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									    Volume 18        Number 4
                                  Woman to
Dec emb e r 2 011, J an u ar y, F eb ru a r y, March 20 1 2

                            Tis the season for giving!                      
                            It's  the  time  of  year  when  our           or handing out food for a family, or toy to a child, 
                            hearts  swell  with  generosity  and           brings such hope to them and joy to you. 
                            love  of  our  fellow  man.  As  we            In  the  words  of  Cicero,  "in  nothing  do  men  more 
                            decorate  our  homes,  plan  our               nearly approach the  gods than in doing good to their 
                            holiday  meals,  and  make  our                fellow man." 
                            shopping  lists,  we  also  think  of 
                            others who are not quite as blessed            Your generosity of time, talent or treasure means so 
                            as ourselves.                                  much  this  holiday  season,  to  the  Women's  Center, 
                                                                           our  clients,  and  to  you.  But  don't  stop  there!  Please 
                          Many of us take this opportunity to              give  generously  this  holiday,  and  when  it's  time  to 
reach  into  our  wallets  or    checkbooks  and  make  a  gift  to        take down the decorations and make our new year's 
our church or favorite charity.                                            resolutions, resolve to give to yourself one more gift. 
Here  at  the  Women's  Center  we  thank  you  for  your                  The  gift  of  giving,  and  resolve  to    give  to  others  all 
generosity. Your gift  helps us help those in need. Everyday               year long. 
we  see  people  who  lack  resources    and  are  struggling  to           Wishing  you  all  the  best  this  holiday  season  and 
maintain their dignity. Our goal is to restore  their dignity              happiness in the new year! 
and to increase their autonomy and choices, so they may  
develop their own skills and follow their own path.                 
We thank you for your financial gift. Your money helps us   
provide our services. But if you find your money is a little   
tight this holiday season, don't forget that giving can also 
come in other ways. Volunteering your time can mean so                      Jenny Gessler, PhD 
much to the charity you select and the people you serve.    
Providing comfort through a listening ear, a genuine smile,    

Tis the Season
         for Giving
         In this Issue
                                  GROUPS AND CLASSES .... 12
                                       The Holidays at the Women’s Center
     Women’s Center
                                       Transitional Housing
   Board of Directors
                                       Throughout the year, the Women’s Center
        Jenny Gessler, PhD             provides specialized services to our transitional
        Executive Director             housing clients to assist them on their path to
     Executive Committee               self-sufficiency. These women survive on very
                                       little and each December without assistance,
         Mischel Ostovich              many of our clients would not have a holiday.
         Real Estate Broker
                                       Therefore, every year we hold a holiday
                                       initiative requesting gift cards, food to provide a
           Carol Ashwell               holiday meal, and toys to put a smile on a
           Vice President              child’s face.
     Retired, Rockwell Manager

            Bob Walters                We will be accepting donations of food, toys and gift cards at our office in
              Secretary                Melbourne, 1425 Aurora Road.
Corporate Director, Human Resources                                       For more information please contact
            Health First                                                           us at 321-242-3110, ext 301.
            Bryan Roub                                                     
           Retired, Harris

        Board Members

        Claudette Acacia
      Owner, EC&C Solutions

          Marjorie Beckett
  Assistant Director/Alumni Affairs
   Florida Institute of Technology

         Beverly DeMeyer
          Sun Trust Bank

           Dottie Gatti
        Tensor Engineering            Holiday Wish
    Harvey Hester, Ph.D., LMFT
             Retired                   List for the
            Joe Martin
   Brevard County Sheriff Deputy
                                      Women’s Center
          Charles I. Nash
         Attorney at Law
   Nash, Moule, & Kromash, LLP

          Laura Doshier
   Co-President, Women’s Center
            South Guild

           Dani Clevens
   Co-President, Women’s Center
            South Guild

            Sudha Rao
     President, Women’s Center
            North Guild

                                       Contact Person: Kate Allen
                                                                                              Thank You
                                               South Brevard Women’s Center
                                               1425 Aurora Road Suite A.                       for Your
                                               Melbourne, Florida 32935
                                               321-242-3110 ext. 301
                      “Jessica” was a bright young 20 year old when she met her husband.  From the outside everything 
                      looked fine. They had three children together, but from the inside there was trouble.  During her 
     Client           first pregnancy, her husband began verbally and emotionally abusing her, going into tirades about 
    Success           her looks, her behavior, and being disrespectful of his authority.  

     Story            Later he became assaultive, trapping her in situations like the bathtub or the car where he would 
                      beat her on the top of her head so the lump wouldn’t show.  Soon he began waking her throughout 
                      the night to physically and sexually violate her.  

She felt trapped in a whirlwind of fear, confusion, shame, and hopelessness.  

When Jessica came to us she was desperate and lost; needing safety and protection, a place to live, and a way to start 
over.  The Women’s Center helped Jessica and her children with housing, food, assistance to obtain an injunction for 
protection, counseling for her and her children, and even helped her find work.  

Jessica’s 6 year old daughter “Sarah”, like her two older siblings, had witnessed Domestic Violence between her parents 
all her life.  Due to her father’s physical attacks and his ongoing violent threats to burn down the house or to kill them 
all as well as himself‐ all three children experienced extreme anxiety and depression. The six year old had symptoms 
severe  enough  to  identify  a  diagnosis  of  post‐traumatic  stress  disorder;  regressive  behaviors  such  as  thumb  sucking, 
bed wetting, nightmares, fears of being alone in a room, inability to sleep separately from her mother and avoidance 

Sarah  received  individual  counseling  to  help  reduce  her  fears,  teach  her  anger 
management and coping strategies, learn about healthy relationships and build self
‐esteem.  She and her siblings participated in the Koolkids group, our support group 
for children who witness violence.  The group helped her know she was not alone 
and could survive and thrive despite the violence and terror of her young life.  She 
now has the potential to live her life as a vibrant, self‐confident seven year old and 
participate in all the joys of childhood that she was previously denied.   

This is what your support of the Women’s Center accomplishes.  

Thank you for all your caring and support! 

We Are Thankful for...

DRS‐RSTA Donates in a big way to the                              
Women’s Center Career Closet 

DRS in Melbourne has adopted the Women’s Center as one of 
the charities they support.  And when they donate, they really 
donate in a big way! 

The  company  wanted  to  assist  the  Women’s  Center  Career 
Guidance program, and has offered computer skills training, job 
interview  training  and  career  clothing.    The  Women’s  Center 
now  has  a  wonderful  Career  Clothing  Closet  for  clients.    They 
donated  over  1500  articles  of  clothing,  over  80  pairs  of  shoes, 
beautiful  handbags,  jewelry  and  makeup  items  that  are  now 
available to our clients who are going on job interviews or need 
clothing  for  their  new  job.    The  clothes  were  delivered  by  Sun 
Dry  Cleaning,  who  donated  their  services  for  dry  cleaning  the 
items and delivering them.   In just one month over 10 women 
received outfits and they are truly grateful for these donations.  

Thank you DRS‐RSTA! 

                                                                         Vintage 56 in Rockledge hosted a Wine Tasting 
                                                                     fundraiser on October 18 to benefit the Women’s 
                                                               Center.  The evening included endless wine tastings, live 
                                                                 music, great silent auction items and a 50/50 raffle.  It 
                                                               was a great event, and all monies raised went directly to 
                                                                      the Women’s Center Domestic Violence services. 

                                                                             Thank you Vintage 56, and all of you that  
                                                                          donated items and participated in the event!  
WOAMTEC Donates Over 200 Pair of Jeans to the Women’s Center 

WOAMTEC (Women On A Mission To Earn Commission) is a business 
building group of professional women in Brevard County.  They 
recently held a donation drive to collect jeans for clients of the 
Women’s Center.  And donate they did, over 200 pairs of jeans!  They 
even received a donation of brand new jeans from Mean Jeans in 
Cocoa Beach.  They presented the jeans at their monthly meeting 
August 30th at Pizza Gallery and Grill. 

Thank you WOAMTEC! 

Women’s Health Happy Hour Donates to the Women’s Center 

TEPAS Breast Center and Intracoastal Physical Therapy hosted an event at Enigma 
Restaurant September 19.  The evening included food and drinks, vendors and 
speakers on women’s health issues.  They also sold raffle tickets for prizes, and the 
monies collected from the raffle tickets went directly to the Yvonne’s Gals Helping 
Hands program. 

                                            Wine, Women and Charm Events 
                                            Benefit the Women’s Center 

                                            Each month, Charm on the Space Coast magazine presents this 
                                            evening of wonderful food and wine, live entertainment, shopping 
                                            and raffle items.  Monies raised from the raffle tickets are 
                                            donated to the Women’s Center.  The event on September 29th 
                                            was hosted at The Firehouse Restaurant & Lounge, and the 
                                            November 17th event was hosted at Calilou.  

Information on upcoming Wine, Women and Charm events is available at SpaceCoastCharm.com.  

Thank you to everyone for your support, and for putting together such a great evening! 

United Way Emerging Leaders Volunteer Day at the                  Junior League of South Brevard  
Women’s Center                                                    Done In A Day 
The United Way Emerging Leaders held a Volunteer Day              The Junior League of South Brevard chose the 
at the Women’s Center on August 27th.  They were a                Women’s Center as one of their Done In A Day 
huge help to the Women’s Center and organized the                 volunteer projects.  The ladies came to the 
clothing donated by DRS for the career closet.  They              office on September 24th and did some 
organized the clothing into sizes and styles, as well as the      landscaping and weeded the backyard.  They 

shoes and accessories.  The room looks great thanks to         
                                                                  did a great job, and the center looks great! 

their help.  They also assisted with shredding, inventory,     
                                                                  Thanks Junior League of South Brevard! 
copying our information brochures & cleaned windows.           
Thank you United Way                                           

Emerging Leaders!                                              
Yvonne’s Gals Can  
Assist Those Women  
Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment  

In memory of Yvonne Bixby, assistance is available at the Women’s Center to help women undergoing breast 
cancer treatment. Funds are available to pay for personal services such as: Housekeeping, transportation, pet 
care, personal errands such as grocery shopping and more. 

Breast cancer patients may call 321‐242‐3110, Ext 301 or stop in at 1425 Aurora Road, Melbourne. 

                                                South Guild President’s Message
                                                                                      You Make A Difference

                                                          There are many who go the "second mile"
                                                           And greet each day's tasks with a smile;
                                                               Who spend their lives serving others
                                                                  And look upon all as their sisters.
                                                              Who work for all children everywhere,
                                                              When there's a need - they are there.
                                                              Their time and talents freely dedicate
                                                                Serving in places small and great.

                                                             You are to be honored and thanked as
                                                                   This world is now a better place
                                                                 Because it looked upon your face

Making a difference is what the Women’s Center South Guild has done for sixteen years. We are an
amazing group of women who care and volunteer to help change lives in our community.
Orchestrating our events requires hours of dedicated planning and work on the part of so many. We
have already been successful in our fundraising efforts with the “English Garden” luncheon, “Wine,
Women, and Charm” event hosted by Nicole Troupe, The Clevens Health, Wellness and Beauty
event and “Art Uncorked”. Without your donations, whether big or small, we could not continue
year after year to raise the funds required to help our neighbors in need.

It has been a busy fall and in honor of your support we will celebrate at the Holiday Brunch on
December 9 at the Lansing Island Home of Christine Lance, a former Guild president. The new year
will begin with “To Serve with Love” on January 12 with Tracy Jacobus and Ann Nance chairing that
event. Also, mark March 10th on your calendar to visit some of the most gorgeous kitchens and
homes on the “Gourmet Kitchen Tour”.

A sincere thank you to everyone for donating and supporting all that we have accomplished this fall.
You make a difference.

Dani Clevens and Laura Doshier
Co-Presidents, Women’s Center Guild

                           Don’t Forget
                            to Register

                           To Serve With Love
                          15th Annual Women's
                              Tennis Event

                        January 12, Thursday
                                                          Guild Volunteers at FIT in September: Food for
                      www.womenscenterinbrevard.org       Change, over 100,000 meals were packed.

North Guild President’s Message
Tis the Season for Giving

The North Guild is blessed to have grown in size with 76 current
members and to be able to raise $39,680 in under one
year. Our community struggles economically with the ripple of job losses stemming from the
closing of our beloved space program. Many have found themselves overwhelmed by the surge
in charitable requests from numerous organizations. But this agency, the Women's Center, works
not only with the individual but with the family to change not only today but all the tomorrows for a
family. It works to EMPOWER the individual and leads them to a productive life and breaks the
chain of violence that would otherwise regenerate. The knowledge of this CHANGE leads so
many individuals, companies, not for profit and for profits to stand behind the Women's Center
North Guild in support and giving. The Guild is honored to be a part of the first Transitional
Women's Home in Titusville to be opening in January of 2012.

We have many events in the works:

♦    No-Show Open House for our Transitional Home on Thanksgiving Day.
♦    Christmas Social for Guild members and prospective members
♦    Knight of Vision on February 3, 2012
♦    Men Rock the Runway 2012
♦    Scramble Golf Tournament April 2012

With the holidays quickly approaching we are asking Guild Members to renew their membership
for 2012 and give the gift of membership to their loved ones. We would like to invite our members
to increase their annual gift from last year, or consider making a recurring gift monthly. What better
gift can be given than the gift of HOPE.

The North Guild is particularly interested in developing a "Youth Guild." The value of giving the gift
of membership to a youth and having them involved in the prevention can change the course of

Yours in Service,                   Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, 
                                    and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness 
Sudha Talluri-Rao
North Guild President               never decreases by being shared.  ~Buddha  

    Employee                                    I am glad to be part of the Women’s Center because…  

Spotlight                                       What  the  Women’s  Center  does  for  this  community  is  so  im‐
                                                portant, and I am glad to be able to be part of the team. This is 
                                                an  amazing  group  of  people  to  work  with,  and  everyday  we 
                                                see the positive impact the center has on our community. It is 
    Darlene Heumann is                          a very fulfilling opportunity to be here. 
    the Special Projects                         
    Coordinator for the                         What are you thankful for? 
    Women’s Center. 
                                                I am thankful the Women’s Center is here to help the women 
    Darlene joined the                          and families in our community. I am also very thankful for my 
    Women’s Center in                           family‐my husband, our sweet dog, and my wonderful parents. 
    May 2011.                                   I  am  also  thankful  for  the  amazing  girlfriends  I  have  been 
                                                blessed to have in my life. 

                           The  Titusville  office  has  really  started  to  prove  its  need  and  impact  in  North 
                           Brevard.  There is a significant rise in the number of clients we have been seeing.  
                           This has been aided by our new Hotline which has already resulted in a number 
                           of  clients  being  provided  emergency  housing  to  get  them  out  of  dangerous 
                           domestic  violence  situations.    The  increasing  demand  for  service  is  also  the 
                           reason for increasing the staff of the north office by adding another staff victim 
      Titusville           advocate,  LaTika  Burkes  and  registered  mental  health  counselor  intern  Maritza 
                           Lopez.  We  continue  to  provide  to  the  community  educational  presentations 
throughout  North  Brevard,  helping  raise  the  critical  financial  and 
volunteer support needed to maintain and expand this effort. 
The most exciting news of all is that the shelter is under construction 
now and will be completed by January 2012.   With the impact of the 
Hotline and the need rising so quickly, we know that the shelter will 
fill that much needed gap for secure emergency housing for Domestic 
Violence  victims  fleeing  life‐threatening  situations.    The  house  will 
provide  shelter  for  2  families  of  up  to  4  people  each;  it  will  be 
handicap accessible, there will be a live‐in “house mother”, and there 
will be on‐site counseling abilities for residents of the shelter.  Due to 
the  need  to  maintain  a  low  profile  for  the  security  of  the  location, 
there  will  not  be  a  public  “open  house”  but  the  North  Guild  is 
planning  a  “No  Show”  event  to  correspond  with  the  opening  of  the         On  September  22,  Wells  Fargo  Riverside 
house.                                                                              Titusville  presented  a  $500  check  to  the 
                                                                                    Women’s  Center.    The  check  was  for 
We  would  like  to  thank  Parrish  Medical  Center  for  their  ongoing 
                                                                                    sponsorship  of  the  Women’s  Center  North 
support of our services.                                                            Guild Men Rock the Runway in May.  

        Volunteer                                                   Melanie Oliver 
    Spotlight                                                       How long have you volunteered at the Women’s 

                                                                    For  2  years.  This  is  my  first  volunteer  job.  I’ve 
                                                                    lived  in  the  community  for  3  years,  and  learned 
    Melanie  volunteers  8  hours                                   about  the  Women’s  Center  through  Sue 
    each  week  at  the  Women’s                                    Tompkins.  Sue  brought  me  to  the  Women’s 
    Center office in Melbourne.                                     Center  and  I  met  Jackie  Ares,  Victim  Advocate, 
                                                                    and knew I had to volunteer here. 
    Married  to  Thomas  Robert, 
    she  has  one  stepson  and 
                                                          In what areas do you volunteer at the Women’s 
    two granddaughters.                                   Center office?  
                                                          Taking care of the food pantry, toiletry pantry, 
                                                          bagging the fresh bread donated by Panera 
Bread, answering phones, coordinating the Back to School supplies, and other activities as needed at the 
What do you enjoy about volunteering at the Women’s Center? 

It makes me feel good and reminds me to be appreciative of the things I have. It also humbles me to think 
about others rather than only think about what is going on in my life. 
What are you thankful for? 

I am thankful there is a place like the Women’s Center to help others, even if it is just listening. We aren’t 
always able to help everyone, but by listening to them and talking with them we can make them feel better. 
                  Leave A Lasting Legacy
                                  Wow, the Titusville Shelter is soon to be a reality! There are still
                                  possibilities to be a part of this historic event. With renovations
                                  underway and the completion date expected to be around January
                                  2012, we still have naming opportunities available:

                                  Security Fence: $5K (Available)
                                  Playground area: Shanti & Meera Rao
                                  Bedrooms (3): $10K (Available)
                                  Counseling Room: Yvette R. Boodhoo, Ph.D & Victor Boodhoo, M.D.
                                  Common Living Area: $15K (Available)
                                  Name the House: The Ravindran Family

                                  This is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. Contact John Doctor,
                                  Director of Services, Titusville at 607-6811 or Jenny Gessler, Exec.
                                  Director at 242-3110 for more information about this exciting chance to
                                  be a permanent part of this critical project.

phi∙lan∙thro∙py  \fə‐lan(t)‐thrə‐pē\  noun  (The  Love  of  Humanity)  defined  as:  The  effort  or 
inclination to increase the well‐being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations. 

                                Did you know that, according to “The Chronicles of Philanthropy,” of the over 
                                $300 billion contributed to charities, 82% comes from individuals  and  estate 
                                bequests.  Corporate  giving  only  accounts  for  5%  of  those  donations.  Many 
                                people  believe  that  charitable  organizations  operate  through  government 
                                grants and corporate donations with some contributions from individuals. The 
                                truth  is  that  individual  donations  are  the  most  critical  part  of  the  survival  of 
                                any non‐profit organization. Even organizations that have relied more heavily 
                                on  government  grants  are  no  longer  getting  the  amount  of  financial  support 
                                they used to get, but the needs have increased dramatically. The only way to 
                                bridge  that  gap  is  through  individuals  who  support  organizations  whose 
                                mission and values they believe in. 

                                 Are  you  a  Philanthropist?  The  Women’s  Center  has  experienced  the  same 
                                 challenges  that  all  non‐profits  are  facing:  decreased  grant  money  and  a 
                                 significant increase in need for our services. For our clients, many of whom are 
                                 fleeing  domestic  violence  or  facing  homelessness,  the  stakes  are  high.  Our 
ability to help them and our ability to provide stable funding of our programs are tied to the philanthropists 
who support our work. In addition to general contributions and guild memberships, consider your legacy by 
being a “Planned Giver” to the ongoing work of the Women’s Center. Planned giving opportunities include 
major gifts, such as those associated with naming the rooms in our new shelter, but there are ways to give 
that do not require large estates. These include: bequests, trusts, annuities, life insurance, and other options. 
If you want to consider making a planned gift, contact Jenny Gessler at  321‐242‐3110 ext 307 to discuss the 
possibilities of letting your estate make an ongoing impact. Your planned gift can provide a legacy of ongoing 
support for years to come for the clients and victims who will look to the Women’s Center for help and hope! 

The Women’s Center Programs & Services for                         ♦       Self‐blame, guilt, and shame associated with their 
military personnel & their families:                                       experiences  
                                                                   ♦       Domestic violence  
Client Services                                                    ♦       Suicide  
♦ Crisis/peer counseling                                           ♦       Sexual assault / sexual harassment  
♦ Classes and workshops  
♦ Information and referrals  
                                                                                   For more information, please contact  
                                                                                  our Military Case Specialist Jackie Ares  
Counseling and Therapy                                                                    (321) 242‐3110, ext 325  
♦ For individuals, families, couples, and children  
                                                                   Displaced Homemaker Career Program 
Career Guidance  
♦ For those rebuilding their lives after discharge, divorce, or    A Displaced Homemaker is described as: 
     death we have individual employment planning, resume          ♦ 35 years of age or older; AND 
     assistance, and workshops                                     ♦ Has worked in the home; AND 
♦ Microloans to assist in starting a new business                  ♦ Is unemployed or not adequately employed; AND 
♦ Scholarships for those returning to school or seeking            ♦ Is separated, divorced or widowed. 
     higher education  
                                                              This  program  provides  a  personalized  program  that  explores 
                                                              career options and individual growth.  We help people realize 
Housing Assistance  
                                                              their  potential  and  support  them  in  their  journey  towards 
♦ Financial assistance with relocation or emergency shelter  
                                                              becoming gainfully employed. 
Our CONFIDENTIAL programs and services can help to               Those  who  participate  are  able  to  have  a  clearer 
address:                                                         understanding  of  who  they  are,  what  motivates  them,  the 
                                                                 skills they want to utilize in their work, and the education or 
♦   Reunification                                                specialized training that may be required. 
♦   Post traumatic stress disorder                                 The  Women’s  Center  strives  to  help  people  become  self‐
♦   Survivors grief                                                sufficient through employment.  For more information, please 
                                                                   contact the Women’s Center at 242‐3110. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Want to  volunteer? Contact us for more                                Coming this Summer... 
information. Opportunities for Individuals and                          
groups.                                                                Look for information on our Summer Camps in our 
                                                                       next edition.  
Melbourne 321‐242‐3110 
Titusville 321‐607‐6811                                                Camp GAIA: For girls 5th & 6th grade and 7th & 
                                                                       8th grade. 
www.WomensCenterinBrevard.org                                          We will also be hosting a new camp for boys in 
                                                                       9th & 10th grade.  
$25  Donation:  Provides a bed and services for a 
night at our Transitional Housing 

$50  Donation:  Runs  the  Domestic  Violence 
Hotline for one month 

$100 Donation: Helps toward a car donation for 
a client in Transitional Housing 

$250 Donation: Provides support group services 
to a child who has witnessed domestic violence 

$500  Donation:  Helps  to  relocate  a  Domestic 
Violence victim to keep her safe 

$1,000 Donation: Puts  a  family  of  four  into          Please contact the Women’s Center, Titusville  
Transitional Housing for ten days                             for more information ‐ 321‐607‐6811. 

         Why Not Help All Year Long?   
    Your Organization Can Adopt a Family in 
             Transitional Housing!   

Your  group  or  organization  can  adopt  a 
family  in  transitional  housing  for  a  year.  
By adopting a family, you help provide for 
their  opportunity  to  become  self‐
sufficient  and  live  independent  lives.  
Adopting  a  family  would  include  car 
repair,  Back  to  School  supplies,  Birthday 
presents and many other opportunities. 

If  you  are  a  member  of  a  Rotary  Club, 
women’s  group,  church  group  or  any 
other  organization  that  is  looking  for  an 
opportunity  to  help  our  community, 
please give the Women’s Center a call at 

Together  we  can  change  lives  for  the 
better, forever. 

          Support Groups, Classes, and Workshop Descriptions


  Viernes, 2:00-3:30 pm, El Women’s        NEW! Daytime Domestic Violence
 Center estara ofreciendo un grupo de          Support Group Titusville
apoyo gratis para mujeres hispanas. Se         Fridays, 10-11:30 am, Free                             NEW! Kool Kids Titusville
discutiran temas de interes, incluyendo     An open support group for women                       Mondays, 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Free.
   relaciones saludables y violencia.           to provide information and                        Support group for children ages 6-12
    Facilitadoras: Jacqueline Ares,         understanding of emotional and/or                       years old who have witnessed or
           Victim Advocate.               physical abuse by a partner. Location:                     experienced family violence.
                                           Conf. room, 603 N Washington Ave.                     Telephone intake with parent required
                                             Facilitators: Tammy Caligiuri &                      before attendance. Location: Parrish
   Childhood Sexual Abuse/Incest          Candace Tate. For more information,                     Medical Center, 3rd Floor, Women’s
      Survivors Support Group             contact Candace Tate at 321.607.6811                   Center Conf. room, 951 N Washington
     Mondays, 5:30-7:00pm. Free.           **No DV Group Nov. 25 & Dec 30                          Ave. Therapist: Tammy Caligiuri,
  Therapist: Jennifer Guarino, M.A.,                                                                         M.A., RMHCI
            RMHCI, Free.                        NEW! Coping with Family
     Mondays, 5:30-7:00pm. Free.                Addiction Therapy Group                                   Women with Cancer
 Support group for adult women who        This is an open group for individuals                        3rd Monday of each month,
   have experienced sexual abuse as          in a relationship with an addicted                   6:00-7:30 pm. Designed for women
     children. Focus on emotional         person. Contact Pamela for required                      living with cancer, from the newly
 reactions, resolution of feelings, the      Intake prior to group attendance.                    diagnosed to long time survivors and
 effects on everyday life, and on self-      Participants will receive support,                  the family and friends who love them.
         respect as a survivor.                education, and therapy. Gain                          Facilitators: Sherry Palmer and
                                          understanding of addiction and how it                           Connie Chiles-Cooke.
                                           affects all areas of life. Learn coping
          Domestic Violence                  skills and self reliance as well as                              CLASSES
     Support Group Melbourne                improving self esteem and respect.
     Therapist: Jennifer Guarino,                                                                   Childbirth Preparation Classes
                                              Therapist: Pamela Lewis, M.S.,
            M.A., RMHCI.                                                                           Wednesday (6:30-9 pm-series of 5
                                              LMHC, Cost: $25 Per Session.
     Mondays, 10-11:30 am, Free                                                                  classes) Classes on all aspects of labor
                                                 Call 242-1526 for intake.
   Jennifer Guarino, M.A., RMHCI                                                                   and birth, including nutrition, pain
  An open support group for women                                                                 medication, breast feeding, and stress
      to provide information and                                                                         relief. Classes provided
                                                 Men’s Survivor Group
  understanding of emotional and/or                                                                   by Brevard Chapter of Florida
                                            A new group is forming to support
     physical abuse by a partner.                                                                  Outreach. For fee and registration,
                                          adult male victims of childhood abuse.
                                                                                                       call Terri Myers 259-5598.
                                            If you are interested in signing up
                                                 please call 321.242.1526.
          Domestic Violence                                                                            Domestic Violence Class
      Support Group Titusville                                                                         2nd Friday of each month,
      Mondays, 6-7:30 pm, Free                                                                          12 noon- 1:30 pm. Free.
                                                 Kool Kids Melbourne
 An open support group for women to                                                              Provides education about the dynamics
                                                   Therapist: Jennifer
provide information and understanding                                                            of domestic violence relationships, the
                                             Guarino, M.A., RMHCI, Free
of emotional and/or physical abuse by                                                            cycle of violence, definitions of abuse,
                                             Mondays, 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
 a partner. Location: Parrish Medical                                                              warning signs, and safety planning.
                                          Support group for children ages 6-12
  Center, 3rd Floor, Women’s Center                                                                       Certificate provided.
                                             years old who have witnessed
 Conf. room, 951 N Washington Ave.                                                                    Facilitator: Jacqueline Ares.
                                            or experienced family violence.
 Facilitators: Tammy Caligiuri, M.A.,                                                                  Call to register, 242-3110.
                                             Telephone intake with parent
  RMHCI & Candace Tate. For more               required before attendance.
 information, contact Candace Tate at     *Please note changes in October and future sessions.

          Support Groups, Classes, and Workshop Descriptions

                                                 Budgeting and How to
                                                   Repair Your Credit                       Volunteer Orientation
  Clase sobre Violencia Doméstica.                 Must Have Workshop                 See website for dates or call. Free.
Educación sobre las dinámicas de las                For Every Woman.                 The volunteer orientation is intended
 relaciones de violencia doméstica, el         Facilitator: MaryEllen Troilo           to familiarize interested applicants
  ciclo de violencia, definiciones de      (Check website or call for workshop           with the Women’s Center and
   abuso, señales de aviso, y plan de           dates and times 242-3110.)              volunteer opportunities available.
seguridad. Se proveerá un certificado.     Covers basic budgeting knowledge,         Applications available via download
   Favor de llamar al 242-3110 para        how to avoid falling into the maxed-       from the Women’s Center website.
    información sobre las fechas y           out credit card trap, tips on why
            horarios. Gratis.             budgets fail, how to keep your budget                 Victim Advocacy
     Facilitadora: Jacqueline Ares.       on track, & creating a spending plan.               Volunteer Training
                                          What makes up a credit score, how to        Three sessions of training to assist
          WORKSHOPS                       dispute items on your credit report, &     victims of domestic violence in filing
                                            steps to increase your credit score.    the petition from the court, and support
      Career Interest & Testing                                                        in the courtroom when attending
        Jan 11 & 12; Feb 7 & 8;                       Legal Aspects of                 hearings related to the injunction
    March 6 & 7; 9-11:30 am. Free                  Divorce & Separation                 process. Part-time and full-time
 In this 2-day workshop participants         Sat., December, 3, 10 am-12 pm.             volunteer positions. Minimum
 will take useful career inventories to        Sat., January, 7, 10 am-12 pm.             commitment of one 4-hour
  assess their occupational interests,        Sat., February, 4, 10 am-12 pm.                  time slot per week.
preferred activities, competencies and         Sat., March, 3, 10 am-12 pm.
  abilities. Results will enhance the       Cost: $10. An attorney explains the     Two shifts available at the courthouse:
person’s career direction and enlighten      legal rights of parties involved in      8 a.m.- 12 p.m. or 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
     their career decision-making.         separation or divorce. Includes fault/           Volunteers can work
     Facilitator: Cindy Schroeder           no fault divorce, spousal and child               one or both shifts.
                                                support, property settlement
           Career Directions                agreements, custody and visitation,         Melbourne Training Dates:
   Nov 28, 29 & 30; Jan 25, 26 & 27       distribution of property and retirement      (must attend all days of training)
  Feb 21, 22 & 23; 9:00 a.m.-12. Free                     benefits.
                                                                                           Jan. 18, 9:30am-12pm
 Whether you’re thinking about a new                                                         Jan. 19, 9:30-2pm
   career or want to advance in your           NEW! Metamorphosis
                                                                                          March. 21, 9:30am-12pm
current position, the Career Directions           For Young Ladies
                                                                                            March. 22, 9:30-2pm
three day workshop offers the personal      Sat. Jan 21, 10am-2pm. Free.
attention and career advice to help you   Women’s Center Melbourne, Suite C
 get there. Covered topics include goal       Metamorphous Seminar for                   Titusville Training Dates:
 setting, interviewing, resume writing,      young ladies getting ready to             (must attend all days of training)
   applications and job search skills,        enter puberty. This can be a            Feb 17th & 20th, 9:30pm-3:30pm.
       among others. Facilitator:             difficult and confusing time,                          Free.
             Cindy Schroeder                 we can offer information and
                                           support in a safe and comfortable                  Titusville Training
                                          atmosphere. Topics include dealing                Located at Our Office
                                             with new emotions, physical                   603 N. Washington Ave.
                                            changes, taking charge of your                   Titusville, FL 32796
                                             body, self esteem and living a
         Unless otherwise noted,           healthy lifestyle. A healthy snack
    please call the Women’s Center           and study book are included.
       at 242-3110 to register for
     classes, groups, workshops, or
           volunteer training.

                                                                                                 Looking for a great way to promote your 
                                                                                                 Place an ad in the Women’s Center Newsletter!  With 
                                                                                                 a distribution of over 8,000, it’s a very economical 
                                                                                                 way to share your message with others.   

                                                                                                 For more information and pricing, please contact 
                                                                                                 Darlene Heumann at 321‐242‐3110 

 A Special Thank You to our current Women’s Center South Guild Partners
October 2011                                    Linda Fern Davis - Petals Florist                                  Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Brackett -
                                                FLORIDA TODAY                                                        Emergency Animal Hospital
 Platinum Elite Partners                        Elaina Friesel Garvin - Wells                                      Fayette & Laurie Brown
 Dr. Bill Harr &                                 Fargo Advisors, LLC                                               Terri & Scott Burcham
 Mrs. Paula Savage-Harr -                       Ted Parker - Revolution Technologies                               Marion E. Collins
 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC                      Roub Family Foundation                                             Alan & Laura Doshier
                                                Troner Family Foundation                                           Al & Becky Dukes
                                                                                                                   Walter & Dottie Gatti
 Platinum Plus
                                                                                                                   John & Ruthann Genoni
                                                Silver Partners                                                    Jenny Gessler, PhD
 Henry Family Foundation
                                                                                                                   Dr. Stanley & Elena Golovac
                                                Harry & Wendy Brandon
 Platinum Partners                              Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service
                                                                                                                   David & Irene Hallquist
                                                                                                                   Rachel Hobgood - Feather & Form
 Dr. & Mrs. Ross Clevens                        Peter & Kateri Genna – Genna Jewelers                              MaryAnn Kirkup
 Coastal Directory - Wilson Sims                Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place                                      James & Donna McMaster
 Harris Foundation                              Kathy Jaeger—Beach Studios                                         Sherri P. Otcenasek
 Shay & Monica Rowe -                           Christine Lance                                                    Paul & Fride Phelps
  Mercedes-Benz, Porsche,                       Space Coast Porche Club                                            RoomScapes of Brevard
  Audi of Melbourne                                                                                                Barbara Wall - Scanlon -
                                                Bronze Partners                                                         Prudential Sterling Properties
 Gold Partners                                                                                                     Jim & Jonnie Swann
                                                Hal & Zelda Abercrombie
                                                Shirley P. Baccus                                                  Kimberly Turner
 Space Coast Charm -
                                                Malcolm & Barbara Baird                                            98.5 FM “The Beach”
  Nicole Troupe
                                                Patricia Blake, DDS

 A Special Thank You to our current Women’s Center North Guild Partners
October 2011                                      Guild Partners                                                   Brevard Indo-American Medical
                                                                                                                      & Dental Association
                                                  Life                                                             Coastal Pharmacy
 Premier Corporate Partner                                                                                         Ms. Joie W. Crane
                                                  Parrish Medical Center                                           First United Methodist Women
 Parrish Medical Center                                                                                            Dr. Patricia Manning
                                                  Platinum                                                         Ms. Kathy L. Ojeda
                                                                                                                   Sudha Rao & Ravi Rao, M.D.
 Shelter Benefactors                              Mr. & Mrs. Ravindran
                                                                                                                   Mr. Srikrishna &
                                                                                                                     Mrs. Jeevika Talluri
 Ravindran Family                                 Bronze                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Bill &
 Yvette R. Boodhoo, Ph.D                          Yvette R. Boodhoo, Ph.D &                                          Rachel Terry
                                                    Victor Boodhoo, M.D.                                           Ms. Anne Winn
  & Victor Boodhoo, M.D.
 Shanti & Meera Rao
                           The Women's Center Guild Partners are accurate at print but may not be inclusive of  
                                partnerships after the print date.  We greatly apologize for any omission. 

                                              The Women’s Center gratefully acknowledges the
                                              following donors for June 2011—September 2011
On behalf of the many women and children receiving assistance through the Women’s Center, we are grateful for all gifts of time, talent, and 
treasure.  Your friendship and generosity are evidence of your empathy and desire to help those in needs and we thank you again for your kindness. 

 Amelia Adams                                                      Jessica A. Giambrone                                     Platinum Coast Chorus of Sweet  
 Advent Lutheran Church ‐                                          Judith D. Graham                                           Adelines International 
   Christian Service                                               Hair'ez Beach Salon                                      Powerful Concepts, LLC 
 Anonymous                                                         Patricia M. Hartung                                      Kim Robertson 
 Carolyn V. Baney                                                  Mary Herzig                                              Robyn Rosenwald 
 Deana Basso                                                       Darlene Heumann                                          Ellen Roussel 
 BCC's Bridges Fellowship of                                       Kathleen Jaeger                                          Roy G. Michell Charitable  
   Christian Students & Staff                                      Monica L. Kapushy                                          Foundation & Trust 
 Melissa Blumberg                                                  Julia A. Kieffer                                         RSVP of Brevard County 
 M. R. Buckalew                                                    Mary K. Larson                                           Jamie Schmalenberger 
 Children's Center                                                 Veronica Lennon                                          Jennifer Schneider 
 Pat Coles                                                         Karen M. Lunden                                          Seaside Stitchers 
 Diane Comerford                                                   Margaret Heins Foundation                                Tina Shepherd 
 Curves ‐ North Melbourne                                          Kathryn A. McGee                                         Elizabeth Showers 
 Darwin J. Dale                                                    Mean Jeans                                               Skinny Bitchs Cookie Co., Inc. 
 David Bogenrief Engineering, Inc.                                 David Meeker                                             Catherine Smith 
 Andrea Deratany                                                   Pamela I. Meloy                                          Space Coast Parrot Head Club 
 Linda Dippold                                                     Ronald K. Menck                                          Space Coast Quilters 
 DRS Tactical Systems, Inc.                                        Meredith's Bridal Shop, Inc.                             Tori Targett 
 Midge J. Dunn                                                     Merritt Island Moose R.V. Club                           The Red Hat Jazz‐A‐Belles 
 Eastminster Presbyterian Church                                   Jan Molinell                                             United Way of Brevard 
 Exit One Realty                                                   Morgan Stanley                                           University of Central Florida‐ 
 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund                                     Barbara Morley                                             Student Nurse's Association 
 First Presbyterian Church of Palm Bay                             Mary Grace Murphy                                        R. Van Orsdale 
 Jeanne Franklin                                                   Shirley Muzzy                                            Marcee Whitley 
 Friendship Fellowship at Pineda                                   Christina Nazareno                                       WOAMTEC‐Viera Chapter 
 GFWC Melb Area Junior                                             Aniela Orr                                               Eileen Yersavich 
   Woman's Club, Inc.                                              Parrish Medical Center                                   89.5 WFIT 
                        We apologize for any errors or omissions in the above listing.  Please contact the  
                                   Women’s Center  242‐3110, ext 322 for any corrections. 

                                     PLEASE SUPPORT THE WOMEN’S CENTER
Enclosed is a tax-deductible gift in the amount of:                   My gift is:                                                             As good stewards of your gifts, the  
                                                                      ( ) In Honor of___________________________________________        Women’s Center ensures that your wishes are 
( ) $25      ( ) $50      ( ) $100     ( ) $250       ( ) $1,000                                                                         respected in terms of the use of your gifts.  
                                                                      ( ) In Memory of_________________________________________
( ) $2,500             ( ) $10,000      ( ) $ Other                                                                                     Donations given to be used wherever the need 
                                                                      ( ) In Celebration of the Birthday of__________________________     is greatest provide the highest flexibility; 
Donation from________________________________________                 ( ) Endowment                                                        however, all  gifts are  important to us. 
Address_____________________________________________                  ( ) Please send acknowledgment of my gift to:                                              
                                                                                                                                               Thank you  for your contributions!   
City/State/Zip ________________________________________
                                                                                                                                              You help women change their lives  
Phone: Home/Cell_____________________________________                 Name__________________________________________________                       for the better, forever. 
E-Mail Address_______________________________________                 Address _______________________________________________
Please make checks payable to the Women’s Center                      City/State/Zip___________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                   Women’s Center
                                                                      ( ) My employer_________________________________________                 1425 Aurora Road · Suite A
( ) M/C ( ) Visa               Exp. Date____________________                                                                                    Melbourne, Florida 32935
                                                                      has a matching gift program.
Acct. #______________________________________________                                                                                        321-242-3110 Fax: 321-242-7464
                                                                                                                                           Monday through Friday: 9 am to 4 pm
Your contributions are tax-deductible. The Women’s Center is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and is registered with the State of            Editor: Darlene Heumann
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professional solicitor. Consult your tax advisor regarding eligible tax deductions.                                                            Printing: Trese Printing
A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION                                            email: info@womenscenterinbrevard.org

                                                                    Clear Channel Outdoor graciously donated PSA space on 
                                                                    all  7  of  their  digital  billboards  in  October  for  Domestic 
                                                                    Violence Awareness month.  The message displayed 80‐
                                                                    100 times a day on each billboard. 

                                                                    Thank you  
                                                                    Clear Channel  

   The Women’s Center Furniture & More Thrift Store is busier than ever, and 
   this  time of  year it’s  going to get  even busier.   I would like to  thank all  the 
   people  that  donate  to the store, without you we  would not be here.   Keep 
   the donations coming, please!  

   I would also like to thank the volunteers and employees for their dedication 
   and hard work, we couldn’t do it without you folks.  

   A big welcome back to all the snowbirds from the north, it will be nice seeing 
   you again.  

   If  you’re  interested  in  volunteering,  we  will  take  all  the  help  you  can  give 
   us. Contact us at 321‐951‐1336 for more information.  

   Happy holidays everyone and remember, you can save a lot of money                                  We Need Volunteers
   shopping at the Furniture & More Thrift Store for the holidays. 

   Adam Lauzon, Director of Retail Operations 

December 2011, January, February, March 2012                                                                      Non-Profit Org
                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
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