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 SonicWALL Provides Industry’s Most Secure, Highest Per-
     forming Firewall for SMBs, Retail, Branch Offices

 New TZ 215 Offers Security, Real-Time Application Traffic Visualization, Network
              Productivity and Broadest Mobile Platform Support

Dubai – March 26, 2012: As network usage and the number of devices accessing
the Internet continue to increase both at home and in the office, network perfor-
mance is often adversely affected by legacy firewall solutions that struggle to keep
up with new threats while still allowing productive workflow. When faced with a
choice between enforcing security and paralyzing the network, many SMBs will risk
scaling back on security to facilitate productivity. In answer to this challenge,
SonicWALL, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent network security and data pro-
tection solutions, today introduced the new SonicWALL® TZ 215 – the most secure,
highest performing Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall available on the mar-
ket today for small, retail and branch offices. The TZ 215 delivers the most effective
anti-malware, intrusion prevention, URL filtering and application control capabilities
along with the broadest mobile platform support for laptops, smartphones and tab-

With today’s evolving threat landscape, SMBs need a firewall that does not force a
trade-off between advanced security and network performance. The new TZ 215 is
a dual-core high performance application-aware firewall with comprehensive protec-
tion against viruses, Trojans, key-loggers and application layer attacks. The TZ 215
also integrates rich networking functionality, including IPSec and IPSec and SSL
VPN remote access, a 7-port gigabit switch, dual-band 802.11n wireless with guest
access and centralized management for simplified network administration. Addition-
ally, it is the only UTM firewall on the market that provides SSL VPN client remote
access for Apple® iOS and Mac OS®, Google® Android™, Microsoft® Windows®,
and Linux. For businesses concerned with failover and high availability, the TZ 215
supports multiple-ISP failover, failover to 3G connections via USB and hardware
failover between two firewalls.
The TZ 215 is ideal for a distributed office environment, capable of replacing small
appliances that can no longer handle the networking needs and traffic requirements
of growing branch locations. Branch office firewalls are often taxed beyond their ca-
pabilities as businesses push security services and application control features to
the periphery.

“The unfortunate reality is that many SMBs still opt for performance over compre-
hensive security,” said Dmitriy Ayrapetov, product line manager network security at
SonicWALL. “As the number of reported network breaches continues to increase, we
believe that businesses should no longer be forced to choose between network per-
formance and actually protecting themselves. With the introduction of the TZ 215,
they can have the necessary full deep packet inspection security, such as intrusion
prevention and anti-malware, while enjoying the full capacity of the high-speed
connections available on the market today.”

Just like enterprises, small businesses need protection against sophisticated mal-
ware and intrusion attempts that pass through traditional stateful firewalls, target-
ing PCs and mobile devices when users browse the Internet, send or receive email
or download files. In addition, as business-critical applications move to the cloud,
small organizations need to ensure that bandwidth is available so that employees
can quickly and easily access vital data. SonicWALL’s patented Reassembly-Free
Deep Packet Inspection® engine, powered by a multi-core architecture, efficiently
protects traffic at all network layers to prevent threats from coming into the net-
work. SonicWALL’s Application Intelligence and Control ensures that bandwidth for
business-critical applications is always available, while throttling productivity-
draining applications. The TZ 215 offers drill-down visualization, making it the only
firewall in its class to offer advanced application traffic analytics for deep insight in-
to bandwidth utilization and security threats. These capabilities use both real-time
and historical data, enabling fast troubleshooting and forensics.

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