November December Newsletter by ChapterB


									Page 1                        November/December 2011

  GWRRA   New Albany Wings

CHAPTER   Monthly gathering
                Eat at 5:30PM
               Meet at 6:30PM

             1601 Greentree Blvd.
           Clarksville, Indiana 47129
Page 2                                                                   November/December 2011

                              WORDS OF
 FROM chief BEE KEEPERs,                                              MEC’s
    CHAPTER DIRECTORs                                         Bob & Lora Morrison
Greetings Everyone!
                                                              Lora and I would like to thank those of you who
 This newsletter is combining November and December.         made the trip to our house for the planning meeting.
It is amazing that almost 2 months have come and gone.       Also thank you all for making the Christmas party so
At our November gathering, we would like to recog-           much fun. We had the biggest turn out for the Christmas
nize our guests Bethany and Gracie, and also our fellow
                                                             party I have ever seen. Next year I hope that our group
GWRRA Kentucky Chapter A members, Steve and Lani
                                                             will be so big we will have the room to ourself.
Kratzwald, John and Beth Flaherty, and Donna and Alan
Nelson. Thank you for joining us.                            Bob and Lora
 We didn’t have a December gathering, as this month is
very busy for everyone. We are delighted to say that we
had 23 attend our Christmas Dinner-Party. We sure hope          Ride Coordinators
everyone had fun with our gift exchange. This was our           Ron & Tad Bohnert
first year for biker buck auction and we thought it went
very well. We would like to personally thank everyone
who donated gifts for the auction.                           Well it’s cold outside and I for one have parked the ‘Wing
                                                             for the winter, except for New Year’s Day and any day
 On that same note, we would like to thank Tad and Ron       that the temp might get above 50. Might even spend
for securing our Christmas Dinner place and menu, and        some time cleaning the bugs off of it.
Lora and Bob for the Biker Bucks program. Our evening of
fun would not have happened without your help.                 We had a good turnout for the Planning Meeting and
                                                             we have several rides in the planning stage now. Mostly
If you were not able to attend the planning meeting, you     for overnight. This will give everyone a chance to sched-
missed out on some good eats and fellowship. And yes,        ule at least one, and hopefully more, overnight ride with
we even got some rides planned and scheduled. These          the Chapter sometime during the year. There are still
dates will be added to the blog. If you have a ride and      a lot of weekends open so lets get some more destina-
would like to add it to the calendar, please send it to me   tions. The more rides we have, the more chances we
or Ron, our ride coordinator. We would like to thank Bob     have to ride together.
and Lora for volunteering to open their home to us and
hosting this meeting.                                          The first overnight we have planned is April 26-28 for
                                                             the TN Rally in Pigeon Forge. It is usually a good ride and
 To all of you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New      a lot of fun. Plan on joining Tad and I and having a good
Year! Hope to see everyone on our New Years Day ride         time.
-2, 3 or 4 wheels.

Your CDs                                                      As “they” say, keep the rubber side down

Jerry and Ruthie                                             Ron
Page 3                                               November/December 2011

         Birthdays                              Challenge winners
NOVEMBER                                 November Winners
Bobby Morrison - 4th                     Actual Count = ?
Brad Cannon - 6th
Julie Anne Matthews - 10th               IT’S A TIE!
                                         First Place - Bobby Morrison
DECEMBER                                 First Place - Jerry Brown
Dee Romans - 7th                         Each won $8.00
Leland Watson - 18th
Jeanette McAleese - 21st
Jerry Brown - 23                            Chapter Shirts
JANUARY                                          SHIRTS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED TO ALL MEM-
                                           BERS WHO ORDERED.
No Birthdays                                     THANK YOU, TAD, FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!

   Anniversaries                                     plaques
                                         Traveling District Plaque
                                         Resides with Michigan Chapter D2
                                         Meet 2nd Thursdays at 7pm-8pm at Howell Recre-
                       NOVEMBER &        ation Center, 925 W. Grand River Ave.
                          DECEMBER       Traveling Regional Plaque
                         No member       Resides with Indiana Chapter D2, Fort Wayne, IN
                        Anniversaries    Second Mondays at 7:00pm (eat @6pm) Pizza Hut-
                                         Village of Coventry, NW corner of I-69 & US 24W

                            JANUARY      New incentive program effective January 2012:
               Russell & Teresa - 11th   1. For Regional Plaque - $50.00 to the chapter who claims
                                         the plaque the most times; for District Plaque - $100.00.
                                         2. For Regional Plaque - All chapters claiming the plaque
                                         will be entered into a drawing for their charter to be paid.
Page 4                                                                   November/December 2011

        Several chapter members have been sick,
hurt, and/or recovering from surgeries. I would like
to send out warm and prayerful wishes to all for
good health!

  Christopher reason
         Christopher says he is “healing just fine”. He
has about 3 weeks till his cast comes off (fractured left
wrist). He has settled the claim on his Goldwing and is
just waiting for the paperwork to clear, and says that af-
ter the cast is off he will see about the rest of the claim.
He adds, “I am very thankful for everyone’s thoughts and
prayers! And I would love to make a gathering once in a
while but work always gets in the way!;(“

       Mark Mullineaux                                                   Mileage
         Mark said that things are going well. He has a
welt at the incision site, but adds that it is looking bet-    Send me an e-mail or bring your beginning bike
ter every day. He reports not having full range of motion      mileage to the January gathering. Mileage starts
from his neck yet, but is working on it. “I probably want      December 4 (day after the Christmas Party) and
to sleep too much, but I am feeling better.” Mark extends
thank yous for the prayers and wished he could have seen
                                                               will accrue until the 2012 Christmas Party. I’ll
everyone at the Christmas party.                               make a list to keep till the year’s end.

  Robert Morrison, Sr.                                                Auction Items &
         On December 13, Bob went in for revision sur-                  Biker Bucks
gery of his gastric bypass and to have an ulcer removed.
He made it through surgery well. Dr. Allen reports that                Biker Bucks seem to have been well received
this was Bob’s most major surgery, and a difficult one at      and; therefore, will be continued. If you did not
that. Bob was at Norton Suburban for 8 days. I would
                                                               spend your biker bucks at the Christmas Party, hang
like to thank everyone who has been praying for him,
                                                               on to them and continue to earn more in 2012.
and ask that you continue to pray for complete healing
and a speedy recovery. -- Lora                                         Auction items will be collected again for
                                                               the 2012 Christmas Party. As soon as you get them,
                                                               turn them in to the CDs or MECs.
          Mike Goldman                                                 It doesn’t hurt to ask businesses you fre-
         Mike had knee replacement surgery in June             quent for donations. You would be surprised at
2011. He reports he is recovering well. We all hope he         how many say yes! Items can also be gently used
is close to a full recovery and will be riding again soon!     items you may have as well as gag gifts.
  Page 5                                                                  November/December 2011

                     The Minutes

              November                                                      Officers
	 Welcomed visitors, Bethany and Gracie, and Kentucky           JERRY & RUTH BROWN - CD’s
   Chapter A members, Steve and Lani Kratzwald, John and                Chapter Directors
   Beth Flaherty, and Donna and Alan Nelson.                  
                                                                 OPEN - ACD’s
	 Past and future rides and special events discussed -- See
   spreadsheet.                                                         Assistant Chapter Directors
                                                                 BOB & LORA MORRISON - MEC’s
	 Lester, Safety Coordinator, instructed everyone to keep              Membership Enhancement Coordinators
   looking out for deer in the roadways.                                Bob:
	 The Chapter will cover part of the Christmas dinner.                 Lora:
   Each person who is attending was informed that their          RON & TAD BOHNERT
   cost would be $7.50 per person. Monies can be given to               Ride Coordinators
   Teresa Craft, Treasurer.                                             Ron:
	 The Christmas Party will be held again at Magdalena’s in
                                                                 TERESA OEHMANN CRAFT
   Corydon’s Downtown Square. All were reminded to bring
   a $10 gift marked “girl” or “boy” and their biker bucks for          Treasurer
   the auction. Auction donations will still be accepted at   
   the party.                                                    LESTER STONECIPHER
                                                                        Safety Coordinator
	 Ruthie brought in fall decorations she fashioned herself   
   for auction. Tad won the auction. $18.00 was added to
                                                                 LORA MORRISON
   the Chapter account.
                                                                        Newsletter Editor
	 Thanks to Ruthie for making baby cup cakes for every-      
   one. They were adorable and delicious.                        DON GASTINEAU
                                                                        Web Page Coordinator
	 A show of hands was done regarding the proposal of
   adding a Butler add to the blog which would give each
   member of Chapter B a 20% discount.                                     CHAPTER WEB PAGE
	 A great big Thank You to Chapter A for providing two              
   door prizes. Lora Morrison won a first aid kit, and Alan
   Nelson won a flash light.

	 Reminder to all. There will NOT be a December Chapter
   B Gathering.

	 All were wished a Merry Christmas!
Page 6                                                     November/December 2011

   Important Info!
From a Press Release Issued by American Honda:

        Torrance, CA: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., has notified the National Highway Traf-
fic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a potential defect relating to motor vehicle safety ex-
ists in the SECONDARY MASTER CYLINDER on certain 2001-2010 and 2012 model year
GL1800 motorcycles.
        The compensating port hole inside the secondary master cylinder (part of the com-
bined-braking system) can become blocked due to (1) stacking of tolerances in manufacturing
and (2) sufficient swelling of the primary pressure cup inside the master cylinder. If the com-
pensating port hole becomes completely blocked, the rear wheel brake caliper can drag after
the rider releases the brake input. If this occurs, the rear brake temperature and pressure
progressively increase. Unexpected braking increases the risk of a crash and continued riding
with the brake engaged can generate enough heat to cause the rear brake to catch fire.

Inspection and Repair:
       Honda motorcycle dealers will inspect the secondary master cylinder of all affected mo-
torcycles in dealership stock or sold to customers (consumers and commercial entities). If an
inspection indicates that the compensator port hole can become blocked due to this problem,
the dealer will replace the secondary master cylinder. Registered owners of affected motor-
cycles will be contacted by mail and asked to take their motorcycle to a Honda dealer. The
dealer will inspect the motorcycle, and if necessary, replace the secondary master cylinder,
free of charge.

Additional Details:
       Honda Motorcycle dealers will immediately receive a transmittal of complete repair in-
structions. Replacement secondary master cylinders in the U.S. will initially be made available
through American Honda’s dealer technical support hotline. Upon approval by NHTSA, Ameri-
can Honda will mail a letter to all registered owners, and also post a copy of the letter on the
Honda Brand website: Target dates for website posting are before
the end of December 2011, and mail receipt by registered customers should occur before the
end of January 2012.
       Honda apologizes for any inconvenience this creates, but feels the safety of our cus-
tomers is the highest priority. Honda encourages every customer to contact their dealer to
schedule an appointment upon receiving the SAFETY RECALL letter.

Submitted by Jerry Brown and Robert Morrison, Sr.
Page 7                                              November/December 2011

             for Kids

                  Quilts for Kids is a non-profit organization that
         sends a kit, upon request, to individuals who would
         like to donate their time and talent to make a small
         quilt for a child. These children are newborn to 18
         years of age, who are suffering from cancer or another
         serious illness. The organization distributes the quilts
         after they are completed.

         ITEMS TO NOTE:

         •   Quilts for Kids provides material for quilt top and
         •   YOU provide batting and thread
         •   Quilts for Kids asks that the quilt is completed within
             4-6 weeks of receipt
         •   Machine sewing ONLY (These quilts will need to be
             able to withstand repeated washings related to pa-
             tient’s health condition)

                 Jeannette would like Chapter B to send several
         completed quilts in together. Because of the turn-around
         time frame on the quilts, she feels that waiting until after
         the holidays would be the best time to start.
                 Please let Jeannette know if you are interested.
         She will request the kits all at one time.
                 If you know of anyone outside the chapter who
         would be interested in joining in this endeavor, please let
         Jeannette know that as well.

         for Kids
Page 8   November/December 2011
Page 9   November/December 2011
Page 10                                                               November/December 2011

                      SCHEDULED 2012
                  CHAPTER B RIDES & FUNCTIONS
               EVENT       DESTINATION MEETING MEETING                      ADDITIONAL            COORDINA-
 RIDE                                   PLACE   TIME                           INFO                  TOR
January 1,   New Year’s    TBA                  BP Gas        11:00 AM      2, 3, or 4 wheels    Jerry Brown
2012                                            Station
                                                New Albany
January 8,   Chapter       n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                          Clarksville   6:30 meet
February     Superbowl     Bob & Lora’s         14077         4:00 pm       Pitch in dinner –    Bob & Lora Mor-
5, 2012      Party         (a non-chapter       Hayes Ct NE                 please bring dish.   rison
                           event)               Palmyra, IN                 Tea & Coffee pro-
                                                47164                       vided B.Y.O.B.
February     Chapter       n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
12, 2012     Gathering                          Clarksville   6:30 meet
March 11,    Chapter       n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                          Clarksville   6:30 meet
April 1,     Chapter       n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat   DATE CHANGE          Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                          Clarksville   6:30 meet     because of Easter
April 14,    Maintenance   Ron & Tad’s          Nye Street,   10:00 AM      Bring parts, oil,    Ron Bohnert
2012         Day                                Corydon IN                  lights, tools
May 5,       Card Ride     The cards will Tell! TBA           TBA                                Ron Bohnert
May 13,      Chapter       n/a                 Roosters in    5:30 PM eat   Happy Mother’s       Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                         Clarksville    6:30 meet     Day
June 2-3,    Ride          Land Between the    TBA            TBA           Possible tour of     Jason Woodard
2012                       Lakes                                            Hanicans (Murry)
June 10,     Chapter       n/a                 Roosters in    5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                         Clarksville    6:30 meet
June 22-     Ride          West Virginia       TBA            TBA           Zip-Line             Tim Peoples
24, 2012
July 8,      Chapter       n/a                 Roosters in    5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                         Clarksville    6:30 meet
July 20,     Drive-In      Georgetown          TBA            Arrive 6:30   Will talk about      Jason Woodard &
2012         Movie Bike    Drive-In                           PM            bringing in pizza    Robert Morrison,
             Night                                                          or eating at con-    Sr.
                                                                            cession stand.
                                                                            Will see if they
                                                                            would block off
                                                                            several slots for
                                                                            our bikes
August 12,   Chapter       n/a                 Roosters in    5:30 PM eat                        Jerry Brown
2012         Gathering                         Clarksville    6:30 meet
Page 11                                                                    November/December 2011

                                      SCHEDULED 2012 Continued
                                     CHAPTER B RIDES & FUNCTIONS
 DATE OF         EVENT         DESTINATION MEETING MEETING                        ADDITIONAL            COORDINA-
  RIDE                                      PLACE   TIME                             INFO                  TOR
 August 18,   Progressive      Appetizers –         BP Gas Sta-   TBA            Rain or shine,
 2012         Dinner           Salad –              tion                         Bike or car,
                               Main Course –        New Albany                   We just want you
                               Desserts –                                        to join in the fun!
 August 24-   East KY Ride     To include Hazard,   TBA           TBA            Overnight             Jason Woodard
 26, 2012                      Goose House
 September    Chapter          n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                          Jerry Brown
 9, 2012      Gathering                             Clarksville   6:30 meet
 September    Long Ride        Harrison, Arkan-     TBA           TBA            There are six 2-6     Bob Morrison
 6 – 10,                       sas                                               hour rides with
 2012                                                                            lots of curves and
                                                                                 mountains. All
                                                                                 originate in Har-
                                                                                 rison. Would stay
                                                                                 in same hotel for
 October      Chapter          n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                          Jerry Brown
 14, 2012     Gathering                             Clarksville   6:30 meet
 TBA 2012     Ronald           Ronald McDonald      BP Gas Sta-   TBA            Bring drink pull
              McDonald         House in Louis-      tion                         tabs and HBA
              House, Din-      ville                New Albany                   items collected
              ner & Ice-                                                         over the year to
              cream                                                              drop off.
 November     Chapter          n/a                  Roosters in   5:30 PM eat                          Jerry Brown
 11, 2012     Gathering                             Clarksville   6:30 meet
 December     Christmas                                           TBA             Bring wrapped
 TBA, 2012    Party                                                               gift labeled “Guy”
                                                                                  or “Gal”. Bring all
                                                                                  your Biker Bucks
                                                                                  to spend on auc-
                                                                                  tion items.
 TBA 2012      Planning                                                           Pitch in dinner
               Meeting                                                            – please bring
                                                                                  dish. Tea and soft
                                                                                  drinks provided.
                                                                                  Come with ideas
                                                                                  for future rides.
 February      Superbowl       Bob & Lora’s          14077          4:00 pm       Pitch in dinner –
 TBA, 2013 Party               (a non-chapter        Hayes Ct NE                  please bring dish.
                               event)                Palmyra, IN                  Tea provided.
                                                     47164                        B.Y.O.Beverage
Rides are subject to change. Notification will be given as soon as possible. Ron Bohnert, Chapter B Ride Coordinator;
Jerry Brown, Chapter Director or person coordinating ride may be able to help if you have any questions.
Page 12                                                                 November/December 2011

                       CHAPTER B RIDES & FUNCTIONS
                          DESTINATION MEETING MEETING                     ADDITIONAL          COORDINATOR
 RIDE                                  PLACE   TIME                          INFO
TBA 2012   Sock Fac-      Helmsburg, IN         TBA           TBA        Depending on
           tory           Brown County                                   repair from 2011
TBA        Blue Ridge     Washington DC         TBA           TBA        Several day ride     Jason Woodard
TBA 2012   Garden of      Southern Illinois     TBA           TBA        Shawnee National
           the Gods                                                      Forest
TBA 2012   Red River      a unique and scenic   TBA           TBA        Overnight            Jason Woodard
           Gorge          natural area within
                          the Daniel
                          Boone National
                          Forest in Kentucky
TBA 2012   Floyd Me-                            Floyd                    2011 was $20         Jeannette McAleese
           morial Char-                         Memorial                 for rider, $30 for
           ity Event                            Hospital                 couple
TBA        Natchez        Mississippi           TBA           TBA        KY to E. Nashville   Lester Stonecipher
           Trace Trail                                                   to Natchez, MS to
           Parkway                                                       AL to Jackson, MS
                                                                         to Vicksburg, MS
Begin in   Ice Cream      Varies                BP Gas Sta-   6:00 PM
Spring     Rides                                tion
           Candy Shop     Lancaster             TBA           TBA                             Jerry Brown
                                                                                              Jason Woodard
           Mackinac       556 E. Central,       TBA           TBA
           Islands        Mackinaw City,
                          MI 49701
           Chrome         270 Doyle Rd,         TBA           TBA                             Ron Bohnert
           Crazy          Park City, KY
           Upside                               TBA           TBA                             Ron Bohnert
           Lambert’s      2305 E. Malone        TBA           TBA        Hours 10:30 AM
           Café I         Sikeston, MO                                   to 9:00 PM “or so”
           Little Nash-   Brown County          TBA           TBA        www.nashville-
           ville          Indiana                              
           Bluesprings    1459 Bluespring       TBA           TBA
           Cavern         Cavern Road
                          Bedford IN 47421
Page 13                                                               November/December 2011

    RIDE                                                   PLACE            TIME
 January 14 &      OCP Training      Lebanon, IN        Unscheduled   n/a
 15, 2012
 February 3-4,     Michigan          Lansing, MI        Unscheduled   n/a          Michigan District Event
 2012              Wingless
 February 10-      Ohio Cabin        Columbus, OH       Unscheduled   n/a          Ohio District Event
 11, 2012          Fever
 February 17-      Winter Ren-       Wyndham West       Unscheduled   n/a          Dinner, dancing, crafts, etc.
 19, 2012          dezvous           Indianapolis, IN                              Theme “Out to the Mov-
                                     82181                                         ies” – dress as character
                                                                                   from favorite movie
 March 10,         Horizons          Anderson, IN       Unscheduled   n/a
 March 15,         District Bowl-    Noblesville, IN    Unscheduled   n/a
 2012              ing
 April 26-28,      TN Spring Fling   Pigeon Forge       TBA           TBA          Majestic Theatre. IN Dis-
 2012                                                                              trict Event. Call for rooms!
 May 17-19,        Spring Wing       Lebanon, IN        Unscheduled   n/a
 2012              Warm Up
 July 4-7, 2012    Wing Ding 34      Ft. Wayne, IN      TBA           TBA
 June 14-16,       Buckeye Rally     Xenia, OH          Unscheduled   n/a
 August 2-5,       Michigan Rally    Midland, MI        Unscheduled   n/a
 September 13-     Region D Rally    Celina, OH         Unscheduled   n/a
 15, 2012
 October 6,        Fall Fest         Greentown, NC      Unscheduled   n/a
 October 18-20,    Mississippi       Tupelo, MS         Unscheduled   n/a
 2012              Rally
 October 20,       Fall Meeting      Anderson, IN       TBA           TBA
 July 3-7, 2013*   Wing Ding 35      Greenville, SC     TBA           TBA          For those long range plan-
*Please note the year!
Page 14   November/December 2011
Page 15                                                   November/December 2011

                Event Info.

     Design the Pin for Winter Rendezvous
                                   The Simple Rules:
1. The letters GWRRA must be in incorporated into the design.
2. Colors are limited to 4
3. Theme is At the Movies
4. Electronic or actual drawing is fine
5. December 1st is the deadline
6. More than one design can be sent in
                                   The Extra Details
Submissions need to be sent to Lee and Kay Tieche.
The winner will be selected by the District Team.
The chosen design will get free registration to Winter Rendezvous!!

                   SPRING WING WARM UP
                                       Host Motel
                              Holiday Inn Express $89.24 night
                             765.483.4100 20 King / 20 Double
                            Need to Reserve 60 days in Advance
                                Comfort Inn $89.99 night
                               765.482.4800 King / Double
                            Need to Reserve 60 days in Advance
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