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									 Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
       Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
             Unit Commander

Information Pack

                            Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                         To be recognized as New Zealand’s youth organization of choice.

                         To develop confident, responsible young citizens who are valued
                     within their community by providing them, within a military framework,
                                   safe, enjoyable and challenging opportunities.

                                                Core Values

                    To foster the spirit of adventure and teamwork and develop those qualities
                        of mind and body which go to making good citizens and leaders.

                             To provide a challenging and disciplined training activity
                             which will be useful both in the Services and Civilian life.

                             To promote an awareness and appreciation of the services
                                    and the role they play in the community.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.
                            Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                                             2011 Unit Contact List

Cadet Unit Physical Address:

               Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
               Fox Street

 Name                                     Role within the Unit                Contact details
 Lieutenant Rua Dawson                    Unit Commander                      03 2161331
 Major Don Kelly                          Second In Charge                    03 2182663
                                          Quarter Master / Instructor
 Captain Neil Hughes                      Technical Planning Officer          03 2168008
 2nd Lieutenant Hayley Hughes             Training Officer                    03 2160328
 A2nd Lieutenant Jason Thomas             PT Instructor                       03 2160328
                                          Camp planning Officer     
 Ms Agnus Whelan                          Adjutant/Instructor                 027 3330072

                       You can also contact us through the unit’s facebook page by entering
                                            “Invercargill Cadet Unit”
                                        into the facebook search window.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.
                                        A Brief History of
                                   Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
        ICU was formed by the local YLS section of the Otago Southland regiment territorial force.
                                  The key members of the YLS section were
                         SSGT Alan Blackley                  Cpl Julie Reading
                         SGT Paul Cavanagh                   Bombardier Vaughan Winsloe
   The unit was formed and managed and trained by the TF unit while offers were found to staff it: Geoff
   Hazlett (Maj Rtd) was appointed the first acting unit commander and Neil Hughes was the first civilian
   appointed in an acting officer role. The territorial force continued to conduct the training under the
   supervision of the unit officers until the unit was recognised in 2000. The recognition process involved the
   unit maintaining a stable role of cadets and being assessed on their ability to conduct training within the
   approved boundaries.
   Our first camp was held at a camp at Taringatua and was organised and run by the TF YLS section.
   2000 Cpl Julie Reading resigned from the Territorials and joined the unit as an officer in the role of
   training officer.
   2001 Maj Hazlett stepped down from the command role and moved over to the Parent Support Committee.
   Acting 2LT Hughes was appointed acting Unit Commander.
   Shortly after we had another officer came on board, Richard Eade.
   2002 A2LT Hughes completed his commissioning course and was confirmed as the Unit Commander and
   his Commission was appointed. .
   Supplementary staff members - Mrs Jackie Cussen, Mr Marcus McMahon.
   Major Don Kelly also joined us in about 2002, he came from the local ATC squadron where he served as a
   Squadron Leader and their Unit Commander. He was appointed the position of 2IC which he held until
   2LT Hughes stepped down from the Unit Commanders role in 2003.
   2003 Major Don Kelly was recommended as CUCDR and this was confirmed by headquarters. Since then
   we have:
   LT Jarrod Scott transferred from No.28 Squadron, Gore 2006, transferred back in 2008
   2LT Richards commissioned 2006, transferred to 12SQD 2008
   2LT Kelly commissioned Oct 2006, moved to Super List 2008
   2Lt Dawson commissioned May 2007
   2LT Hughes commissioned 2010
   2LT Thomas commissioned May 2011
   2011 Major Kelly stepped down as Unit Commander, 2LT RM Dawson was recommended as CUCDR and
   this was confirmed by headquarters.
   LT Hughes was promoted to Captain NR Hughes as of Jan 2011.
   2LT Dawson was promoted to Lieutenant as of May 2011
   Ms Whelan is heading to Ohakea for her Commissioning Course in October

Over the years we have seen hundreds of cadets come into the unit.
We have conducted numerous outdoor camps and exercises.
     Some cadets have joined the armed forces, and succeeded in their chosen fields.
     Others have tried to join and not been able to gain entry due to physical and mental constraints.
     We have had cadets come in shy and quiet, but left as self confident adults.

                           What’s happening now and in the future for the Unit?

       Our aim is for us to continue to strengthen our position To be recognized as New Zealand’s youth
        organisation by choice
       Continue to refine and improve our training programmes and lessons.
       Increase the quantity and quality of our camps and training exercises in a safe manner. Include 1 day and
        overnight exercises and tramps.
       Prepare cadets for leadership and other courses.
       Prepare cadets for area and national competitions.
       To develop confident, responsible young citizens who are valued within their community by providing
        them, within a military framework, safe, enjoyable and challenging opportunities.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                             Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                       Parade Night Schedule 2011

       Time                      Activity
       1800hrs                   Earliest time of arrival to INVAC
       1815                      Pre Parade inspection
       1830                      Parade –      raising of the Flag & inspection
       1845-1910                 1 Lesson
       1915-1940                 2nd Lesson
       1950-1955hrs              Admin break
       1955-2020                 3rd Lesson
       2030                      Parade –      lowering of the Flag
       2040                      Unit Debrief
       2100 hrs approx           Cadets released

NCOs are to adhere to these timings and to ensure those under their command are in the right
place at the right time.

Parents are expected to drop off and pick up cadets from the unit on time.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                             Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
                                   Parent Support Committee

Unit Branch Support Committee

Each Cadet unit has a Parent Support Committee which is a branch of the National Support organisations Cadet
Corp Association New Zealand (CCANZ) This is the community part of the partnership with the Government
through the New Zealand Defence Force.

Parent Support Committees are comprised of interested parents, ex-cadets, members of the local community and
anyone else who has the interest of NZ Cadet Forces.

Your Unit Parent Support Committee is responsible for:

      Liaising with the local community and publicising the activities and achievements of the unit.
      Provide and administer funds for the maintenance and training requirements of the unit.
      Actively recruite new cadets and officers.
      Support and supervise local activities when required.

Parent Support Committees meet whenever there is a requirement to make decisions and plans on providing
support for the unit, usually once a month. Meetings follow the normal meeting format and are generally relaxed.
Everyone is encouraged to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

Members of the committee are not required to attend weekly parade nights, their role is to provide the support
which is not provided by NZ Cadet Forces or the unit officers.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                             Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                   Parents Support Committee Meeting Dates, 2011

All PSC meetings will take place at the Cadet Unit.
They will start at 6.15 and be completed by 8pm.

Meetings take place once a month, organized and conducted by the Chairperson or delegated by the Chairperson in
their absence.

                                   Month              Date
                                   January            No Formal Meeting
                                   February           No Formal Meeting
                                   March              9 March 2011
                                   April              13 April 2011
                                   May                11 May 2011
                                   June               15 June 2011
                                   July               13 July 2011
                                   August             16 August 2011
                                   September          14 September 2011
                                   October            12 October 2011
                                   November           8 November 2011
                                   December           14 December 2011

Mrs Kath Macdonald
Parent Support Committee
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                             Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
Unit fees
Unit fees are $60.00 per year/per cadet.
Fees are non-refundable.
Fees are expected in by the end of term 2.
This money is used for the day to day running of the unit and may be spent on the following.
    Repairs of unit equipment.
    Purchase of unit equipment for stores (tents, first aid kits etc)
    Administration costs (Correspondence, stationary, photo coping, etc)
    Purchase or replacement of uniforms.
    Specialist training instructors.

Cadets whose fees are not paid
    Will not be nominated to attend NZCF Courses.
    Will not be nominated to attend any NZCF or NZDF exercises.
    Will not participate in Unit Activities such as shoots, camps etc.
    Will not be considered for promotion.

Additional fees
These costs vary depending on the activity which may include:

    Unit camps
    Combined Unit camps
    Tramps
    Training weekends
    Unit activities
Parents will be notified of any additional costs. The costs here may include transport, food, hireage or access to
non unit facilities.

No Fees
      All costs associated with Leadership Training Camps run by NZCF is paid by the New Zealand Defence
       Force which includes travel, accommodation, food.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                             Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
Issue of Cadet Uniforms

All cadets will be issued with a basic uniform kit that includes
       Standard Dress                         (SDs)
       Disruptive Pattern Material (DPMs).
   SD Kit                                               DPM Kit
  1 x SD Shirt                                          2 x DPM Shirt
  1 x SD Trousers                                       2 x DPM Pants
  1 x Core Belt                                         1 x Web Belt
  1 x Beret and Cadet Badge                             1 x pair black boots (only if unit has them available)
  1 x Green Training Jersey                             1x Green/Brown T-Shirt
  1 x Set of rank slides                                1x Rugby Jersey
  1 x Brassard                                          1x Black Jacket
  1x pair SD Shoes                                      1x pair Boots

SD Kits are worn for most weekly parades, formal activities, ANZAC Day and similar duties and generally when out in the

DPM Kits are worn when cadets are participating training sessions, on camp and similar outdoor or indoor activities.

                                               When cadets are issued their kits,
                                                   they and their caregivers,
                               will sign the Individual Cadet Uniform/Equipment Issue sheet.
                                    The Stores Officers will issues cadets with uniforms.

                                         SD Shoes

                                         The unit will supply dress shoes for cadets.
                                         Sneaker or trainers are not acceptable footware for SD Kit.
                                         These shoes are only to be worn with the SD kit.

                                         DPM Boots

                                         DPM Boots are expensive and the unit does not have many boots for cadets to wear
                                         (see picture). Cadets however are free to purchase their own pair if they wish or they
                                         will be required to wait until the unit receive some from the NZ Defense Force.

                                   General Important Information for Parent & Cadets

       This Uniform is issued on a temporary LOAN ONLY basis, at no charge, for the duration of their service with this
        Unit. When your Cadet leaves the Unit, all items of Uniform & Equipment must be returned to the Unit as soon as

       All kits will be issued to cadets by Major Kelly. Parents/caregiver are also required to sign the uniform issue sheet so
        parents/caregivers are fully aware what their son/daughter has in their procession.
        Your signature means that you will also be held accountable for the cost of any items not returned, lost or
        intentionally damaged.

       All items issued must be returned when a cadet leaves or is discharged from the unit.
           As soon as you leave this Unit, it is your responsibility to return All items.
           Therefore you cannot keep this uniform or any part of it
           You cannot dispose of this uniform in any other way other than return it to us
           You must not lose any part of this Uniform. Look after it and keep it safe

       Parents/caregivers whose son/daughters fail to be return any items issued to their son/daughter will receive a bill
        requesting full payment for item(s) that have not been returned.

     All items, without exception, issued through the Cadet Unit remain the property of Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit and
      the New Zealand Defence Force.

       All other items that the Cadet Unit has available can be issued out for a specific activity, but must be returned clean,
        within the next 2 parade nights following the activity.

       Uniforms can only be worn for Cadet Force/Cadet Unit Activities.
        They are not to be worn as part of personal daily attire.

       Uniforms are to be worn as a complete set. There is to be no mixing of uniform and civilian clothing. Cadets are to
        either wear all the correct kit of none of it.
        Cadets who are not in complete correct kit will be sent home.

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                               Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit
Uniform Replacement Price List

These prices are New Zealand Defence Force Prices. Cadet Units pay these prices to the NZDF when uniform orders are
made. Cadet Corp uniform items are made by Yakka. Prices are in NZ Dollars. These are prices that cadets/parents will be
sent a bill for should they fail to return any items issued to them.

                        SD Kit                                                           Price
                        1 x SD Shirt                                                             $38.33
                        1 x SD Trousers                                                          $75.58
                       1 x Core Belt                                      $49.59
                       1 x Blue Beret                                     $21.67
                       1 x Cadet Corp Badge                                $3.88
                       1 x Brassard                                       $15.60
                       1 x Set of rank slides                             $17.38
                       1 x Green Training Jersey with draw cord           $75.58
                       1x Black Jacket                                    $50.00
                       1x pair shoes                                      $40.00
                       DPM Kit                                    Price
                       2 x DPM Shirt                                  $222.00
                       2 x DPM Pants                                  $242.00
                       1 x Web Belt                                    $50.00
                       1 x J hat                                       $38.00
                       1 x pair black boots                           $157.09

Lieutenant Rua Dawson NZCF
Unit Commander
Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

                                 2011 Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                                             COMMAND STRUCTURE

                                                     Unit Commander
                                                  Lieutenant Rua Dawson

 A Thomas

   SSgt                  2IC            Technical Planning       Training Officers.   Adjutant
J Malcolm           Quarter Master            Officer             2nd Lt. H Hughes    Ms Whelan
                     Major D Kelly       Captain N Hughes        A2nd Lt. J Thomas
V Christey
                                                                                          Parent Support Committee
                                                                                              Mrs Kath Macdonald

      1st Platoon              2nd Platoon



I accept FULL Responsibility for each item of Uniform & Equipment that is issued to
my :        Son         Daughter       Ward by the New Zealand Defence Force, or
the Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

I acknowledge that each & every item of Uniform & Equipment is, and always will be,
the property of the Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit.

I understand that items of Uniform & Equipment is expensive, & any items lost or
damaged (fair wear & tear accepted) have to be replaced at the expensive of the unit. I
accept that I maybe held accountable for non-returned items

I acknowledge that my          Son         Daughter       Ward has obtained these
items strictly on a LOAN ONLY basis.
It is my responsibility to ensure that each & every item is returned to the Invercargill
Cadet Corps Unit, immediately he/ she resigns from the Unit & thereby the New
Zealand Cadet Forces.

Full name of Parent or Guardian______________________________________

Signature of parent / guardian _______________________________________

Dated                                                /     /2011

       I   ___________________________________________
                                               Full name of Parent/Guardian

       Hereby consent to my :                   Son              Daughter             Ward

                                                    Full Name of Cadet
                                Who is an Enrolled Cadet in the Invercargill Cadet Corps Unit

                     Participating in New Zealand Cadet Force Training activities
                                         which may include

               Flying in a Military Aircraft
               Travelling in Military Vehicles
               Attending Courses at military Installations
               Participating in expeditions in bush & mountains
               Firing Live weapons
               Sailing at Regattas
               Sailing in Naval & Merchant ships
               Flying Gliders & Powered Aircraft

 NB Cadets will not be permitted to participate in any activity that has
                been deleted by the Parent / Guardian.

Dated this ______Day of _____________________ 20__

   Signature of parent / guardian                        Signature of witness

Address_________________________________            Address        _________________________________________

______ __________________________________                           ________________________________________

_________________________________________                          _________________________________________
              NZ Cadet Corps Badges of Rank
                 The NZ Cadet Corps follows the Army Infantry tradition of rank delineation.

      Cadet Ranks

                    The starting point is Cadet. There is no symbol to represent this grade and the cadet wears
                    blank shoulder slides.

The                 first rank is Cadet Lance Corporal. Their rank is indicated by one chevron worn on each
                    shoulder slide. A chevron is a bent bar of V shape and has been used to indicate rank for
                    many centuries. The word originates from the Latin capriole which means a pair of

The                  second rank is that of Cadet Corporal. Their rank is indicated by two chevrons worn on
                     each shoulder slide. The Lance-corporal and Corporal ranks are referred to as Junior Non-
                     Commissioned Officer (JNCO) ranks

                    The third rank is Cadet Sergeant. Their rank is indicated by three chevrons worn on each
                    shoulder slide. The Sergeant rank is the first rank in the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

                    Above the Cadet Sergeant is the Cadet Staff Sergeant. Their rank has a crown located
                    above the three chevrons and, like the others, is worn on the shoulder slides. The Cadet
                    Staff Sergeant is the last of the NCO’s to wear their rank on the shoulder.

                    The top rank held by a Cadet NCO is Cadet Warrant Officer Class 2. Their rank is worn as
a                   wrist badge. It is a crown surrounded by two laurel leaves and is the only rank still worn

on                  the arm. The Cadet Warrant Officer has plain shoulder slides the same as the newly joined

                     The top rank is “Cadet Under Officer”. There is no direct equivalent in the Army and this
      rank is used to define those cadets who are most likely going to proceed to a full commission in the NZ
                    Cadet Forces when they are old enough. Their rank is a series of horizontal stripes across
                    their shoulder slides.
               NZ Cadet Corps Badges of Rank
                                 The Cadet Officer ranks are the same as in the Army.

                         The first rank is that of Second Lieutenant (NZCF). It is a square emblem embroided
                         diagonally onto the shoulder slides. It has a representative star embossed within the
                         border. The star, seen most clearly on the Service Dress rank indicator, is a modified
                         representation of the Star of the Knight Grand Cross of the military division of the Most
                         Honourable order of Bath, one of Britain’s four senior orders of Knighthood.

                         It is generally referred to as a “pip”. The word “Lieutenant” is French and pronounced
                         “Leftenant” in the British and Commonwealth Armies. You will hear it pronounced as
                          “lewtenant” from US Forces.

                          The second rank up is full Lieutenant (NZCF) referred to as “Lieutenant”. This rank is
                          indicated by two “pips” with the upper pip located towards the centre of the shoulder
                          slides. You may hear a Lieutenant being referred to as a Subaltern.

                         The third rank is that of Captain (NZCF). This is the senior Subaltern rank and is
                         indicated by three “pips” worn on the shoulder slides. An Army Captain rank is not the
                         same as a Navy Captain rank. A Navy Captain is equivalent to an Army Colonel which
                         is a very senior rank.

                         The top rank achievable by a Cadet Officer in the NZ Cadet Corps is that of Major
                         (NZCF). A Major’s rank is indicated by a crown located on the shoulder slides in the
                         same position as the first “pip” of a Second Lieutenant. A “Major” rank is the first of the
                         “Field Rank” classification.

     Your Officers go through a much longer service period and have courses to qualify on as they progress.
     It can take up to one year of supplementary service and another year of efficient service plus the successful completion of the
     Commissioning Course to become a Second Lieutenant (NZCF).
     They have to complete another two years of efficient service and pass more courses before reaching Lieutenant (NZCF).
     To reach Captain (NZCF) they have to complete another four years of efficient service as a Lieutenant (NZCF) and pass more
     courses. To achieve the rank of Major (NZCF) they will have had to complete a further five years of efficient service as a
     Captain (NZCF), complete more courses and hold the appointment of Cadet Unit Commander.
     In total it takes 12 years, the successful completion of numerous courses, command of a Cadet Unit and the approval of the
     Commandant to reach the senior Cadet Officer rank.

Location of other NZCF Units.

Location of North Island Units
                                                           Kerikeri Cadet Unit

                                                                   No 20 (Whangarei) Sqn ATC                No 3 (Auckland City) Sqn ATC
                                                                   TS Diomede                               No 4 (Papakura) Sqn ATC
  No 64 (Kaitaia) Sqn ATC                                                                                   No 5 (District of Rodney) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                            No 6 (North Shore City) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                            No 19 (Auckland) Sqn ATC
  No 25 (District of Kaikohe) Sqn ATC                                                                       No 40 (City of Manukau) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                            No 30 (Hobsonville) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                            TS Achilles
  No 57 (Dargaville) Sqn ATC                                                                                TS Bellona
                                                                                                            TS Gambia
                                                                                                            TS Leander
   Kaipara Community Cadet Unit
                                                                                                         No 37 (Thames) Sqn ATC

  City of Auckland Cadet Unit                                                                            No 44 (Paeroa) Sqn ATC
  City of Papakura Cadet Unit
  City of North Shore Cadet Unit                                                                            No 31 (Morrinsville) Sqn ATC
  Waitakere City Cadet Unit
  Maungarei Cadet Unit                                                                                        No 16 (Tauranga) Sqn ATC
  West Auckland Cadet Unit                                                                                    TS Chatham
  Southern Cross Cadet Unit                                                                                   Western Bay Of Plenty Cadet Unit

                                                                                                                 Rotorua District Cadet Unit
                             Waiuku Cadet Unit                                                                   No 75 (Arawa) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                                 No 29 (Rotorua) Sqn ATC
        Hamilton City Cadet Unit
                                                                                                                    No 65 (Kawerau) Sqn ATC
        Hamiltons Fraser High School Cadet Unit
        No7 (City of Hamilton) Sqn ATC
        TS Rangiriri                                                                                                           Eastern Bay of Plenty Cadet Unit
                                                                                                                               No 35 (Whakatane) Sqn ATC

     Te Awamutu Community Cadet Unit

                     Taumarunui Cadet Unit                         Northern Area                                                          Te Whanau A Apanui
                                                                                                                                          Cadet Unit

  City of New Plymouth Cadet Unit                                                                                                    Opotiki College Cadet Unit
  No 8 (City of New Plymouth) Sqn ATC

                                                                                                                                         Taupo Cadet Unit
No 48 (District of Stratford) Sqn ATC

  No 47 (District of Hawera) Sqn ATC
                                                                        Central Area                                                  Gisborne Cadet Unit
                                                                                                                                      TS Endeavour
                                                                                                                                      No 14 (City of Gisborne)
                                                                                                                                      Sqn ATC
    No 9 (City of Wanganui) Sqn ATC
    TS Calliope                                                                                                                Wairoa Cadet Unit
    Wanganui Cadet Unit
                                                                                                                      Rangitikei Ruapehu Cadet Unit
                     No 32 (Borough of Feilding) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                                   No 13 (City of Napier) Sqn ATC
                No 10 (City of Palmerston North) Sqn ATC                                                           City of Napier Cadet Unit
                                                                                                                 No 11 (District of Hastings) Sqn ATC
                                                    TS Tutira
                                                                                                                 Ruahine Cadet Unit
                   No 49 (District of Kapiti) Sqn ATC

                        No 41 (Kapi Mana) Sqn ATC                                                     No 21 (Masterton District) Sqn ATC

                                   TS Taupo

             City of Porirua Cadet Unit                                                             No 22 (City of Upper Hutt) Sqn ATC
                                                                                                    City of Upper Hutt Cadet Unit

                                                                                               City of Lower Hutt Cadet Unit
                No 1 (City of Wellington) Sqn ATC                                              No 2 (Hutt City) Sqn ATC
                Wellington City Cadet Unit
                TS Amokura                                                                TS Tamatoa
Unit Locations South Island

                                                                    Nelson Cadet Unit
                                                                    No 23 (Nelson) Sqn ATC
                                                                    TS Talisman

                                                        Motueka Cadet Unit

                                                     No 27 (Blenheim) Sqn ATC

                                        No 33 (Westport) Sqn ATC

                           No 36 (Greymouth) Sqn ATC

        No 17 (City of Christchurch) Sqn ATC
        No 18 (Avon) Sqn ATC
        No 38 (Wigram) Sqn ATC
        City of Christchurch Cadet Unit
        TS Cornwell
        TS Steadfast

                                                 Southern Area

                                                                                               No 24 (Ashburton) Sqn ATC
                                                                                               Ashburton Cadet Unit

                                                                                     No 15 (Timaru District) Sqn ATC

                                                                                     No 46 (Mackenzie) Sqn ATC

                                                                                       No 26 (Oamaru) Sqn ATC

                                                                                     No 50 (Alexandra) Sqn ATC

                                                                                               No 42 (Dunedin) Sqn ATC
                                                                                               Dunedin Cadet Unit
                                                                                               TS Waireka
                                                                    No 28 (Gore) Sqn ATC       TS Nimrod

                                               No 12 City of Invercargill) Sqn ATC
                                               Invercargill Cadet Unit

         New Zealand Cadet Forces
   Command Structure - Regular Force Element
                                         Correct as at 10 June 2011
                                              Commandant -
                                              CDR G. Stokes

                                      Assistant Commandant -
                                          MAJ J. Skedden

             Staff Officer Administration -                       Staff Officer Training Development –
                  W/O J.R. Connochie                                          WO1 D. Stokes
                                                                     Assistant Staff Officer Training
                                                                    Development - SGT N.D Mateara
                                                                   Assistant Staff Officer Training
                Administrator - Vacant
                                                               Development (Educ) - Mr W.J Carruthers

   Northern Area CFTSU                   Central Area CFTSU                       Southern Area CFTSU
        Auckland                         RNZAF Base Ohakea                       Burnham Military camp

   AC(N) - LTCDR J. Mills                 AC(C) - LTCDR G. Burt                    AC(S) - CAPT A. Rankin

   SNAA - SSGT D. Bennett              SCAA - CPOSA W.R Hannah                    SSAA - F/S J.M Trevarton

 SCC        CPOSCS M.                                  POCSS L.                  SCC          POSTD J.
 Adviser    Simm                      SCC Adviser      Tahiwi                    Adviser      Hope

   NZCC        SGT M.A.                NZCC            SGT T.J                     NZCC       SGT D.M
 Advisers      Smith                  Advisers         Munro                     Adviser      Gardiner
                                                       SGT A.
            SGT J. Hita

            F/S R. Blucher
   ATC      SGT P.                     ATC                                         ATC
                                                       SGT D. Passi                           SGT R. Darrell
Advisers    Frecklington              Advisers                                   Advisers
                                                                                              SGT M.R.
            SGT A.B. Adam                              SGT S.P Main

 Clerk      Mrs L. Ward                  Clerk         Mrs D.                     Clerk       Mrs S. Carroll-
                                                       Thomas                                 Hart

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