                                          “Juvenile Justice Initiative.” We developed materials and
                                                                          helped found a coalition of civil rights organizations called
In October, we helped to found the Coalition for Police                   “Southern Californians for Youth” to combat the initiative’s
Accountability, comprised of a number of groups for whom                  well-heeled proponents. Proposition 21 gives prosecutors
police reform is a central issue, including the Central                   total power to decide if children should be tried in the adult
American Resource Center, the Asian Pacific American                      criminal system, and takes away judges’ ability to take
Legal Center, the Gay and Lesbian Action Alliance, and                    individual circumstances into account. It also creates
others.                                                                   harsher penalties for juvenile offenses, which are often
                                                                          totally out of proportion to the nature of the crime. It
Long before the current scandal, the ACLU/SC had been a                   expands the “three strikes” law to make sentences longer,
lone voice calling attention to the fact that key reforms                 and increases the number of juvenile offenders subject to
recommended by the last independent commission to                         the death penalty.
investigate the LAPD – the Christopher Commission
appointed in the wake of the Rodney King beating – had                            Victory
                                                                          Miranda Victory
still not been implemented. For instance, though Chief
Parks insisted in a 1998 press conference that the LAPD                   The ACLU/SC continued its ongoing litigation against the
was “beyond the Christopher Reforms,” the department has                  LAPD and Santa Monica Police Departments for their
yet to institute a complaint tracking system, despite receiv-             continued systematic violation of defendants’ Miranda
ing seed money for the system from the federal govern-                    rights. Though ACLU/SC plaintiffs in the case repeatedly
ment; nor has it instituted effective community policing or               asked for a lawyer during interrogation, their requests were
empowered civilian review – all reforms that would have                   disregarded by police and they were falsely assured that
helped to prevent the kinds of abuses perpetrated by the                  because they had requested counsel, nothing else they said
Rampart CRASH unit.                                                       could be used against them. In a strongly worded opinion,
                                                                          the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district
As the magnitude of the Rampart scandal grows, amid                       court’s finding that the LAPD and Santa Monica police
revelations of evidence planting, false arrests, beatings and             departments could be sued for their abuse of defendants’
even illegal shootings by police, the ACLU/SC continues                   Miranda rights.
to call for an outside investigation -- not only of the LAPD,

                                                                                          ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 7
                                                                have equal access to education. In 1999 we achieved some
                                                                significant victories on the educational equity front and
                                                                filed another landmark case.

THE FIGHT FOR EQUALITY                                          Parties signed the consent decree resulting from the ACLU/
                                                                SC’s challenge to deplorable school conditions throughout
                                                                the Compton Unified School District. Our suit charged
                                                                the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and other
POVERTY RIGHTS                                                  state education officials with failing to manage properly the
The ACLU/SC argued and won a landmark case in the               school district so as to provide students an equal and
U.S. Supreme Court, overturning a 1992 California law           adequate education and a safe learning environment
that reduced the welfare benefits of newcomers to the state
during their first year to the level they would have received
in their former state. The original suit was filed on behalf

                                                                                                                            14th Amendment
of an Oklahoma couple who moved to Long Beach,                     No state shall make or enforce any law
California and, as a result of illness and unemployment,
were forced to seek general relief. They were told that for        which shall abridge the privileges or
twelve months their welfare benefits would be limited to           immunities of citizens of the United
the $307 they would have received in Oklahoma instead of           States . . .
California’s $565 a month. Hailed by the New York Times
as “one of the most consequential constitutional develop-
ments in years,” the ruling reaffirmed the principle that
states may not fence out poor migrants.
                                                                following the state’s takeover of the district in 1993.
                                                                Students in Compton USD were denied the basic educa-
                                                                tional tools available to public school students elsewhere in
EDUCATIONAL                                                     California, such as credentialed teachers, libraries, text-
The ACLU/SC has undertaken a broad legislative, legal and       books, and even worksheets. In addition, their learning
public education drive to ensure that all California students   environment was plagued by unusable restrooms, boarded
                                                                up windows, broken lights, exposed wiring, and other
                                                                dangerous conditions. This historic consent decree com-
Compton mother and plaintiff, Claudia Soto                      prehensively addresses all of these ills, and works to ensure
                                                                that, after three generations of neglect, Compton students
                                                                finally have access to a decent education and safe schools.

                                                                In addition, the ACLU/SC scored a major victory for the
                                                                educational rights of immigrant children, when the Ninth
                                                                Circuit Court of Appeals finally rang the death knell for
                                                                Proposition 187. The state conceded every provision that
                                                                the federal district court had held unconstitutional as a
                                                                result of our 1998 suit. The new stipulated agreement
                                                                upheld by the Ninth Circuit guarantees that tens of thou-
                                                                sands of undocumented children will be able to receive a
                                                                free public education without fear of being turned in to the

                                                                Finally, the ACLU/SC filed a groundbreaking case against
                                                                the state for failing to provide equal access to Advanced
                                                                Placement (AP) courses in public high schools located in
                                                                poor and minority communities. New University of
                                                                California admissions rules formulated in the wake of
                                                                Proposition 209 give bonus points to applicants with AP
                                                                courses on their transcript – courses the state’s own statistics
                                                                reveal are not offered at many high schools serving pre-
                                                                dominantly lower-income black and Latino students. Since
8 — Annual Report 1999
                                                                                                               full credit for his course.
                                                                                                               Citing the Americans with
                                                                                                               Disabilities Act, the Rehabili-
                                                                                                               tation Act, the Unruh Civil
                                                                                                               Rights Act, the Disabled
                                                                                                               Persons Act and California
                                                                                                               Civil Codes, the ACLU/SC
                                                                                                               convinced Cal State Bernar-
                                                                                                               dino to replace the physical
                                                                                                               performance component of
                                                                                                               the course for Payne with a
                                                                                                               written skills test. Payne, who
                                                                                                               graduates this June, plans to
                                                                                                               pursue a career developing
                                                                                                               exercise programs for children
                                                                                                               with disabilities.

                                                                                                          The ACLU of Southern
                                                                                                          California continued to
                                                                                                          litigate to keep in place the
                                                                                                          injunction we won last year
                                                                                                          against the Metropolitan
Inglewood honor student and plaintiff, Rasheda Daniels
                                                                                                          Transit Authority (MTA),
                                                                                                          arguing before the Ninth
the average incoming UCLA student now sports a high                        Circuit Court of Appeals that wheelchair access must be
school GPA of 4.19, it is next to impossible to get into the               provided immediately to all municipal buses. The original
university without having taken a number of AP courses.                    suit was filed on behalf of mobility-impaired riders who are
                                                                           routinely passed by at bus stops because up to sixty percent
                                                                           of wheelchair lifts on MTA buses are inoperable. The
                                                          14th Amendment

                                                                           injunction requires the MTA to repair all broken equip-
   Nor shall any State . . . deny to any                                   ment and train its drivers to accommodate mobility-
   person within its jurisdiction the                                      impaired riders.
   equal protection of the laws                                                                                           MTA Case Plaintiff Larry Beauchamp

We filed the suit on behalf of four honor roll students who
want to take AP courses beyond the three currently offered
by Inglewood High. Their case has drawn national atten-
tion to just how uneven the educational playing field in
post-affirmative action California actually is, and promises
to stimulate further improvements in school curricula

The ACLU/SC took up the case of Mikal Payne, a Cal State
San Bernardino kinesiology student who suffered head
injuries in a recent car accident that required her to use a
walker. One of the student’s professors refused to make
accommodations for her disability, demanding that she
throw a shotput, run hurdles, and sprint in order to receive
                                                                                    ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 9
                                                                1001 strengthened employment discrimination protections
LESBIAN AND GAY RIGHTS                                          for gays and lesbians by moving the existing protections
The ACLU/SC successfully sued on behalf of Michelle             from the Labor Code into the Fair Employment and
Dupont, who was told by her doctor he no longer wished          Housing Act. The signing of AB 537 ended a five-year
to treat her after learning she was a lesbian – violating the   struggle to win protection from harassment and discrimina-
Unruh Civil Rights Act and the California Health and            tion on the basis of sexual orientation in California public
Safety Code. Unfortunately, Dupont’s experience is not          schools. A 1998 survey found that there had been a 34
unusual for gay and lesbian patients, who frequently face       percent increase in anti-gay violence at public schools and
discrimination in healthcare. A 1995 Stanford University        colleges nationwide. Attacks on heterosexual youths
study of 14,000 lesbians found that 85 percent of the           perceived to be gay also increased by 36 percent. AB 537
women surveyed were hesitant to return to their doctors         will work to ensure a safer learning environment for all
because of previously discriminatory treatment.                 California students.
When threatened with legal action by the ACLU/SC, an            In addition to serving on the steering committee of the
Orange County private club which had voted to exclude a         statewide “No on Knight Campaign,” the ACLU/SC
member because he was gay reversed its decision. The club       developed our own public education materials and opinion
adopted new bylaws outlawing discrimination based on            pieces opposing Proposition 22, the anti-gay marriage
sexual orientation.                                             initiative. On the local level, we worked to win endorse-
                                                                ments for the “No on Knight Campaign” from the civil
Our lobbyists in Sacramento scored two major victories this
                                                                rights community and elected officials such as the L.A.
year for lesbian and gay rights. The signing into law of AB
                                                                County Board of Supervisors.
Plaintiff Michelle Dupont

                                                                GENDER EQUITY
                                                                The ACLU/SC was appointed to serve on the National
                                                                Advisory Board on the impact of religious health systems
                                                                on access to healthcare. Specifically, the board will study
                                                                the increasingly common takeovers of non-sectarian
                                                                hospitals by Catholic hospitals who refuse to provide a full
                                                                range of reproductive health care services, thereby curtailing
                                                                patients’ access to contraception and abortion.

                                                                A lawsuit filed last year against the city of Los Angeles for
                                                                denying girl athletes equal access to city athletic programs
                                                                and facilities led this year to the City Council’s unanimous
                                                                adoption of the Department of Recreation & Parks’ “Raise
                                                                the Bar” program, which will work to end gender inequity
                                                                in city sports and recreation programs. The original suit
                                                                was brought on behalf of of the West Valley Girls’ Softball
                                                                League. Members of the WVGSL were allowed only
                                                                temporary access to sub-standard school playing fields,
                                                                while their male counterparts enjoyed permanent access to
                                                                well-maintained park fields equipped with dugouts,
                                                                electronic scoreboards, shaded bleachers, locked storage
                                                                facilities and even concession stands.

10 — Annual Report 1999
CHAPTER WORK                                                     SPECIAL EVENTS
The ACLU/SC’ s chapters are the first line of defense            Law Luncheon — April 8, 1999
against attacks on the civil liberties and civil rights of
Southern Californians. They were started over thirty years
ago as a way to extend the lobbying and educational efforts
of the Southern California affiliate into the community.
Currently, there are fifteen chapters, located as far north as
San Luis Obispo and as far east as the Inland Empire.
                                                                                                                                    Top row (left to right)
                                                                                                                                    Jeff Rutherford, Mark
Chapter members attend neighborhood meetings and city                                                                          Rosenbaum, Karl Manheim,
government hearings and monitor local legislation and                                                                          Jo Kaplan, Stephen Rohde,
government agencies throughout Southern California. In                                                                                    Ramona Ripston
                                                                                                                                             Bottom row:
addition, chapter members serve as constituent lobbyists,                                                                                 Deborah Nolan,
bringing the ACLU position on legislation to the attention                                                                      Robin Meisel, Jeff Gordon
of city, state, and federal lawmakers. Through regular
forums and debates, chapters also educate the public on the
issues of the day. As in years past, chapter forums and          Torch of Liberty Dinner — July 12, 1999
debates held throughout 1999 fostered thoughtful discus-
sion and analysis of the issues affecting our communities
and our state.

A highlight of ACLU/SC Chapter activity this year was the
Inland Empire chapter work on police reform, triggered by
a particularly horrifying police homicide. Inland Empire
                                                                 1999 Torch of
chapter member Ray Lewis and activist Channi Beeman              Liberty Dinner:
founded the Riverside Coalition for Police Accountability        Honoree Martin
(RCPA), which in addition to the ACLU/SC’s Chapter               Scorsese with
included the black ministers council and the Interfaith          Warren Beatty
Alliance, among other organizations.

The RCPA initiated an intensive process of research, public      Bill of Rights Dinner — December 15, 1999
education, and grassroots organizing focused on establish-
ing civilian review of the Riverside Police Department. The
coalition supported “whistle blower” Rene Rodriguez when
he disclosed racist practices within the Riverside Police
Department, and monitored the work of a mayor’s panel
reviewing police use of force. The panel’s final report
                                                                                                                                        1999 Bill of Rights
recommended strengthening civilian review of the Riverside                                                                          Dinner: Presenter Lisa
Police Department, which had previously been carried out                                                                            Gay Hamilton of ABC’s
by a powerless advisory body to the city’s Human Relations                                                                          “The Practice” greets
                                                                                                                                      supporters Maurice
Commission.                                                                                                                               and Rikiko Allen

Subsequently, the RCPA was appointed to a police policy
review committee established by the Riverside City Council       1999 Bill of Rights
to determine the specific form civilian review of the police     Dinner: ACLU
department should take. The Coalition has also sponsored         President Stephen F.
                                                                 Rohde and ACLU
an initiative proposing a strong community-based form of         Executive Director
civilian review, and has launched a petition drive to gather     Ramona Ripston flank
                                                                 Ring Lardner Jr.
enough signatures to place the initative on the November         recipient of the Eason
2000 ballot.                                                     Monroe Courageous
                                                                 Advocate award and
                                                                 last surviving member
                                                                 of the Hollywood Ten

                                                                                ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 11
                          Leonard Kaufman           Judith Glass
                          Zuade Kaufman
                          Roger L. Kohn
                                                    Ellen Greenstone
                                                    Roger L. Kohn
                                                                           Financial Report
                          Dennis Lavinthal          Gary Williams
                          Norman Lear               William B. Wong
                                                                           Considerable financial resources are necessary to
                          John P. LeCrone
                          Shari Leinwand
                                                                           pursue successfully the wide-ranging legal, public
                          Irving Lichtenstein, MD   Susan Adelman          education, lobbying, and public policy efforts of the
                          Roger Lowenstein          Frank Alaimo           ACLU and ACLU Foundation of Southern Califor-
BOARD OF DIRECTORS        Mark Magidson             Hank Alberts           nia. Two separately incorporated nonprofit organiza-
                          Shirley Magidson          Silvia Argueta         tions, each with distinct boards of directors and
Chairs Emeriti            Gary Mandinach            Rebecca Avila          separate budgets, the ACLU and ACLU Foundation
Danny Goldberg            Steven Markoff            Michael Blumenthal     depend upon dedicated supporters to provide funds
Allan K. Jonas            Valsin Marmillion         Galen Bullock          which enable the organization to mount a compre-
Burt Lancaster†           Robin Meadow              Vern Bullough
                                                                           hensive defense of constitutional rights.
Irving Lichtenstein, MD   Douglas E. Mirell         Paul Camhi
Laurie Ostrow†            Jerry Moss                Duncan Donovan
                          Frederick Nicholas        Sylvia Fort            ACLU MEMBERSHIP
Stanley K. Sheinbaum
                          Max Palevsky              Mary Ellen Gale        By joining the ACLU, you add your voice to the
    Deceased              Sarah Jessica Parker      Ann Goldberg           275,000 members represented by our lobbyists in
                          Donald Passman            Danny Goldberg         Sacramento and Washington, D.C. All members of
Chair                     Tom Patchett              Geoff Gordon           the ACLU/SC are also members of the national
Lee Masters               Jeanne Phillips           Lynette Green          ACLU office located in New York. With a member-
                          Phil Quartararo           Nancy Greenstein       ship base of almost 25,000, the ACLU/SC is among
President                 Judy Balaban Quine        David Grunwald
                                                                           the largest membership organizations in the
Danny Goldberg            Andrea Rich               Isabelle Gunning
                          Rose Robbins              Carrie Hempel
                                                                           Southland and plays a leadership role among the 53
                          Stephen F. Rohde          Rob Hennig             ACLU affiliates nationwide. Membership in the
Susan Adelman             Richard Rosenzweig        Rosa Kaplan            ACLU costs just $20 annually for an individual and
Alan Bergman              Tom Ross                  Jake Kazanjian         $30 for a joint or family membership. Because
Jay Boberg                Ellen Schneiderman        Rae Klaus              ACLU membership supports our lobbying work,
Alan Gleitsman            Julie Bergman Sender      Michael Klein          contributions are not tax-deductible. To become an
Madeline Goodwin          Bob Shafer                J.M. Lawson, Jr.       ACLU member or to receive additional information
Ellen Greenstone          Stanley K. Sheinbaum      Alba Nydia Marrero     regarding membership, please call the ACLU office
Bob L. Johnson            Alan Sieroty              Lee Masters
                          Joni Sighvatsson          D. Jennings Meincke
                                                                           at (213) 977-9500 x227.
Allan K. Jonas
Louis Colen               Robert Smith              Douglas E. Mirell
Irma Colen                Amy Sommer                Wendy Mitchell              FOUNDATION
                                                                           ACLU FOUNDATION SUPPORT
                          Fred Specktor             Theresa Montaño        Every lawsuit and civil liberty activity the ACLU
Of Counsel                Rita Spiegel              Trisha Murakawa        engages in is the direct result of generosity from
Paul Hoffman              Michael Stolzberg         Lupe Navid             people who care about protecting the Bill of Rights.
Sidney Machtinger         Leonard Stone             Erin O’Brien           It is this generosity that has enabled the Southern
Robert Ornstein           Barbra Streisand          Sam Paz                California affiliate to pursue legal remedies to
                          Kate Summers              Julie Plaisance
                                                                           countless civil liberties and civil rights threats. The
Board                     Barry Tarlow              Carolynn Race
                          Nick Wechsler             Anne Richardson        ACLU Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization
Ruth Abraham
                          Paula Weinstein           Jeff Richmond          underwriting the entire legal program as well as
Steven D. Ades
Steven Baker              JoAnne Widzer             Cheryll Roberts        public policy and most public education efforts.
Marilyn Bergman           Gareth Wigan              Antonio Rodriguez      Contributions to the ACLU Foundation are tax-
Henry Cisneros            Ted Williams              Ramon Rodriguez        deductible as provided by section 170 of the Internal
Frank Cooper              Irwin Winkler             Bill Rubenstein        Revenue Code. For more information about giving
Barbara Corday            Chic Wolk                 Jennifer Russell       to the ACLU Foundation, please call (213) 977-
Richard Dreyfuss          Beatrice Zeiger           Marvin Schachter       9500x 215.
John J. Duran                                       Paul Schrade
Alan Friel                                          Essie Tramel Seck
Leo Frumkin                                         Nat Segaloff           Contributions may be made by:
Sherry Frumkin                                      Richard Solomon
                                                                           Cash, Check or Credit Card: The ACLU and
Mary Ellen Gale                                     Alan Toy
                                                                           ACLU Foundation welcomes your donation at any
Gary Gersh                BOARD OF DIRECTORS        Al Vezzetti
                                                                           time. Monthly, quarterly or annual pledges are
Richard Gibbs                                       Antonio Villaraigosa
Dan Gifford                                         Roger West             appreciated and contributions may be charged to
Elyse Grinstein           Stephen F. Rohde                                 your VISA, MasterCard or American Express.
Stanley Grinstein
Peter Grosslight          Officers                                         Tribute Gifts: Many donors like to give a gift
Liz Heller                Rodolfo Álvarez                                  membership in the ACLU or make a larger tax-
Barry Hirsch              Catherine Fisk                                   deductible contribution to the ACLU Foundation to
12 — Annual Report 1999
                                                           ACLU Foundation of Southern California
                                                           Support and Revenue
commemorate a birthday or anniversary or to send           Total: $2,494,474**                                                               Individual Contributions
condolences. The ACLU or ACLU Foundation will                                                                                                     $1,273,830 (51%)
send an attractive announcement card to your
designated recipient and will send you a thank-you                                     Restricted
letter confirming your gift. Checks or credit cards                             Foundation Grants
may be used for tribute gifts ordered over the phone.                                $102,500 (4%)

Please call (213)977-9500 x226.                                                      Interest and Other
                                                                                           $230,392 (9%)
Workplace Giving: Many donors make payroll gifts                                                            Court Awarded Fees                                                                           $429,771 (17%)
                                                                                                                                                     Budgeted Transfers
                                                                                                                   $225,523 (9%)
via the United Way or the combined federal                                                                                                             $232,458 (10%)
campaign. Please check your workplace giving
                                                            * An additional amount of $429,777 in bequests received in 1999 was restricted by the Board of Directors to reserve funds for future years
campaign.                                                   ** Includes net of sharing with National ACLU of contributions and bequests. The National ACLU share totaled $650,501

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds or Real Estate: You can
often avoid capital gains tax if you contribute these      Expenses
assets. For more information, please call (213)977-        Total: $2,393,350                                                                      Program Services
                                                                                                                                                   $1,884,446 (79%)
9500 x 226.

ESTA             LEAVING
The battle to defend individual rights and equal
justice for all people is ongoing and donors who plan
for the ACLU through their estate plans provide the
resources critical to protecting liberty and justice for                                           $247,664 (10%)
                                                                                                                                              Management and General
this generation and the next.                                                                                                                     $261,240 (11%)

Arrangements to consider are:
Insurance: You may choose to name the ACLU or
ACLU Foundation as the primary or secondary
                                                           ACLU of Southern California
beneficiary of your life insurance.                        Support and Revenue
                                                           Total: $554,992**                                                                   Membership Dues
Bequests: In your will or trust, you can designate the                                                                                          $344,864 (62%)
                                                                              Restricted Grants
ACLU or ACLU Foundation as a beneficiary of all                                        $1,000 (*)
or part of your estate.                                                    Budgeted Transfers
                                                                                     $1,500 (*)
Life Income Gifts: In exchange for your gift of cash,                                 Interest
                                                                                   $9,705 (2%)
securities or real estate of $5,000 or more, the ACLU                               Bequests
Foundation can pay you income for the rest of your                                $20,386 (4%)
life. Significant income and estate tax advantages can
                                                                                                                                            Individual Contributions
result from these types of gifts.                                                                                                                $177,537 (32%)
                                                           * Less than 1%
For more information about estate planning and             ** Includes net of sharing with National ACLU of dues, contributions and bequests. The National ACLU share totaled $384,749

how to make such a gift, please call our director of
gift planning at (213) 977-9500, x226.                     Expenses
                                                           Total: $554,254
Sharing: All contributions and memberships are                                                                                                      Program Services
                                                                                                                                                      $343,419 (62%)
shared between the National ACLU in New York
and the ACLU/SC and ACLU/SC Foundation
according to a financial formula. A portion of the
contributions is allocated to other, smaller affiliates                      Budgeted Transfers
throughout the United States, especially those                                      $50,000 (9%)
located in parts of the country where there is little
                                                                                   Management and General
support for defending civil liberties and civil rights.                                       $52,751 (9%)
                                                                                                                                                        $108,084 (20%)

                                                           Note : All figures provided are unaudited at time of publication. Complete audited financial statements for the year
                                                           ending December 31, 1999, by Engel & Kalvin, will be available by writing to the ACLU, 1616 Beverly Blvd., LA, CA 90026

                                                                                                              ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 13
     Our Supporters

The ACLU and the ACLU Foundation                                           Steven Ades & Laurie Levit                             Florence Temkin Family            G.A.S. Entertainment Company       Michael Moskovitz

                                                         LIBERTY COUNCIL
are very grateful to the thousands                                         Maurice & Rikiko Allen                                 Universal Studios, Inc.           Geffen Foundation                  Myman, Abell, Fineman,
upon thousands of people who                                               David Bohnett                                          Walter C. Varnum, Ph.D.           Eve & William Gerber                  Greenspan, & Light LLP
contribute year in and year out to                                         Alice & Elden Boothe                                   Warner Brothers Records, Inc.     Richard & Adleen Gibbs             Earl Pete Nelson
making our defense of liberty and                                          Lou & Irma Colen                                       John & Marilyn Wells              Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP       David Neuman
justice possible. There are a few,                                         Camille & William Cosby                                Gareth Wigan                      Aaron Glass                        Norma Newman
however, whose extraordinary support                                       Creative Artists Agency                                Ted & Rita Williams               John & Judith Glass                O’Donnell & Shaeffer, LLP
has enabled us to grow and become                                          Michael Douglas                                        Chic Wolk                         E. Robert & Audrey Gluck           Fred & Mimi Okrand
one of the leading ACLU affiliates in                                      East End Management                                    Beatrice & Irving Zeiger          Andy Gould                         Michael Ovitz
the country, expanding our impact                                          Lois & H. Allen Evans                                  Ruth Ziegler                      Ruth C. Greenberg                  Joan Palevsky
throughout the community and the                                           Norman Felton                                                                            Greenberg, Glusker, Fields,        R. Samuel Paz & Sonia Mercado
nation. We wish to pay special tribute                                        & Denise Aubuchon                                                                        Claman & Machtinger, LLP        Sydney & Claire Pollack
to these guardians of freedom for their                                    Larry R. Feldman                                                                         Jerry Greenwald                    Ruth & Allen Potts
commitment to protecting “liberty and                                      Claire & Joseph Flom                                                                     Susan A. Grode                     John Ptak & Margaret Black
justice for all.”                                                          Fogel, Feldman, Ostrov,                                                                  The Groening Family                Chip Quigley
                                                                              Ringler & Klevens                                   ACLU/South Bay Chapter            Irwin Haimowitz                    Radio & Records, Inc.

                                                                                                             MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                           Gilbert B. Friesen                                     Frank Alaimo                      George & Christine Haley           Bonnie Raitt
                                                                           Gang, Tyre, Ramer                                      Daniel & Diana Attias             Willard K. Halm                    Recording Industry
                        Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos                        & Brown, Inc.                                       Phil & Betty Augerson                & Dr. Marcellin Simard             Association of America

                        Frederick W. Field                                 Alan Gleitsman                                         B.M.G. Entertainment,             Hansen, Jacobson, Teller,          Charles & Roberta Reed
                        Larry Flynt & Liz Berrios                          Madeline & Eugene Goodwin                                 North America                  Hoberman, Newman & Warren          Rob & Michele Reiner
                        Amy Sommer & Dan Gifford                           Ellen Greenstone                                       Sylvia E. Barr                    Dean & Brenda Hargrove             R.E.M./Athens, Llc.
                        Danny Goldberg                                     Elyse & Stanley Grinstein                              Howard & Nina Barsky              Rita L. Healy                      Herbert Ritts Jr.
                        Roger L. Kohn                                      Dr. Sidney Harman                                      Alan & Marilyn Bergman            Damon Hein                         Dale & Kathleen Rosenbloom
                        Norman & Lyn Lear                                  David Hart                                             Barbara E. Bernstein              Elizabeth Heller                   Loren R. Rothschild
                        Mark & Stefania Magidson                           Sam Hellinger                                          Bloom, Hergott, Cook,             Lars V. Helstrom                      & Hon. Frances Rothschild
                        Lee & Pamela Masters                               HITS Magazine                                             Diemer & Klein                 Stuart Herman                      William B. Rubenstein
                        Eileen & Peter Norton                              Richard A. Hudson                                      BMI                               Stuart & Marni Hersch              Dean Graham Ruby
                        Daniel H. Renberg                                  Industry Entertainment                                 Jay R. Boberg                     Stanley & Anita Hirsh              Scott Rudin
                        Rosenberg Foundation                               Allan & Dorothy Jonas                                  Thomas Borcher                    Louise & Herbert Horvitz           Sol Saks
                        Alan Sieroty                                       Zuade Stacie Kaufman                                   Sanford & Jane Brickner           Robert Hossley & Brenda Ross       Susan & Fred Salenger
                        Edith J. Smith                                     Kaye, Scholer, Fierman,                                Vern Bullough & Gwen Brewer       James Newton Howard                Michael
                        Warner Brothers                                       Hays & Handler, LLP                                 Tom Carruth                          & Sofie Howard                     & Jennifer Glimpse Saltzman
                        Warner Music Group                                 Dennis Lavinthal                                       John & Laree Caughey              Chris Iovenko                      John Scher
                                                                              & Ellen Schneiderman                                Foundation                        Richard L. James                   David O. Sears
                                                                           John P. LeCrone                                        Martha Cloer                      Norman & Dixie Jewison             Nat Segaloff
                                                                           Shari Leinwand                                         Joel & Joan Cohen                 Leland W. Johnson                  Sheppard, Mullin,
                                                                           Arthur E. Levine                                       Roberta Conroy                    Robert K. Jones                       Richter & Hampton LLP
                        The EMI Group                                         & Lauren B. Leichtman                               Wendell B. Coon                   Mr. & Mrs. Leon Kaplan             Drury Sherrod

                        Jason & Wendy Flom                                 Loeb & Loeb, LLP                                       Martin & Carrie Davich            Mitchell Kaplan & Marilyn Jones    Showtime Networks
                        Leo & Sherry Frumkin                               Sidney & Paula Machtinger                              Delsener/Slater Enterprise Ltd.   Geraldine Karpel                   Eleanor & Paul Singer
                        Hugh Hefner                                        Robin Meadow & Susan North                             Darrin Dinsmore                   David & Deborah Kattler Kupetz     Derle & Carmen Solheim
                        Barry & Carole Hirsch                              Douglas E. Mirell                                      Direct Management                 Allen M. Katz                      Sony Pictures
                        Leonard Kaufman                                    William Morris Agency                                  Group, Inc.                       Joel Katz                          Aaron Sorkin
                        Emma Lazarus Fund                                  Munger, Tolles & Olson, LLP                            John Dittmar                      Edward M. Keiderling               Fred Specktor
                        Roger Lowenstein                                   New Line Cinema                                        Kirk & Anne Douglas               Harvey Keitel                      Richard Stanley & Marc Janvier
                           & Barbara Corday                                Joan & Frederick Nicholas                              Don Drapkin                       J. Christopher Kennedy             Marc O. Stern
                        Shirley Magidson                                   Robert Ornstein & Laurie Harris                        DreamWorks SKG                    Charles A. Larson                  Danny Strick
                        Steven & Jadwiga Markoff                           Donald S. Passman                                      Richard Dreyfuss                  Pat Lau & Don Miller               Susan E. Swift
                        Peter Morton                                       Judith Balaban Quine                                   Gilbert & Elaine Drummond         Barry & Valerie Lee                Third Watch Television
                        Jerry & Ani Moss                                   The Recording Academy                                  Allan Dupuis                      Irving & Lisa Lichtenstein         Roger & Christine Thornton
                        MTV Networks                                       Rhino Records                                          Gary Enders                       Peter LoFrumento                   John Travolta & Kelly Preston
                        Max Palevsky                                       Dr. Andrea L. Rich                                     Stephen R. English                Kelty Logan                        Tribeca Productions
                        Paramount Communications                           Ramona Ripston                                         Lydia T. Ewald                    Marty Longbine & Jeffrey Ayeroff   Milton S. Tyre
                        Jeanne Phillips                                    Rose E. Robbins                                        Joyce & Garold Faber              Joseph E. Manzi                    Joseph Vanderhorst & Kristi Fischer
                        Morton Phillips                                    Hilary B. Rosen                                        Marjorie Fasman                   Julianna Margulies                 Violence Prevention Coalition
                           & Abigail Van Buren                             Richard Sakai                                          Nicholas C. Ferrara               Walter Marks                       Virgin Records America
                        Frances Reid                                       Bob Shafer                                             Vasanti Ferrando Fithian          Valsin Marmillion                  Craig Voorheis
                        Stephen Rohde                                      Stanley & Betty Sheinbaum                              Milos Forman                      John S. Mason                      Donald & Maria Luisa Walters
                           & Wendy Herzog                                  Alvin Simon                                               & Martina Zborilova            Robert & Cheryl White Mason        Nancy E. Warner, M.D.
                        Skadden, Arps, Slate,                              Gordon Smith                                           Donald Foster                     Keith Matthews                     Paula Weinstein
                           Meagher & Flom, LLP                             Rita Spiegel                                           Michael J. Fox                    MCA/Universal Pictures             James Whitmore
                        Sony Music Entertainment                              Charitable Foundation                                  & Tracey Pollan                Kathleen McConn                    Jonathan Wiener & Judith Fiskin
                        Eleanor & Ben Spezell                              Michael & Sylvia Stolzberg                             FOX Music                         McCutchen, Doyle, Brown            Irwin & Margo Winkler
                        Steven Spielberg                                   Leonard & Shirley Stone                                Lena Friedman                        & Enersen, LLP                  William Wong
                           & Kate Capshaw                                  Kathryn L. Summers                                     Alan L. Friel                     Beth Meltzer                       Writers Guild of America, West, Inc.
                        Gary Stewart                                       Frank Taplin                                           Jack & Sylvia Gabriel             Dr. Seymour Metzner                Noah Wyle
                        Streisand Foundation                                  & Broek Coleman                                     Mary Ellen Gale                   Alice & Lorne Michaels             Marsha & John Zazula
                        The Walt Disney Company                            Carol A. Tavris, Ph.D.                                    & Robert D. Savard             Sanford & Patricia Mock            James R. Zukor
                        JoAnne & Martin Widzer                             Dorothy Tavris                                         Mrs. Jesse G. Garber              Edward Moen & Janek Schergen

14 — Annual Report 1999
   PRIDE PARTNERSHIP                                                                                       HERITAGE CLUB

The ACLU joined the fight for gay       The battle for civil liberties is never   Joyce S. Dusenberry                    Roz Mandelcorn                       Vaugn Shipley
rights in the 1960s as a natural        won. We know with certainty that          Shawn Duval & Jacqueline F. Strain     Sylvia & Jerry Manheim               Robert H. Shutan
extension of its commitment to speak    the Bill of Rights will still be under    Hector Elizondo                        Rayner W. Mann                       Alan Sieroty
for all those denied equal treatment    attack in the years ahead, and the        Gary Enders                            Olga Marcus                          Margaret Solis-Small
before the law. Now, more than          ACLU must be there to defend it. By       Kenneth J. Erickson                    Dr. Judd Marmor                      Paul Spindler
three decades later, the ACLU           providing for the ACLU through their      Genevieve Ellis Estes                  John S. Mason                        Norma Sporn
maintains one of the nation’s largest   estate plans, members of the              Grant W. Ewald                         Mildred G. Mayne                     Harry A. & Sylvia Steingart
dockets of cases concerning the         Heritage Club are helping to ensure       Garold L. Faber, M.D., M.P.H.          Faye Nuell Mayo                      Evelyn Stern
rights of lesbians, gay men,            that the ACLU will have the means to      Warren Felt & Dolores Arond            George McCarty                       Max Stolz
transgendered people and those          keep defending freedom well into the      Mona Field                             Susan McCoin                         Michael & Sylvia Stolzberg
living with HIV-disease. To             21st century. We are pleased to           Louis Fink                             Bernice McCollum                     Gaby Stuart
acknowledge the generosity and          acknowledge the generosity and            Vasanti Ferrando Fithian               Jeannette McFarland                  The Gregg Suarez Trust
commitment of friends who have          foresight of these very special           Susan “Fraze” Fraser                   Robin Meadow & Susan North           John M. Suarez, M.D.
helped advance this historic civil      women and men.                            Alan L. Friel                          Herbert Meiselman                    Catherine Sullivan
rights struggle, the ACLU Foundation                                              Jack Gard                              Isa-Kae Meksin                       Dr. Carol Tavris
of Southern California has              Anonymous (79)                            Warren Garfield                        Sara Meric                           Dorothy Tavris
established the PRIDE PARTNER-          Gay Abarbanell                            Virginia Gilloon                       Dr. Seymour Metzner                  Robert Teller
SHIP. We are deeply grateful for this   Ruth Abraham                              Jack Gilman, M.D.                      Richard Miles                        Florence & Jack Temkin Family
crucial support.                        Jean Adloff                               Mr. & Mrs. Saul Ginsburg               Wendy Mitchell, M.D.                 Norman & Leona Terry
                                        Hans & Lore Agneessens                    Cyril & Frances Gloyn                  Sanford & Patricia Mock              Mrs. Joseph J. Thein
                                        Reuben & Selma Agran                      Marvin A. Gluck                        Lilly A. Monheit                     Fred & Ellida Topik
FRIENDS ($1000 and up)                  Jean J. Allgeyer                          Sherna B. Gluck                        Gertrude Moran                       Frances Troy
Gay Abarbanell, CFP                     Edna R. S. Alvarez                        Dorothy Goodman                        Irmgard Natale                       Mr. & Mrs. Sid Turkish
Chris Caldwell & Rich Llewellyn         Rodolfo Alvarez                           Glenn A. Goodwin & Rose B. Ash         Ki & Helen Negoro                    Joan Tyson
Tom Carruth                             Howard Amsterdam                          Madeline R. Goodwin                    Pete Nelson                          Walter C. Varnum, Ph.D.
Gary Enders                             Agnes Baron                               Malcolm S. Gordon                      Bertha Nepove 1976 Trust             Victoria Vaughan
Alan L. Friel, Esq. & Troy Taylor       Norm Beal                                 Leon & Molly Gorelick                  Edward Newman                        Lee M. Waterhouse-Edwards
Will Halm, Esq.                         Douglas J. Bender                         William B. & Joan E. Graham            Mr. & Mrs. Leo Newman                Donald E. Watson
   & Marcellin Simard, M.D.             Marjorie Benson                           Donald E. Grandy                       Norma R. Newman                      Shirley Weisman
Charles A. Larson, Esq.                 Drs. Kurt & Alice R. Bergel               Dr. Belle Granich                      Margaret Nomentana                   Myron Wolf
Allen M. Katz, Esq.                     Alvin Berglund                            Ruth & Sy Grassman                     Fredrik C. Norberg                   Harry Ziegler
Keith Kauhanen, M.D.                    Lillian Berland,                          Philip and Gloria Greenblat            Molly Norman                         Darrell Zwerling
   & Jim Petrone                           in memory of Samuel Berland            Nancy Greenstein                       Stanley Nugit
J. Christopher Kennedy                  Jonilyn Blandy                            Diana Grilli                           Joanne Weinhoff O’Byrne
Val Marmillion & Juan Pisani            Eric H. Boehm                             Hal Gunn                               Paul A. O’Grady
Kathleen McConn                         Elden T. Boothe                           John Heilman                           Mimi & Fred Okrand
Edward T. Moen, II                      Jane B. Bradley                           Mel Helstein                           Annie L. Owens
   & Janek Schergen                     G. C. “Brad” Brafford                     Donald Herman                          Ronald Payette
Earl Pete Nelson                        Wayne Stephen Braveman                    John F. Hodgson, II                    Ted & Adele Pelletier
Ed Pierce & Rob Saltzman                Sanford & Jane Brickner                   Florence Patricia Hunt                 Marilyn Lee Perron
Daniel Renberg                          Fred R. Brooks                            Errol Jacobs                           Arno Peterson
Herbert Ritts                           Clayton & Helen Brown                     John J. Jeffries                       Richard L. Peterson
Prof. William Rubenstein                Virginia Bruce                            Jack A. Jones                          Penelope Pollard
Drury Sherrod & Arden Reed              Herbert & Ruth Busemann                   Rosa Kaplan                            Daniel Raeburn
Richard Stanley & Marc Janvier          Ellen Butler                              Geraldine Karpel                       Fred & Marleen Ray
Frank F. Taplin                         Paul Camhi                                Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Katz                 Frances Reid
Nancy E. Warner, M.D.                   Ken Carmichael                            Leonard A. Kaufman                     Stuart A. Riddle
                                        Tom Carruth                               Edward L. Keenan                       Ramona Ripston
ASSOCIATES ($500 to $999)               Hilma Carter                              Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Kemmerer           Rose Robbins - in memory
Sylvia M.Almstadt & Myrna Dysart        Allan P. Casson                           Lydia Marcus Kendall                      of Arthur Robbins
Gary Booher                             Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Chesner                Geri M. Kenyon                         William & Dinah Roe
Thomas Breslin                          Robert Clark, Jr.                         Jessie Kern                            Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Rogers
James R. Dawson                         Bessie Cooper                             Stephen Kern                           Stephen F. Rohde
   & Wayne P. Flottman                  Mary B. Cooper                            John F. Kimberling                     Judy Rome
Harry Drasin, M.D.                      Mildred D. Cooper                         Ruth Kissane                           Arthur Rosen
   & Alan Rosenberg                     Ray Corcoran                              Roger L. Kohn                          Alan H. Rosenberg
Michael Fleming & Luis Lavin, Esq.      Barbara Corday                            Howard J. Kumin                            & Harry Drasin, M.D. – for the
Herb Gore & Bob Wildman                 Mr. & Mrs. Morris Coropoff                Sherrill Kushner                          Lesbian & Gay Rights Project
Hal Gunn & Kelly Strader                Lonny Cothron                             Patricia Laird                         Addie Ross
Rob Hennig & Steve Endo                 Jeanne Keefer Cunningham                  Gerda Lawrence                         William & Selma Rubin
Herb King                               Sidney L. Curtis                          Norman Lear                            Matilda H. Rummage
Dan Lupovitz                            Dorothy Daniels                           John & Georgia Lewis                   Craig Sandberg
Isa-Kae Meksin                          Celia de Lavallade                        Ruth M. Licata                         Leo & Frances Sandron
Wendy Mitchell, M.D.                    John Roland Dearhart                      Dr. & Mrs. Irving L. Lichtenstein      Joel Schwartz
   & Andrea Horwatt                     Doris DeHardt                             Minna Liebman                          Dorothy H. Scott
Christopher J. Price                    Douglas M. Dick, Ph.D.                    Alvin A. Lindenauer                    Jefferson P. Selth
Jeff Richmond                           E. H. Duncan Donovan                      Sidney & Ruth London                   Charles Shafer
Neil Schram, M.D. & David Taylor        Gloria M. Drexler                         Charlotte P. Lukes                     Sherwood “Bob” Shafer
Thomas Schumacher                       William F. Dukes                          Jess Lyons                             Betty W. & Stanley K. Sheinbaum
   & Matthew White                      Jay S. Dunitz                             Victor & Natalie Magistrale            Drury Sherrod

                                                                                                                       ACLU Foundation of Southern California/ACLU of Southern California — 15

       American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California
  American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California
   1616 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026 Tel: (213) 977-9500

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