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Education of the Deaf Hard of Hearing

                                 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

                                                          MASTER OF SCIENCE

                Bloomsburg University is
                committed to equal educational
                and employment opportunities for
                                                          Education of the
                                                          Deaf/Hard of Hearing
                all persons without regard to race,
                religion, gender, age, national origin,
                sexual orientation, disability or
                veteran status.
Education of the Deaf/                                              Administered by the Department of Exceptionality Programs

Hard of Hearing (M.S.)                                              in the College of Education

   The graduate Program in the Education of the Deaf/Hard           Core Courses Offered:
   of Hearing provides prospective classroom and itinerant             Practicum with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students with an eclectic      Speech for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   background of coursework and experiences in the field.              Language for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing I
   With the required pre-requisite undergraduate courses, this         Language for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing II
   program is designed to be completed in one year and six             Auditory Training and Speechreading
   weeks.                                                              Seminar in Current Issues in Special Education
                                                                       ASL and Signed English in Educational Settings
   The Program is nationally accredited by the Council on              Curricular Subjects for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   Education of the Deaf (CED) and state accredited by the             Student Teaching with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
   Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).                         Counseling Individuals with Special
   The program offers:                                                    Needs and their Families
      n	Hands-on experience with deaf/hard of hearing                  Research in the Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
        children in our on-campus preschool mini-camp
      n	Hands-on experience in a camping environment                Admission is competitive and full-time students can only enroll
      n	Award winning online courses                                in the summer semester.
      n	Practicum with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing at Camp Hero
      n	National certification by the Council                       Contact:
                                                                       Deborah S. Stryker
        on Education of the Deaf (CED)
                                                                       (570) 389-4197
   Career Opportunities                                      
   Teachers of students who are deaf or hard of hearing from
   preschool through secondary school in public, private or            Program website:
   residential school environments. Graduates may become,
   classroom or itinerant teachers for students who are:
   Oral Communicators, Sign Language Communicators (total
   communication, or Bilingual/Bicultural.

            Find program information and applications at

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