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                                            What does that new baby really need?
                                                            By Jennifer Gove

  What does that new baby really need?
 by: Jennifer Gove

What your baby needs and may not need.

There are so many gadget out on the market, so many cute little out fits, so many baby thing that we
think we need, so many we don’t need. Simply Moms offers you a list to get you started and steer you
clear of the don’t needs.


Don’t spend TONS of money on these first little out fits baby will grow really fast and many clothes they
may not even get to wear!!!

Onsies about 6-8

Sleep and plays 5

3 cute out fits

Snow suit if winter

Socks about 4 pair

Blanket sleepers for cool nights about 2

Hat for winter or summer

2 Blanket sleepers for cool nights

A sweater

6-7 receiving blankets

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Other stuff

2 pack packages small diapers


Baby lotion


Cotton balls

Baby nail clippers

Gentle baby soap

The big stuff

The VERY first thing you must buy is a CAR SEAT


As far a bassinet it is up to you remember baby will not use this very long.

I would suggest a good pack n play over a bassinet they often come with attachable bassinet and
changing tables.

A swing great for soothing baby when you have been doing it for hours.

Also a bouncy seat is wonderful

Our list of don’t needs

Bottle warmers hot tap water run over a bottle works just as well.

Easy to hold bottles the ones with the hole in the center there are impossible to clean!!!!

A changing table…I changing mat is awesome ! used one all the time to change where ever I
happened to be. Far more convenient.

Many of those tiny cute outfits. Buy a few you love for special events and pictures. Babies grow fast
these out fits may only fit for a month.

There are many more needs and don’t needs. It is a personal thing for each of us. This is just a general

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Jennifer is a stay at home mother of her eight child. She is also the owner of .If you have enjoyed this article please feel free to cheak out our site for
other great resources. -Forums, Chat, due date calculator , baby name finder and much more!!!

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                                            Tips For Preparing For Your New Baby
                                                            By Gabriel Adams

 When you first find out that your wife is pregnant with your first baby, you are usually very excited.
Then slowly this excitement starts to turn to anxiety and fear. Having a baby is a huge step in your life,
and you need to prepare for it as much as possible before the baby arrives. Once the baby is here, you
will be amazed at the lack of time you have for anything except taking care of the baby. Here are a few
tips to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

The first thing that you need to do is to set a doctor’s appointment to get tested to make sure that your
wife is definitely pregnant. The home pregnancy tests are usually very accurate, but the test at the
doctor’s office is almost perfect. Your wife needs to start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible
to make sure that your baby is getting enough of the right nutrients. After visiting the doctor to make
sure mom and baby have all that they need to be healthy, it is time to start working on your house.

Make sure that you have the nursery ready before the baby is born. If you find out the sex of the child
before birth, then you can completely have the nursery decorated before the child arrives. If you do not
want to know the sex of the baby, then you can use neutral colors, so that it will not matter what the
sex of the baby is. Either way, make sure that the nursery is ready for your new baby, because you will
not have anytime after the baby is born to work on it.

Another way to prepare for your new baby is to read as many magazines and books as you can. Also
talk to as many parents as you know to help prepare yourself for your baby’s arrival. Nothing will fully
prepare you for your baby’s care, but this knowledge will get you out of some trying situations. Once
you are prepared try to relax and take it one day at a time, because at first it will be a struggle.

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