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									     SALES,                                               THOMAS R. BIRKMAN
  MARKETING                                         3749 Fallen Tree Way ▼ Amelia, OH 45102
  & TRAINING                                         (513) 460-2475 ▼

Knowledge & Skill Areas         Professional Sales │ Management │ Business Development              │   Entrepreneurial
                          Detail-oriented and service-driven business professional capable of providing sales and
                          management support, with over twenty years of successful sales and marketing experience.
                          Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. This includes customer
                         needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer
                          satisfaction. Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting and selling
                          products or services including marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales
  Sales & Marketing       techniques and sales control systems. The ability to analyze the organizations competitive
                          position by considering trends, existing and potential customers, also strengths and
                          weaknesses as compared to competitors.

                             Excellent multi-tasker, able to manage several projects at once without losing details, self-
                              motivated within a home office with minimal direct supervision. Recognized for ability to
 Business Development         think quickly and act decisively. Superb communication, organizational, motivational and
                              interpersonal skills. Exceptional customer service and leadership ability developed through
                              the sales industry.

                                                  EMPLOYMENT HISTORY & EXPERIENCE
   Regional Trainer            MARK-ONE FINANCIAL, Jacksonville, FL ― Account Executive (2008)
                                ― Initiated the launch of Mark-One Financial into the Ohio market. During the last five
                                 months, 40 new clients were established. However, as a result of the Credit Industry
                                 collapse, the company experienced severe losses and was forced to downsize rather than
                                grow. Therefore, Mark One has withdrawn from the Ohio market.

 Project Management
                               WESTLAKE FINANCIAL SERVICES, Los Angeles, CA ― Territory Manager (2004 ― 2008)
                                ― As a Territory Manager, responsible for the start up of a new company in the Ohio and
                                 Kentucky market.
                               ― Developed relationships with both independent and franchise auto dealers that would
                                 generate contracts according to credit risk and profitability models while maintaining
                                 required efficiencies while providing the highest quality customer service in the industry.
   Customer Service             ― Effectively managed dealers by following up on any pending deal or issues, educated and
                                 analyzed dealers on efficiency goals, trends and portfolio performance, and advised
                                 dealers who did not meet our standards.
                                ― Consistently within the top 10% in the company resulting in achieving the elite “Century
                                Club” membership.

                               WHO’S CALLING, Kirkland, WA ― Marketing Representative (2002 ― 2004)
     Recruitment                ― As the Marketing Representative for the Ohio and Kentucky area, responsibilities
                                 comprised selling tracking services to automobile dealerships. Presentations
                                 demonstrated the benefits of recording all inbound calls that captured data showing
                                advertising progress. As a result, advertising expenses could be streamlined and targeted
                                 to areas, which actually produced the maximum return.
                                ― Unfortunately, due to low profit margins, Who’s Calling decided not to compete in this
                                 area and withdrew from this territory.
 Small Business Owner
     SALES,                              EMPLOYMENT HISTORY & EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED)
                             CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE, Plano, TX ― Area Sales Manager & Regional Trainer (2000 ―
  & TRAINING                  2002)
   MANAGER                    ― As Area Sales Manager: Initiated the start up in the Ohio market. While using selling
                                solutions and maintaining knowledge of competitors products and pricing, continually
                                generated over 200 contracts totaling $2.5 million per month in revenue.
                              ― As Regional Trainer covering Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and the New England states:
                                Monitored activities and performances, clearly defined expectations and implemented
Knowledge & Skill Areas         strategies to achieve goals for all new Sales Reps within the region.
       Include:               ― Achieved top sales representative in the Great Lakes Region for two years.
                              ― Earned Capital One nomination as "Rookie of the Year" for top performance.

                             CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION, Indianapolis, IN ― Sales & Marketing Manager (1996
                              ― 2000)
                              ― Launched Consumer Acceptance Corporation into the Ohio and Kentucky area.
  Sales & Marketing           ― While obtaining knowledge of competitors pricing and products, identifying market
                                 trends, accelerated the growth to 180 contracts totaling 2 million per month in new
                                 revenue in only ten months with steady expansion. This growth was accomplished
                                through continual service and extensive training.
                              ― During the last two years, responsibilities grew into training all new Marketing
 Business Development         ― It was extremely unfortunate when the company became insolvent and closed.

                                                      EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND
   Regional Trainer       UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI, Cincinnati, OH
                            ― Studies: Architecture/Business

                          United States Navy
                           ― Received distinct honor of Color Company
                            ― U. S. S Navasota
 Project Management


   Customer Service



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