Inspiring Lessons we can Learn from Jeremy Lin by charlottehoeflich


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									                                                               Inspiring Lessons we can Learn from Jeremy

                                                               The Jeremy Lin craze often dubbed as “lin-
                                                               sanity” had conquered not just NBA but web
                                                               as well. His inspiring story to success is
                                                               enough to give hope to everyone; lessons of
                                                               hanging on and of course humility despite of
                                                               the dizzying success.

                                                               To prove his popularity, the rising basketball
                                                               star has over 200,000 Twitter followers and
                                                               800,000 on Weibo. And 200,000 of it
                                                               happened overnight after beating Lakers.
                                                               Weibo, by the way is the Chinese version of

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Jeremy Lin best performance so far was last Friday’s game when he totaled 38 points against LA Lakers.
Lin plays under New York Knicksand his superb performance pushed his team to four straight winning

Jeremy Lin’s story is not a movie-like rendition, his struggles before reaping the fruit of his labors is so
popular because all of us can relate to it. Here’s what we can learn from the young man:

Believing in yourself.Lin is only the fourth Harvard graduate to make it to NBA and one of the chosen
few Asian-American.He was been cut by two other NBA teams before enabling to join the Knicks.One
have to believe in yourself most especially when no one else believes in you.

Work with the abilities and talents that you have. Lin is not a pure scorer as he is a passer and
distributor, definitely not Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant type. He’s not a pure scorer. He’s a passer and
distributor and sometimes our talents might not work well with us in certain situations. His skills did not
materialize while he was in Golden State. But things started to turn when he landed inKnicks. Mike
D’Antoni’s system at the Knicks has been the perfect moment for him to finally show off his strengths.
Understand our strengths and utilizing them in appropriate situation before people ignore it right into
your face.

Practice humility. If you become one of the sought after professional athletes and cameras lenses are
always eager to capture a picture and made you as their cover story then don’t let it go into your head.
Lin’s humility despite how media people clamor for him is commendable. It earned respect from his
teammates and fans loves him even more.

Work It. Opportunity knocks for those who work hard. Since there is no detour to hard work he worked
like crazy perfecting his skills.Success is a byproduct of hard work. Nothing can be sweeter reaping the
fruits of labor knowing that you sweat and tears had been your fuel to get it all.

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