analogy of Cell City by B35tICq6


									has anyone ever used the following analogy of Cell City located below?

Both my friend and I were unable to come up with answers to the entire
analogy. we always get stuck somewhere. Hopefully someone is out there
that is smarter than both of us!
Your help is greatly appreciated

An Analogy of the Cell

Many years ago in a far away land there was a small community which
resided within a large castle. The people of this community were pottery
makers by trade.

The pottery makers needed a special soil for their pots and had to go over
the drawbridge and outside of the castle to collect this soil which was
made of clay. In a nearby forest they also collected firewood which was
used as fuel for the kiln. The citizens of the community used big buckets
to carry the large materials more efficiently.

The castle was completely enclosed with high walls that surrounded the
whole community. Outside of the walls was a moat (water ditch) surrounding
the entire structure. There was a drawbridge at each gateway leading into
the castle. The clay and the firewood were both carried inside of the
castle. The clay was mixed and then fired in the kiln. This would produce
pottery that was painted and then traded and used by the people in the
community for their daily activities. The people would take pottery filled
with food, eat from them, and thrive as growing families for many days to
come. The extra pots (remaining unpainted) would be stored on a shelf in
that condition and then, as needed, some of the extras would be painted
and used in daily activities.

Occasionally some of the pots would break or be misformed. These would be
taken to the repair shop where they were either repaired or destroyed.

The efficiency of the community was established by the king who lived in
the main castle tower located within the castle. The king had several
noblemen who would carry out his orders by passing plans which were to be
used in his community to the “ planning center” where the blueprint
readings would be established for certain functions within the community.
Directions: Make an analogy of the castle community to that of the typical
cell. In each of the following blanks, write the letter answer to the
cell component or function it represents.

_____ 1. the castle tower      a. nucleolus
_____ 2. the maot                  b. ribonucleic acid
_____ 3. the kiln                c. ribosome
_____4. the firewood            d. amino acids
_____5. the noblemen             e. adenosine diphosphate
_____6. the planning center      f. chromosome
_____7. repair shop           g. cell membrane
_____8. clay                h. proteins
_____9. pots                i. Metabolism
_____10. extra pots           j. glucose
_____11. blueprint readings      k. adenosine triphosphate
_____12. the community               l. interstitial fluid
_____13. the castle           m. nucleus
_____14. the forest           n. kinetochore
_____15. daily activities          o. lysosome
_____16. the drawbridge              p. cell
_____17. the king                  q. chromatid
_____18. the buckets            r. protoplasm/ cytoplasm
_____19. the paint                  s. centriole
_____20. the sum total             t. triphosphate bond
u. mitochondria
v. endoplasmic reticulum
w. DNA
x. Vacuole
y. Why
z. A pleasant quiz

Joleen Gugino
AP Biology/Living Environment Teacher
Science Club Advisor
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