; Cub Scout Pack 130 Committee Minutes_ 8 March_1_
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Cub Scout Pack 130 Committee Minutes_ 8 March_1_


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									Minutes of the Cub Scout Pack 130 Geneva Committee Meeting, 27th September 2006.

Present: Adam Hartley (Chair), Ania Grobicki (QM), Shona Fullerton, Betsy Vanderpool, Sandy Wu, Vanessa Wahlers, Nicola Ogilvie.
Apologies: Peter Rees (Cubmaster), Airyn de Tenorio (Treasurer), Filip Papas.

Pack 130 Update
   Minutes of Meeting of September 6th: unanimously approved.
   New Adult Volunteers: Nicola Ogilvie (Leader Den 2), Vanessa Wahlers & Sandy Yu (Assistant Leaders Den 6).
   Scout Registration: last enrollments paid up, money to be deposited by Shona with Airyn 28th September.
   Sportsday: Agreed to run Registration and Sportsday together next year.
   Special Minutes: Formal administrative approval given to opening of UBS bank account. UBS should unblock on receipt.
   Website: link to TAC website is now on pack website – www.pack130geneva.com. Thanks Webmaster!

Calendar/Event Management
   Pinewood Derby: Shona to send Adam updated race management program. Differentiate boys and boys/parent joint efforts?
   Bowling: Sandy/Betsy/Den 6 to make a short presentation on bowling at pack meeting. Shona to transfer files to Sandy.
   Bowling Date Change: now on Saturday 4th November, not Sunday 5th.
   Marbles: Shona to coordinate Marbles Competition for November Pack Meeting, Bike Rodeo in April?
   Blue & Gold: Shona to look into choice of Divonne’s public halls, and reserve the date.
   Winter Weekend: Adelboden is too expensive: need to research alternative venues/date - 10-11th March?
    Betsy Haut Lac, Shona local school, Ania Mijoux, Adam KISC: Report back by Friday 29th September.

   Ania to present 5 minute talk on Help for Children in Uganda at October Pack Meeting. Targeting CHF 5,000.

   Treasurer report: UBS account should be released on receipt of special minutes.
   Quartermaster report: Badges/Pinewood Derby kits delivered at Committee Meeting. Scarves, caps etc at Pack Meeting.
   Pack Meeting Agenda: In Peter’s absence, Adam to send out Agenda for 6th October.

Date of Next Meetings:
   Pack Meeting:                    7pm                6th October                 La Chat Upper Sports Hall
   Committee Meeting:               7.25pm             1st November                Chantebise 4, Commugny
   Bowling Day:                     2pm                4th November                Gland Bowling Hall.
   Pack Meeting:                    7pm                10th November               La Chat Upper Sports Hall
   Pinewood Derby:                  11.30              18th November               La Chat Canteen
Adam Hartley, 27th September 2006.

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