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					                                 The Outsiders
                              Final Project Options

Your independent novel for first quarter is The Outsiders.

   You are to read the book.
   When you are completed, you will be expected to take the class test on the book
    (100 points), the AR test, and complete one of the following projects (100 points).
    This is to be completed by September 21, 2010

  1. Book Jacket – Design a book jacket for The Outsiders. You may not copy a
     design that already exists. Draw a picture for the cover (make it colorful) and
     write a summary for the back of the cover. The back cover shouldn’t reveal the
     ending of the book, but should be informative enough for someone to want to
     read the book. The writing should be three paragraphs in length.

  2. Book Review – Pretend you are a journalist who has been assigned to review
     The Outsiders. Write a short summary of the book (without revealing the ending).
     Critique the book and include the elements of the author’s style that appealed or
     did not appeal to you. The review should be 4-5 paragraphs in length.

  3. Newspaper Article – Select a major event from the novel and write a newspaper
     article about the incident. The article must include a picture of the scene. It must
     be 5 paragraphs long and include information directly from the novel.

  4. Travel Poster – Create a travel poster advertising the setting of the novel.
     Encourage people to visit by telling them about key locations to visit or
     recreational activities. You may want to add in travel hints for the location. The
     poster must include 4 or more pictures and have a paragraph description for
     each location.

  5. New Ending – Write a new ending to the novel. Be sure it is plausible, yet
     different from the one the author uses. Your ending should begin at the climax
     and take the main characters through a different resolution. The ending should
     be 5 or more paragraphs long.

  6. Sound Track – Create a soundtrack for the book. Pick at least 7 songs that
     represent key/important events in the novel. They should be appropriate to the
     tone of that event. You must burn your soundtrack to a CD and provide a CD
     Jacket that has the list of songs, an illustrated cover, and a paragraph description
     for each song choice. (Note: All songs should be school appropriate (NO
     PROFANITY) and legally downloaded.)