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Wattles Improvements

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					                                                                        Hollywood Heritage is a non-
                                                                        profit organization dedicated
                                                                        to preservation of the historic
                                                                        built environment in Hollywood
                                                                        and to education about the
                                                                        early film industry and the role
                                                                        its pioneers played in shaping
 Winter/Spring 2008   Volume 27, Number 1   Hollywood’s history.

Wattles Improvements
Garcetti Development
Museum Gets Major
Signage Blight
Hollywood Loses Friends
Much Much more
                                                   On the Cover
photo of Robert W. Nudelman by Richard Rownak

photo of Music Box tribute by Kay Tornborg.

                                                                                                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                                                  Marc Wanamaker

                                                                                                                                  Fran Offenhauser
                                                                                                                                  Vice President

                                                                                                                                  Valerie Yaros

                                                                                                                                  Keith Anderson

                                                                                                                                  Richard Adkins
                                                                                                                                  Robert Birchard
                                                                                                                                  Nick Beck
                                                1956-2008                                                                         Aaron Epstein

                                                Robert W. Nudelman                                                                David Greim
                                                                                                                                  Randy Haberkamp
                                                by John Clifford, editor                                                          George Kiel

                                                T    he entire Hollywood community is saddened by the sudden loss
                                                     of Hollywood Heritage director of Preservation Issues, Robert W.
                                                Nudelman. Robert served as president from 2000-2002, and in a variety of
                                                                                                                                  Christy Johnson McAvoy
                                                                                                                                  Jeffrey Rouze
                                                                                                                                  Richard Rownak
                                                other positions within the organization. Regardless of his ‘official’ title, he
                                                                                                                                  Andrew Schwartz
                                                was always the heart and soul of Hollywood Preservation.
                                                  This newsletter was nearly completed at the time of Robert’s death. As          Sue Slutzky
                                                part of the tribute to Robert’s commitment, material in this issue, under his     Thaddeus Smith
                                                byline, is virtually unchanged from the last version approved by Robert.          Stan Taffel
                                                Edits found among his property have been incorporated, but the words under        Gina Zamparelli
                                                Robert’s byline are 100% his. There are two notable exceptions. Robert and
                                                Hollywood Heritage president Marc Wanamaker were working on a book
                                                at the time that this newsletter was being put together. So that Marc could       Robert W. Nudelman
                                                                                                                                  Preservation Issues Director
                                                dedicate his limited time to meeting the book deadline, Robert offered to
                                                author Marc’s “President’s Message.” With Marc’s approval, Robert put the         Stephen Sylvester
                                                words together. However, in the rundown of “thank you’s” for the work of          Executive Director Jualita/Wattles Mansion
                                                                                                                                  The Wattles Mansion
                                                our volunteers, Robert, in his true fashion, didn’t thank himself. I added a      1824 N. Curson Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046
                                                thank you to Robert, knowing that he would delete it in final proofing stages.
                                                                                                                                  Randy Haberkamp
                                                It was mostly a personal joke between Robert and I, but since I can, I’m          Silent Society Director
                                                leaving it in.
                                                  Due to the size and complexity of the newsletter, and in order to have it       Mary Sullivan
                                                                                                                                  Director of Membership Development
                                                ready for Robert’s Memorial, the board of directors decided to shorten it
                                                from the 40 pages it had grown to, to the 32 pages in your hands. To do so, we    John Clifford
                                                had to cut several important stories which will appear in the next newsletter     Newsletter and Web Site Editor

                                                (to be published before the end of summer). These included the story on           Web site donated and maintained by Aptara
                                                Wattles 100th Anniversary party, updates on the highly-successful Evenings

                                                @ The Barn programs over the past year, as well as information on even            Printed by Non-Stop       Printing
                                                more important donations to the Hollywood Heritage Museum.                        Hollywood, California
                                                  Some of the news is dated, some is incomplete, but it reflects the passion
                                                                                                                                  Hollywood Heritage Newsletter is published
                                                that Robert brought to all of his various projects. While my name is listed as    by Hollywood Heritage, Inc.,
                                                Editor, it has been Robert who has been writing, determining content, and         P.O. Box 2586, Hollywood, CA 90078
                                                                                                                                  (323) 874-4005.
                                                overseeing all facets of the newsletter since I took it over in 2000.

                                                2                                               Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
                                                    Table of Contents
                                             4                                 Marsha Hunt
                                                                             Hollywood Heritage
                                                                    hosts a 90th birthday tribute

                                             5                 Garcetti on Development
                                                         A look at the development philosophy of
                                                             Hollywood Coucilman Eric Garcetti

                                             6, 18, 20                    Hollywood Loses
                                                      Hollywood Heritage mourns the losses of
                                                             Charlton Heston, Sherman Torgan,
                                                           Johnny Grant, Marjorie Weatherford
                                                                          and Glenn Dismuke

                                             8                               Marlowe Tour
                                                           Hollywood Heritage shows attendees
                                        6                   the real sites of Raymond Chandler
                                                                            and Phillip Marlowe
                                             11 & 25                          Wattles Work
                                               Continued maintenance at Wattles Mansion and
                                                          Gardens includes heavy equipment.

                                             13                              Signage Blight
                                                             An update on the issue of billboards
                                                                        and visual blight in the
                                                                   Hollywood Historic District

                                             20          Palladium Renovation Update
                                                          NCA committed to historic renovation
                                        11                       of the iconic 1940 nightclub

                                             President’s Message                              4
                                             Preservation Updates                             6
                                             Legal Issues Update                             10
                                             Museum News                                     14
                                             Upcoming Events                                 18
                                             Membership Update                               23
                                                  This is a special larger issue of the
20                                                 Hollywood Heritage Newsletter.

    Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                        3
President’s Message
                                                                                 Marsha Hunt
Largest Newsletter                                                               Honored
Ever–Busiest Year Ever
by Marc Wanamaker                      dling the Evenings now, and we thank
                                                                                 by Kay Tornborg

                                                                                   Marsha Hunt Celebrated her 90th

F   irst, an apology for the delay in
    getting out this newsletter, or
rather news-magazine. This is the
                                       them, especially George Keil and
                                       Mary Zickefoose, for providing the
                                       refreshments, Betty Petit at the box
                                                                                 Birthday with Hollywood Heritage
                                                                                   Despite a frantically busy October,
                                                                                 with the Raymond Chandler Tour the
largest we’ve ever done (32 pages      office, Bob Birchard for technical as-    same day, there was no postponing a
and in color) and we hope to return    sistance, Valerie Yaros with the event    birthday celebration for the always-
to smaller more frequent issues, still setup, and Adriana Patti with food
in color, this year. Thanks to John    sales. Special thanks to Sue Slutzky,
                Clifford, who volun-   who has designed and printed the il-
                 teers a lot of time tolustrated programs so appreciated at
                  type and layout the  each show. And I would be remiss if
                  magazine-quality     I didn’t acknowledge Robert Nudel-
                  newsletter, and has  man who seems to be everywhere,
                  been doing so since  doing everything, including cleaning
                 2000.                 bathrooms and making sure that the
                     This issue shows  Barn is “presentable.”
                    that Hollywood       The fall schedule is already being
                      Heritage has     planned, starting in October with
                                       Academy Award winning filmmaker
                                       Arnold Schwartzman’s documentary
                                       and program on the 1932 Olympics in
                               b e e n Los Angeles. I look forward to see-
very busy in the past year. Preserva- ing everyone at the remaining events
tion issues, including two lawsuits, in the mean time and at Silents Un-
continue to dominate our time. We der the Stars in July and August.              gracious, perennially-beautiful Marsha
have increased our Evenings @ The        The Hollywood Heritage Museum           Hunt. Ticket orders started pouring
Barn programming this past year        continues to add to its already ex-       in immediately for the 3-6pm ‘do’ at
from an average of 8-9 to 12. If you traordinary collection and archive.         the Fine Arts Theatre on Wilshire in
attended all 12 the $3.00 ticket sav- The Woodruff Collection of Holly-          Beverly Hills, on Saturday, Oct. 22nd.
ings per show would pay for a $35.00 woodland is remarkable in its breadth       The program, elegantly-assembled by
regular membership! Our programs and condition. The Bruce Torrence               Hollywood Heritage board member
have covered a wide range of sub- Collection is probably the only other          Randy Haberkamp, included clips
jects with a number of special guests collection on Hollywood comparable         from her many films, introduction of
and celebrities, announced and un- to ours. Its addition now creates the         The Birthday Girl herself, a screening
announced, with most shows at or most comprehensive archive on the               of A Letter to Evie, an interview (by
above capacity (get there early to get history of the development of Holly-      Randy) with Ms. Hunt and a couple of
a good seat).                          wood in the world. We thank Bruce,        her pals, including Norman Lloyd, a
  A special thank you to past presi- a longtime personal friend as well as       co-star from ‘...Letter’, a clip from her
dent Kay Tornborg, who stepped a longtime supporter of Hollywood                 latest film, Zodiac, and then...birthday
down from running the Evenings @ Heritage, for preserving this collec-           cake for everyone!
The Barn programs this past Febru- tion and making it available to us.             In addition to Norman Lloyd, many
ary. Kay had handled the programs And a special thanks to our past and           old friends and colleagues with whom
for several years and is getting a present board members who donated             Marsha had worked over the years
well-deserved break. The shows have the funds to purchase both archives.         attended including Jane Withers,
more than doubled in number and at-      Also in this issue is an update on      France Nuyen, Patty McCormack,
tendance since Kay took over, and      the substantial expenditures made         Tom Hatten, Tony Greco, Theodora
we thank her for the time and effort recently on Wattles Mansion and             Van Runkle, Warren Stevens, Coleen
she put into making the Evenings @ grounds improvements. No sooner               Gray, and Stella Stevens. It was a
The Barn the success it is today.      had we celebrated Wattles’ 100th          most convivial afternoon!
  The museum committee is han-                            continued on page 18

4                                               Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
“Smog & Clog” vs. “City-Village”

Garcetti’s Vision of
Hollywood’s Development                                                                Hence today’s budget crisis and re-
“Those aren’t lies, they’re campaign       probably in a couple of years at the
promises.” –William Demarest in            current rate.                               duced services for everyone. That’s
Hail The Conquering Hero (1943)               Of course these approvals would          progress for you.
                                                                                          What do we get as our ‘City-
C    ouncilman Eric Garcetti has a
     vision for Los Angeles, which
he calls a “City-Village.” He extols
                                           mean vast amounts of construction
                                           over the next 3-6 years, resulting
                                           in a very different Hollywood than
                                                                                       Village’ blossoms? The most obvious
                                                                                       are traffic and parking problems. The
this vision in contrast to the other       exists today. But the approval of           councilman, with help from the city
one he calls “Smog and Clog.” But is       new projects would stop. This would         council, proposes to reduce parking
he really implementing the former or       allow time for the city to catch up         requirements on the grounds that
actually accommodating the latter?         with “progress.” The cart has not           it will force residents, visitors, and
  Let’s look at his track record in        only gone before the horse, the horse       people doing business in Hollywood
Hollywood after almost seven years         isn’t even born yet. The current city       to take mass transit. This is a position
in office as the area’s principal          budget crunch shows the overall             that could only be taken by someone
councilman. Development has gone           fallacy of development paying for           who is not dependent on mass
off the map in the central area of         itself. The city has depended on the        transit.
Hollywood where over 3500 condos           next developer to pay the bills left over      Los Angeles does not have an
and apartment units are being built        from the previous ones in a manner          effective mass transit system unless
or are in the approval process, with       similar to the way a ponzi scheme or        travel time is not a concern, walking
more to come. The Community                chain letter scam works. Once there         several blocks in whatever weather
Redevelopment Agency project area          is no new source of incoming funds,         and at whatever hour is not a problem,
covers this 1107 acre locale and did its   there is no way to pay the previous         and you are not carrying too much
latest Environmental Impact Review         bills.                                      with you. Mass transit may help with
(EIR) for it in 2003. At that time, the       The city has grown, but the budgets      a trip or two now and then, but it
projected housing development was          to finance it haven’t kept up. We’re        will not replace having a car in Los
to be a maximum of 3,000 housing           still trying to get 10,000 sworn police     Angeles for people who live, work,
units by 2026. The planned-for             officers, a major promise of elected        or visit here, for decades, if ever. The
amount of commercial development           officials made in the 1993 elections.       area is too big, traffic is impacted by
has reached over 60% of its capacity       Yet the population has increased            hills and valley passes, which funnel
as well.                                   substantially since then, when at that      vehicles into already clogged routes
  Is this a success? Not from a            time this was considered a number           between Hollywood and the valleys.
planning viewpoint—it is a disaster        that barely met the demand on our              Adding more rail is not the answer.
in the making. The 2003 EIR is             police.                                     The Blue Line from downtown to
the basis for the city to plan how to         So Councilman Garcetti has en-           Long Beach is by far the most suc-
accommodate, and thereby budget,           couraged Hollywood to grow at a             cessful, running at a high capacity.
the needs for police, schools, fire        pace beyond that planned for by the         Yet traffic and parking have not im-
protection, water, libraries, parking,     city and its services. There is no          proved along the parallel freeways
mass transit, traffic, parks, and other    way to fund the needs of the current        and roads. This is due to the fact that
city services and infrastructure.          population, never mind the expand-          a large number of the rail riders are
If we are to believe the planning          ed services and requirements of the         displaced bus riders, as several bus
requirements and procedures of             newly-approved developments. As             lines are curtailed, rerouted, or elim-
the legally-mandated, city council         the current budget crisis shows, new        inated to ‘encourage’ people to ride
approved EIR, then no more housing         growth creates demands on the city          the rail system. There are definitely
units will be approved in the 1107         that exceeds the income it provides         many new riders, but not enough to
acres until 2027, nineteen years from      to the city. Unplanned growth isn’t         balance all the new commuters who
now. Commercial development would          even considered in the long term            fill the roadways. As the rail system
also come to an end once its cap of        budgeting process and makes the             approaches statistical capacity, as the
2,000,000 square feet is reached,          city financial shortfall even worse.
                                                                                                           continued on page 14

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                         5
Preservation Issues

The Past Year: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
by Robert W. Nudelman                              church remain along with a partial        also asked that the surviving front
                                                   basement. The LAFD did an amaz-           façade be maintained in place with
H    ollywood Heritage continues
     to take an active role in his-
toric preservation and related plan-
                                                   ing job extinguishing the blaze with-
                                                   in 40 minutes and thereby protecting
                                                                                             proper bracing, with further review
                                                                                             of any other viable remains. The city
ning issues in Hollywood. We aver-                 several pre-1920 homes adjacent to        agreed to these concerns.
age about 20 appearances to speak                  the rear of the church. The church          Beyond this, the future of the site
at public meetings and hearings, as                bell luckily began to toll just before    is not certain. The property had re-
                                                   the steeple fell, warning firemen to      ceived a Mills Act tax credit from
                                                   move, seconds before its collapse.        the city, which could force it to be re-
                                                     Hollywood Heritage, the Los             built. The city and some developers
                                                   Angeles Cultural Heritage Com-            were looking at purchasing the site
                                                   mission staff, and the Los Angeles        as a park and maintaining the church
                                                   Building and Safety (LABS) staff          structure (the church sold the prop-
                                                   members met at the site on January        erty in 1997). All have expressed
                                                   14 to view the remains. The city, hav-    an interest in rebuilding the church.
                                                   ing not heard back from the owner,        Plans and photos exist and it was a
                                                   had decided to demolish the remain-       copy of one still standing in Tennes-
                                                   ing structural elements, surrounding      see. The owner had made several un-
                                                   vegetation, and retaining walls. It was   successful attempts to turn the site
                                                   pointed out to LABS that the entire       into a restaurant/nightclub, but was,
                                                   site, including plantings and stone       among other issues, unable to obtain
                                                   retaining walls, were city landmarks      necessary parking.
                                                   and still protected. The planned for        Another meeting was held at the site
The charred remains of the Little Country Church   use of a bulldozer was not appropri-      with the Los Angeles Fire Depart-
                 photo by Robert W. Nudelman       ate here, removal would have to be        ment, Helen Luong from Council-
from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive
                                                   done by hand.                             member Garcetti’s office and Holly-
well as numerous meetings with city                  Hollywood Heritage pointed out          wood Heritage on February 1. The
officials and private developers each              that even though some trees had their     LAFD had determined the path of
month, as well as written comments                 leaves damaged, the trees can recov-      the fire but had no conclusive opinion
(several are on our web site). At pres-            er and asked for all plantings to be      on how it started. The councilperson
ent, Hollywood Heritage is involved                inspected before any removals. We         is following the situation closely and
with over 50 projects and plans at                                                           has assured Hollywood Heritage of
these levels. Below are a few of the                                                         his intent to follow through with a
highlights and lowlights of recent                                                           solution for the site. We will continue
concern.                                                                                     to work with the city and interested
                                                                                             parties to preserve the surviving ele-
The Little Country Church                                                                    ments of the site and to engage the
of Hollywood, Argyle Ave.                                                                    issue of rebuilding the church struc-
      n Christmas Eve, the 1934 LA                                                           tures. It was also pointed out at the
O     City Landmark Little Country
Church of Hollywood was gutted by
                                                                                             February 1 meeting by caretaker
                                                                                             Bob Russo, that he surrounding trees
a fire of unknown origin. The steeple                                                        had survived, including a severely
collapsed in front and the wooden                                                            burned Canary Island palm, that is
interior was reduced to charcoal.                                                            now sprouting new fronds.
All of this occurred within minutes                                                          Hollywood Professional
as the Los Angeles Fire Department                                                           Building (7046 Hollywood
arrived within less than six minutes,                                                        Blvd.)

reporting the structure to be fully en-
gulfed.                                                                                           fter over two years of renova-
                                                                                                  tions, this National Register
  The front façade and some ele-                   Call (323) 465-6716
ments of the rear section walls of the to book your tour                                                         continued on page 12

6                                                          Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Hollywood Loses Several Friends
by Robert W. Nudelman                    showed his appreciation with the free
                                                                                      Johnny Grant
                                         2-month program that gave Sherman
Sherman Torgan                           his hope for the theater a couple of           On January 9, one of Hollywood’s
   Since the last newsletter, we have    months before he died.                       living legends, Johnny Grant, passed
been unfortunate to have had the            Recently, the theater was used for away in his home at the Hollywood
passing of people who have played        the acclaimed film The Man In The Roosevelt Hotel. Johnny had been a
key roles in Hollywood and with          Chair, with Christopher Plummer long-time supporter of Hollywood
Hollywood Heritage.                      filming there.
   On July 18, Sherman Torgan passed        Holly wood
away at the age of 62. Sherman had       Heritage news-
created and operated the New Beverly     letter editor and
Cinema, 7165 Beverly Boulevard, for      former      board
over 29 years. The original location     member John
of Slapsie Maxie’s nightclub, he had     Clifford and I
been proud of the site’s history.        met Sherman,
   With the help of several volunteers   shortly after his
and donations of equipment, a new        arrival in town
sound system and much more had           from San Fran-
recently been installed at the theater   cisco and before
(and improvements continue to this       he opened the
day). Filmmaker Quentin Tarrentino       theater, when
had just programmed and provided         he explained his
the films for a two month series of      concept to us in
action films that provided record        1978. I’ve seen
attendance and new hope for the          over 1,000 films
theater and Sherman.                     there since then
   Sherman Torgan had maintained         and had hun-              Johnny Grant and long-time friend Joan Leslie at the Evenings @
the theater as one of the very few       dreds of conversations The Barn program on the Hollywood Canteen in November 11, 2004
                                                                    photo by Alan Simon from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive
privately-owned and operated re-         with him on films, pol-
vival/retrospective theaters left in     itics and Hollywood (he lived in the Heritage as well as many other
the country. Through thick and thin,     Silverlake area next to Hollywood). organizations such as the Hollywood
his eclectic programming in a neigh-     He was a great talker and listener, full Historic Trust, the Hollywood Walk
borhood theater environment was,         of information, hope, and sometimes of Fame, the USO, and the Hollywood
and continues to be, a highlight to      worry. He spent years of his life pro- Christmas Parade. He also served
filmgoers in Los Angeles. Sherman        viding great, and some not-so-great for a couple of years as a member of
was there 5-6 nights a week during       but still worth seeing, movies to the the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage
those 29 years, talking film, know-      public in a truly neighborhood movie Commission.
ing patrons by name and reputation,      house. He was a good friend who is             Beside these official duties, which
programming what he liked as well        missed by many.                              he often presided over and always
as audience requests.                       His vision lives on as the New did so as a volunteer, he also served
   Many celebrities frequented the       Beverly is now under the capable as Hollywood’s Honorary Mayor. In
theater—Drew Barrymore, Matt             direction of his son, Michael, who has, that position, he served as a speaker
Dillon, Alicia Silverstone, Rod          over the years, spent many months to any group who needed to hear
Steiger, to name a few, came often on    working there. And to celebrate or learn about Hollywood’s past,
their own to see a classic film. When    the theater’s 30th anniversary, the present, and future. He brought out
Sherman decided to show Tarrentino’s     original May/June calendar is being the celebrities and emceed thousands
Reservoir Dogs at midnight, the          rebooked. So take in a movie in of events and programs since the
director would often be there to         one of the country’s last privately 1950s, and continued to do so right up
welcome patrons and introduce the        owned neighborhood revival movie to his passing. His health had slowed
film. He studied audience reactions      theaters and thank Michael Torgan down his mobility, but his spirit and
over the years it screened and it        for keeping his father’s legacy and desire to help never dimmed.
became a key reference for his           hopes alive.                                   Johnny also was a Hollywood
second film, Pulp Fiction. Quentin                                                                          continued on page 27

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                            7
Valentino Returns to the Barn
by Robert W. Nudelman                        of the 80th anniversary in 2008, then
                                                                                          would be done decades later to market
                                                                                          and merchandise Elvis Presley and
                                                                                          many who would follow, not quite in
     very August 23, fans of the             Hollywood Heritage president Kay             their footsteps though.
E    legendary Rudolph Valentino
gather at Hollywood Forever
                                             Tornborg was approached by Stella
                                             and Tracy about doing a program on
                                                                                            Experience Valentino at the
                                                                                          museum with the exhibit, and also
Cemetery (nee Hollywood Memorial             Valentino at the barn and about loan-        attend this year’s ceremony and
Cemetery) to honor his memory and            ing a a collection of their memorabil-       program at Hollywood Forever for
relive his career. That is the day of        ia for display, donating a new display       Valentino on August 3rd, starting
his passing in 1926, and the cemetery        case in the process. They worked it          at noon, arriving or the film with a
wehre his crypt is located.                  out and on August 13, 2007 we had            chair or blanket, by 7:30 pm. Thanks
  Every year since 1927 various              our first ever Afternoon @ The Barn          to Hollywood Forever Cemetery for
memorials and tributes by fans and           (to avoid the program at the Holly-          helping to continue this longtime
friends have taken place here for            wood Bowl that night), with a Valen-         Hollywood tradition. And a special
Valentino on that day, including             tino program and display case dedi-          thanks to Stella and Tracy for
the traditional “Lady In Black.”             cation.                                      sharing their love of Valentino with
Recently, the cemetery has become              Valentino’s career took off during         the museum and those who attend
more open and better-attended and            his years at Paramount (The Sheik,           the program.
has included an evening screening            Blood and Sand, etc.) and he more
                                                                                          Upcoming 2008

                                                                                          Evenings @
                                                                                          The Barn
                                                                                          T   he 2008 Evenings @ The Barn
                                                                                              series finishes up with programs
                                                                                          from Nick Beck, Bob Baker, and
                                                                                          Robert Nudelman/Marc Wanamaker.
                                                                                          Thursday, June 5:
                                                                                          Hollywood Studios: In
                                                                                          Transition or Danger?
                                                                                                 A view of the history of several
                                                                                               important movie, television, and
                                                                                               recording studios recently sold or for
                                                                                               sale. The program will illustrate the
                                                                                               history and importance and what lies
                                                                                               ahead, good or bad, for each studio.
                                                                                               This will include CBS Hollywood,
Stella Grace and Tracy Terhune show off the new display case of Valentino items at the Msueum. NBC      Burbank,     Sunset-Gower
                             photo by Alan Simon from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive Studios       (Columbia), KTLA-TV
of a Valentino film on the large than likely spent time at the Barn (Warner Bros), The Lot (Goldwyn
lawn outside the crypt, usually to while it served various purposes on Studios), Capitol Records (both
the accompaniment of 84 year-old the Paramount lot. With the ghost their Vine Street tower and Melrose
(this year) Bob Mitchell, the ‘last of Rudy watching over, the event Avenue studios) and more. Hosted by
of the breed’ of original silent film was a big success. The case is on the irrepressible Marc Wanamaker.
musicians. Both the daytime program display for now at the museum and                            Evenings @ the Barn goes on
and the evening film are free and the contains many items from the 1920s                       summer hiatus after this show as
public is welcome to attend.                    and ’30s, primarily showing the the Hollywood Bowl takes over the
   Two people who have played key huge popularity and marketing of parking lot until early October. There
roles in these programs are Stella Valentino that went on while he lived may be other special programs which
Grace and Tracy Terhune. They are and continues to this day. Looking will be announced, in addition to the
avid collectors of Valentino and they at the collection, including a rare annual “Silents Under The Stars”
had written nine books on their fa- recording of Valentino singing, it at the Paramount Ranch in Agoura
vorite subject. After the huge success is easy to see the prototype of what Hills.

8                                                     Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Finding Phillip Marlowe in Hollywood

Chandler Tour A Success
                                                                     Chandler’s Hollywood           and 4) the Chateau Elysee (aka The
                                                                     dawned bright and not-         Celebrity Centre), former home to a
                                                                     too-hot and, while rain        l-o-o-o-n-g list of Hollywood’s most
                                                                     might have been more
                                                                     atmospheric, ‘bright’ was
                                                                     best for tour purposes.
                                                                       This was our first (in re-
                                                                     cent memory) foray into a
                                                                     driven tour...George Kiel
                                                                     has been doing the Hol-
                                                                     lywood Boulevard Walk-
                                                                     ing Tours for some time
                                                                     now...and to help with the
                                                                     expense we were fortu-
                                                                     nate to get the support
                                                                     of a generous grant from
                                                                     the Hollywood Chamber
                                                                     Community Foundation
                                                                     and a highly favorable
                                                                     rate from StarLine Tours,
                                                                     which supplied the mini-
                                                                     buses and drivers.             famous.
                                                                       Each bus accommo-              The sit-in-the-bus-and-talk-about-
                                                                     dated 14, including the        them sites included 1) Musso &
                                                                     docent, and we sent out        Frank’s (of course!!!! what Chandler
Don Paul, a longtime resident, welcomes visitors to Villa Carlotta’s
grand lobby. At right he points out the window to the room where     5 tours each day for a         tour doesn’t have Musso’s!!!???); 2)
Louella Parsons would have the delivery boy pick up her column. sold out weekend!                   High Tower and surrounding walk-
Below right, the courtyard gardens.       photos by Anita Rosenberg The framework of the            ways; 3) the Alto Nido, Parva-Sed,
by Kay Tornborg                                                      tour was to visit sites        Hollywood Tower, site of Castle Ar-
                                                     that writer Raymond Chandler...or              gyle & Castle Glengary, Toberman
T     he October weekend of Hollywood
      Heritage’s Tour of Raymond his fictional creation, private inves-
                                                     tigator Philip Marlowe...mentioned
                                                                                                    House, the Trianon Apartments and
                                                                                                    the Sowden House. As ‘dividends’,
                                                     in the stories or that were part of the
                                                     ‘bohemian’ cultural milieu during
                                                     Chandler’s heyday in Hollywood:
                                                        The get-out-and-walk-around sites
                                                     were: 1) the Hollywood Building
                                                     on Chandler Square (Cahuenga and
                                                     Hollywood Blvd.), where HH mem-
                                                     ber Ted Otis has an office that is a
                                                     dead ringer for Marlowe’s office as
                                                     described in at least two of the books;
                                                     2) Frank Lloyd Wright’s Freeman
                                                     House (special thanks to USC’s Ken
                                                     Breisch and Christy Johnson McA-
                                                     voy!!); 3) the Villa Carlotta, where
                                                     architect Wallace Neff and Louella
Ted Otis shows off an office building, on Raymond
                                                     Parsons, among many other Holly-
Chandler Square, that could have held the offices wood luminaries, had apartments...
of Philip Marlow        photo by Anita Rosenberg the latter’s was on view for the tour;                               continued on page 24

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                                    9
Legal Update

Moving Forward With
Redevelopment Lawsuit
by Robert W. Nudelman                     toric preservation, and much more.         with the CRA and Garcetti, we re-
      ollywood Heritage’s lawsuit,        In their absence, development has          turned in early April to court.
H     filed last April against the City
of Los Angeles, the Community
                                          continued, based on the whims of
                                          the city. No one, not Hollywood Her-
                                                                                        In our settlement plan, we recog-
                                                                                     nized that the studies were months,
Redevelopment Agency of Los               itage, developers, the CRA, nor city       if not years, away from actual imple-
Angeles (CRA), and Whitley                planners, knows what can and can-          mentation. We asked for a schedule of
Investments, is finally readying to       not be built or demolished.                events needed to finalize the studies,
go to trail. All three filed various         Because of this legalized confu-        which the CRA provided. Further-
legal motions to throw out or greatly     sion, high-rises second only to those      more, Hollywood Heritage included
modify our case (which is on our          downtown are being planned for Hol-        in the settlement several key interim
web site) and these have been beaten      lywood in the historic core which the      development control agreements to
back with minor variations to the         Redevelopment Plan states cannot           guide new projects. These concerned
suit. The success of our suit is due      be built. But the city and the CRA         issues of historic preservation, bill-
to the amazing work done by our           prefer to have it open to constantly       board design, traffic, parking, and
attorney, Robert Silverstein, and his     changing interpretations, by them, as      planning variance issues that contin-
very hardworking staff.                   to what the Plan means.                    ue without legally adequate concern
  The main variation was to have             If this is not straightened out soon,   for their impacts.
actions taken against the city and        Hollywood Heritage will start nam-            All of these would be covered in
the CRA delayed until after July 12,      ing those projects that violate the        the guidelines and studies required.
2008 for four of the six environmental    Plan into the lawsuit under “Does          These had been agreed to by either
and planning studies, which is their      1-200” as described in the suit. This      the CRA or Councilmember Garcetti,
revised due date (delayed from 1988).     will, in effect, stop these projects un-   or both, depending on the jurisdic-
The other two plans are a transfer        til the studies and plans are in effect    tion. There was some disagreement
of air rights program and historic        and it can then be determined if these     between the two on historic designa-
resources survey, which the court has     proposed developments are in com-          tions with Garcetti publicly stating
ruled are due now. The CRA is in the      pliance. This has happened with the        his support for our proposal.
process of creating the first four, but   Whitley Investment project, which             Despite all of this, the CRA’s
the latter two have yet to be started.    was to be built where two historic         attorney and the city attorney decid-
  As for meeting the July 12 dead-        fourplexes were demolished. They           ed a settlement could not be reached,
line, the CRA has admitted that they      are now asking the court for “relief”      and overruled their clients. Interest-
can’t and are currently hoping for the    from the lawsuit, as it has made it im-    ingly, it seems the attorneys had only
fall. The community review, city ap-      possible for them to sell, refinance,      limited contact with their clients re-
proval process, and then the creation     lease, or build their project. But that    garding both the settlement and the
of ordinance-specific language by the     was the purpose of the lawsuit and         language.
city would go well beyond the fall if     these limitations will soon be ex-            So the lawsuit and the wheels of
the reports were ready today. What-       tended to many other projects.             justice will grind forward unless the
ever they claim, the court has ruled         This could be avoided through a         city and the CRA can decide upon
they are due, as stated above, either     settlement with all parties. The CRA       settling a case based on meeting
now or by July 12, five years after the   and the city, through Councilmember        conditions they had already voted to
requirement dates were approved by        Garcetti, asked for this in November.      do in 2003. Otherwise without the
the city as part of the 2003 amended      Months of negotiations failed as the       growing impact of the Hollywood
Hollywood Redevelopment Plan.             city and CRA’s response, through           Heritage lawsuit, development will
  These plans are to guide develop-       their attorneys, gave us less than         proceed as if no limitations exist and
ment in the 1107 acre Hollywood           we had before the lawsuit, and this        over 200 structures in Hollywood
Redevelopment Project Area. They          was obviously unacceptable. Hav-           will lose their historic and protected
cover traffic, parking, design guide-     ing therefore rejected our settlement,     status.
lines, development limitations, his-      which was based on conversations

10                                                Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Wattles Update

Wattles Hillside Debris Cleared
by Stephen X. Sylvester

    ince 1907 and the completion
S   of the Wattles Mansion and
Gardens, pathways originally
traversed the eastern hillside of
the estate. These paths began
at the Formal Spanish Garden
and continued to parallel the
Italian Rose Garden, American
Garden and terminate at the
Japanese Garden. Along the way
strollers encountered interesting
landscaping which included
cacti gardens and palm groves,
among other specimens. These
were informal dirt passageways,
their borders outlined with
medium sized rocks.
  With the Great Depression,
the Wattles’ fortunes dwindled
and much of the maintenance
of the entire estate was delayed
or abandoned. With that in
mind, these pathways became
overgrown and subsequent heavy
rains continued to erase their
presence. The fronds from palm fueled rain storms of 1982-83 of the foliage survived.
trees piled up and additional completely wiped out any traces      Given the historic lack of rain
trees died and rotted. The El Niño of the pathways although much fall during the last several win-
                                                                    ters, the debris accumulated
                                                                    on this hillside presented a
                                                                    potential hazard. Consequent-
                                                                    ly, in November of 2007 a crew
                                                                    was hired to clear the area to
                                                                    the proper Fire Code clear-
                                                                    ance of 300 feet. The project
                                                                    took five days and when it
                                                                    was finished the workers had
                                                                    hauled off approximately four
                                                                    tons of recyclable organic
                                                                    material. Consequently, the
                                                                    end result created expanded
                                                                    vistas beyond the Formal
                                                                    Spanish Garden and Italian
                                                                    Rose Garden.

                                                                     Photos of hillside clearing by Richard Rownak
                                                                     from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                         11
Preservation      Continued from page 6
                                     proposed at that time. Changes were         sive machinery below that operates
and Los Angeles City Landmark        made to the design since then. The          it. The plaster ceiling is gone, expos-
reopened as a residential building.  proposed supergraphic billboard on          ing the roof’s large wooden trusses
Closed after the 1994 Northridge     the front has been removed, as we           and the catwalk system.
earthquake, it was purchased by CIM  and others had requested. But the              The new construction would re-
for conversion from offices to apart-new apartment structure to be built         quire removing the roof, replacing
                                     over the adjacent parking lot and
ments. Built as a four-story building,                                           the bow trusses with a new flat roof.
it was enlarged to seven stories in  the Earl Carroll has significantly          There is still discussion to be held as
1928.                                changed.                                    to how this will be accomplished and
   Over the years numerous Holly-       The original design evoked a             what will be kept, such as the origi-
wood notables had offices there. The Streamline Moderne look that                nal catwalks. Another area of con-
Academy of Motion Picture Arts       worked well with the 1938 theater as        cern is the backstage structure at-
and Sciences were there early on,    well as on its own. The redesign was        tached to the back of the theater. We
the Screen Actors’ Guild was there   triggered, in part, to modify the back-     are working to determine the date of
from 1938 to 1956 (including during  side of the structure’s face and mass-      construction as Essex claims it is not
the tenure of their president, Ronalding on DeLongpre Avenue. Done to            original and therefore not part of the
Reagan), Lucille Ball and Desi Ar-   reduce the impact on that street, most      historic structure and can be demol-
naz had their business offices there of it was already a parking lot for a       ished for the parking structure and
in the 1950s and for many years, up  hospital structure with a blank wall        apartments’ club room.
to its closing, this was where famed facing toward DeLongpre. The main              The building appears to be of the
architect John Lautner worked. Inter-focus of the project and its impacts        same era and would be needed to
estingly enough, Lautner, who was    are on Sunset Boulevard.                    build and store the many large sets
one of the world’s best known mod-      The reused design did reduce the         used by the Earl Carroll Vanities. The
ern architects (Chemosphere, etc.)   massing on DeLongpre by pushing             large turntable, used to rotate one set
kept his office in the one area of the
                                     it forward to Sunset Boulevard. The         to the next, takes up most of the back-
building that still retained the 1920s
                                     style also changed, now looking like        stage area and could only be serviced
wood paneling and detailing, a time  a 1950s structure reminiscent of the        offstage by a structure such as the
capsule of that era.                 Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. Strad-          one there. As such, it is an important
   The building required extensive   dling the theater, it doesn’t fit as aes-   part of the theater, historically, and
seismic structural upgrades that     thetically as the earlier design. This      for any plan to reuse the auditorium
were carefully integrated into the   is the design that the developer, Es-       as a theater (it is also used extensive-
structure. The elevator lobbies and  sex Properties, and the city now want       ly by Nickelodeon today and would
hallways on each floor were the only to push through.                            need to be used as such if they were
remaining historic interior elements    The interior of the auditorium,          to remain). Unfortunately for Essex,
above the first floor, along with thenow used as a sound stage by Nick-          they have designed their new project
stairways and their restrooms, and   elodeon, was to have been cut up for        with this structure demolished, and
the SAG/Lautner office were all re-  ‘creative’ office space. After the urg-     this will require further revisions.
stored as part of the project.       ing of Hollywood Heritage, this plan           Hollywood Heritage will continue
   The intact first floor lobby metal and
                                     appears to be losing out in favor of        to monitor and to protect this impor-
                                     maintaining the space as a theater or
plaster work, done in a gothic style to                                          tant landmark. We appreciate Essex’s
match the gothic-Deco exterior, were possibly continuing on with Nick-           willing involvement with us and our
all cleaned and restored. The exterior
                                     elodeon. Inspections of the interior        positions on various issues as out-
                                     by Hollywood Heritage’s Robert W.
tile on the first floor will, hopefully,                                         lined here. We have also worked with
be replaced in the near future with  Nudelman and Thaddeus Smith,                them to help find a viable theater so-
a more accurate representation of    along with Thad’s co-operators of           lution for the auditorium, and we also
the original, which was removed in   the Music Box Theater, Bert Nelson          thank Thad, Bert, and Marco of the
the 1960s. A new restaurant is being and Marco Roy, took place in Janu-          Music Box Theater for their valued
built on the first floor with plans to
                                     ary. The lobby, which remains intact,       input on this matter.
open this summer.                    still contains much of the original
                                     design elements, including sculp-           Pantages Theater Building
The Earl Carroll/Moulin                                                               n December 6, 2007, the Clarett
ius/Nickelodeon Theater
                                     tures and etched glass. The audito-
Rouge/Kaleidoscope/Aquar- rium space has had the floor leveled
                                     (it is reversible to the original multi-
                                                                                 O    Group and the Nederlander
                                                                                 Organization announced plans to
    ollywood Heritage’s last news- tiered floor). The large turntable on         finally finish the Pantages Theater
H   letter discussed this project as the stage is still there as is the mas-
                                                                                                     continued on page 21

12                                              Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Signage Crisis Continues

Signage Moratorium, Will It Be Enforced?
Hollywood Heritage Wins Settlement
by Robert W. Nudelman                       two vertical billboards would be taller   with Viacom, the current billboard’s
                                            than the three story 1920 building        owner. After several tries, a new
W       hen people visit Hollywood,
        the most frequent complaint we
hear is about the terrible billboards
                                            they sat on, and 60% as wide.
                                               Although we strongly supported the
                                                                                      version was presented to Hollywood
                                                                                      Heritage on December 6. This
and giant signs seen everywhere.            restoration of the building’s façade by   version reduced the Seven Seas
Our previous newsletters have               owners CIM Group, the new signage         building billboard to 28’ high (the
highlighted the ongoing blight of           was far too large by code and the mul-    proposed billboard was 54’), less
large-scale advertising signs known as      titude of variances being requested       than the current billboard, but split
supergraphics. These are covering the       would have gutted the already pathet-     in two on a V-shaped frame, while
sides and entire facades of buildings,      ic signage ordinance here.                the current one is a single horizontal
both old and new; including several            For these reasons, Hollywood           sign. Existing signage framing used
of Hollywood’s local and National           Heritage had been opposing this           around the base of the adjacent
Register landmarks.                         project, and when the city council        12-story 1969 TV Guide Building
  Hollywood Heritage requested from         voted to approve the variances,           would be used for other billboard
Hollywood Councilman Eric Garcetti          creating a precedent that opened the      space, similar to the way that it is
a moratorium on the issuance of             floodgates for billboards on historic     used now. Part of the framing on
future supergraphics until such time        buildings, we sued the city of Los        the western façade of the TV Guide
as better regulations, or a ban on all      Angeles and CIM (see our web site         Building would be removed so as to
supergraphics, can become a reality.        for the actual suit). After two years     eliminate signage. A new billboard,
We also asked him to get City Attorney      of battling over these billboards,        smaller than the others, would also
Delgadillo to do what the taxpayers pay     they may also eliminate the H&M           go over the former Hamburger
him to do, and get the poster child for     sign altogether, the lawsuit was filed    Hamlet site, now H&M Clothes.
the billboard industry to finally enforce   and we immediately received a call        This would be for use by the store,
the sign codes in Hollywood.                from CIM Group’s principal, Shaul         replacing the larger signage there
  In October, the CRA at last passed        Kuba. He agreed to drop the plan          and be used for on-site advertising of
such a moratorium. Yes, Delgadillo          as approved and to work on a more         the store. It would also be set back
is still trying to weasel through some      legal version for the reasons outlined    from the façade of the adjacent Seven
approvals as variances, but hopefully       in our lawsuit.                           Seas building. As part of continuing
some progress can be made. We                  Though this was good news, why         discussions, CIM’s Kuba agreed to
appreciate that the CRA and                 did it take a lawsuit from Hollywood      reduce the billboards further, now
Councilman Garcetti finally saw the         Heritage to make clear to CIM             30% smaller than the existing one, or
(b)light and acted, as we had               what the CRA, the city attorney,          1/3 of the one approved by the CRA
requested. We now hope that they            Councilman        Garcetti,     various   before our suit.
can lead the way to help create a new       city departments, CIM’s assorted            Though not perfect, this is a major
signage ordinance that protects our         attorneys, lobbyists, consultants, and    improvement over the original plan.
historic buildings and the aesthetics       sign company Viacom did not make          It utilizes existing signage space at
of the community.                           clear to them. These new signs were       a much more appropriate scale and
                                            illegal, period. To Kuba’s credit he      avoids any city code variances.
Hollywood Heritage Sues                     agreed upon reading our lawsuit, not        Hollywood Heritage thanks Shaul
Over Signage                                even arguing over it. To Hollywood        Kuba and Ryan Herter of CIM for
  The last newsletter described the         Heritage’s credit, our attorney,          working to settle this problem. This
mockery of city laws perpetuated            Robert Silverstein, crafted an airtight   will create a much better appearance
with the full support of City Attorney      case that forced the issue to be          for their restoration work and hope-
Delgadillo to erect a pair of gigantic      settled, and hopefully expediently,       fully educate all concerned that the
billboards over the former Seven Seas       with discussions ongoing. Of course,      law will be enforced to protect land-
building, also known as the Nash            the city attorney has opposed this        marks from desecration, if not by
building. Located across the boulevard      settlement, preferring to go to court.    those paid to do so, then by Holly-
from Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the            So back to the drawing board           wood Heritage.

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                    13
Museum News
                                                                                with office/hotel/retail projects. The
                                                                                reason to hail this concept is that
                                                                                people will live and work in the same
  Tip from THE GUIDE section of the    purchase. Part of the uniqueness         area and thus leave their car at home,
LA Times, 10-18-07: by Hollywood       of our gift store is donations that      if they haven’t left it there for their
Heritage member Leonard Maltin,        keep the shopping experience ever        mass transit commute. The problem
Film critic, historian                 changing and unpredictable.              is that the parking requirements are
  “The best-kept secret in town? The     Donations provide an important         reduced for those projects since the
Hollywood Heritage Museum in the       source of revenue for the museum         residential parking will be available
Lasky-DeMille Barn, which sits in a    and are carefully inspected at each      for the daytime businesses to use.
parking lot opposite the Hollywood     Evenings @ The Barn program by              But this defeats the concept of
Bowl. Originally located at the        our many patrons, as well as our         mixed-use. If residents leave their
corner of Selma and Vine, the Barn     regular museum visitors. Several         cars at home when they go to work,
was used to film DeMille’s “The        recently donated items were kept for     then where do the commercial day-
Squaw Man”…Now, it’s a Hollywood       the research library for ongoing use.    time visitors park? An obvious
museum, with DeMille’s original        The recent list of donors includes:      problem, but try to bring it up at a
office and film showings once a        Henry Alvarez, Pam and Jim Colt,         planning commission or city council
month. 2100 N. Highland Ave., Los      Harry Demas, the family of Sally         meeting and it’s like arguing with the
Angeles. www.hollywoodheritage.        Dumeaux, the family of Glen              Flat Earth Society.
org.”                                  Dismuke, Ted Gooding, Peter Weber,          The resulting ‘City-Village’ is not
  Thanks once again, Leonard!          Marc Wanamaker, Antoinette and           a pretty sight (site?). Unless Coun-
                                       Delmar Watson, George Kiel, and          cilman Garcetti proposes that these
Museum                                 Valerie Yaros.                           new residents will not have cars,
                                                                                these plans and ideas do not work.
                                         If you have any donations for the
                                       museum, please contact George Kiel       The results are more expensive park-
                                       at (323) 465-6716.                       ing, and increased traffic (i.e. clog
Opportunity                            Garcetti         Continued from page 5
                                                                                and smog), which the councilman is
                                                                                supposedly opposing.
   The Hollywood Heritage Museum       Blue Line is doing, it cannot support       Hollywood Heritage has offered
is looking for volunteer docents for   additional development. So to con-       terms in our settlement talks with
Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. It’s    tinue to build on the basis of a sys-    the councilman and the CRA for
just a 4-hour time commitment once     tem running at or near capacity only     our lawsuit that will help mitigate
a month. You’ll get to meet fellow     guarantees more traffic congestion       some other development lawsuits.
film and history buffs from around     and air pollution.                       All they do is attempt to get the city
the world and know that you are          At this time, no studies exist, pub-   to follow existing planning laws and
helping to preserve and show off our   licly at least, that show Los Angeles    codes. By stopping the multitude
unique history.                        mass transit plans will reduce traf-     of unmitigated variances that keep
For information on this great          fic. But the MTA does have a report      being proposed to benefit special
volunteer opportunity, call George     showing the opposite is true. When       interests or individuals, real planning
at (323) 465-6716.                     planning for the Hollywood route         can start to take place.
                                       of the Red Line subway in the late          This will help to maintain at lest
Welcome                                1980s, the EIR declared that less
                                       traffic would be generated by not
                                                                                the concern of the quality of life
                                                                                issues in Los Angeles and provide
Donations to                           building the subway. This was due        a forum whereby the actual costs of

Museum Store
                                       to the plans to increase development     development to the community and
                                       at the station areas. The EIR admit-     the city can be weighted against any
                                       ted that additional vehicular traffic    short-term or personal gains. This

S   everal members and non- generated by the new development
    members showed their support would exceed any reductions caused
and generosity to the Hollywood by the Red Line (which at that time
                                                                                will protect both our community and
                                                                                historic structures from unchecked
                                                                                and      unmitigated         development,
Heritage Museum in the past was expected to have a greater rider-               instead of growth at any cost.
several months. Donations of books, ship than it has today).                       Let’s hope this and not more
magazines, video tapes, and DVDs         The other problem in Hollywood         litigation is the basis for Councilperson
have been added to the museum’s is ‘mixed-use’ development, where               Garcetti’s reelection campaign that
library or added to the gift store for housing is built in the same project     starts this summer.

14                                                Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Hollywood Boulevard and Gower
Street/The Hanover Group
by Robert W. Nudelman                      Group, has provided none of these. It      and does not “complement the exist-
                                           is market rate housing with reduced        ing scale of development.”
T    he gateway southwest corner to
     Hollywood, at the eastern start-
ing point of the Walk of Fame, is the
                                           setbacks (requiring variances) and
                                           provides no public open space.
                                                                                        Hollywood Heritage responded to
                                                                                      the Notice of Preparation (NOP) with
planned site of a 258 foot tall residen-     The Hollywood Redevelopment              our legal objections (see our web
tial tower. The lot is next to the his-    Plan (HRP, amended in 2003) specif-        site for the complete response). This
toric 1926 Henry Fonda/Music Box           ically states for the preparation of the   tower, and those that would certainly
Theater which is less than 30 feet tall    above referenced guidelines that they      follow if the precedent is set, would
at the boulevard and about 70 feet at      “2) Assure that new development is         greatly alter the historic district and
the theater’s backstage loft, which is     sympathetic to and complements the         is only one of several high rises being
set back from the boulevard.               existing scale of development” (Sec-       targeted for the area (some up to 200
  The area has a height limit imposed      tion 506.2. Hollywood Boulevard            feet taller than this proposal). We
on it by the CRA’s Hollywood               District pages 26-27 HRP). That was        will continue to oppose such out-of-
Boulevard District Urban Design            the legal basis for the 45-foot height     scale developments and violations of
Guidelines at 45 feet, going to 75         designation. The 258 foot height           the planning code for their impacts
feet if certain conditions of open         is 50% taller than the tallest build-      to the historic district as well as
space, building setbacks, affordable       ings and height limits (150 feet) in       their environmental impacts to our
housing, or historic preservation are      the entire district. Obviously, under      already overburdened infrastructure
provided. The new project planned          any stretch of the imagination, the        systems.
by the developer, the Hanover              Hanover project is not “sympathetic”

                         open Thursday through Sunday
                                2   p
     Ample free parking. Adults: $5; seniors and students $3; children 3-12: $1.
                      Members and children under 3, free

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                     15
Charlton Heston: A Personal   Cinecon 44
Remembrance Of A Great Friend In Hollywood
by Marian Gibbons                        As we walked though the exhibit                         by Robert W. Nudelman

       hen I first got possession of Richard Adkins had pulled together
W      the little old barn, I wrote to like magic, he commented on each
Charlton Heston telling him of our piece and when we reached the
                                                                                                 O    nce again the Labor Day holi-
                                                                                                      day weekend will see the gath-
                                                                                                 ering of film fans from all over for
plans to restore and open it as a recreation of DeMille’s office,                                Cinecon. The world’s longest run-
museum. I asked for his thoughts and said, “You must be very proud of                            ning (44 years) classic film festival
wondered if he would be interested all this...and I’m sure Mr. DeMille                           will go from August 29 to September
in joining with us. I received an would be, too.”                                                2, 2008. Films will be shown at
answer so quickly I was surprised;       Mr. Heston was a special and loyal                      the     American      Cinematheque’s
and he said, “I owe so much of my friend of Hollywood Heritage. He                               Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, while
career to Cecil B. DeMille that I will often stopped by to say Hello and                         the event hotel, the Hollywood
be pleased to help in any way I can was especially friendly with Steve                           Renaissance, will provide registra-
to honor him.”                         Sylvester, commenting on our efforts                      tion, dealers’ room, the Sunday ban-
   Heston came to the barn a couple to restore the beauty of Jualita, the                        quet, and coveted special programs
of times while we were working on Wattles mansion.                                               (and discount room rates).
it. Then when we were ready for the      Hollywood has lost one of the most                        Cinecon is produced by the all-vol-
grand opening, he came (and after gracious and talented of actors. His                           unteer non-profit Society for Cine-
taking credit for the great weather list of accomplishments is long and                          philes. The five-day festival screens
that day) made a moving speech varied. He was the consummate                                     over 30 feature films in 35mm plus
                                                                                                 short films. Films are rare archival
                                                                                                 prints, some just restored, from the
                                                                                                 1910s to 1995. All are rarely screened
                                                                                                 especially on the big 55’ screen at
                                                                                                 the 1922 Egyptian Theater in Hol-
                                                                                                 lywood. The event is highlighted by
                                                                                                 several guest appearances of stars,
                                                                                                 directors, producers, writers, com-
                                                                                                 posers, and all of the other creative
                                                                                                 talents that have been making mov-
                                                                                                 ies. Cinecon has been the premiere
                                                                                                 classic movie event for decades. The
                                                                                                 celebrity banquet, always sold out, is
                                                                                                 where the Cinecon Awards are pre-
                                                                                                 sented and dozens of celebrities join
                                                                                                 the membership for a memorable
                                                                                                   The dealers’ room has merchandise
                                                                                                 of all types: books, posters, photos,
                                                                                                 memorabilia, vintage paper, DVDs,
                                                                                                 CDs, and more. Brought in by deal-
Pictured (l to r) Richard Adkins, Marian Gibbons, Supervisor Ed Edelman and Charlton Heston at   ers from around the US, as well as
the opening of the Hollywood Studio Museum (now Hollywood Heritage Museum), Dec. 13, 1985.
                         photo by Delmar Watson, courtesy of Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive
                                                                                                 Europe and South America, this is
                                                                                                 one of the greatest assemblages of
dedicating the barn to the public.              leading man or character actor and               memorabilia and movie history from
Then as we moved to cut the ribbon              so very handsome, too, with a voice              the 1890s to the 1970s. Rare collect-
of film as the Grand Gesture, he tore           to match our vision of the mighty                ibles, as well as surprising bargains,
off little strips and said to me, “You          Moses.                                           can be found no where else but at
must keep a little piece of this as a             Our love and sympathies go out to              Cinecon.
special souvenir”. And he tucked a              his wife and children. How we wish                 Tickets for the complete festival or
piece in his pocket and autographed             we could find a way to comfort them              individual days are available at www.
a piece for me.                                 in their sorrow.                       

16                                                       Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Pickford-Fairbanks Studio / Samuel Goldwyn
Studio / Warner Hollywood Studio / The Lot
by Robert W. Nudelman                    ish Revival designs in appearance.      as the project will proceed in phases,
      ur last newsletter outlined the Most importantly though, was the           and designs of new buildings will
O     depressing plans by the West concern of preserving more of the
Hollywood City Council to demolish historic structures and reusing them
                                                                                 now not be glass boxes. The plan is
                                                                                 ongoing and a more detailed look
most of the historic structures on this as part of the renovation of the stu-    will be provided soon.
important site. A studio since 1919,
no one questioned the idea for updates
and improvements, but the project’s
bulldozer approach to its history
was tragic. Hollywood Heritage and
the Los Angeles Conservancy both
opposed the plans at city hearings to
no avail.
  As often happens here, the entitle-
ments granted for the new buildout
on the site and the project was put up
for sale. The Lot was then bought by
CIM Group in Hollywood with plans
to maintain it as a production studio.
The question was how would they
implement the allowed-for historic
  Hollywood Heritage met with
CIM’s principal Shaul Kuba to
express our concerns, shared by the
Los Angeles Conservancy, over the
approved plans. Marc Wanamaker
provided several historic photos of
the studio to illustrate its development
and designs over the decades.
  Hollywood Heritage asked for dio. As approved, only parts of the                 For now, the outlook is more
changes in the new construction, outer wall and a couple of interior             hopeful than it was last year. Much
away from the glass boxes previ- structures would be left from prior             though, has yet to be worked out.
ously approved, using ones that to 1957. This would eliminate almost             Shaul Kuba and his staff do act con-
better reflected the historic Span- all of the studio’s history.                 cerned about the studio’s important
                                                                CIM agreed       legacy and how to maintain it for the
                                                              to relook at the   future. Hollywood Heritage will con-
                                                              project. First,    tinue to work with CIM to provide
                                                              they removed       for a development plan for The Lot
                                                              the plans to       et. al. that includes the past as well as
                                                              demolish the       the future, and we thank Shaul Kuba
                                                              northwest cor-     and company for caring (and hope-
                                                              ner of outer       fully continuing) to implement this
                                                              wall and office    preservation-themed vision. The oth-
                                                              structure, the     er question here is: what about that
                                                              oldest surviv-     dumb name, ‘The Lot’? How about
                                                              ing part of the    renaming it Pickford/Fairbanks or
                                                              studio     (late   the Goldwyn Studios or even PFG
                                                              1920s). Other      Studios. Any of these names would
                                                              sections are       better reflect the studio’s history and
                                                              being looked       use, which currently sounds like a
                                                              at, especially     used car lot.

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                  17
Yamashiro & the Magic Castle
by Robert W. Nudelman                      tion and it has had the full support of   work with Yamashiro and The Mag-
                                           Councilmember Tom LaBonge.                ic Castle (both Hollywood Heritage
W      hen news broke last summer
       that 13 acres of Hollywood
history were for sale the news trav-
                                             Having started this process in
                                           July, this has to have been one of
                                                                                     members) and whoever buys the 13
                                                                                     acres on historic preservation issues
eled throughout the national press.        the longest landmark nominations          and the impacts of new construc-
The land included the Magic Castle         ever experienced. This was due            tion. Hollywood Heritage also offers
and hotel, and the hill that is the site   to the complications in collecting        its thanks to two generations of the
of Yamashiro Restaurant and Scenic         and analyzing the conditions and          Glover family for preserving, main-
Gardens.                                   modifications to each structure and       taining, and operating one of Holly-
  Hollywood Heritage started discus-       the fact that the property was for        wood’s most valued treasures.
sions with Yamashiro’s Andy Ulloa          sale.
to get the world famous site declared        Several people, who all volun-
a Los Angeles City Historic Cultural       teered their time, need to be thanked     President        Continued from page 4
Landmark. Much to almost every-            for making this a reality, key among      birthday, than the work continued.
one’s surprise, Yamashiro (1912)           them being Brian Curran. Brian sort-      As with any structure and its gar-
wasn’t a landmark. The Magic Castle        ed through all the paperwork, imag-       dens that are 100 years old, there is
(1909) had been a city landmark for        es and photos, to prepare the formal      a constant array of projects to do. To
several years (the Magician’s Acad-        nomination documents and did exten-       date, Hollywood Heritage has invest-
emy is a tenant in the house).             sive historical research. Hollywood       ed well over $1 million in cash and
  The 13 acres had been owned by           Heritage’s Marc Wanamaker, Fran           donations on Wattles, and the pace
the Glover family since 1949 when          Offenhauser, and Christy McAvoy           will probably continue at this rate for
Tom Glover purchased the derelict          supplied numerous photos and infor-       years to come.
Japanese style mansion and sur-            mation to help bring it all together.       This is the Hollywood Heritage sto-
roundings. Glover built apartments         And a special thanks to Andy Ulloa        ry. We 1) perform preservation advo-
on the hillside of Yamashiro in the        who answered all requests for infor-      cacy; 2) create unique programming
late 1950s, opening the restaurant         mation and helped with the nomina-        at the museum and elsewhere, year
in 1959. The restaurant became             tion, as well as acting for the Glover    ’round; 3) maintain the Hollywood
an instant landmark as it could be         family in support of the nomination       Heritage Museum in the historic
seen from anywhere in Hollywood.           at the same time they were working        Lasky-DeMille Barn, Hollywood’s
The various hillside structures that       on the proposed sale.                     oldest community structure (1895),
served the main building (tea house,         The pending sale of the property        with Hollywood’s largest historic ar-
gardener’s house, gate house, temple,      is continuing at this time. The hard      chive (covering a lot of Los Angeles
the monkey house) as well as water         work of designation helps to clarify      as well); 4) maintain the 1907 Wat-
falls (working and non-working),           several issues concerning historic        tles Mansion and almost 3 acres of
stairs, retaining walls, and exotic        preservation of the site and its struc-   grounds and formal gardens.
plantings were restored and main-          tures. Plans call for limited devel-        All of this is made possible through
tained by the Glovers (the tea house,      opment on the 10 acre hill, while         an active and involved board, our
restored under the guidance of Hol-        Yamashiro would continue on with          generous volunteers and friends who
lywood Heritage’s Fran Offenhauser,        restoration to the building and sur-      donate time, money and materials,
was later burned down by vandals,          rounding structures.                      and our over 800 members on four
but future plans include rebuilding it       The Magic Castle Magician’s Club        continents.
on the surviving foundation).              is to stay as part of the sale. This        If you are a member, thank you
  After considerable research, all of      would still be subject to an exten-       for your support. If enjoy this
the structures and surviving elements      sion of their lease. Plans for the ad-    newsmagazine, tell a friend who
of the original gardens were nominat-      jacent parking lot are the subject of     might join. If you are not a member
ed by Hollywood Heritage last Octo-        most development discussions, sub-        and are reading this for the first
ber for landmark status. On March          ject to zoning and CRA limitations.       time, please think about joining
20, 2008, the Los Angeles Cultural         Various plans for this site included      with the information on the back
Heritage Commission approved the           housing, additional parking, meeting      page or from our web site, www.
nomination unanimously and sent it         facilities, and other ideas. Whatever
to the city council for final approval.    is decided for that part of the site,
This is assured as there is no opposi-     Hollywood Heritage will continue to

18                                                 Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Kress / Frederick’s / Kress
by Robert W. Nudelman                    few years ago that had covered the         load-out and much of the load-in to
     pened in 1934 as the Kress          upper windows, but the lower win-          the back of the building by rework-
O    Department Store, the Art Deco
landmark took its more famous mon-
                                         dows were still covered. The original
                                         elaborate plaster ceiling on the first
                                                                                    ing the area and the valet system.
                                                                                    This worked better for the boulevard
iker in 1947. That’s when it became      floor had long been obscured with          and, as the owners admitted, their
the original headquarters, manu-         a drop ceiling. The building needed        own business.
facturing facility, and flagship store   help, though still an impressive icon        Based on the historic restoration
for Frederick’s of Hollywood. Over       on the boulevard.                          and renovation plans, and the above
the last few years the manufactur-         In 2006, Viscuzo Entertainment,          changes,      Hollywood       Heritage
ing and distribution operations left     headed by Mike Viscuzo, bought the         supported the overall project. Due
town and the company was sold,           building. The company specialized          to the immense concentration of
                                              in high end restaurants within        nightclubs in the area (over 500%
                                              building restorations in San Di-      above code), we did not support the
                                              ego’s historic Gaslamp District       club, but hoped for more ‘refined’
                                              and Old Town Pasadena among           operation such as the jazz club idea
                                              other areas. They had an ini-         that would better fit the overall
                                              tial meeting two years ago with       project’s target audience.
                                              Hollywood Heritage, where we            The restaurant is to have the name
                                              supplied original interior photos     “Kress,” in honor of the original
                                              that showed the historic ceiling      tenant. The top of the building now
                                              and windows that were covered.        has a new neon sign which is a copy
                                              We looked with them though the        of the Art Deco original. The overall
                                              building and agreed that enough       investment here is about $11 million
                                              was there to be restored.             in addition to the purchase price of
                                                The new owners went through         the building. The creative direction
                                              different plans, including a large    of the restaurant and design has
                                              nightclub plan that was eventually    been under the direction of Richard
                                              dropped. Finally, in 2007, a          Hagman.
                                              revised version of the project          The Kress Restaurant will be open
                                              was presented. This included a        for lunch and dinner, and the rooftop
                                              full restoration of all surviving     lounge will provide spectacular
                                              historic elements on the exterior     views of Hollywood day and night
                                              and interior. The first floor would   (rooftop music and noise have been
                                              become an affordable ‘high            mitigated through discussions with
                                              end’ restaurant with an Asian         Hollywood Heritage and Hollywood
                                              influence, offices and a second       Central Neighborhood Council). Plus
                                              kitchen on the second floor, an       the event space will provide a needed
                                              event space for up to several         location for events and meetings,
                                              hundred people on the third floor,    with a full kitchen.
causing the relocation of corporate      and a rooftop lounge. The basement           The new crème white color with
offices to what is now the House of      would become a nightclub, albeit           golden trim matches the original
Blues Building on Sunset Boulevard       much smaller than previous plans,          Kress colors. The restored ceiling
in Hollywood. The building was           with the hope of becoming more of a        is once again in its full glory. The
sold, the store moved three blocks       jazz club than what usually ends up        overall project has restored the luster
to the west, and the famous Lingerie     in Hollywood.                              and legacy of this landmark to Hol-
Museum was closed, eliminating one         Hollywood Heritage had problems          lywood. Hollywood Heritage thanks
of Hollywood’s most colorful free        with the parking and passenger load-       Mike Viscuzo and Richard Hagman
attractions.                             ing and their impacts on Hollywood         for the parking and traffic modifica-
  The lavender, previously purple,       Boulevard’s already congested traf-        tions made as well as for the renova-
pink, etc. colors of the automobile      fic. The owners agreed and went back       tions. The project was made possible
radiator influenced designed land-       to re-think the issue (they were also      by Mike Viscuzo’s overall vision and
mark were in need of a renovation.       providing code conforming parking          determination to make Kress a posi-
Fredericks had removed panels a          on site). They proposed to move the        tive investment in Hollywood.

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                   19
Hollywood Loses an Icon
by Robert W. Nudelman                           at his own expense, even looking for
      arian Gibbons’ remembrance                specific photos (Hollywood Heritage
M     touched on Charlton Heston’s
help in making the preservation of
                                                would sometimes receive a call to
                                                see if we knew about a certain pho-
the Lasky-DeMille Barn a reality. His           to), when requested by a fan. Need-
involvement and support for the barn            less to say, the effort and expense
and the museum were always there                was extraordinary and unique in the
over the years, with appearances and            entertainment world today and was
book signings.                                  made possible by his hardworking,
  After the Hollywood Heritage                  longtime assistant Carol Lanning.
Museum       reopened        in   1998,           Despite the ease of getting his sig-
                                                                                                 Producer Sol Lesser shows Charlton Heston
following the 1996 fire, a number               nature, his appearances set records.             plans for the Hollywood Museum at the Egyptian
of improvements were made, but                  At the Hollywood Collectors & Ce-                Theater forecourt during Ben-Hur’s premiere
more were needed. Mr. Heston had                lebrities Show, hundreds waited in               engagement circa 1960                    photo
authored two books around that                  line to meet him and buy a photo or              from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive
time; Charlton Heston’s Hollywood               book. His two hour time limit went               the barn behind him at the signings,
and Charlton Heston Presents The                to three hours, while the line would             deferring any other discussion with
Bible. He agreed to do several book             have gone to closing. Hollywood                  “That’s what I am here for today.”
signings for Hollywood Heritage as              Heritage also did several signings               His admiration for Cecil B. DeMille,
well as allowing us to sell autographed         with him at the American Cinema-                 and the Hollywood Heritage Museum
photos at the signings.                         theque at the Egyptian Theater and at            his barn had become, was only a part
  Mr. Heston was known as one of,               the Cinerama Dome, where Ben-Hur                 of his love of movies. He wouldn’t
if not the most, generous signers of            was screened just before the Dome                watch his epics on television, asking
autographs. He even had a full-time             closed for renovations.                          instead to let him know when one
employee who answered fan mail and                We sold over 400 of his books and              was playing at a theater and then he
prepared photos to be signed by him             hundreds of photos. Always gener-                would go with his family and speak
and mailed around the world. All this           ous, he would point to the photo of              if asked, answering any questions.
                                                                                                    Charlton Heston continued his
                                                                                                 generosity to Hollywood Heritage at
                                                                                                 a time when we were going through
                                                                                                 a rebuilding effort, greatly strength-
                                                                                                 ening the organization. Even when
                                                                                                 he could no longer make personal
                                                                                                 appearances, he would send contri-
                                                                                                 butions to the annual preservation
                                                                                                 fund appeal. His support funded
                                                                                                 the lighting system in the museum’s
                                                                                                 main exhibit area, replacing hanging
                                                                                                 fixtures with discrete museum track
                                                                                                 lighting. His appearances paid for the
                                                                                                 large television set and video equip-
                                                                                                 ment in the room where The DeMille
                                                                                                 Dynasty documentary plays today,
                                                                                                 hosted by Charlton Heston.
                                                                                                    Altogether over $35,000 was raised
                                                                                                 for the museum by Mr. Heston’s
                                                                                                 appearances. His help and support
                                                                                                 for the Hollywood Heritage Museum
                                                                                                 will always be remembered. Holly-
                                                                                                 wood Heritage thanks his family for
Charlton Heston, director William Wyler, and Jack Hawkins (far right), greet Kirk Douglas        sharing Charlton Heston with us over
(who was preparing Spartacus at the time) during the filming of Ben-Hur in Rome.
                                              photo from the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive   the years.

20                                                       Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Preservation      Continued from page 12      ished look, but the hope was always                and negotiations just to see if the ad-
Office Building, which started con-           there to finish the project. Pantages              ditional structure was possible with
struction in 1929. Why the delay?             was not alone; at the northwest corner             today’s building codes and politics.
The 2812 seat theater and two floor           of Hollywood and Vine, half a block                Hollywood Heritage was approached
office and retail space opened on             to the west, Carl Laemmle had plans                with the project last March and
June 4, 1930. The growing, and soon           drawn up for projects with a 900 seat              worked with the developers to help
to be Great, Depression caused plans          Universal movie theater (Laemmle                   where possible to make the project a
to be put on hold for the remaining           was the founder of Universal), office              reality. We also worked with Clarett
10 floors of office space.                    space, and a department store, with                to agree on two major restorations to
  The plans had been approved and             some designs going to the 12 story                 the existing Pantages Building. One
the foundation and structure built            height limit.                                      would restore the southeast corner of
were engineered to eventually include           In the end Laemmle built a 2-story               the building, which was refaced by
                                                                                                 Crocker Bank in the 1960s, back to
                                                                                                 its original appearance. The second
                                                                                                 concern was to restore the elabo-
                                                                                                 rate, animated neon marquee and
                                                                                                 blade sign. Almost 80% of the origi-
                                                                                                 nal neon is not working now or has
                                                                                                 been removed. This will bring back
                                                                                                 to life one of the most elaborate uses
                                                                                                 of neon in Los Angeles to promote
                                                                                                 the Pantages and the intersection of
                                                                                                 Hollywood and Vine.
                                                                                                    The restoration of this Art Deco
                                                                                                 landmark has had a long history.
                                                                                                 Terry Hegelson, one of the world’s
                                                                                                 premiere theater authorities, wrote a
                                                                                                 booklet on the Pantages for the The-
                                                                                                 ater Historical Society of America in
                                                                                                 1973. In it he included a photo of the
                                                                                                 original 1929 design as well as the
                                                                                                 1938 one for Max Factor, hoping that
                                                                                                 one day the 1929 version would be
                                                                                                    In 1978 John Clifford, now of Holly-
                                                                                                 wood Heritage, Phil Chamberlin,
                                                                                                 and myself were going through the
                                                                                                 basement of the Pantages looking
                                                                                                 for hardware to use for the ongoing
                                                                                                 restoration of the second floor offices
                                                                                                 we then occupied.
                                                                                                    In the clutter of the dimly lit low-
The original rendering of the exterior of the proposed 1929 Pantages Theater and office building
                                                                 image courtesy of Clarett Group er basement (there are two levels of
                                                                                                 basement) we found a rendering of a
the upper floors. Plans were looked restaurant designed by the renown building. Taking it out to better light,
at by Max Factor to finish it in 1938 architect Richard Neutra. In a twist we realized that it was the Pantages
with a more Streamline Modern de- of fate, that building was recently as visualized in 1929. We took it to
sign, somewhat similar to his origi- purchased by the aforementioned the Pantages offices of Kay Huber,
nal plans for an office building at his Clarett Group. The Neutra design who then showed it to Stan Seiden
Highland Avenue location. But Factor was covered over in 1938 but is still who was in charge of the Pantages.
died shortly after this and the Pantag- there underneath, giving Clarett an- Seiden sent it on to New York where
es office plan went dormant again.                other remarkable opportunity bring it ended up in the offices of James
  Various designs were proposed by back Hollywood’s history.                                     Nederlander.
architect B. Marcus Priteca for the                  But I digress. Clarett’s announce-             Over the next 29 years, I would of-
smaller version to give it a more fin- ment came after months of studies ten be asked if there was any high-
                                                                                                                  continued on page 26

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                                21
Museum Acquisitions

Torrence / Woodruff Collections
by Robert W. Nudelman                         right to purchase, and then at a man-           development, for which Woodruff
                                              ageable price. Funds for the purchase           was a partner. There are also over
T  his past year the Hollywood
   Heritage Museum acquired two
of the most significant document
                                              of both collections were donated
                                              by the members of the Hollywood
                                                                                              200 newspaper articles and hundreds
                                                                                              of documents (including the office
and paper collections that exist in           Heritage board of directors, past and           ledger), on the history of “Holly-
Hollywood, the Woodruff Collection            present.                                        woodland” from its beginnings in
                                                                                              1922 to its bankruptcy in the early
                                                                                              1930s. There is also a large collection
                                                                                              of original maps showing different
                                                                                              development areas at various phases
                                                                                              as well as for utilities, fire protection
                                                                                              and even traffic planning (determin-
                                                                                              ing the time needed to drive through
                                                                                              the various hillside streets).
                                                                                                This collection was stored by
                                                                                              Woodruff until his death, when it

                                                                                              Sidney H. Woodruff, developer of Hollywoodland
                                                                                              and Dana Point
                                                                                              photo from the Woodruff Collection of The
                                                                                              Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive

                                                                                              was sold off, going through differ-
                                                                                              ent owners over the next 40+ years.
                                                                                              Finally it was made available to us
                                                                                              through an antique dealer that the
                                                                                              museum had purchased several Hol-
                                                                                              lywood items from. This acquisition
                                                                                              gives the museum the most complete
                                                                                              look known at one of the world’s
                                                                                              most famous real estate develop-
                                                                                              ments, “Hollywoodland” and, a de-
                Image from the Woodruff Collection of the Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive   tailed look at doing business in Hol-
and the Bruce Torrence Collection.   The Woodruff Collection consists                         lywood during the Golden Age.
They were purchased from the own- of over 300 original 8” x 10” photos                          The other major acquisition was the
ers, who gave the Museum the first and negatives of the Hollywoodland                         Bruce Torrence Collection. Bruce is
                                                                                                                    continued on page 31

22                                                     Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
                                                                              sultant Historic Resources Group,
                                                                              NCA is confident the renovation will
                                                                              recapture the magic of this legend-
                                                                              ary nightspot by bringing back top-
                                                                              tier musical performers while hon-
                                                                              oring and respecting the integrity of
                                                                              the Palladium.
                                                                                 The renovation plans just described
                                                                              are from NCA and best sum up the
                                                                              work going on at this world famous
                                                                              landmark. Hollywood Heritage has
                                                                              reviewed the exterior renovation
                                                                              plans and visited the site with David
                                                                              Nix of NCA, architect Christopher
                                                                              Coe and historic architect Peyton
                                                                              Hall of Historic Resources Group.
                                                                                 This is one of the very few times
                                                                              that when the work being planned is
                                                                              presented, nothing could be found
                                                                              lacking or wrong. The exterior should

Palladium Renovation
                                                                              be as close to its October 1940 open-
                                                                              ing as possible. The use of color was

Moving Forward
                                                                              surprising and apparently was done
                                                                              at different times in shades of blue
                                                                              or green. Using it as suggested by ar-

NCA           is commencing renova-
              tion of the exterior of
the Hollywood Palladium in antici-
                                     ments include renovation of the ex-
                                     isting marquee and ticket booths and
                                     installation of new retail storefronts
                                                                              chitect Coe helped to bring out the
                                                                              retail sections and one now sees the
pation of its grand reopening in the along Sunset Boulevard.                     Everyone involved is approaching
fourth quarter of 2008. The exterior   In addition, the work consists         the project with great respect for the
renovation work will be done in an   of capital improvements to shore         Palladium’s history and design. This
                                     up long-neglected elements of the
anticipated public-private partnership                                        was followed through in the planning
with the Community Redevelopment     68-year-old nightclub such as install-   of how to modernize the facility so
Agency.                              ing a new roof membrane and remov-       that it can once again be a state-of-
   NCA’s efforts are intended to bring
                                     ing asbestos and lead-based paint in     the-art performance venue.
the Hollywood Palladium back to      preparation for re-painting the build-      Additional elements are still to
its glory period of the 1940’s and   ing in a color palette typical of the    be worked out for the interior. Hol-
1950’s. Character-defining elements  Hollywood Palladium’s original era.      lywood Heritage has proposed that
                                                        In addition to the    the 1961 Palladium sign, made of
                                                      exterior work, a        plastic, that is there now, be saved
                                                      top-to-bottom in-       and reused at the parking entrance
                                                      terior renovation is    or other appropriate site. There are
                                                      being undertaken        also plans for an open space area
                                                      by Live Nation, the     to be called “Palladium Park,” that
                                                      world’s largest live    we hope will include tributes to the
                                                      music      company,     venue’s history. Tommy Dorsey with
                                                      with whom NCA           Frank Sinatra opened the Palladium
                                                      has entered into a      and they would feel right at home in
                                                      long-term lease to      it when it reopens. The planned for
                                                      operate, manage and     new construction behind the Palla-
                                                      book the Palladium.     dium, where the parking lot is now,
                                                        Under the guid-       is still being worked on. Hollywood
such as the animated neon blade sign ance of design architect Coe Ar-         Heirtage is watching over this part
and the lighted facade grid will be chitecture International, historical      to make certain it works best with
reconstructed, while other improve- architect Architectural Resources                            continued on page 24
                                     Group and historic preservation con-
Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                             23
     Chandler          Continued from page 24     thanks to those we have dealt with:
     tour-takers also took a simulated trip       David Nix of NCA, Christopher Coe
     up in the High Tower elevator (via a         of Coe Architecture, Ira Handelman
     DVD snippet of Michael Connolly’s            of Ira Handelman Consulting (com-
     new film Echo Park) and all received         munity relations), and Peyton Hall of
     written instructions to drive on their       Historic Resources Group,
     own to see the ‘Double Indemnity
     House’, the Studio Club and go to the        November 16, 2008
     walking paths off Tower Drive.
       Saturday’s tour-takers scooted
     from the tour to the Fine Arts Theatre
     to celebrate Marsha Hunt’s 90th              Heritage
     birthday...for that story see page 4.
                                                               n    November      16,    2008,
                                                  O            Hollywood Heritage will be
                                                         handing out their First Annual
                                                         Hollywood Heritage Preservation
                                                         Awards at a ceremony to be held at
                                                         the Music Box Theater in Hollywood.
                                                         The awards will be presented to proj-
                                                         ects within Hollywood which dem-
                                                         onstrate the highest examples of
                                                         historic preservation. A committee is
                                                         currently looking at project to honor
                                                         and should be announcing honorees
                                                         in late October.
                                                           The event is planned as a major
                                                         fund-raising event for Hollywood
                                                         Heritage, whose mission is to pre-
                                                         serve the historic built environment
                                                         in Hollywood and education about
     Top left: Gardens at Villa Carlotta, Below left: the early film industry and the role
     Hollywood’s Raymond Chandler Square at the that its pioneers played in shaping
     intersection of Hollywood and Cahuenga, Bottom Hollywood’s history. Funds raised
     Left: terrazzo inlay at entrance to Chateau Elysee;
     Above: detail of Chateau Elysee
                                                         at this event will go toward the con-
                             photos by Anita Rosenberg tinuation of that mission in providing
                                                         funds for staff and resources to work
     Palladium              Continued from page 23 on ensuring the historic integrity
     the historic structure. So far, David of the Hollywood Boulevard Com-
     Nix and NCA have been reassuring mercial and Entertainment National
     in their comments concerning what Register District, as well as the mul-
     is being planned and how it will be titude of historic properties within
     designed with the Palladium and the Hollywood.
     Hollywood Redevelopment Plan.                         Past recipients of the Hollywood
        Hollywood Heritage welcomes Heritage Preservation Award include
     back this Streamline Moderne land- Capitol Records, Hollywood For-
     mark to its original use and appear- ever Cemetery, El Capitan Theater,
     ance. We thank NCA for their sig- Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and
     nificant involvement and care to do the American Cinematheque at the
     a better renovation project than was Egyptian Theater.
     originally planned. We anticipate the                 Please watch for the next newslet-
     same care for any new development,                  ter which will have additional infor-
     to the benefit of all parties. Special mation on purchasing tickets.

24           Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
New Paving for Wattles

Hollywood Heritage Continues to
Restore And Improve Wattles Property
by Stephen X. Sylvester

  n honor of The Wattles Mansion’s
I 100th Birthday Celebration another
major capital improvement was com-
pleted on this Los Angeles Historic/
Cultural Landmark. Overseeing the
job was Hollywood Heritage mem-
ber and longtime Wattles restoration
contractor Randy Van Ausdall.
  The long expansive asphalt drive-
way that starts at the entrance gate
at Sierra Bonita and Franklin Av-
enue and ends at the top of the Cur-      several sections of cement curbs        was pulverized and transported to
son Avenue entrance has been in a         outlining the driveway that over time   the on-site parking lot. There it was
state of disrepair for several decades.   cracked and separated with some         spread out and graded to create a
No one knows when the initial work        sections missing altogether. New        larger and smoother surface area for
was performed or why the decision         forms were built and new concrete,      parked cars.
was made to only cover the top half       tinted to match the original look,        Phase three was the pouring of the
of the driveway and leave the lower       was poured. A new entrance to the       new asphalt to a thickness of over
half bare dirt. Or why such a thin        parking lot was also created.           4 inches. This gives us a solid and
layer of asphalt was applied. One of        Phase two involved the removal of     deep driveway that may not last until
many mysteries encountered during         worn and cracked asphalt along with     The Wattles Mansion 200th Birthday
our restoration over the years.           several inches of dirt to form a deep   Celebration but might come close!
  Phase one involved replacing            base for the new asphalt. This debris

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                               25
Preservation    Continued from page 26    an architectural virtue here.             views from Yamashiro, even before
                                                                                    Yamashiro was built (1912), it went
rise building design I would find ap-     Hollywood Bungalow                        through numerous owners, including
propriate for Hollywood. Each time        Courts                                    famed silent film and early talkies
I would refer to the 1929 Art Deco                                                  star Conway Tearle. Tearle used the
                                              our 1910s–1920s era bungalow
marvel over the Pantages Theater as
how to do a high-rise right for Hol-      F   courtyard housing projects have
                                          been saved by a combination of the
                                                                                    home for several parties during the
                                                                                    1920s when it served as a Hollywood
lywood. This included the Clarett                                                   gathering spot, two blocks from the
Group when they were proposing            Hollywood CRA and the non-profit
                                          Hollywood Community Housing               Hollywood Hotel.
their new apartment buildings adja-
                                          Corporation (HCHC). The four con-           By 1937, the house at the south-
cent to the Pantages, especially when
                                          tain 42 housing units (singles, one       east corner of Franklin Avenue and
they attempted to do one in the Art                                                 Orange Drive was taken over by the
                                          bedroom, two bedroom) and they
Deco style.
                                          will be restored for use as affordable    American Society of Cinematogra-
   James Nederlander had the same
                                          housing managed by the HCHC.              phers (ASC). Founded in 1918 and
idea in New York and pushed to see
                                            Funding has come from the CRA           Hollywood’s oldest professional or-
if the 1929 rendering he had could                                                  ganization, they had been previously
become a reality. Between us, Clarett     and more will come from tax-exempt
                                          multi-family housing revenue bonds.       located in the Guaranty Trust Build-
listened and started to see if it would                                             ing at Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar
                                          The previous owners had proposed
work. The rest will be history.
                                          to demolish the structures for larger     Avenue.
   The opening of the new Pantages                                                    Several times in the past 20 years
office building is projected for 2011     market-rate apartment buildings,
                                          even though they had been desig-          the ASC had looked at selling off the
with 10 new floors of 19,000 square                                                 house and joining the exodus out of
feet each. Clarett also discovered the    nated historic in the CRA’s 1985
                                          and 2003 surveys. The addresses are       Hollywood. Luckily, a loyal mem-
original façade drawings in the city’s                                              bership held steadfast and they re-
planning department archives to help      1516, 1544, and 1554 North Serrano
                                          Avenue, and 1721 North Kingsley           mained. But they needed more room
with the accurate completion of B.
                                          Avenue. Serrano is a narrow street,       for offices, seminars, screenings, ex-
Marcus Priteca’s design.                                                            hibits, and their acclaimed magazine
   This 1929 vision will also point to    one lane in each direction. Significant
                                          increases of traffic and parking prob-    American Cinematographer (almost
the future by ending the argument                                                   as old as the organization) and nu-
by so many developers, architects,        lems would have severely impacted
                                          het neighborhood if the development       merous other publications.
and city officials that they just can’t                                               Trailers had dotted the landscape
build buildings like this anymore.        plans had gone forth.
                                            The work will be done by mid-2010.      and a building was erected in the
Hopefully this will lead to an Art                                                  back. Finally, about ten years ago,
Deco revival in design as Art Deco        This is a much better alternative for
                                          preserving affordable housing than        a plan evolved to build a new build-
lasted from 1925 to the mid 1930s,                                                  ing on the south and east sides of the
only about 10 years, a foundation         what is proposed under SB1818. It
                                          also provides affordable housing that     original house. Problems with scale,
upon which to build on, literally and                                               parking, and cost eventually caused
figuratively, today. Gothic, Victori-     is much more livable than the usual
                                          modern boxes with holes for win-          the plan to be shelved.
an, Greek (and most styles) lasted for                                                Recently, a new plan was created
decades, there is no reason why an        dows and limited yards built for af-
                                          fordable housing.                         that was a scaled-down version. It
Art Deco revival cannot start here, at                                              would result in a three-story build-
Hollywood and Vine.                         Hollywood Heritage congratulates
                                          the Hollywood CRA, the HCHC, and          ing in the back (east) side covering
   There are many to thank for this,
                                          city officials for supporting the com-    the footprint of the existing one story
so far. Most notably, Frank Steffani                                                structure and the trailers would be re-
from Clarett Group. Their develop-        munity’s wishes and implementing
                                          the Redevelopment Plan by making          moved. This would be far less obtru-
ment team of Ira Handelman, attor-                                                  sive to the house and the neighboring
                                          these projects a reality. We hope there
ney Ben Resnick and David Green
                                          will be more of these in the future.      structures from the 1910s-’20s. This,
from the Pantages. Also thanks to the                                               with additional landscaping would
strong support from City Council-         Conway Tearle House /                     create a much better project for the
person Eric Garcetti. And finally to      American Society of Cin-                  neighborhood.
James Nederlander, whose support          ematographers Headquar-                     The house would receive some
and encouragement is helping, along       ters—Club House                           modifications. The south side was
with so many more, bring to reality
                                              his 1904 house is one of              expanded, with an addition many
a dusty rendering found in the base-
ment 29 years ago, having sat there       T   Hollywood’s most recogniz-
                                          able homes. Seen in many famous
                                                                                    years ago, and this would be redone
for almost 50 years. Patience will be                                                                  continued on page 29

26                                                Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Obituaries       Continued from page 7    past. He always enjoyed talking about    School. Her affection stayed with
pioneer. When the first Academy           others, rarely himself. He was a fan     Hollywood High School and Holly-
Awards were to be presented on            of the Hollywood life he experienced,    wood. She married, had a family and
television in 1954 from the Pantages      and remained a friend to Hollywood       lived, for a while, in Beverly Hills
Theater, Johnny was there to              through it all.                          and Encino before moving back to
interview the stars as they entered.                                               Hollywood on her own. She said she
                                          Glenn Dismuke
This would be the first televised red                                              joined Hollywood Heritage to meet
carpet arrival ceremony and his work         Hollywood Heritage has lost one of
set the tone for decades to come. His     its valued volunteer docents, Glenn
KTLA television interview shows,          Dismuke. Glenn lost his battle with
as well as those on radio during          cancer in February in Oceanside,
the 1950s, ’60, and ’70s, brought         California.
celebrities into people’s homes as           He had been a volunteer docent at
never before. His work for Gene           the Hollywood Heritage Museum for
Autry and Bob Hope not only helped        over five years - usually volunteering
their careers, but he helped to keep      two or more days a month. He was
their legends alive.                      also a regular docent for our weekly
  One of his last public extravagan-      Hollywood Boulevard Walking Tours.
zas was the ceremony for the Walk of         Glenn loved Hollywood history.
Fame star for the Munchkins last No-      He could go head to head with just
vember. As over 1,000 people lined        about anyone on movies, dates, and
the boulevard and what seemed like        lives of the stars of Hollywood’s
hundreds of reporters from six con-       Golden Age - with a special place
tinents crowded in, Johnny was in         in his heart reserved for anything “I
                    his element. The      Love Lucy.”                              new friends since it had been a num-
                    thought of anyone        In his professional life, Glenn was   ber of years since she lived in Holly-
                    but him running       an optician who, even with a busy        wood and wanted to make new ac-
                    the show seems        schedule, always made time for           quaintances. How fortunate for us!
                    hard to imagine.      his passions, including Hollywood          Always ready to lend a hand or a
                    His respect for       Heritage.                                word or two of encouragement, it was
                    each of the seven        In Glenn’s memory, a donation fund    always a delight to work with her at
                    Munchkins,       as   has been set up by his family through    the “barn,” the Wattles Mansion or at
                    with any other        his parents to benefit Hollywood         other Hollywood Heritage activities.
celebrity he helped to honor, was         Heritage.                                As Steve Sylvester put it so well, she
always sincere and supportive. He            Glenn was always upbeat               was always “up” even when she may
never approached an honoree as be-        and caring. He was always                have had a reason not to be. Like a
ing any less important than the most      enthusiastically willing to pitch        tonic, if you were having less than a
famous names on the Walk of Fame.         in any way he could. He will be          good day, she wanted to make it bet-
  Johnny supported Hollywood              sorely missed by his many friends        ter for you and she usually did by just
Heritage in getting the Barn for          at Hollywood Heritage.                   saying that it was lovely.
our museum and attended several                                                      I was able to visit Marge twice in
                                          Marjorie Weatherford
Evenings @ The Barn as either a                                                    the weeks before her passing and was
member of the audience or on the          by Johnathon Daugherty                   there when she made a nice call to her
program itself. After being brought         A good friend of Hollywood             good friend Marian Gibbons. Mar-
over to the Barn one hot summer           Heritage and a very good personal        ian has also related some good stories
afternoon by then board member            friend, I might add, passed away at      of her times with Marge. She was in
Delmar Watson, Johnny agreed that         her home in Cambria, California in       great spirits, knew what was going on
the Barn needed air conditioning and      July, 2007.                              and kept up with current events.
got the Hollywood Historic Trust to         I first met Marge Weatherford            Marge also volunteered at the Gene
donate the funds for it, after over 100   while volunteering at the Hollywood      Autry Western Heritage Museum,
years without.                            Studio Museum. A very interesting        but it was the “Barn” and being with
  Johnny was a Hollywood celebrity        person, she grew up in Hollywood,        Marian Gibbons, Steve Sylvester,
who gave his celebrity back to            attended Hollywood High School but       Tim Burk and Hollywood Heritage
Hollywood. It was always a delight        in her last year moved to Glendale       that we often would reminisce.
to talk with him about Hollywood’s        and graduated from Glendale High           Thank you Marge, we miss you.

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                  27
Senate Bill 1818 (SB 1818)                                         21 Years of
Threatens Historic Properties Silents Under
by Robert W. Nudelman              it is ignored under SB1818.
                                      Now the impetus under SB1818
                                                                   the Stars
This bill was passed several years
     ago in Sacramento to supposedly
increase the amount of affordable
                                          is to demolish rather than rehabili-
                                          tate. This endangers hundreds, if not
                                                                                      F   or the 21st consecutive year, The
                                                                                          Silent Society of Hollywood
                                                                                      Heritage, in association with the
rental housing in California. Each        thousands, of historic or historically-
                                                                                      National Parks Service, will be
city would pass its own version to        eligible structures throughout Los
                                                                                      presenting its “Silents Under the
be implemented locally. Los Angeles       Angeles, with many in Hollywood.
                                                                                      Stars” series. The series is a screening
voted its own version through this        The city’s problems would have been
                                                                                      of some of Hollywood’s best silent
March and is now being sued over it.      much better served by promoting
                                                                                      films in the wonderful outdoor setting
  How does a good idea—increasing         the rehabilitation and preservation
                                                                                      of the Paramount Movie Ranch in
affordable housing—go bad? Sever-         of existing affordable units. For our
al problems with its implementation       “Green at Council,” rehabilitation
were not thought out as the state tried   and proper environmental review             Sunday, July 20, 2008 - 8pm
a one-size-fits-all approach. Devel-      would be much better than demoli-
                                                                                        Hula (1927) starring Clara Bow
opers could receive a 35% bonus in        tion and construction with limited or
                                                                                      and Clive Brook. Directed by Victor
allowable units by providing a num-       no environmental mitigation. Unfor-
                                                                                      Fleming. Clara stars as “Hula”
ber of affordable units in a new proj-    tunately, that is the SB1818 the city
                                                                                      Calhoun, a free-spirited girl who
ect. This would be above the allowed      council approved.
                                                                                      falls for a young English engineer
amount and would not require CEQA           As expected, at least two lawsuits
                                                                                      building a dam on her father’s
(environmental) review.                   have been filed against the city over
                                                                                      Hawaiian plantation.
  But in reality, this became an added    this. County Supervisor Zev Yaro-
excuse to eliminate affordable hous-      slavsky has spoken out against the          Sunday, August 17, 2008 -
ing. A developer could now demolish       measure and its impacts, while coun-        7:30 pm
an apartment building with 40 units       cilperson Garcetti has led the push to
                                                                                        Love ’Em And Leave ’Em (1926)
of affordable housing for a 40 unit       get this through. Hollywood’s other
                                                                                      starring Evelyn Brent, Louise Brooks
market rate project, add four units       councilperson, Tom LaBonge, was
                                                                                      and Lawrence Gray. Directed by
of affordable housing (which might        one of four councilmembers who
                                                                                      Frank Tuttle. Mame Walsh (Evelyn
even rent for more than the existing      opposed it, apparently the only four
                                                                                      Brent) returns from vacation to find
units) and get the 35% bonus. The re-     who actually read it (Councilper-
                                                                                      her younger sister, Janie (Louise
sult is a 90% loss of affordable units    son Bill Rosendahl was especially
                                                                                      Brooks) has stolen the affections of
and more negative environmental           eloquent in his opposition when he
                                                                                      her boyfriend and decides to make
impacts not mitigated.                    stated it would eliminate affordable
                                                                                      him jealous by adopting Janie’s “love
  When the calculations were made         housing in his district—West Los
                                                                                      ‘em and leave ‘em” philosophy.
for SB1818 it only looked at the prom-    Angeles/Venice).
                                                                                        All films feature live musical
ise of new units, not the cost of elim-     The Hollywood Heritage board has
                                                                                      accompaniment by Michael Mortilla.
inating existing ones. Some existing      voted to oppose SB1818 as it is now
                                                                                      Each feature will be preceded by a
units were not in good shape and this     implemented because of the impacts
                                                                                      surprise short subject.
was presumed as a way to preserve         stated here. The legal issues we had
                                                                                        Tickets are $6.00 for adults, $5.00
affordable units in new projects that     with the bill were filed in writing
                                                                                      for members of Hollywood Heritage.
would inevitably be built. But the        with the city council last fall (see our
                                                                                      Children under twelve are $3.00,
added pressure it provided to demol-      web site for the letter) in a letter from
                                                                                      under three free. Films begin at
ish existing affordable housing was       our attorney, Robert Silverstein.
ignored.                                    Because of the public criticism of
                                                                                        Picnic dinners are encouraged.
  Beside the social issues of adding      the city ordinance version of SB1818,
                                                                                      Please bring a flashlight as the
to the affordable housing crisis and      the city council voted on April 22 to
                                                                                      parking area is dark. For further
the non-mitigated negative impacts        ask the California Attorney General
                                                                                      information call Hollywood Heritage
to the environment, traffic, parking,     to render an opinion relative to any
                                                                                      at (323) 874-4005, or visit our web
police services, parks, etc.. there is    conflicts between SB1818 and local
                                                                                      site at:
the impact on historic resources.         zoning laws . . . for consideration of
This would be at least reviewed un-       the council.
der CEQA environmental review but

28                                                Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
Preservation    Continued from page 26                                                   Roschen & Van Cleve Architects
and enlarged in the back, out of view                                                  Anthony Slide
from the street. Additional expan-
sions would take place on the east       UPDATE                                        Steve Sylvester
                                                                                       Sara Willard – Magic Castle Park
(back side). The north side on Frank-
lin would include a handicapped ac-
cess ramp, with no impact on the
                                         I n grateful recognition of their generous
                                           support, we sincerely thank the
                                         following renewing members who have

house, which would be a much need-       made contributions at the $100 level and     TRIANGLE ($100+)
                                         above as of February 2008. Category titles    Joan & Joel Adler
ed improvement as the house has no                                                     Mary Anton
                                         are names of historic Hollywood Studios.
ramp today.                                                                            Marlene Armstrong
  The interior and exterior surfaces     MAJESTIC ($2500+                              Jane & Richard Bartholomew
would be repaired and restored in-           Leron Gubler – Hollywood Chamber
                                                                                       Fred E. Basten
cluding the copper dome. Interior              of Commerce
                                                                                       Catherine & Frank Bator
improvements and upgrades to utili-          David W. Nix – CFRI-NCA
                                                                                       Nick Beck
ties should take the house well into           Palladium Venture
                                                                                       Michael Berman
the future as the ASC’s headquarters.        Frank Stefani – Clarett Hollywood
                                                                                       Christopher V. Bonbright – Ramsey
Project review by Historic Resources     KEYSTONE ($1000+)                               Shilling Commercial Real Estate
Group architect Peyton Hall helped           Karen & Tom Carey                           Services, Inc.
to guide the work so as to minimize          Andrew Colquitt – Broadstone              Timothy Brandt
impacts to the historic fabric of the         Hollywood LLC                            Jeffrey Briggs
building and the surrounding neigh-          Marian Gibbons                            Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Bulk
borhood. The project now follows the         Thaddeus Smith – Music Box                Ken Burns
Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines        Theatre                                  Bruce Carroll
for historic restoration. Alison Beck-       Mart Wyle & Jim Katz – Noah S.            Violet & William Cavitt
er of the CRA also helped to steer the        Wyle Foundation                          Miriam & Peter Colantuoni
work to meet these guidelines in the     BISON ($500+)                                 Bill Condon & Jack Morrissey
early phase of this version.                 Chris Breed & Alan Hajar – Pig’n          George Crittenden
  Hollywood Heritage thanks the                Whistle                                 Jessica & Tommy Dangcil
ASC for their commitment to Hol-             Donelle Dadigan – Max Factor              Peggy Stern Darling
lywood and its history, as well as             Building                                Johnathon Daugherty
                                                                                       Gregg Davidson
their own illustrious history. ASC           Anne & Aaron Epstein
                                             Ira Handelman – Handelman                 Dearly Departed Tours
president Owen Roseman and his as-
                                                                                       Phil Dockter
sistant Amanda Barnes have helped              Consulting, Inc.
                                                                                       Linda Sollima Doe & Crosby De
to implement what will create a good         James McMath
                                             David & Carin-Anne Strohmaier               Carteret Doe
future for all.                                                                        Patty Dryden
                                             Raubi Sundhar – Hollywood Wax
                                               Museum                                  Paul Dusckett
                                                                                       Allan Ellenberger
                                         KALEM ($250+)                                 Diana & Morris Everett –
Membership                                   Keith & Tracy Anderson
                                             Debi & Norris Bishton
                                                                                         Last Moving Picture Company

Fees to
                                                                                       Eric Furan
                                             Claire Bradford                           David Gajda -
                                             Elizabeth & Richard Brill
                                                                                       David Gaudio – Canted Angle, Inc.
                                             Ted E.C. Bulthaup III,                    Barbara & Douglas Hadsell
                                               Hollywood Blvd. Cinemas                 Randall Henderson
F   ees for membership in Hollywood
    Heritage are due to be raised for
the first time in over 15 years on
                                             Harry Demas
                                             Kim Fletcher
                                                                                       William F. Hertz – MANN Theatres
                                                                                       Janet Hoffmann
                                             Theodora Getty Gaston                     Allison Denman Holland
Sept. 1, 2008. The new fees will be,         David Lang                                George Houle
Seniors $25 and Individuals $40.             Stephen Lesser                            Renata Kanclerz
The other levels stay the same as            Magic Castle Hotel, LLC                   James Karen & Alba Francesca
they are.                                    Magic Food & Beverage, Inc.               The Katherman Company
  You can renew prior to the Sept. 1         Milt Larsen – Magic Castle                Martin Kearns & Ken Richardson
date and still get the older rates for       Michael McCloud                           George Kelly
a full year’s membership. See the            Craig & Amy Spector Nickoloff             Jean & William Kelly
membership form on the back cover            Mr. & Mrs. Chapin Nolen                   George W. Kiel
for all of the rates.                        Bill Roschen & Christi Van Cleve –
                                                                                                       continued on page 30

Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008                                                                   29
Preservation     Continued from page 29   Marc Chevalier                           Don McCroskey
  Mary & Mark Lambert                     Bud Coffey                               Yumiko McClanahan
  Rolf T. Larsen                          Louise Coffee-Webb                       Mark McLaughlin
  Elaine Linden                           Dennis Coleman & Donna Kuyper            Kathleen McLeod
  Leonard & Alice Maltin                  Brian Dalrymple                          Michael Malone
  Beatrice & Al Marsella                  Gary Davidson                            Alan Markowitz
  Christy & Stephen McAvoy                Jerry Dealey                             Scott Martin
  Marcella Meharg                         Prudy & Bill Detzel                      Katie Michael
  Myron Meisel                            Bernadette DeJoya                        Brian J. Moreno
  Gary Nestra – Outpost Homeowners        Mark DeSalvo                             Robert Munro
    Assoc.                                Nicole Dillenberg                        Robert Muro & Albert Charbonneau
  Dale C. Olson & Eugene Harbin Jr.       Elizabeth Dionne & Bill Dean             Mike O’Neal
  Kathleen Page                           Nicholas Dofflemyer                      James Pappas
  Charlene & Bill Palmer                  James Drake                              Kay Pattison
                                          Janet & John Duff                        David Peake
  Jaellayna Lasky Palmer
                                          Joyce Dyrector                           W. Maurice Perry
  W. Maurice Perry
                                          Theodore Fell                            Jill Prestup
  Betty Petitt                            Drew Findley                             Nicole Pursell & Jared Hersh
  Susan Pinsky & David Starkman           Sue Ann Garland                          William Quigley
  Ann Potenza                             Veronika Gelakoska                       Glenn Rainville & Allen Landon
  John Richards & Elizabeth               Catherine Georges                        Gisele Ribeiro
    McDonald                              Peter Georges                            Betsy Richards
  Jon Schafer                             Margot Gerber                            Alexander Roman
  Ashley & Jocelyn Schauer                James Gerrity                            Neal Roscoe
  Andrew Schwartz                         Malaysia Gilbert & Jannero Pargo         Daniel Schwartz
  Steve Scott & Bob Eicholz               Harriet & Richard Glickman               Nancy H. Simpson
  Don & Gary Silvers                      Allan Goldpenny                          Garrett Smith
  Stephen Sollitto                        Nan & Allan Goodman                      Maureen Solomon
  Andrew Stevenson                        Vincent Guerriero                        David Steinberg – Earshot Music
  Lois Surmi                              Laurie Haas                                 Productions
  Don Taylor                              Richard Halpern                          Grant Surmi
  Bruce Torrence                          Les Hammer                               Stephen Tapert
  Christian Trinker                       Marcia Hanford                           Kevin Thomas
  Randy Van Ausdall                       Julie Harding                            F. Scott Tobey
  Marc Wanamaker – Bison Archives         Adam Harris                              Tony Villanueva
  Karen & Eric Warren                     Eugene Hilchey                           Terry Wade – Photo Theatres
  Jan Westman                             John T. Hillman - Silent Cinema Inc.     Joseph Wang
  Lon Weyland & Alan Paull                Jennifer Howard                          Ian & Regina Whitcomb
  Kay Neill Wint                          Cheryl Jackson                           Kerry Williams
                                          Jeremy James
WELCOME NEW                               Cheryl Johnson & Marc Marmaro
                                                                                 THANK YOU VERY
MEMBERS!                                  Denise Jones                           MUCH!
  Sherri Andrews                          Traudy Kamp                              We extend hearty appreciation
  Troy Arce                               Gaelyn Whitley Keith                   to our 2007 Preservation Action
  Ed Arias                                Nathan Kenny                           Fund year-end contributors. Special
  Anna Armstrong                          Josh Kimmel                            thanks go to:
  Hilary Banuelos                         Lynnette & John Kooker                   Leith Adams
  Molly Barnes                            Eileen Kumetat
                                          Susan Kurtz                              Peter Barnett
  Gregg Bechtloff
                                          Carla Laemmle                            Frank & Catherine Bator
  Jerry Beck
  Randy Beucus                            Robert Lantos                            Anne Berkovitz
  Kelly Bowers                            Susan & Douglas Lasken                   Sharon Blunk
  Victor & JoAnn Boyce                    Wayne Lawless
                                                                                   Ted H.B. Bulthaup III, Hollywood
  Kenon Breazeale                         Michele Chaney LeBlanc
                                          Nita Lelyveld & Benjamin Powers            Blvd. Cinemas
  Marla Brooks
  Stephen Burkett                         Dave Lessig                              Myles Burton
  Myles Burton                            Ted Leutzinger                           Bert Cassan
  Julie Butera-Folcik                     Brett Leveridge                          Peter & Miriam Colantuoni
  Ray Campi                               Fiona Lincke
                                                                                   Chatty Collier
  Trina Celise                            Wendy Marshall

30                                             Hollywood Heritage Newsletter | Winter/Spring 2008
   Bill Condon & Jack Morrissey                      Collections     Continued from page 22    lection, it ensures that this remark-
   Gregg Davidson                                    holding onto his world class collec-      able archive will remain intact and
   Jeff Dieffenbacher                                tion of Hollywood photos for now,         will be made available to the public
   Laura Dodson                                      but the paper and archive materials       for Hollywood’s second 100 years
   Robert L. Eicholz                                 are now part of the Hollywood Heri-       and beyond.
   Patsy Barry Ekdom
                                                     tage Museum’s collection. Bruce is
                                                     the grandson of Hollywood pioneer
   Marjorie Fasman
                                                     C.E. Toberman, as well as silent film
   Neill Foster                                      star Ernest Torrence. He is also an
   Beverly Freeman                                   important author of many articles on
   David Gaudio                                      Hollywood’s history as well as the
   David A. Grudt                                    classic book on Hollywood, Holly-
   Vincent D. Guerriero                              wood: The First 100 Years.
   Frank Gutierrez                                     This collection dates from the 1890s
   Bill Harris                                       up to recent times, including a large
                                                     number of items from Toberman’s
   Jeff Heglin
                                                     business dealings. There are exten-
   Mr. & Mrs. Gunter Herman                          sive collections on other Hollywood
   Todd Holland & Scotch Loring                      pioneers such as Paul DeLongpre, the
   Robert & Maulipi Katherman                        Whitleys, the Wilcoxes, Sid Grau-
   David & Dana Kegaries                             man, Senator Cole, and several more.
   David W. Lang                                       Many important Hollywood land-
   Don Lippman                                       marks are covered here in depth as
   Harry Major                                       well, including: Hollywood High
   Alice & Leonard Maltin                            School, Grauman’s Chinese Theater,           The museum is now going through
                                                     the Hollywood Bowl, the El Capitan        the process of archiving, filing, and
   Steve Markham
                                                     Theater, the Garden Court Apart-          storing the Woodruff and Torrence
   Jean Clyde Mason                                  ments, The Hollywood Citizen and Cit-     collections. This process will take
   Mike McCloud                                      izen News, the Hollywood Chamber          some time due to the amount of ma-
   Brad McClellan                                    of Commerce and its related visitors’     terial and the need to properly ar-
   James McMath                                      bureau, and many other real estate and    chive them, as well as researching
   Dave Minnihan                                     community projects. These materi-         all the items for areas of significance
   Steven Morrison                                                             als served as   (i.e. what is in a newspaper or maga-
   Mrs. Carolyn R. Nevara                                                      background      zine for the 1910s—30s that is imme-
   Paul & Lisa Norling
                                                                               for Bruce’s     diately useful or does the material on
                                                                               publications,   Colegrove help with the Cole House
   Kamal Prasad                                                                                restoration plans, etc.). We will be
                                                                               and several
   Ann Ramsay                                                                  are seen in     shortly placing several items on dis-
   Fran & Bill Reichenbach                                                     Hollywood:      play in the museum with the exact
   Thelma Riehle                                                               The First 100   date to be posted on the web site.
   Jack Ryan                                                                   Years.             Hollywood Heritage offers its thanks
   Anita Schommer                                                                Bruce has     to Bruce for building this amazing ar-
   Arnold Schwartzman                                                          carefully       chive and for allowing us to purchase
   Don & Gary Silvers                                                          stored these    it at a very generous price.
                                                                               thousands of       A special thanks must go to those
   James Coleman Simmons
                                                     items, along with many important          who so quickly donated the funds to
   Andre Stoijka                                     historic Hollywood related movie          make the acquisitions possible (in
   Tony Villanueva                                   books, for decades. He delivered 24       alphabetic order): Nick Beck, Aaron
   Stephen Wichrowski, Jr.                           boxes of materials along with several     Epstein, Marian Gibbons, Rebecca
   Jeffrey Williams                                  large folios of oversized items and       Goodman, Randy Haberkamp, Chris-
   Arlene Witt                                       framed photos to the museum. His          tine O’Brien, Fran Offenhauser,
   Talma Zelitzki                                    care and building of his world-class      Christy McAvoy, Andrew Schwartz,
                                                     collection shows a tremendous re-         Sue Slutzky, Stephen X. Sylvester,
                                                     spect for Hollywood and his family’s      Kay Tornborg (who made the initial
Images at right from the Bruce Torrence Collection   legacy. By allowing the Hollywood         contact with Torrence), Marc Wana-
of The Hollywood Heritage Museum Archive.            Heritage Museum to obtain the col-        maker, and Valerie Yaros.

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